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5467 examples of  widowed  in sentences

5467 examples of widowed in sentences

Finally, when the miserable lawyer was beginning to think strongly of the House of the Good Shepherd, or the Orphan Asylum, as a last resort, it suddenly occurred to him that Mrs. SKAMMERHORN, a distant widowed aunt of his clerk, Mr. BLADAMS, had been known to live upon boarders in Bleecker Street; and thither he dragged hastily the despised object on his arm.

More than one other has preceded thee and is widowed, For that in Amded, long since, My own heart was burned.

A widowed wife with bleeding heart, Hear me one moment ere we part!

Euripides shows us, as the centre of his drama, women battered and broken by inconceivable torturethe widowed Hecuba, Andromache with her child dashed to death, Cassandra ravished and made madyet does he show that theirs are the unconquered and unconquerable spirits.

Oh, northern lands are widowed Since deprived of such a sight.

In this condition the widowed Calpurnia received the lifeless clay of him who had lately been sovereign of the world.

While here, the little girl was often sent for by her father; and at his house, on one occasion, she found Henrietta Maria, the widowed queen of England, who was so much pleased with her pretty ways and sprightly answers that she tried to induce M. de la Mothe to place his daughter in her care, intimating that she would make her maid of honour to the princess.

Bertram was living with his mother, the widowed countess, when Lafeu, an old lord of the French court, came to conduct Bertram to the king.

She saw the hand of the devil in the affair, and fancied it was a new trial offered to her widowed condition.

To die thus, to die for her under her eyes, leaving to her widowed life a living token of our lovewhat more could Allah grant, what better could a lover and a soldier desire?

The Balkan plains are still steaming with the blood of thousands of murdered; the ruins of desolate towns and devastated villages are still smoking after the Balkan War; hungry, workless men, widowed women and orphan children are still wandering through the land, and yet again Austria's Imperialism unchains the War Fury to bring death and destruction over all Europe.

Will was the only one who really expected any show of opposition: for his widowed mother simply idolized him, seeing every day new traits of character as well as little facial resemblances that made him appear more and more like the husband and father who was gone; but then the boy knew just how to overcome these scruples, and his arguments were always backed up by his twin sister, so that in the end he usually attained his wish.

She was Hector's widowed sister, and Johnson's first love.

In another quarter of the city, far removed from her former home and neighbors, George Henry at last found Sylvia, her mother and a younger brother, living quietly with the mother's widowed sister.

The widowed oriole fluttered about and beat her wings against the bushes in vain search for her lost lovefor birds love as madly, and, I have sometimes thought, more faithfully than do human beings.

Lady Belstone, besides her widowed dignity, had the advantage of her sister in appearance, mainly because she permitted art, in some degree, to repair the ravages of time.

"But I have always maintained, and always shall, that when the married sister comes back widowed to the home of her fathers, the privileges of birth are restored to her.

" "Of course, a spinster escapes the wear and tear of matrimony," said Miss Crewys, glaring at her widowed relative.

My earliest recollections take me back to my tender youth, when I lived with my widowed mother in a little garret in a Roman square.

She had returned at once to her mother's house, widowed at eighteen; "heart-broken," the young clergyman wrote, "but the most cheerful person in this town,the most cheerful person I ever knew; her smile is the sunniest and most pathetic thing I ever saw.

That recollection is probably the only secret of a virtuously colourless existence, but she hides it, like a treasure or a crime, until she is an old and widowed woman; and one day, at last, she tells her grown-up granddaughter, with a far-away smile, that there was once a man whose eyes and voice stirred her strongly, and for whom she might have quite lost her head.

But the birth of a son, of which the widowed princess of Orange was delivered within a week of her husbands death, revived the hopes of those who mourned his loss, and offered her the only consolation which could assuage her grief.

I used to wonder if his heart would have been so stout had he had wife and children to care for; but he had been many years widowed, and Harry, his only child, had carved his own way in the world, being now part owner of the ship he sailed himself.

The speaker in My Last Duchess is the widowed duke, who is describing the portrait of his lost wife.

Even the only sons of poor widowed women, such as Rohan Gwenfern was, were no longer exempted from conscription.

All stood listening, and his widowed mother crept up and clasped his hand.

So a watch was set over the cottage in which Rohan's widowed mother lived, and she was always searched whenever she left her house, and bands of armed men kept guard night and day by the hole at the top of the cliff and by the seaward entrance to the cavern.

The evening skies are fit weeds for widowed Eos weeping over the dying Sun; thin, formless, rentin carelessness, not in rage; and of all the hues of early autumn leaves, purple and brown, with green and primrose lakes of air between: but all hues weakened, mingled, chastened into loneliness, tenderness, regretfulness, through which still shines, in endless vistas of clear western light, the hope of the returning day.

It might be so at home; but here, in presence of the magnificent pageant of tropic sunlight, it is natural, almost inevitable; and the old myth of the daily birth and death of Helios, and the bridal joys and widowed tears of Eos, re-invents itself in the human mind, as soon as it asserts its powerit may be, its sacred rightto translate nature into the language of the feelings.

How, if it should be some Marie Antoinette, the widowed queen, coming forward on the scaffold, and presenting to the morning air her head, turned gray prematurely by sorrow, daughter of Cæsars kneeling down humbly to kiss the guillotine, as one that worships death?

It struck her freshly now that this woman had seen much ill-fortune in her widowed years, and that she had kept a certain brave, contented look in her eyes through it all.

And thereafter she mourned continually for Sir Tristram and would not be comforted; for she was like to a woman who hath been widowed from a lover of her youth.

And then if he were killed in his turn my mother would be thrice widowed.

One room was tenanted by the old lady herself, together with two grown sons, and a widowed daughter with an infant.

Her stepping-stone to Royal favour was handsome, impetuous Madame de Montespan, who, taking compassion on her widowed poverty, appointed Madame Scarron, as she then was, governess of her children, only to find her protégée usurp her place both in the honours of the King and in the affections of their children.

I am but poor in words, but credit me young man, Thy Mother could no more but weep, for joy to see thee After long absence; all the wounds I have, Fetch not so much away, nor all the cryes Of Widowed Mothers: but this is peace; And what was War? Amin.

"Sometimes Virginia represented the unfortunate Ruth, returning poor and widowed to her own country, where after so long an absence, she found herself as in a foreign land.

In the sitting-room Mrs. Kingdom, the captain's widowed sister, put down her crochet-work as her brother entered, and turned to him expectantly.

Bianca, widowed, demanded at the hand of her princely lover justice for the spilling of her husband's blood; but, for answer, Francesco drew her gently to his heart and said: "The best thing I can do now, my own Bianca, is to make you, before long, Grand Duchess of Tuscany!"

At the public marriage of the Grand Duke and the widowed Bianca Buonaventuri, Pellegrina was, of course, a prominent figure.

His father died while he was an infant, and he was brought up in seclusion by a widowed mother, who kept him tied to her apron-strings till he went to Oxford.

, O Autumn, splendid widowed Queen, O Winter, alabaster tomb Where lie the regal twain serene, Gone to their yearly doom.

Laroque is a picturesque figure in his old age, and though his widowed daughter-in-law is rather more commonplace, his grand-daughter, Marguerite Laroque, is a nobly beautiful girl.

Madame Laroque, the widowed mother of Marguerite, began to ask M. Bévallan about the new opera in Paris; he was unable to reply, so, as I had seen the work in Italy before it was produced in France, I gave her a description of it.

Not far off, also in Hooghly, lived a widowed sister (of the girl) in her father-in-law's house.

A widowed husband, a childless father, may not prove a bad counsellor, my friend, in a moment when there is so much doubt besetting thee and thine.

A Whisper To A Newly-Married Pair, from a Widowed Wife.

But not till Gyda, Harold's widowed mother, came to Baldwin for sanctuary did he take any overt action.

"I think young Leslie is a very estimable young man to be, as I am told he is, supporting himself and assisting his widowed mother by his industry.

'Yes,' she replied, 'but the widowed queen is not to be reminded of that fact first by me.'

The widowed father wept over his twin sons, and invoking a blessing on them, saw their little arms sundered, and each conveyed to the houses of those who had undertaken to be their protectors, while he again proceeded towards India.

The latter, who had been loudly charged by the house of Chelles with furthering her beautiful compatriot's designs, had instantly seen a chance of vindicating herself by taking the widowed Mrs. Marvell under her wing and favouring the attentions of other suitors.

If I had not married Julia, I fear Polly Ochiltree would have married me by main force,as she would marry you or any other gentleman unfortunate enough to fall in the way of this twice-widowed man-hunter.

All but yon widowed, solitary thing, That feebly bends beside the plashing spring: She, wretched matron, forced in age, for bread, To strip the brook with mantling cresses spread, To pick her wintry faggot from the thorn, To seek her nightly shed, and weep till mom; She only left of all the harmless train, The sad historian of the pensive plain.

Yet, methinks, You might have made this widowed solitude A holy resta spell of soft gray weather, Beneath whose fragrant dews all tender thoughts Might bud and burgeon.

O Guta! dost thou mock my widowed love?

'Tis possible What right have I to arrogate Christ's bride-bed? Crushed, widowed, sold to traitors?

Seeing him in this state one day, when in company with the widowed labourer, and thinking in some measure to divert the poor fellow's thoughts from his own sorrows, I remarked to him the state that Rover was in, and asked him if he could guess the cause.

St. Nicholas is said to have supplied three destitute maidens with marriage portions by secretly leaving money with their widowed mother, and as his day occurs just before Christmas, he was selected for the gift-giver on Christmas Eve.

His affiancée was a sweet girl who lived with her widowed mother in the country, where they had a fine house, and a fine demesne attached to it.

Why invade the eternal silence For a foolish question's sake? "Know'st thou not that I am widowed; Sons and daughters, consort, dead?

It was ascertained she had a widowed mother in the north of Ireland, and judging her money could be better applied than to paying for a funeral on shore, the captain gave orders for committing the body to the waves.

Though an only child, and the apple of her widowed father's eyes, she had deliberately left her home two years ago, and set up for herself in London, nominally to study art.

This advice was peculiarly welcome to the cowardly King, who dreaded above all things the reproaches and tears of his widowed and outraged mother; and accordingly, on the 23rd of February, he was on foot at three in the morning; and had no sooner completed his toilet than he sent to desire the presence of the Jesuit Suffren, his confessor.

While she was still meditating this project, Christine, the widowed Duchess of Savoy, resolved to make a last effort to effect the recall of her persecuted mother to France; and for this purpose she despatched to Paris a Jesuit named Monod, who succeeded in establishing a friendship with Caussin, the King's confessor, whom he induced to second the attempt.

There Anna, in low daily fevers, with her "heart in New Orleans," had to be "kept quiet" by Miranda and Constance, the latter as widowed as Anna, wondering whether "Steve was alive or not.

When the widowed Mary, Queen of Scots, left France, where she had dwelt since her fifth yearwhere she had shared in the education of the French King's own daughters, in one of the convents of the kingdom, and been the idol of the French Court and people, it is said that, as the coast of the happy land faded from her view, she continued to exclaim, "Farewell, France!

There, death has made a breach, and left forlorn The widowed mother, and the babe unborn.

Another scene, and melancholy too; The bridegroom widowed, ere he pleasure knew; His hopes of bliss had soared unduly high, And little dreamt he there was danger nigh; But see!

These have now been widowed by his death and repairing to their father's court, they rail bitterly against Krishna and beg their father to avenge their husband's death.

But ah! forlorn and widowed now!

O my sweet France, what dole for you, Widowed of all your warriors true!

Marguerite, who was married to the Duke d'Alencon, widowed in 1525, and married a second time, in 1527, to Henry d'Albret, King of Navarre, was all her life at Pau and at Nerac, as well as at Paris, a centre, a focus of social, literary, religious, and political movement.

For a while he spoke of burying himself with Dom Calmet in the abbey of Senones; then he would be off to England; he ended by returning to Paris, summoning to his side a widowed niece, Madame Denis, a woman of coarse wit and full of devotion to him, who was fond of the drama and played her uncle's pieces on the little theatre which he had fitted up in his rooms.

Her first step was, in the opinion of the world, a wise one; she sent for a widowed cousin, Lady Peters, to live with her as chaperon.

Tom Gordon lived a mile from Briggsville with his widowed mother and his Aunt Cynthia, a sister to his father, who had died five years before.

Has my shrewd associate counseled the robbing of a bank or the kidnapping from a widowed mother of her orphaned child?" "Nothing quite so bad as that!"

A hypersensitive conscience cost our widowed client ten thousand dollars!

"Widowed" and "Miss Calhoun as Salome" were purchased by Maclean, of the Haymarket Theatre; "Death of the First-Born" is owned in Russia; and "Portrait of Ellen Terry as Imogen" is in a private collection.

" When Eric arrived in England, he was intrusted to the care of a widowed aunt, whose daughter, Fanny, had the main charge of his early teaching.

The large tears of mingled rage, grief, and pain might well spring from the poor boy's eyes in his utter loneliness, as he clenched his hand with powerless wrath, and regained his feet, to retrace, as best he might, his way to where his widowed mother had found a temporary shelter in a small religious house.

An old gentleman had lived there for many years, always in a secluded state, and latterly imbecile, and on his death in the previous year no one had for some time appeared as heir; but it became known that the inheritrix was a young lady, a great-niece, living with a widowed mother in one of the large manufacturing towns in the north of England.

Widowed. I. Teachers 187,283 171,480 11,798 4,005 II.

Honora was widowed by an accident more terrible than death.

Remember my widowed mother and young brothers.

Gentle in deeds of charity and tenderness, it would linger in its widowed whiteness until it signalled back to the hand that already beckoned over the dark waters.

Harriett's parents remained with the widowed woman for a while.

Among the many lovers who flocked to the country shrine of the widowed "Queen," was Louis, Duc de Cossé, son of the Maréchal de Brissac, who, although Madame du Barry's senior by nine years, was still in the prime of his manhoodhandsome as an Apollo and a model of the courtly graces which distinguished the old noblesse in the day of its greatest pride, which was then so near its tragic downfall.

The Duchesse's widowed aunt was made happy by a pension of six thousand livres a year; and her son-in-law, de Guiche, in addition to his dukedom, was rewarded further for his fortunate nuptials by valuable sinecure offices at Court.

Your mother, who was of the well-known Bullock family, died when you were about fifteen, and her widowed sister has since been the house-keeper.

Months passed; and on the day when the convict ship, with its freight of heavy hearts, began its silent course over the greatwaters, the widowed wife took her fatherless child by the hand, and again traversed the weary road which led them to their desolated home.

poor widowed mother, of whom he was the only son!

My widowed heart has mourned your absence, and languished for the company of its now dearest connection.

I flew with ecstasy to the bosom of my mamma, who received me with her accustomed affection, testified by the expressive tears of tenderness which stole silently down her widowed cheek.

Now that lady," pointing to another who was passing, "has been widowed four times, two of her husbands having been cremated.

" Anne knew it, but the thought of that widowed home depressed her.

Dietrich's next adventure, which is recorded in the "Eckenlied," was with the giant Ecke, who held Bolfriana, the widowed Lady of Drachenfels, and her nine daughters, in his power.

The king having died, Ogier next married the widowed queen, and would thus have become King of France had not Morgana the fay, jealous of his affections, spirited him away in the midst of the marriage ceremony and borne him off to the Isle of Avalon, whence he, like Arthur, will return only when his country needs him.

She was lady of Compton Poynsett in her own right; and had been so early married and widowed, as to have been the most efficient parental influence her five sons had ever known; and their beautiful young mother had been the object of their adoration from the nursery upwards, so that she laughed at people who talked of the trouble and anxiety of rearing sons.

Widowed priest plays the harmonium and sings: "Rest with the saints.