13932 examples of wintering in sentences

I happened at the time to be wintering in Yosemite Valley, that sublime Sierra temple where every day one may see the grandest sights.

"And there are more supply-boats wintering up at Fort Yukon and at Circle City," the General went on.

Besides, they had the soldiers get their support free from the cities in which they were wintering, and distributed them to various rural districts, pretending that they were sent to take charge of confiscated territory or that of persons who still opposed them.

The soldiers wintering in Apamea withdrew before he reached them toward Cilicia, and were pursued but were not won over.

For three centuries we have no record of a Roman army wintering in the field; but when Southern Italy became the seat of war, and especially when Rome was menaced by foreign enemies, and still more when a protracted foreign service became inevitable, the same soldiers remained in activity for several years.

"You certainly do not dream of wintering here, Captain Daggett?" he said, after a pause.

He permitted him, if he thought it necessary, to station the legion in these places, for the purpose of wintering.

No project could have been less foreseen than was ours of wintering in France, though it must be confessed that for several months our thoughts had constantly strayed across the Channel.

Flaminius, one of the consuls elect, to whom the legions which were wintering at Placentia had fallen by lot, sent an edict and letter to the consul, desiring that those forces should be ready in camp at Ariminum on the ides of March.

Lord John had benefited in health by wintering abroad; he was still vigorous enough to resist in the House of Lords the claim of the United States for the Alabama indemnity, and to give a presidential address to the Historical Society; but the years were beginning to tell on him.

Cheegud came to say that he was about to go to his wintering grounds, and wished some provisions to commence the journey.

Colonel Moncrieff informs me that, when wintering in 1877 near Fort Garry in North America, young Indians occasionally came to his quarters, and that he found them much interested in any pictures or prints that were put before them.

The gale and consequent inaction not only affected the ponies, Ponting is not very fit as a consequencehis nervous temperament is of the quality to take this wintering experience badlyAtkinson has some difficulty in persuading him to take exercisehe managed only by dragging him out to his own work, digging holes in the ice.

After a few hints on leading the lecturer talked of possible improvements in our wintering arrangements.

The "Dolphin" gets beset in the icePreparations for wintering in the iceCaptain Guy's code of laws.

The "Dolphin" gets beset in the icePreparations for wintering in the iceCaptain Guy's code of laws.

" A week of uninterrupted fair wind and weather had carried the Dolphin far to the south of their dreary wintering ground, and all was going well, when the worst of all disasters befell the shipshe caught fire!

A Citizen of North America east of the plains and north to Canada, nesting from South Carolina northward, and wintering in the Southern States.

Along the base of these cliffs are numerous caverns, once the abode of wild beasts, and, even as late as Carver's visit, in 1766, numbers of bears were found wintering in them, and in the minor caves numberless rattlesnakes were seen by him.

all things necessary for so great a purpose were wanting; the king was very young, a poor creature, wilful and with but a small attendance of wise folk and good leaders; no ready money; neither tents, nor pavilions for wintering in Lombardy.

The supineness of the French government had made fatal progress amongst its servants; Count d'Ache, who commanded the fleet, had refused to second the attempt upon Madras; twice, whilst cruising in Indian waters, the French admiral had been beaten by the English; he took the course back to Ile de France, where he reckoned upon wintering.

" In two or three minutes I found that he was from Herkimer County, had lived along the Erie Canal, and was actually the son of my old teacher Lockwood, to whom I had gone when I was wintering with Mrs. Fogg in the old canalling days.

The payment was now over, and the Indians had dispersed and gone to their wintering grounds.

Nothing remained but the bare walls of bark, from which everything in the shape of furniture had been stripped by the owners and carried with them to their wintering-grounds, to be brought back in the spring, when they returned to make their corn-fields and occupy their summer cabins.

"There must be Indians wintering near, in some of these points of wood.

13932 examples of  wintering  in sentences