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5467 examples of widowed in sentences

She was Hector's widowed sister, and Johnson's first love.

In another quarter of the city, far removed from her former home and neighbors, George Henry at last found Sylvia, her mother and a younger brother, living quietly with the mother's widowed sister.

The widowed oriole fluttered about and beat her wings against the bushes in vain search for her lost lovefor birds love as madly, and, I have sometimes thought, more faithfully than do human beings.

Notwithstanding the wild uproar that had so prevailed, not only without, but within the place, the portion of the house that was occupied by the widowed matron and her daughters, was silent as the grave.

" "Will he ever get up, Robert?" whispered the widowed mother.

The widowed mother, however, was past noting these changes.

He made him master of a sloop that plied between New York and Southold, in which employment the good old man fulfilled his time, leaving to a widowed sister who dwelt with him, the means of a comfortable livelihood, for life.

Galeas, on returning from the wars, crowned with praises, is requested by his widowed mother to make a journey into the province of Parma to receive moneys owed by Signor Jouanny.

In some families, the father and mother, and one or two of the children, will be contributors to the weekly income; in other cases, the burden of maintaining a large family may be thrown entirely on the shoulders of a single worker, perhaps the widowed mother.

Worse than widowed that one: she has put her baby out to board,and humane people know what that means,to keep the little thing beyond its besotted father's reach.

It struck her freshly now that this woman had seen much ill-fortune in her widowed years, and that she had kept a certain brave, contented look in her eyes through it all.

The feud went back many years to the date when Rahat Mian, without asking anyone's leave or paying a single farthing of money, secretly married the widowed mother of Futteh Ali Shah.

He was living alone in Paris, in a room over in the Latin Quarter, though he had a widowed mother and some other relations in Orleans; he did not explain at first why he was not with them.

The latter, who had been loudly charged by the house of Chelles with furthering her beautiful compatriot's designs, had instantly seen a chance of vindicating herself by taking the widowed Mrs. Marvell under her wing and favouring the attentions of other suitors.

This caused a breach between himself and the family, which consisted of a widowed mother and her two other sons,Peter and William (the latter an officer), both of whose names however, reappeared in their protestant brother's family.

His widowed mother was poor, and she was ignorant, but he was devoted to her; being reverential and gracious to her even when with advancing age she became somewhat morose and exacting, while he was loaded with public cares.

" At that instant Barnabas and old Simon entered with the widowed sister.

Honora was widowed by an accident more terrible than death.

The Duchesse's widowed aunt was made happy by a pension of six thousand livres a year; and her son-in-law, de Guiche, in addition to his dukedom, was rewarded further for his fortunate nuptials by valuable sinecure offices at Court.

Sir Hector Cameron, her husband's elder brother, childless and widowed, found his morose and somewhat miserly disposition softened, and his wish to know his brother's family became too powerful to be resisted.

Poor, widowed, sickly, and despised, why should you wish to live?

I had been there only on rare occasions, when his niece abode with him, for he dwelt ordinarily in widowed solitude, although, our intimacy was that of relatives rather than of patient and physician.

Dietrich's next adventure, which is recorded in the "Eckenlied," was with the giant Ecke, who held Bolfriana, the widowed Lady of Drachenfels, and her nine daughters, in his power.

The king having died, Ogier next married the widowed queen, and would thus have become King of France had not Morgana the fay, jealous of his affections, spirited him away in the midst of the marriage ceremony and borne him off to the Isle of Avalon, whence he, like Arthur, will return only when his country needs him.

She withdrew herself from Rosamond, still tearless, though her chest heaved as if there were a great spasm in it; she gave her hand to Miles, and let him lead her to the carriage; and so Raymond's widowed bride left Compton Poynsett enfolded in that strange silence which some called sullenness and pride; others, more merciful, stunned grief.

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