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177 example sentences with  winch

177 example sentences with winch

and Sir Benedict pointed where a great wooden tower, urged forward by rope and pulley and winch, was creeping near and nearer the walls, now stopping jerkily, now advancing, its massy timbers protected from fire by raw hides, its summit bristling with archers and cross-bow men, who from their lofty post began to sweep wall and turret with their whizzing shafts.

A great rope rose out of the water as the men at the winch hauled up the clumsy hulk.

Start your winch and we'll fill the skip."

Lister signaled a man on board the tug, the winch rattled, and a big iron bucket, hanging by a wire rope, dropped into the hold.

Terrier lay with full steam up at the end of the long mole, and when her winch began to rattle, Cartwright told the Spanish peons to stop rowing.

"And you can get half a dozen porters to identify him?" "Bill Cribb, Harry Winch, Charlie Brown, a fellow they call 'Green Violets'I don't know his real name" Mr. Evans was calling on his memory for further names but was stopped by Inspector Chippenfield.

The wind blowing right through the garden, they did not go to the open field, but sent up the kite from the windlass, and Mona was able by means of the winch to let out the string, while Willie kept watching for the moment when the golden ball should catch the light.

Wouldn't I of been one to go, if it hadn't of been that I had a big knife-cut in my side you could of shoved a cat ingive to me by a slant-eyed cuss name of Baldy Winch.

Didn't I watch 'em go, the whole seven of 'em, Baldy Winch, rot him, jeerin' at me an' me swearin' I'd get him yet, him an' Gus Ingle an' Preacher Ellson an' the first Brodie an' Jimmy Kelp an' Manny Howard an' the Italian?

"And Baldy Winch, the one who knifed you?"

He held that when Baldy Winch had made him a cabin in so inaccessible and distant a spot as the crest of Lookout Ridge, it had been because Winch, the sole survivor of those hardy spirits who had been of Gus Ingle's party, was of a mind to make sure, day after day, that no other men went where he had been.

He held that when Baldy Winch had made him a cabin in so inaccessible and distant a spot as the crest of Lookout Ridge, it had been because Winch, the sole survivor of those hardy spirits who had been of Gus Ingle's party, was of a mind to make sure, day after day, that no other men went where he had been.

A man like Baldy Winch, as King envisioned him, would do that.

and I am goingI tride to get out and the Big storm drov me back and all I can see is Jimmy Kelp and the parson if I had not of killed them they would killed me sure and big Brodie's gone he is crazy and cant never make it back across the mountains in this storm, and Baldy Winch he took a big nugget and went off, and he stoled what handful of grub there was.

Somewhere a winch rattled drowsily and weary tackle whined; more near at hand, funnels were snoring and pumps chugging with a constant, monotonous noise of splashing.

A donkey-engine was rumbling, a winch clattering, a capstan-pawl clanking.

The lovely countenances of such are always refreshing to me, and it is not much wonder if I have a little more openness for labor, winch was the case in this place.

wee that haue free soules, it touches vs not: let the gall'd iade winch: our withers are vnrung.

These are frequently watered, if there happens to be but little rain, which, in that arid climate, is often the case for weeks together, and the plants regularly looked over, to destroy a species of worm winch, if not removed, plays great havoc with the young buds.

His fame was built on witty sayings, elegant manners, and adroit adaptation to changing circumstances, rather than on those solid merits winch alone extort the respect of posterity.

mechanical powers; lever, leverage; mechanical advantage; crow, crowbar; handspike^, gavelock^, jemmy^, jimmy, arm, limb, wing; oar, paddle; pulley; wheel and axle; wheelwork, clockwork; wheels within wheels; pinion, crank, winch; cam; pedal; capstan &c (lift) 307; wheel &c (rotation) 312; inclined plane; wedge; screw; spring, mainspring; can hook, glut, heald^, heddle^, jenny, parbuckle^, sprag^, water wheel.

It is so deep no man can draw the buckets on a winch, but they must have an ass inside a tread-wheel to hoist them up.

Him and a pal named Silas Winch went several v'y'ges together, and their talk used to be that creepy that some o' the chaps was a'most afraid to be left on deck alone of a night.

Just at that time things was at their worst Silas Winch, who 'appened to be ashore and 'ad got Bill's address from a pal, called to see 'im. It was a Saturday arternoon when he called, and, o' course, Bill was out, but 'is missis showed him in, and, arter fetching another chair from the kitchen, asked 'im to sit down.

Silas Winch coughed again.

Silas Winch scratched his head and looked at 'er thoughtful-like.

She was woke up suddenly by a noise that froze the marrer in 'er bones the most 'art-rending groan she 'ad ever heard in 'er life; and, raising her 'ead, she saw Silas Winch standing at the foot of the bed.

[Illustration: "She saw Silas Winch standing at the foot of the bed."] "Try a squeaky one," ses Mrs. Burtenshaw.

ses Silas Winch, in an awful voice.

Silas Winch groaned agin, and Bill, as the shock 'ad made a'most sober, trembled all over.

"See wot?" "The ghost," ses Bill, in a 'orrible whisper; "the ghost of my dear, kind old pal, Silas Winch.

" "You'll knock it off altogether," ses Silas Winch, in a awful voice.

Raise your right arm above your 'ead and swear by the ghost of pore Silas Winch, as is laying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, that you won't touch another drop."

By the time Bill 'ad sent off six orders she was worn to skin and bone a'most a-worrying over the way Silas Winch was spending her money.

"Thank you, Mr. Winch," she ses, very loud.

Then, passing the ostentatious pile commenced by Charles V., but which was never finished, and never will be, nor ought to be, we walked along the southern ramparts to the Tower of the Seven Floors, amid the ruins of winch I discerned the top of the arch by which the unfortunate Boabdil quitted Granada, and which was thenceforth closed for ever.

Another gang was moving a kedge-anchor across the deck, while a few more coiled heavy ropes beside the winch.

There was no movement but the racking throb, until Mayne raised his hand and winch and windlass rattled.

Puffs of steam blew about, the cable rose from the water with a jar, and the warps ran slowly across the winch-drums, foul with greasy scum.

About the middle of the afternoon, Adam stood near the noisy winch while a case was hoisted.

The winch-man looked up when the heavy load, hanging from the derrick, swung across the slanted deck.

The winch-driver was watching the others who struggled with the guy, and perhaps forgot it was not a strong man who had come to his help.

[Illustration: Figs. 24 and 25.Varlet or Squire carrying a Halberd with a thick Blade; and Archer, in Fighting Dress, drawing the String of his Crossbow with a double-handled Winch.

"Le Roman de Claris," a manuscript which belongs to the commencement of the fourteenth century, says that in a town winch was taken by storm the following stores were found:: "Maint bon tonnel de vin, Maint bon bacon (cochon), maint fromage à rostir.

What I mean is the Disturbance some People give to others at Church, by their Repetition of the Prayers after the Minister, and that not only in the Prayers, but also the Absolution and the Commandments fare no better, winch are in a particular Manner the Priests Office:

Why, Miles, you can handle both these chaps, yourself; and, with Neb's and my assistance, could work 'em up into spun-yarn without a winch!"

It depends partly on the forces available, partly on other circumstances winch are not open to public discussion.

We sit in a calm summer evening and watch the shadows as they lengthen o'er the ground, till they lose themselves in the deep rich green of the vales from winch the sun has disappeared, to gild the tops of the forest trees and far off hills with more than noonday splendor.

Next comes the foremast, and between that and the fore hatch the galley and winch; on the port side of the fore hatch are stalls for four poniesa very stout wooden structure.

On either side of the main hatch and close up to the ice-house are two out of our three motor sledges; the third rests across the break of the poop in a space formerly occupied by a winch.

A third sledge stands across the break of the poop in the space hitherto occupied by the after winch.

nd me corrections and suggestions; among whom I will mention Professors John Adams and J.H. Muirhead, Dr. A. Wolf, and Messrs. W.H. Winch, Sidney Webb, L. Pearsall Smith, and A.E. Zimmern.

The new winch ceased to creak, and Bensington appeared in the crack, gleaming benevolently under his protruded baldness and over his glasses.

It was then resolved that we should all await death in our present situation; the cable winch fastened the machine to our raft, was made loose, and it drifted away.

Hilary Blaise Winch Long (C); 15Feb56; R165349.

By John Winch, pseud. © 3Oct32; A55521.

WINCH, JOHN, pseud.

Hilary Blaise Winch Long (C); 15Feb56; R165349.


Run for the winch and unscrew the carriage pole!

His silence seemed to irritate Mr. Winch.

"Look here, Mr. Winch," said Mr. Fotheringay, annoyed and confused, "I'm sorry, very.

Now, I tell you" But Mr. Fotheringay never heard what Mr. Winch was going to tell him.

In the night he dreamt of the anger of Winch.

Someone had planted a most beautiful climbing rose against the elder Mr. Gomshott's private house in the Lullaborough Road, and the river as far as Rawling's Mill was to be dragged for Constable Winch.

Mr. Fotheringay was abstracted and thoughtful all that day, and performed no miracles except certain provisions for Winch, and the miracle of completing his day's work with punctual perfection in spite of all the bee-swarm of thoughts that hummed through his mind.

For the most part he was thinking of Winch.

"Now, after that it's easier to explain what I came about," said Mr. Fotheringay; and proceeded to a lengthy and involved narrative of his strange experiences, beginning with the affair of the lamp in the Long Dragon and complicated by persistent allusions to Winch.

Mr. Fotheringay proceeded to tell of his misadventure with Winch, and Mr. Maydig, no longer overawed or scared, began to jerk his limbs about and interject astonishment.

"However, we'll leave Winch for a little and discuss the larger question.

"I don't see how I'm to manage about Winch," he said.

He would have preferred to settle the Winch business out of hand, but Mr. Maydig would not let him.

"And about Mr. Winch" "Altogether unlimited."

And from the hearthrug Mr. Maydig, waving the Winch difficulty aside, unfolded a series of wonderful proposals proposals he invented as he went along.

Suffice it, too, that the problem of Winch remained unsolved.

East Winch.

There she is, over there by that big winch."

The narrative of the vivid dream, or vision, produced a startling effect on the coroner, who was a firm believer in every species of supernaturalism winch is most at variance with human experience and reason.

From every house a quantity of straw and water and underwood must be brought forth; then a strong oaken pole is fixed firmly in the earth, a hole is bored in it, and a wooden winch, well smeared with pitch and tar, is inserted in the hole and turned round forcibly till great heat and then fire is generated.

Others set up two posts, each with a hole in it, and insert a winch, along with old greasy rags, in the holes.

The poles that were used to make the need-fire, together with the wood that was employed as a winch, are sometimes burned with the rest of the fuel, sometimes carefully preserved after the cattle have been thrice driven through the flames."

In the hole a wooden winch, smeared with tar, was inserted and made to revolve with such force and rapidity that fire and smoke in time issued from the socket.

my mother's diamondsall of winch are tangible and visible, and in our own possession.

1 gives the general arrangement of a station, where J is an inductor set in motion through a winch, K, and a pair of friction rollers; W, a polarized call; U, an ordinary two-direction commutator; B, a lightning protector; and L and T, the two terminals of the apparatus, one of them connecting with the line and the other with the earth.

At the same moment that the winch, K, is being moved, the disk, P, is carried from right to left and brought into contact with the spring, f{2}.

As soon as the winch is left to itself a counter-spring forces the disk, P, to return to a contact with the spring, f{1}.

The winch, K, is keyed to one of the extremities of a sleeve that carries the disk, P, at its other extremity.

As soon as the winch, K, is revolved, whatever be the direction of the motion, the axle can only be carried along when the tappet, n, has come to occupy the position shown in Fig.

In flat areas, a winch is used to tow the paraglider to a height of up to 400 meters before it is released.

After a hoist and sling device lifted the plane and its crew onto the trolley, a special winch pulled the aircraft back to the ship’s stern-side end.

He was also alleged of lifting the entire story of Agnyathavaasi from French film Largo Winch.

If you're more about hitting the dirt, the two-door Trail Rig concept packs all manner of LED lighting, a Warn winch and a whole bunch of recovery gear mounted on a Yakima roof rack.

In addition, site equipment was changed including the winch, while new lighting and CCTV cameras were installed for more control.

For 10 years I've been in this Chamber listening to members opposite winch and whine about the fact that the only thing that, you know, is happening in terms of job creation in Manitoba is because it's all government-funded and government-driven jobs.

Hook & Winch Options2 winches at back of rear with cross pallet hook assembly at 4' - 1"

I argue that an investigation of the undertaking Winch is involved in allows us a perspective as to how one form of cultural relativism is generated.

Is that nicely graded gravel roads, or 575 miles of serious, winch-tastic fun?

I think a winch would be a definite asset when towing.

Optional Truck Accessory Controller: Have you upgraded your GMC Sierra with accessories like a winch, lights, air suspension and a motorized tonneau cover?

A skidder operator must not winch trees or logs until the co-worker is standing clear and has signalled the operator accordingly.