5807 examples of winging in sentences

On the 9th of May, Minoók went to bed in winter, and woke to find the snow almost gone under the last nineteen hours of hot, unwinking sunshine, and the first geese winging their way up the valleysight to stir men's hearts.

Then in a moment more, in a rich deep voice, and a tune far sweeter than any Victorine had sung, came these words: "Faint and weary toiled a pilgrim, Faint and weary of his load; Sudden came a sweet bird winging Glad and swift across his road.

I forget it in thy singing; Hearing thee, I faint no more,' "While he spoke the bird went winging Higher still, and soared away; 'Cruel songster!' cried the pilgrim, 'Cruel songster not to stay!' "Was the songster cruel?

he thought, little guessing that through the air fate was winging its way toward him.

In a rush of tenderness, he forgot her beauty of eyes and round, strong throat, and supple bodyhe forgot, and was immersed, like an eagle winging into a radiant sunset cloud, in a sense only of her being, quite divorced from the flesh, the mysterious rare power which made her Sally Fortune, and would not change no matter what body might contain it.

Here, on the summit, where the stillness was absolute, unbroken by any sound, and the solitude complete, we thought ourselves beyond the region of animated life; but while we were sitting on the rock, a solitary bee (bromus, the bumble bee) came winging his flight from the eastern valley, and lit on the knee of one of the men.

Girt with celestial might, Winging their airy flight, Spirits are thronging.

Winging their way, That on the waters bright Dancingly play.

That lady's earnestness and enthusiasm are of the right sortfelt for freedom of thought and action, for taste, and for genius winging its flight in a noble direction.

We gaze with rapture upon the scene, till, dazzled by its brilliancy, we turn our eyes upon the white sails, gliding over the bosom of the deep, like some noble bird winging its way through the air, or watch the swelling waves, as they roll in grand procession towards us, and break in thunder on the shore.

Our eyes and ears seem to become spiritual rather than physical organs, and an exquisite elation, as though we were walking on shining air, or winging through celestial space, fills all our being.

The blue herons were winging out to the river, and the doves were weaving spells round and round the dormer-windowed cottage on the hill.

Georgia Douglas Johnson THE HEART OF A WOMAN The heart of a woman goes forth with the dawn, As a lone bird, soft winging, so restlessly on, Afar o'er life's turrets and vales does it roam In the wake of those echoes the heart calls home.

Overhead the lazy crows flew by, winging out from their city roosts to the rice-fields for the day's food.

Why should any man trouble himself to love another woman when this glancing, flashing, singing bird was winging it through the blue? Were any other lips so tender, so tremulous, so arched, so sweet?

Even the innumerable pigeons, "Allah's announcers," swirled in clouds from the arcades, mosques, and minarets surrounding the Haram, and from the Ka'aba itself, and began winging erratic courses all about the Forbidden City.

"Like two sweet skylarks springing skyward, singing, Piercing the empyrean of blinding light, So shall our souls take flight, serenely winging, Soaring on azure heights to God's delight; While from below through sombre deeps come stealing The floating notes of earthward church-bells pealing.

You are fortunate indeed, if, on your nightly rambles, you find one of the large night moths winging its silent flight over the moonlit glade, resting for an instant on a mullein-stalk, then dancing away in his erratic flight, like some pixy out for a lark.

Here the botanist fresh from Europe, will find subjects of interest at every step, and the entomologist may revel to his heart's content among gaudily coloured Heliconiae, Hesperiae, and Erycinae, or watch the larger butterflies of the restricted genus Papilio, slowly winging their lazy flight among the trees just beyond the reach of his insect net.

The Irishman, in reply to all the exhortations of his companions, jauntily told them not to distress themselves; he had no intention of killing the fellow, but would content himself with "winging" him.

Through the air bestirred Pulse of winging bird, Through the air bestirred Laugh of hidden stream.

An instinct as of music near A breath the wind is bringing, Broken and sweet, as from a host Of swift and solemn winging A mystery born of light and sound Wrapping our tranced progress round A sighing and a singing!

How their singing Comes winging, comes winging, Through your close arms, beloved, Straight to my heart!" White grew her face as the thorn's tender bloom, White as the mist from the valley of doom!

How their singing Comes winging, comes winging, Through your close arms, beloved, Straight to my heart!" White grew her face as the thorn's tender bloom, White as the mist from the valley of doom!

Over it all broods the silence of the desert, drowsy with the hum of many bees winging their swift way to the secret feeding-places they know of, where mayflower and anemone hide under the heather, witness that forests grew here in the long ago.

5807 examples of  winging  in sentences