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449268 example sentences with  willing

449268 example sentences with willing

Arsinoรซ was very willing to go, for she was now beginning to be old enough to feel the impulse of that insatiable and reckless ambition which seemed to form such an essential element in the character of every son and daughter in the whole Ptolemaic line.

The Polizeirath smiles, bows, ogles, evidently a willing captive.

"Enoch loved labour, and was willing to learn a trade.

Crosby was introduced as one who was desirous of serving his country, and as willing to hear what could be said, in favour of joining their standard.

Again Crosby told over his storyand when he had finished,'Are you willing,' asked the committee, 'to accompany a body of horse to the spot, and attempt to take the traitors?'

[Illustration] "Crosby was not at first satisfied, whether it were a dream or a reality; but quite willing to make his escape, he rose as he was bid, and followed her.

'I'm willing to go indeed, I would, not stay in such a habitation as this; but I'll not be driven.'

As I am willing to do any thing in reason for the Service of my Country-women, and had much rather prevent Faults than find them, I went last Night to the House of the above-mentioned Mrs. Cross-stitch.

What would a Foreigner, or one who is a Stranger to this Practice, think of a Lover that forsakes his Mistress, because he is not willing to keep her in Pins; but what would he think of the Mistress, should he be informed that she asks five or six hundred Pounds a Year for this use?

"And these plans you draw for me areare the sort of thing to make a woman feel glad there are men in the world willing to take so much trouble" "They're the sort of thing to make a man glad there are womenor better still, a womanto work for," he amended, so good to look at in his enthusiasm, that Angela's eyes would not be banished to the suรจde bag or to the flowers on the tableNick's flowers.

For the spirit is often willing and submits, while the flesh is weak and rebels.

To this end he sought to carry out his long-cherished idea that the telegraph should become the property of the Government, and he was willing to accept a very modest remuneration.

Morse found a willing and able champion in Edward Warren, Esq., of Boston, and many letters passed between them.

On Thursday morning the 10th we shall (God willing) be married, and I shall immediately proceed to Louisville and Frankfort in Kentucky to be present at my first suit against O'Reilly, the pirate of my invention.

"I would now suggest that, if you are willing, we give Mr. Daily a temperate article on the rise and progress of telegraphs, asserting claims for yourself, and, as I must father the article, give the Vails and New Jersey all the 'sodder' they are entitled to, and a little more, if you can spare it.

In this letter occur the following sentences: "For the use of Professor Morse's patent for the State of California in perpetuity, with the reservations named in yours of the 3d March, 1855, addressed to me, they are willing to give you $30,000 in their stock.

Mr. Kendall in his letter enclosing this naรฏve business proposition, remarks: "It is an impressive commentary on the principles which govern business in California that this company doubled their stock to bribe members of the State Legislature, and are now willing to add but ten per cent to be relieved from the position of patent pirates and placed henceforth on an honest footing."

Thus for months, whilst doing my best at one end of the Avenue to perform my high and responsible duties to the country, has there been a committee of the House of Representatives in session at the other end of the Avenue spreading a drag net, without the shadow of authority from the House, over the whole Union, to catch any disappointed man willing to malign my character; and all this in secret conclave.

The resolution creating it was confined to specific charges, which I have ever since been ready and willing to meet.

Our minister to China, in obedience to his instructions, has remained perfectly neutral in the war between Great Britain and France and the Chinese Empire, although, in conjunction with the Russian minister, he was ever ready and willing, had the opportunity offered, to employ his good offices in restoring peace between the parties.

The constitutional Government would then ere this have been established at the City of Mexico, and would have been ready and willing to the extent of its ability to do us justice.

Mr. Vanderbilt, in a commendable spirit, was willing to rely upon the justice of Congress to make up the deficiency, and I therefore recommend that an appropriation may be granted for this purpose.

After the refusal of Paul Clifford, John soon found a young man of facile conscience who was willing to join with him in a conspiracy of sin against the peace, happiness and welfare of the community.

The chief was astonished, but agreed to ask his daughter if she were willing to take Shell for a husband.

Much to his surprise and anger she stated that she was willing to marry him.

He would have been willing now to forgive his wife, but it was too late.

The hen answered: "I am willing, but let me first grow wings like yours, so I can fly as high as you."

The king called his daughters and asked if they would be willing to marry a snake.

If a snake can cure you, I am willing to marry him."

Nor did he take time for further deliberation: in less than half an hour he was in the procurator-fiscal's officethe willing self-criminator; the man who did the deed; the man who was ready to die for his young mistress and his love.

"You may talk to her," he decided briefly"if she is willing.

"WellI'm willing to air my opinions," volunteered the Chief.

There is no way to keep my name from itmy name and the story of the mistake which I madewas willing to make.

He was willing to give Mr. Thomas work, and put tools in his hands, and while watching how deftly he handled them, he did not notice the indignant scowls on the faces of his workmen, and their murmurs of disapprobation as they uttered their dissatisfaction one to the other.

I would have a room reserved for such ladies as Mrs. Lasette, who are so willing to help, for the purpose of holding mother's meetings.

"I am sure," said the minister, "I am willing to do what I can for the temporal and spiritual welfare of our people, and in this I have the example of the great Physician who did not consider it beneath him to attend to physical maladies as well as spiritual needs, and who did not consider the synagogue too holy, nor the Sabbath day too sacred to administer to the destitute and suffering."

"But where are her aunts, and where was your brother, John; why didn't they take her?" "John was at home sick with the rheumatism and sister Jane did not appear to be willing to have her come.

" "May be her husband wasn't willing.

" Mrs. Lasette was perfectly willing to gratify her daughter, and it was decided to have an entertainment on Laura's birthday.

If it should break up the business entirely, perhaps you might be willing to give me a chance so much the sooner."

They had not however come prepared to fight a battle, and no one of them seemed willing to lead an attack upon the jail.

Jack was willing enough to go, for he had foreseen in the visitor a rival for Alice's hand,indeed he had heard more or less of the subject for several days,and was glad to make a reconnaissance before the enemy arrived upon the field of battle.

"I have not been able to find a clergyman," said the old woman, "but I have brought a devout man who is willing to pray with you."

"After breakfast we will walk together to the farmhouse you spoke of at Kensal Green, and if its owner should prove willing to receive my family for a few weeks, I will remove them thither at once."

Meanwhile, in the kitchen department miracles had been accomplished, and we all sat down to dinner with an appetite such as one rarely feels at home, and for which many of our patients over in England would be willing to pay quite large sums.

It was not that they were not willing to give us what we asked for, but they did not understand that method of approach.

First he equates activity and willing, for the will springs exclusively from the soulit is only in willing that the latter is entirely independent; while, on the other hand, passivity is made equivalent to representation and cognition, for the soul does not create its ideas, but receives them,sensuous impressions coming to her quite evidently from the body.

First he equates activity and willing, for the will springs exclusively from the soulit is only in willing that the latter is entirely independent; while, on the other hand, passivity is made equivalent to representation and cognition, for the soul does not create its ideas, but receives them,sensuous impressions coming to her quite evidently from the body.

(3) Reflection on the operations of our minds yields ideas of perception or thinking (with its various modes, remembrance, judging, knowledge, faith, etc.), and of volition or willing.

Among the things which are not contrary to reason belong miracles, for they contradict opinion based on the usual course of nature, it is true, but not our certain knowledge; in spite of their supernatural character they deserve willing acceptance, and receive it, when they are well attested, whereas principles contrary to reason must be unconditionally rejected as a revelation from God.

He who is induced by the voice of passion to act contrary to the eternal relations or harmony of things, contradicts his own reason in thus undertaking to disturb the order of the universe; he commits the absurdity of willing that things should be that which they are not.

This, however, can be nothing else than a willing, thinking Being; for without will it could not be active and act upon me, and without ideas of its own it could not communicate ideas to me.

"Yes; and she understood how butcher's meat should be cut, and the choosing of poultry, and I know not what else besides." "And only asked," cried Dora, laughing, "if your husband was in trade; and when she heard that he was a professional man, was perfectly willing to come.

She would be really glad to know if Mr. Haverley would be willing to leave that important hay, and make everything wait until he came to speak to her.

"How do you do, Mr. Haverley?" said Dora, advancing and extending her hand; "I know you are not willing to eat with cooks, but I do not believe you will object to shaking hands with one, now and then."

Dorcas Stone might be willing enough to go with us to pick berries, but when she found what was to be bought with them, she drew out of the business.

"We do not want a dog that people are willing to sell.

He had a kindly feeling for Mrs. Drane, and was willing to do all he could for her, but his thoughts were now principally occupied with plans for the continuance of good living in his own home.

"I should think the work could be done just as well out of the house as in it," said the doctor's wife, who would be willing to have again the use of the little room that she had cheerfully given up to the copyist of her husband's book, which she, quite as earnestly as Miss Panney, desired to be given to the world.

But he also had enough of a son of Erin in him to make him willing to talk whenever he had a chance.

In fact, he found that he could do a great deal more for Cicely than Miriam had been willing he should do for her.

"What made him do it?" "He knows I don't like him, and am not willing to associate with him."

Would you be willing to part with any of it?" "I have never thought of doing so.

"I don't blame you, of course, but it occurred to me that, having a considerable amount, you might be willing to sell."

He was not willing to accept it for himself.

Of course, you would be willing to pay a liberal price?" "Any price," said Colonel Preston, energetically.

Not that I mean to give up my good nurse just yet; that is, if she is willing to stay.

"I am quite willing that she should be well paid."

"If it's a good place, I'm willing."

I know now why she was so willing to come here and take care of him when he was sick.

Andy had some idea of learning the carpenter trade, there being a carpenter who was willing to take an apprentice, but, unfortunately, he was unwilling to pay any wages for the first yearonly boarding the apprenticeand our hero felt, for his mother's sake, that it would not do to make such an engagement.

He was willing and anxious to work, but there seemed to be no work for him to do.

He thinks well of you, and is willing to take you.

In the middle ages, the Roman Catholic and Greek churches statedly adopted singing as an essential part of public worship; but this, like the reading of the Scriptures, was too frequently in an unknown tongue, by an affectation of wisdom, to excite the veneration of ignorance, when the learned, in their craftiness, taught that "Ignorance is the mother of devotion;" and Ignorance was very willing to believe it.

We have learned since, that these heroes were very willing to accept of any thing the servants offered them, but could not be prevailed upon to approach us; though, you are to understand, this was not occasioned either by timidity or incivility, but by mere ignorance.

It was Tallien's boast to have guillotined only aristocrats, and of this part of his merit I am willing to leave him in possession.

The Convention, though it could not be insensible of this, was willing, with a complaisant prudence, to avoid the scandal of a public discussion, which must irritate the Jacobins, and expose its own weakness by a retrospect of the crimes it had applauded and supported.

After all, it may be permitted to doubt, whether the sort of enthusiasm so liberally ascribed to the French, would really contribute more to their successes, than the thoughtless courage I am willing to allow them.

They seem, indeed, willing to allow it, provided restrictions can be devised which may prevent calumny from reaching their own persons; but as that cannot easily be atchieved, they not only contend against the liberty of the press in practice, but have hitherto refused to sanction it by decree, even as a principle.

How soon the willing heart, her empire feels?

Nobody, I say, not even our mayor, who is a very good mayor, but who cannot help the poor, feed the hungry, and give bread and work to hands willing to work.

" "A people willing to fight for liberty," cried Gotzkowsky, "such a people have the strength of a giant even without cannon and bayonets.

"And we are cheerfully willing to be grateful to you," interrupted the burgomaster, "and to serve you when and in what manner we can, but these debts we cannot acknowledge.

When you were rich, every one partook of your liberality; now that you are poor, no one will be willing to share your misfortune.

Hortense paid no attention to this warning; she considered precaution unnecessary, and was not willing to deprive herself of her one happinessthat of seeing her friends, and of conversing with them in a free and unconstrained manner.

Now, Sir, because I would have all Sorts of People made easy, and being willing to have more Strings than one to my Bow; in case that of Comptroller should fail me, I have since formed another Project, which, being grounded on the dividing a present Monopoly, I hope will give the Publick an Equivalent to their full Content.

i might a had many a lady, but i con have none but her with a good consons, for there is a God that know our harts, if you and madam norton will come to York, there i shill meet you if God be willing and if you pleased, so be not angterie till you know the trutes of things.

There are such things as Eye hath not seen, nor Ear heard, neither hath it entered into the Heart of Man to conceive: Death opens our Eyes, enlarges our Prospect, presents us with a new and more glorious World, which we can never see while we are shut up in Flesh; which should make us as willing to part with this Veil, as to take the Film off of our Eyes, which hinders our Sight.

Who he was I know not, but I heard this Relation this Morning from a Gentleman who was an Eye-Witness of this his Impudence; and I was willing to take the first opportunity to inform you of him, as holding it extremely requisite that you should nip him in the Bud.

He passed into the back room, more than willing to get out of sight till he might better collect himself.

After supper Billy corralled her in a corner, she seeming willing, and stuck to her until her brother took her home nigh daylight.

To his intense surprise, Keith found that Johan already knew all about the new game, and that he was quite willing to play it.

At these services the sacrament was served to those who had accepted Christ, those who had not, and were willing to accept Him were received and prepared for baptism on the next visit of "Father Page."

In such cases sweeten'd teas, broths and (according to the nature of the complaint, and the doctor's prescription) sometimes a little wine, may be necessary to nourish and restore the patient; and these I am perfectly willing to allow, when it is requisite.

John was very glad that I was willing personally to give the letters into your own hands again.

TWO U.S. pharmaceutical firms are willing to supply the Philippines with their vaccines against the coronavirus by the second half of 2021, according to Philippine Ambassador to Washington D.C. Jose Manuel Romualdez.

Under the strain imposed on it by this virus, China may be willing to accept a whole lot more risk.

United have an asking price of ยฃ150million but will no doubt be willing to drop it to get him out.

Until recently, Trump was willing to face off against CNN reporter Kaitlan CollinsUrban Radioโ€™s April RyanCBS News reporter Weijia JiangCBS News reporter Paula Reid.

โ€œWe get here with the system we believe in. Noah did a tremendous job doing all he could willing his team to a victory.โ€