126 examples of wiggled in sentences

It was of such persuasive gayety that the number of dancers at once went up to ten and others wiggled to the rhythm.

McNutt wiggled the toes of his good foot and regarded them reflectively.

" McNutt wiggled his toes again, desperately.

" "You spoke of wiggling," replied my brother; "and I suppose that heretofore you have wiggled from and not to the bird.

And even then it was deliciously funny to watch their expression as they chewed, opening their jaws wide as if swallowing a rabbit, snapping them shut again as the grasshopper wiggled; and always with a doubt in their close-set eyes, a questioning twist of head and ears, as if they were not quite sure whether or not they were really eating him.

He wiggled his toes luxuriously and laughed.

Racey muttered, and sat back and gingerly wiggled his toes.

Once he took the pipe from his lipsonly for a secondput his thumb to his nose and wiggled his fingers at the gray rats; and then it looked as if they wanted to throw themselves on him and bite him to death; but as soon as he blew on his pipe they were in his power.

Picking himself out of the gutter, he placed his thumb to his nose, and wiggled his finger in active and reprehensible symbolism, whilst enlarging upon his original critique, in a series of shrill roars: "Rotten!

She wiggled in her chair, pleased.

Presently he appeared on the walk beneath the window and wiggled his fingers derisively with the thumb against a prominent feature of his face.

The more I wiggled about, the hotter the fire seemed, and it ended in Frances having to fish my piece of liver from among the coals, burned in patches, curled over bits of dying embers, and pretty well covered with ashes, but she knew how to scrape them away, and my supper was not spoiled.

So I wiggled the basket from under the seat with my foot, and soon thereafter, my bit of hospitality was on its way to the friend I was glad to see again.

he cried, and his eyes twinkled and his nose wiggled, both at the same time.

Are you sick, or did you burn yourself with a firecracker?" "No, mother," Buddy answered, "I'm not sick and I didn't burn myself with a firecracker, but I wishI wish" and then he stopped, and sort of wiggled his nose.

but that rope wiggled, though, from side to side, almost like a hammock, only, of course, not as safe as a hammock.

Then poor Brighteyes tried to stand up on her hind legs, and hit the can against a tree or a stone, thinking she could knock it off, but it wouldn't come off, and then she turned a somersault, thinking that would help, but, though she even stood on her head in the can, and wiggled her hind legs, it did no good.

Then he called to Sammie to hold up the wooden gun, thinking maybe he could get hold of that, and so drag the rabbit boy out, but the gun wiggled so, when Sammie splashed around that Buddy couldn't get hold of it.

Noses were lowered and brought together, feet were stamped, hands were wiggled behind backs, and right along the American, the agent, talked and talked.

" The governor scratched his ear, and the mayor wiggled his hands behind, as he had on the wharf after the battle of the limes, coal, and potatoes.

He pointed his forefinger at my stomach and wiggled his thumb.

"'I rushed to a sink, which was only half big enough, and got in as well as I could, and wiggled around for several minutes to let the water dilute the acid and stop the pain.

When the lash was administered and the slave wiggled, the barrel moved.

" Among the trees they scampered; into hay-stacks they wormed; over barrels and boxes they wiggled; they huddled under the sunflowers and the horse-weeds.

Then as quick as lightning it went whirling through the air, struck the pages of Jone's book, turning over two or three of them, and then wiggled itself half way down Jone's neck, between his skin and his collar, while the loose hook swung around and nipped him in his ear.

126 examples of  wiggled  in sentences