24 examples of whop in sentences

"He says d' French dun whopped d' English, an' a-comin' t' set all d' niggahs free.

Mr. Sergeant Toffy's lady felt no particular gratitude when he tilted a glass of port wine over her yellow satin, and laughed at the disaster; nor was she better pleased, although old Osborne was highly delighted, when Georgie "whopped" her third boy, a young gentleman a year older than Georgie, and by chance home for the holidays.

George's grandfather gave the boy a couple of sovereigns for that feat, and promised to reward him further for every boy above his own size and age whom he whopped in a similar manner.

But the chances of war were unfavourable this time, and the little baker whopped Georgie, who came home with a rueful black eye and all his fine shirt frill dabbled with the claret drawn from his own little nose.

Some of our Carson people who know folks over in Sagamore where the uncle lived tell whopping big stories about the size of that fortune.

If the wind lulled, or whopped around a little, we'd find our way in, easy enough, long before night.

Then I reckon I'll whop him till he's wore to a frazzle.

lubberly, hulky, unwieldy, lumpish, gaunt, spanking, whacking, whopping, walloping, thumping, thundering, hulking; overgrown; puffy &c (swollen) 194.

To sing as you heard me sing, you must realise that I needed THE BLACKBIRD A whopping muscle and a tolerable nerve!

He thereupon marched straight for the shed (treading quite noiselessly in his gum-boots) and, pulling out his electric torch, flashed it, not on some cringing Picard peasant, as he had expected, but on three unshorn, unwashed, villainous, whopping big Bosch infantrymen!

"Sorry that whopping wave put me out of commission," he said at last.

They've made good, too; they're whopping big operators, now.

In the matter of the Mesopotamia Report a large section of the public and the Press is in the mood of Sam Weller, "Ain't nobody to be whopped?"

A good day's work like this bucks him up wonderfully, he says, except when he comes down an awful whop in the darned old motor-bus, which is all right while she keeps going but no bloomin' use at all when she spreads her skirts in a ploughed field and smashes her new set of stays.

Rain on the rolls; a whopping tarradiddle.

Rain on the rolls; a whopping tarradiddle.

When the other masters at other places sold a slave they put the slave on the auction block and the slave trader had a long whop that he hit them with to see if they could jump around and wuz strong.

You've clim half-way t' the top, Down comes yer ladder ke-whop!

"It's that thing up in her room,that pious thing that whops over.

It has the figures down at the bottom; and she whops it every morning.

" "Yes,but about the whopping.

I shall catch you forgetting, some fine day, and then I'll whop the whole over for you.

" "It's always whopped," said Stephen, sententiously.

"I did think," said Harry, stopping now and then to indulge in a hearty fit of laughter, "that there might be some good things about him; but a boy that can tell such whopping big lies as he told must be very small potatoes.

24 examples of  whop  in sentences