159 examples of will thank in sentences

"Then," said Alcibiades, "I will thank thee to relieve me of Timandra, who is as tired of me as I am of her.

If we are victorious, as we confidently trust, then the ever-increasing number of civilized peoples honestly toiling in the blessings of peace, will thank us for centuries to come.

He will thank us, and I can say I've known a real baron.

"For this good counsel I thank you, my father, and my excellent Donna Florinda will thank you still more, for your opinions are so like her own, that I sometimes admire the secret means by which experience enables the wise and the good to think so much alike, on a matter of so little personal interest.

"Rather better; but I will thank your grace to find the Marquess and Miss Howard.

"Yes," said the former lady, with a laugh, "and Eltringham will thank you too, I dare say.

"Now, you have explained the manner in which you recognised my son, Strides," added the captain, "I will thank you to let me know what has become of him?"

" "That is lovely of him, we will thank him for it.

About two hours after dinner, I shall want to have a word with you in private, and will thank you just to step across to the house, where you will be certain to find me.

I suppose I shall bid her good-bye, she will thank me for the trouble I have taken, and then our acquaintance will be at an end.

Admirable!Oh doctor!I will thank you for ever.

When you become a licentiate, marry a rich and devout girl, try to make cures and charge well, shun everything that has any relation to the general state of the country, attend mass, confession, and communion when the rest do, and you will see afterwards how you will thank me, and I shall see it, if I am still alive.

You will thank me to-morrow.

If you have no objection to this arrangement, therefore, I will thank you to enclose me one dollar by mail, as the railway fare to Richard's home amounts to nearly this sum.

"I am sorry to impose it upon you; yet, rest assured, they will thank you.

Coming generations will thank you, and the blessings of them that were ready to perish will rest upon you, and the God of the fatherless and the widow will remember you for good.

I will thank you for the dry toast,was my answer.

Well, I will not grieve; but rather I will thank the Father of all things living, the inspirer of all sweet and delicate thoughts, all pleasant fancies, all glowing words, for the joy that I have had.

"Do you know that I am almost afraid of you, and will thank God when you are gone?" "Then you think of me as the whole town of Berlin thinks of you," said Gotzkowsky.

I believe the Families of the Artificers will thank me, more than the Households of the Peasants shall Sir ROGER.

If, among my readers, some may say "pass on," others will enjoy these trifles, and will thank me for writing them.

You had but heavy burthens; commend my love To my best love, all the love I have To honest Clause, shortly I will thank him better.

This likeness, it is needless to say, was entirely spurious, and when Reed sent a copy to head-quarters, Washington wrote to him, "Mrs. Washington desires I will thank you for the picture sent her.

"If it be so, He will," said the curate solemnly, "and you will thank Him for itafter a while.

" If you are capable of making a similar sacrifice by cutting short your own carefully-prepared, wise, witty and sparkling remarks, your audience will thank youand they may ask you to speak again.

159 examples of  will thank  in sentences