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5807 examples of  winging  in sentences

5807 examples of winging in sentences

And so, by millions of years, time winged onward through eternity, to the endthe end, of which, in the old-earth days, I had thought remotely, and in hazily speculative fashion.

So they to each other kept clinging, and clung, While Time his swift circuit was winging, and wung; And this was the thing he was bringing, and brung.

On the 9th of May, Minoรณk went to bed in winter, and woke to find the snow almost gone under the last nineteen hours of hot, unwinking sunshine, and the first geese winging their way up the valleysight to stir men's hearts.

But as the perfect winged and usually bright-colored insect is short-lived, so the leaves ripen but to fall.

Samuel added; shading his eyes with his hand and peering out upon the gleaming surface of the bay, over which the white sails of scooters were darting like a flock of huge, single-winged birds.

Tiny plumes fluttering Make no delay, Little winged Dandelion Soareth away.

Methinks I would give many days of sober, thoughtful, rational enjoyment for one hour of the eager rapture which thrilled my being as I stood in that enchanted garden, gazing upon my little rose, and that gay creature of the elements, that winged blossom, that living fragment of a rainbow, that glanced and quivered and murmured over it.

A sunny, sheltered nook, at any time during the winter, will show you a variety of two-winged flies, and several species of spiders, often in considerable abundance, and as brisk as ever.

But for the Thernee these dragons, winged as they are, would make those lands hardly habitable either for man, or other beasts.

A second bit of blue that had skimmed across the lake and was visible now only as it rose and winged across the contrasting coloured meadow rimming the pool was like a bit of the lake itself.

Oh, the days are growing longer; So rang the jubilant song of the swallow; I come a-bringing beauty into the land, The sky of the West grows warm and yellow, Oh, gladness comes with my light-winged band,

I will be patient, in a little time Quiet, and full of rest, Gods's peace will come, and, like a soft-winged bird, Settle upon my breast.

I have trailed a coyote often, going across country, perhaps to where some slant-winged scavenger hanging in the air signaled prospect of a dinner, and found his track such as a man, a very intelligent man accustomed to a hill country, and a little cautious, would make to the same point.

For her, too soon the winged moments flew, Too soon, alas!

At the same time, to the tune of another report, a second hole appeared, and the bullet, winging above the desk, buried itself in the after-bulkhead, between the dead-lights.

The night is black with clouds that thou art bringing From the far waters of the stormy main, Welling their woes forth wearily in rain, Betwixt us and the light their dark course winging, And dreary shadows o'er the spirit flinging.

Meanwhile the Winged Lion, with those terrible, jeweled, glaring eyes, and the primitive patron San Teodoroeach high on his column, in a Nirvana of quiescencekept solemn semblance of vigil over that dread space where sometimes a horror of which one dared not speak scattered the sunshine high in air between those silent wardens of San Marco.

"A shining, winged woman, covered by her long hair, is standing near the doorway," he answered, or some such words.

When over me the night shall fall, And my poor soul goes upwards winging Unto that heavenly realm, where all Is bright with joy and gay with singing, I hope to hear St. Peter say

" So each of them began to push her way through the earth as strongly as she could, and, sure enough, it was not long before the proud grain actually found herself out in the world again, breathing the sweet air, under the blue sky, across which fleecy white clouds were drifting, and swift-winged, happy birds darting.

Nor, when we entered the great hall, did he relinquish possession of us, and we followed submissively, as he led the way past the winged bulls of Nineveh and the great seated statues, until we found ourselves, almost without the exercise of our volition, in the upper room amidst the glaring mummy cases that had witnessed the birth of my friendship with Ruth Bellingham.

In 1836, and during the next two years, four churches three in Preston and one in Ashtonwere erected through the exertions of the Rev. Carus Wilson, who was vicar here at that time; each of them was built in the Norman style; and the general of them was a plodding man who had burst through the bonds of joinerdom and winged his way into the purer and more lucrative atmosphere of architectural constructiveness.

He looked round, but could see nothing but a crow winging its solitary flight across the mountain.

[In the original broadside, there are Deaths with darts, winged hour-glasses, crossed marrow-bones, &c.]

"But at my back I alwaies hear Time's winged chariot hurrying near; And yonder all before me lie Desarts of vast Eternitie . . .

The lark, too, was pouring from the clouds, where he circled and flickered like a ball of light, the glory of his song; and from an old, dead oak, which raised its straight trunk just without the garden, came the quick rattle of the woodpecker's bill, or the scream of that red-winged drummer, as he darted off, playing and screaming, with his fellows.

She gazed again upon the brilliant morning land, and listened to the birds, and smiledfor in the sunlight, and the carol of the bright-winged oriole, and every murmur of the merry wind, she felt the presence of a loving and All-merciful Creator, who would bless her, if she loved and obeyed Him.

From the bay, wind-winged, we glance; Sea-winds seize me by the hair!

As if amidst those hills were wooded dells, Summer, and gentle winds, and odours free, Deep sleeping waters, gorgeous flowers, and birds, Pure winged throats.

But when on high you see the bees repair, Borne on the winds through distant tracts of air, 70 And view the winged cloud all blackening from afar; While shady coverts and fresh streams they choose, Milfoil and common honeysuckles bruise, And sprinkle on their hives the fragrant juice.

Of all the winged inhabitants of air, These only make their young the public care; In well-disposed societies they live, And laws and statutes regulate their hive; Nor stray like others unconfined abroad, But know set stations, and a fixed abode: 190 Each provident of cold in summer flies Through fields and woods, to seek for new supplies, And in the common stock unlades his thighs.

Holly berry, a winter theme, Bursting cherry, a summer's dream, Love on love's pinions winging. Wrinkle. ~Circe.~

The rest he winged and let 'em go.

In the daytime a crowd of large, beautiful butterflies, brilliant humming birds, and blue-winged jays and parroquets come and cling to the moss, which then resembles a white tapestry embroidered with splendid and varied hues.

I had stood at Maintz, beside the wonder-working machine that makes knowledge imperishable, and sends it with winged speed through the earth.

"Who so swift as the swift-winged lead?"

Death alone could still his ardent pulses and bring about his relinquishment of command over the kingdom that was hisdeath that was even now winging his silent way nearer, and whose shadow had almost touched the fount of the Prophet's earthly life.

Then in a moment more, in a rich deep voice, and a tune far sweeter than any Victorine had sung, came these words: "Faint and weary toiled a pilgrim, Faint and weary of his load; Sudden came a sweet bird winging Glad and swift across his road.

I forget it in thy singing; Hearing thee, I faint no more,' "While he spoke the bird went winging Higher still, and soared away; 'Cruel songster!' cried the pilgrim, 'Cruel songster not to stay!' "Was the songster cruel?

Here, on the summit, where the stillness was absolute, unbroken by any sound, and solitude complete, we thought ourselves beyond the region of animated life; but, while we were sitting on the rock, a solitary bee (bromus, the humble-bee) came winging his flight from the eastern valley, and lit on the knee of one of the men.

Towards night these were joined by large bats, that were seen winging their way towards the plantations of fruit.

Wide sea and wide heaven, and all else afar, But a spirit is singing, A desolate soul That is joyfully winging A desolate soulto that desolate goal Where the loneliest wave meets the loneliest star.

Giovanni de' Medici was deadGarzia was dead; and two virgin souls were winging their flight to join their murdered sister Maria in the Paradise of Peace.

Otherwise, two things he presently noticed, while forging pluckily ahead, must have sent him headlong back to the comparative safety of his tent, instead of only making his hands close more tightly upon the rifle stock, while his heart, trained for the Wee Kirk, sent a wordless prayer winging its way to heaven.

It was the second journey of her life, and she was alone for the first time; but she felt no more fear than if she had been a sparrow winging its way through a new field.

Overhead a number of summer clouds were winging their way from the west, casting on the earth those huge irregular shadows which sweep across it so swiftly, yet with such dignity; so rushingly, and yet so harmlessly.

he thought, little guessing that through the air fate was winging its way toward him.

Small sunrise clouds were winging over it like golden doves.

In a rush of tenderness, he forgot her beauty of eyes and round, strong throat, and supple bodyhe forgot, and was immersed, like an eagle winging into a radiant sunset cloud, in a sense only of her being, quite divorced from the flesh, the mysterious rare power which made her Sally Fortune, and would not change no matter what body might contain it.

Here, on the summit, where the stillness was absolute, unbroken by any sound, and the solitude complete, we thought ourselves beyond the region of animated life; but while we were sitting on the rock, a solitary bee (bromus, the bumble bee) came winging his flight from the eastern valley, and lit on the knee of one of the men.

Ah, thither winging ever, In silence, show Vanishing faces!

They hear me not my later cadence singing, The souls to whom my earlier lays I sang; Dispersed the throng, their severed flight now winging; Mute are the voices that responsive rang.

As to a masquerade, with absent minds, they press, Sheer curiosity their footsteps winging; Ladies display their persons and their dress, Actors unpaid their service bringing.

Their flight on rapture-breathing pinions winging, From heaven to earth their genial influence bringing.

Girt with celestial might, Winging their airy flight, Spirits are thronging.

Winging their way, That on the waters bright Dancingly play.

Upward to hasten Through ether winging, This wakes my yearning, This prompts me now!

Two of us were out after wild duck, and it was a grand sight to watch this magnificent bird winging his way rapidly up stream at a height of about fifty yards.

From the tops of the firs comes the sound of pigeons winging their way from the "grove" to the "conygers" (the latter word means the "place of rabbits"; there are lots of woods so called in Gloucestershire).

And at any moment a shell some German gunner had sent winging its way through the air in precisely that same, casual fashion might come tearing into this quiet nook, guided by some chance, lucky for him, and wipe out the major, and all the pleasant boys with whom I had broken bread just now, and the sweating gunners who had cheered me on as I fired my shot!

That lady's earnestness and enthusiasm are of the right sortfelt for freedom of thought and action, for taste, and for genius winging its flight in a noble direction.

We gaze with rapture upon the scene, till, dazzled by its brilliancy, we turn our eyes upon the white sails, gliding over the bosom of the deep, like some noble bird winging its way through the air, or watch the swelling waves, as they roll in grand procession towards us, and break in thunder on the shore.

This calculation proceeds on the soundest principles of reasoning, and proves not so much the safety of our globe from cometary destruction, (for some comet, hitherto unseen by mortal eyes, may now be winging its flight directly towards our globe,) as the astonishing powers of the mind of man, which can thus essay to penetrate the veil of futurity, and read the destiny of a world.

During the morning we saw a stately pair of wild pigeons winging their swift flight in and out of some tall pine trees.

"O, bonny burdies, come tell to me If ye are twa burdies o' this countrye? An' where ye were gaun when ye tint your gate, A-winging the winter shower sae late?" "We are cauld, we are cauldye maun let us bide, For our father's gane, an' our mother's a bride: But in her bride's bed though she be, We would rather cour on the earth wi' thee!" "O, bonny burdies, my heart is sair To see twa motherless broods sae fair.

She was still to the outer eye the slight, brown Winona of twentyperky, birdlike, with the quick trimness of a winging swallow, a little sharper featured perhaps, but superior in acuteness of desire and persistence, and with some furtive, irresponsible girlishness lurking timorously back in her bright glance.

Slowly conceiving its immensity, its fullness for himhe was almost lifted from his body with the upward winging of happiness.

Our eyes and ears seem to become spiritual rather than physical organs, and an exquisite elation, as though we were walking on shining air, or winging through celestial space, fills all our being.

A group of oarsmen down on the lawn caught up the song and sent it winging through the twilight, soberly, impressively, with ever-surging harmony.

The blue herons were winging out to the river, and the doves were weaving spells round and round the dormer-windowed cottage on the hill.

Instead of winging its way heavenward in vigorous flight, it crawls along the earth, like an eagle whose wings have been broken.

Electric motor repair; a practical book on the winging, repair and troubleshooting of A C and D C motors and controllers.

Electric motor repair; a practical book on the winging, repair and troubleshooting of A C and D C motors and controllers.

McDunn's battery was not firing; the Zouaves lay dozing awake in the young clover, the Lancers, standing to horse, looked out across the world of trees and saw nothing stirring save a bird or two winging hastily northward.

Trees surround her, suggesting by their rank luxuriance the upward surge of spring while cranes, slowly winging their way in pairs across the blackening sky, poignantly remind her of her former love.

O if a Genius on tempest-pinions winging, Stormed through our native land,Spirit with freedom rife!

See on ethereal azure waves swinging, Now the glad lark to her South-land is winging!

Georgia Douglas Johnson THE HEART OF A WOMAN The heart of a woman goes forth with the dawn, As a lone bird, soft winging, so restlessly on, Afar o'er life's turrets and vales does it roam In the wake of those echoes the heart calls home.

O'er the quiet valley winging, There I left my traces, too; Hark!

I have been revelling in Nichol's Architecture, of the Heavens and Phenomena of the Solar System, and have been in imagination winging my flight from system to system, from universe to universe.

Far above the reach of my exploring fingers Birds are singing and winging joyously Through leafy billows of green.

Overhead the lazy crows flew by, winging out from their city roosts to the rice-fields for the day's food.

But apart from that, it has been my fortune, not yours,[200] Axius, to have known these winged creatures whom nature has endowed so richly with industry and art, and that you may appreciate that I know more than you do of their almost incredible natural art, listen to what I am to say.

They are called the Winged Servants of the Muses, because when they swarm they are quickly brought together by the music of cymbals and the clapping of hands: and as men assign Helicon and Olympus to be the haunts of the Muses, so nature has attributed the flowery and uncultivated mountains to the bees.

Death's winged to your pursuit, and yet you wait To meet her Inca.

Why should any man trouble himself to love another woman when this glancing, flashing, singing bird was winging it through the blue? Were any other lips so tender, so tremulous, so arched, so sweet?

"Because things of mere painted wings, all wing and nothing else, can float in the lower atmosphere, are all winged things to be despised? Birds of strong flight can light and build on or near the ground, but your barn-yard fowl can hardly soar to the top of the fence for his crow.

Even the innumerable pigeons, "Allah's announcers," swirled in clouds from the arcades, mosques, and minarets surrounding the Haram, and from the Ka'aba itself, and began winging erratic courses all about the Forbidden City.

"Like two sweet skylarks springing skyward, singing, Piercing the empyrean of blinding light, So shall our souls take flight, serenely winging, Soaring on azure heights to God's delight; While from below through sombre deeps come stealing The floating notes of earthward church-bells pealing.

"I don't mind admitting that you have me winging.

'Twas no use pursuit;the ship that I had heard weighing anchor was reached ere then and winging down the river.

You are fortunate indeed, if, on your nightly rambles, you find one of the large night moths winging its silent flight over the moonlit glade, resting for an instant on a mullein-stalk, then dancing away in his erratic flight, like some pixy out for a lark.

If a small number, it will only be necessary in carving a goose, turkey, or cluck, to cut deep slices from each side of the breast, without winging the birds.

Here the botanist fresh from Europe, will find subjects of interest at every step, and the entomologist may revel to his heart's content among gaudily coloured Heliconiae, Hesperiae, and Erycinae, or watch the larger butterflies of the restricted genus Papilio, slowly winging their lazy flight among the trees just beyond the reach of his insect net.

The Irishman, in reply to all the exhortations of his companions, jauntily told them not to distress themselves; he had no intention of killing the fellow, but would content himself with "winging" him.

Through the air bestirred Pulse of winging bird, Through the air bestirred Laugh of hidden stream.

An instinct as of music near A breath the wind is bringing, Broken and sweet, as from a host Of swift and solemn winging A mystery born of light and sound Wrapping our tranced progress round A sighing and a singing!

How their singing Comes winging, comes winging, Through your close arms, beloved, Straight to my heart!" White grew her face as the thorn's tender bloom, White as the mist from the valley of doom!

How their singing Comes winging, comes winging, Through your close arms, beloved, Straight to my heart!" White grew her face as the thorn's tender bloom, White as the mist from the valley of doom!

Over it all broods the silence of the desert, drowsy with the hum of many bees winging their swift way to the secret feeding-places they know of, where mayflower and anemone hide under the heather, witness that forests grew here in the long ago.