5467 examples of widowed in sentences

More than one other has preceded thee and is widowed, For that in Amded, long since, My own heart was burned.

A widowed wife with bleeding heart, Hear me one moment ere we part!

Euripides shows us, as the centre of his drama, women battered and broken by inconceivable torturethe widowed Hecuba, Andromache with her child dashed to death, Cassandra ravished and made madyet does he show that theirs are the unconquered and unconquerable spirits.

Oh, northern lands are widowed Since deprived of such a sight.

While here, the little girl was often sent for by her father; and at his house, on one occasion, she found Henrietta Maria, the widowed queen of England, who was so much pleased with her pretty ways and sprightly answers that she tried to induce M. de la Mothe to place his daughter in her care, intimating that she would make her maid of honour to the princess.

She saw the hand of the devil in the affair, and fancied it was a new trial offered to her widowed condition.

Will was the only one who really expected any show of opposition: for his widowed mother simply idolized him, seeing every day new traits of character as well as little facial resemblances that made him appear more and more like the husband and father who was gone; but then the boy knew just how to overcome these scruples, and his arguments were always backed up by his twin sister, so that in the end he usually attained his wish.

Lady Belstone, besides her widowed dignity, had the advantage of her sister in appearance, mainly because she permitted art, in some degree, to repair the ravages of time.

"But I have always maintained, and always shall, that when the married sister comes back widowed to the home of her fathers, the privileges of birth are restored to her.

" "Of course, a spinster escapes the wear and tear of matrimony," said Miss Crewys, glaring at her widowed relative.

I used to wonder if his heart would have been so stout had he had wife and children to care for; but he had been many years widowed, and Harry, his only child, had carved his own way in the world, being now part owner of the ship he sailed himself.

'Yes,' she replied, 'but the widowed queen is not to be reminded of that fact first by me.'

If I had not married Julia, I fear Polly Ochiltree would have married me by main force,as she would marry you or any other gentleman unfortunate enough to fall in the way of this twice-widowed man-hunter.

Her first step was, in the opinion of the world, a wise one; she sent for a widowed cousin, Lady Peters, to live with her as chaperon.

Has my shrewd associate counseled the robbing of a bank or the kidnapping from a widowed mother of her orphaned child?" "Nothing quite so bad as that!"

A hypersensitive conscience cost our widowed client ten thousand dollars!

Honora was widowed by an accident more terrible than death.

Remember my widowed mother and young brothers.

Gentle in deeds of charity and tenderness, it would linger in its widowed whiteness until it signalled back to the hand that already beckoned over the dark waters.

The Duchesse's widowed aunt was made happy by a pension of six thousand livres a year; and her son-in-law, de Guiche, in addition to his dukedom, was rewarded further for his fortunate nuptials by valuable sinecure offices at Court.

Your mother, who was of the well-known Bullock family, died when you were about fifteen, and her widowed sister has since been the house-keeper.

My widowed heart has mourned your absence, and languished for the company of its now dearest connection.

I flew with ecstasy to the bosom of my mamma, who received me with her accustomed affection, testified by the expressive tears of tenderness which stole silently down her widowed cheek.

" Anne knew it, but the thought of that widowed home depressed her.

The king having died, Ogier next married the widowed queen, and would thus have become King of France had not Morgana the fay, jealous of his affections, spirited him away in the midst of the marriage ceremony and borne him off to the Isle of Avalon, whence he, like Arthur, will return only when his country needs him.

5467 examples of  widowed  in sentences