277666 examples of willing in sentences

This is my griefe, I shall be flesht on Cowards; Teach me to fight, I willing am to learne.

Are you willing to leave those, and take your safeties? Speak quickly.

Every member of our association and of sister associations will agree with me, that never a woman brought a more cheerful and willing spirit to her official duties than did she.

Her convictions of it have made her the most willing and joyful of martyrs, the most persistent and relentless of bigots, the most blind and devoted of partisans, the most faithful and believing of friends, and the only type out of which Nature could form the mother.

She's doing the cooking and making the beds, because the white girls from the North aren't willing to do "both of them works," and the native niggers don't seem to care a great deal about doing any work.

It sort of makes me feel, though, as if it were almost time I had a young fellow hitched up beside me who was strong enough to pull his half of the load and willing enough so that he'd keep the traces taut on his side.

But you seem strong, and you act willing, so when I get back I reckon we'll hitch for a little trial spin.

" Before a man who was willing to share his guilt, he dared acknowledge his crime.

I must own that the man who is willing to marry you has more courage than I have.

" "Although quite willing to share it, I presume?" "I think you have insinuated that often enough," returned West, at last fully aroused by the insolent words and manner of the other.

She was not willing to send him away, and yet she dared not accept him.

Juliet was willing for any thing they thought best.

The King asked him whether he was willing to undertake the Government, even against the majority of the Parliament and without a Budget.

The King disliked the Treaty of London as much as everyone else did; he had to agree to Bismarck's arguments that it would not be safe to denounce it, but he would have been quite willing, supposing Prussia was outvoted in the Diet, to accept the vote and obey the decision of the majority; he even hoped that this would be the result.

We cannot here discuss them in detail, but the Prince seems to have been quite willing to acquiesce in these naval and military requirements.

The conversation chiefly turned on the Prussian demands for the harbour of Kiel and certain other concessions; the Prince expressed himself quite willing to grant most of what was required, but he could not enter into any formal treaty without the consent of the Estates of the Duchies.

The occupation of Kiel was an open defiance to Austria; that it was intended to be so is shewn by the fact that a few days later Bismarck wrote to Usedom, the Prussian Minister at Florence, instructing him to sound the Italian Government as to whether they would be willing to join Prussia in war against Austria.

" The Emperor acquiesced; as we know, the division of Europe into large national States was what he meant by Napoleonic ideas; he was willing enough to help in Germany a change such as that he had brought about in Italy.

Even if Napoleon himself, with his generous and cosmopolitan sympathies, was willing to make the sacrifice, France was not; Napoleon knew, and Bismarck knew, that Napoleon could not disregard the feeling of the country; his power was based on universal suffrage and the popularity of his name; he could not, as a King of Prussia could, brave the displeasure of the people.

He clearly stated that the King would not be willing to surrender a single Prussian village; he probably said that they would not acquiesce in the restoration to France of any German territory.

Like her brother, she was unyielding in perseverance, but kind and trusting in disposition, willing to be told her faults that she might correct them.

"Happy the nation which has the courage of a just war, no less than that of a just peace, whose sons are able and willing to serve her with honor alike in war and in peace.

According to his own statement it is true not only of moral activity but of every act of willing that in it "a self-conscious individual directs himself to the realisation of some idea, as to an object in which for the time he seeks self-satisfaction."

Now I am willing to admit that Green showed a correct instinct in examining the nature of man before entering upon his properly ethical enquiry.

His dislike for Molière may have received its encouragement from her, as she was never quite willing to forgive that great genius for his attack upon les femmes savantes.

277666 examples of  willing  in sentences