13932 examples of wintering in sentences

Through these same months Guthrum, Oskytal, and the rest are wintering at Repton, after destroying there the cloister where the kingly line of Mercia lie; disturbing perhaps the bones of the great Offa, whom Charlemagne had to treat as an equal.

Wanting it, what savage unsocial nights must our ancestors have spent, wintering in caves and unillumined fastnesses!

"You certainly do not dream of wintering here, Captain Daggett?" he said, after a pause.

Daggett followed willingly, but not like a man who had escaped by the skin of his teeth, from wintering near the antarctic circle.

Wintering here is out of the question.

To soldiers of this description the senate had assigned the same period of service as to those who fought at Cannae; and as an additional mark of ignominy upon both, they were not allowed to winter in towns, or to build huts for wintering within the distance of ten miles from any town.

The Indians start up from their wintering places, as if from a cemetery.

"The Indians now are all at their wintering grounds, and on good terms with the Sioux, as I, this evening, learn from Mr. D., who has just returned from an excursion among them.

Those who speak of its history during the last half of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth century, depict the periods of the annual return of the traders from their wintering stations in the great panorama of the wilderness, east, west, north, and south, as a perfect carnival, in which eating and drinking and wild carousals prevailed.

The "Dolphin" gets beset in the icePreparations for wintering in the iceCaptain Guy's code of laws.

" A week of uninterrupted fair wind and weather had carried the Dolphin far to the south of their dreary wintering ground, and all was going well, when the worst of all disasters befell the shipshe caught fire!

During the summer of 1855, he led a battalion overland, wintering in Salt Lake City.

all things necessary for so great a purpose were wanting; the king was very young, a poor creature, wilful and with but a small attendance of wise folk and good leaders; no ready money; neither tents, nor pavilions for wintering in Lombardy.

The supineness of the French government had made fatal progress amongst its servants; Count d'Ache, who commanded the fleet, had refused to second the attempt upon Madras; twice, whilst cruising in Indian waters, the French admiral had been beaten by the English; he took the course back to Ile de France, where he reckoned upon wintering.

Under the influence of the hereditary grand-duke, a passionate admirer of Frederick II., the Russians had omitted to profit by their victories; they were by this time wintering in Poland, which was abandoned to all their exactions.

Their resolution was definitely strengthened by the delay which they had undergone in practically one and the same spot while wintering in Syria on account of the war.

So the Alban legion and the rest who were wintering in that region likewise revolted.

A certain centurion's son undertook to throw into disorder the same Gallic legion, and another, a worker in wool, tampered with the Fourth, and a third, a private citizen, with the fleet in harbor at Cyzicus when the False Antoninus was wintering at Nicomedea.

On the 21st of December they made their appearance, and in about three weeks from that date their author left England, with the intention of wintering in the South of France.

The words "as soon as I get to Toulouse," in a letter written from Paris on the 10th of April, might well have reminded Sterne of the strange way in which he had carried out his intention of "wintering in the South."

" In two or three minutes I found that he was from Herkimer County, had lived along the Erie Canal, and was actually the son of my old teacher Lockwood, to whom I had gone when I was wintering with Mrs. Fogg in the old canalling days.

The inhabitants were absent, having, in all probability, departed to their wintering grounds.

The payment was now over, and the Indians had dispersed and gone to their wintering grounds.

These women often came to lament with us over the sad accounts that were brought from the wintering grounds.

I'm spending considerable time in your town at present, as I'm overseeing the wintering of something like a hundred saddle horses and two hundred and fifty of our thoroughbred bulls.

13932 examples of  wintering  in sentences
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