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2801 examples of  wiping  in sentences

2801 examples of wiping in sentences

Nicholas cheered up at this, and Ol' Chief stopped wiping his eyes.

I looked again, and saw Ringan wiping his blade on a bunch of grass, and a body lying before him.

he repeated, wiping the perspiration from his brow.

He drew back, wiping the sweat from his face.

God only knows what it is doing to the Bay Indians, but we hear it is wiping out the Chippewas between the Albany and the Churchill."

As these come into season, have them gathered on a dry day, and, after merely wiping them with a cloth, to free them from moisture, put them into the pickle.

Prepare the mushrooms by cutting off the stalks and wiping them free from grit and dirt; the large flap mushrooms cut into small pieces will answer for a brown sauce, when the buttons are not obtainable; put them into the gravy, and let them simmer very gently for about 10 minutes; then add the ketchup, and serve.

Cleanse the mushrooms by wiping them with a piece of flannel and a little salt; cut off a portion of the stalk, and peel the tops: broil them over a clear fire, turning them once, and arrange them on a very hot dish.

TO PRESERVE APPLES.The best mode of preserving apples is to carry them at once to the fruit-room, where they should be put upon shelves, covered with white paper, after gently wiping each of the fruit.

After emptying the slops, and scalding the vessels with the boiling water, and wiping them thoroughly dry, she should wipe the top of the wash-table and arrange it all in order.

After wiping down her ironing table, the laundry-maid should place a coarse cloth on it, and over that the ironing-blanket, with her stand and iron-rubber; and having ascertained that her irons are quite clean and of the right heat, she proceeds with her work.

" "Good evening, gentlemen," said Captain Truck, wiping his face intensely, and who having made his escape from a throng of admirers, took refuge in the first port that offered.

"Clara, my love!" said the baronet, hastily wiping his eyes, and succeeding his wife in the embrace of their child.

Did she take comfort in the thought that she was wiping out John Jacob Dumble's innumerable rogueries?

At length, wiping away his tears, and checking the rising sobs that shook his manly bosom'God's will be done, my children,' said the locksmith; 'we cannot help weeping, but let us not murmur.

Are there any more bones in that bag?" "No, sir," replied the labourer, wiping his hands with an air of finality on the posterior aspect of his trousers; "that's the lot.

Immediately Mama Thรฉrรจse pushed back the table and got up, wiping chin and moustache with her napkin as she rolled toward the desk.

At that she cast down the soup ladle, which she had in her fist, and came towards me, wiping her hands; but I gave back, for I shamed to be hugged again, and before Mistress Mary Madison, and at that she came to a stop and laughed very heartily; but, all the same, called down a very warm blessing upon my head; for which I had no cause to feel the worse.

He sat upright again, wiping his eyes.

" As for me, wiping my wet hands, I stood motionless and confused before my uncle Lazare.

And now, before all the company are yet out of the place, and while Jack Dawson is wiping the sweat from his face, comes the landlord, and asks pretty bluntly to be paid his share of our earnings.

"But I don't know as I can blame 'em much," she continued, wiping her eyes with the corner of her apron, "when their own parents encourage 'em in it.

I will take the letter with me, by-and-byI cannot see to read it just now, wiping her eyesread onlet me hear it allthat I may know your sentiments upon this letter, as well as give my own.

"And with her hand wiping off the drops from her green tresses, thus began to relate the loves of Alpheus.

After rubbing it with a little grease, she first scratched it with her finger-nail, and then finished with soap and water and a good wiping with a coarse towel.

" She sniffed gently, and, wiping one eye at a time, kept the disengaged one charged with sisterly solicitude upon her brother.

" At these touching words Miss Nugent was undisguisedly affected, and wiping her bright eyes with her pinafore, gave her small, well-shaped nose a slight touch en passant with the same useful garment, and squeezed his arm affectionately.

" His mouth he lifted from his dreadful fare, That sinner, wiping it with the grey hair Whose roots he had laid waste; and thus he said: "A desperate thing thou askest; what I dread Even to think of.

"Talk right out, Brown-eyes," said Jacqueline, wiping the tears of delight from her eyes.

" "What could of made him do it?" said Mrs. Daniels, wiping a sudden burst of tears from her eyes.

Amid their chat and laughter, for these white children were taught, like Indian children, not to be afraid of a few scratches or a little pain, Minnehaha, who was industriously wiping the blood from some wounds on her little white hands with her apron, said: "How is it, Souwanas, that all these rosebushes and briers have such sharp thorns on them?"

(f) After properly cleaning with either the swabbing solution or the standard solution, as has just been described, the bore should be clean and safe to oil and put away, but as a measure of safety a patch should always be run through the bore on the next day and the bore and wiping patch examined to insure that cleaning has been properly accomplished.

We were obliged to dress in all haste, without even wiping off the detestable liquid; yet I experienced very little of that discomfort which most travellers have remarked.

"Doth any here," she sternly asked, "suspect the innocence of Balthazar?" "None, good woman, none!" returned the bailiff, wiping his eyes; "go in peace to thy home, o' Heaven's sake, and God be with thee!"

The conduct of these noblemen at the place of execution was so dignified that even the ferocious duke could not avoid wiping his eyes, hardened as his heart was by religious and political fanaticism; and though he held them in abhorrence as rebels and traitors a tear did fall for them down his iron cheek.

" This done the secret agent carefully cleaned the ink from the pen, wiping it dry with his handkerchief, then thrust it into the half empty glass of milk.

"What I was going to say," says Oline, wiping herself, and quite peaceable now.

" "Ah, peace, Josef, peace!" cried old Bettine, wiping her eyes again.

"Don't trouble about wiping your feet.

"I found the house," he said, wiping his glasses.

She did not, as usual, put her head out of the window and call us, but came from the house wiping her eyes, and asked if we wanted to be put in a big ship and sent away from her and grandma and Jakie.

You have no more idea this minute where Carlotta stands thanthan I have," he finished ignominiously, wiping his perspiring forehead with an imported linen handkerchief.

" "Yes, that's it, we'll all go home," sobbed Bambi, wiping her eyes.

What the retreat from Mons and the Battle of the Marne had left of that first heroic expeditionary force the first battle of Ypres had come close to wiping out.

I was believed; and, after wiping away a tear or two that forced themselves into her eyes, our hostess answered me as frankly as I had offered my aid.

and then, as the object of her solicitude disappears among the trees, she draws a long sigh; a mutter is heard"some accident" are the only words distinguishable; a bang of the door follows, and the affectionate nurse iswhat?probably wiping her eyes in the passage.

"Don't you think this napkin much better," said the emperor, wiping his hand again on the black boy's head, "which is worth seventy or eighty crowns.

"That's it, gentlemen," said the Negro President, in a voice of some emotion, wiping the sleeve of his faded uniform across his eyes.

The great papers, in two column headlines, told of the "wiping out of a whole family."

"In this very room," said the artist, bringing a painting from the corner, and wiping off the dust.

He pushed the damp hair back, wiping his forehead, with another glance at the mill-women coming out of the gate, and then followed the phaรซton down the hill.

he exclaimed, wiping his brow with a silken kerchief.

That worthy greeted him, wiping his hands upon his leathern apron.

We told him that he was a model officer and a man after our own hearts, all of which he listened to with dignified modesty, wiping the perspiration from his face, meanwhile, withwell, with the tail of his shirt!

The servants all came out into the hall and shook hands with their young master; and the cook, wiping her eyes with her apron, declared that she would have dinner ready for him on the following day.

It is also obligatory upon them to go to stool every morning; to use the left hand only in wiping themselves; to wash their fundaments after stool; to wash their whole persons and clothing every day; and, finally, also to rinse their mouths with water, and this they often do after washing in foul tanks, or still fouler pools of water.

You'd think they'd be in it most of all ..." "They tell me there's another of them young giants got loose," said the barmaid, wiping out a glass.

"Oh, it's too funny for anything," said Gladys, wiping her eyes, "to be caught breaking into your own house.

" The gentleman whom Mr. Whitelaw honoured with his friendship had stood a little way apart all this time, wiping his forehead with a big orange coloured silk handkerchief.

He did not destroy it, and as against the burning of Columbia must be placed to the discredit of the Germans the wiping out of an entire countryside.

The apple pie, Sir. (Hazel sits down, gasping and wiping his face.

There," (wiping the water from his moustaches,) "now I am qualified to meet that queenly rose, Mrs. Sandford, or even that delicate spring violet of yours,if we should find the nook where she blooms.

When, with unnatural alacrity, he returned with the water, he found her weeping with excitement, and with Wedderburn's head upon her knee, wiping the blood from his face.

While he was so engaged the farmer offered him some tobacco, and the Strong man took it without washing and wiping his hands.

"I do not remember seeing you before," I said, wiping the dust from my lips.

I being busy wiping off the Blood which trickled down my Face, had not Time to acquaint her with her Barbarity, as also with my Resolution, viz.

The Elector, wiping away the perspiration, asked if they could not send immediately to Dahme for this purpose and put a stop to the horse-dealer's being transported further for the present until, by some means or other, they had obtained possession of the paper.

With these words he let go of the Chamberlain's hand and, wiping away the perspiration, sank back again on the couch.

At any rate, that was the broad theory of the amnesty in wiping out all these old cases.

On the whole, I think President Roosevelt acted wisely and humanely in wiping the slate.

" As the last words died away in the far woodland, Trove and Darrel turned, wiping their eyes in silence.

" Trove turned away, wiping his eyes.

"I don't see why not," rejoined the other, wiping his oily hands on a bit of waste.

The sermon was over, and the service proceeding as usual, when suddenly a burst of sobs distracted the congregation, and Robert Barnes, the bluffest and burliest farmer in the whole property, was observed to be wiping his eyes with a red cotton handkerchief.

"It was a blessed release," she says, wiping her eyes, "an' we had a nice funeral, but it's lonely wi'out him.

When the time came for the procession to start, every child had its decent blacks, and though the question of how to live to-morrow was still unanswered, the poor widow, wiping her eyes behind her flowing veil, felt soothed and in a manner elated.

" BLACKBIRD'S INSPIRATION "What be lookin' at?" inquired Mrs. Bold, emerging from her dairy, and incidentally wiping her hands on a corner of her apron.

She had taken off its dress, and was carefully wiping its face, telling it to shut its eyes, saying that mama wouldn't hurt it, asking it if she wasn't a bad mama to keep it shut up all the time in that dark satchel, asking it if it wasn't afraid in the dark, assuring it that mama wouldn't let anybody hurt itand all this in the sweetest sort of baby-talk.

We walked back to the wagon in silence, and found Virginia and Grandma Thorndyke sitting on the spring seat with grandma's arm about the girl, with a handkerchief in her hand, just as if she had been wiping the tears from Virginia's eyes; but the girl was laughing and talking in a manner more lively than I had ever seen her exhibit.

he cried, wiping his face.

He was wiping his hunting-knife on a bunch of green pine needles.

It is better to keep it clean by wiping with a coarse towel than by washing; if the omelet comes from the pan perfectly whole and leaving no fragments behind.

Meat should not be cleaned by washing with water, as that extracts the nutritive juices, but by thoroughly wiping the outside with a damp cloth.

The horseman who was approaching the town fell on the stones, bedewing them with blood from a gash which laid open his skull; and the victor, coolly wiping his blade, addressed himself to Ammalรกt: "Your coming is opportune: I am glad that destiny has brought you in time to witness our combat.

"A fine thing wine!" said Saphir Ali, carefully wiping the glasses; "surely Mahomet must have met with sour dregs in Aravรฉte, when he forbade the juice of the grape to true believers!

She had seen him pass the window, and, hurriedly wiping her hands, and pulling out her shilling, placed it ostentatiously in the very centre of the deal table by the door; then had just time to plunge her hands in the soap-suds again before he knocked.

" At ten minutes to eleven Cockerell found the Quartermaster-Sergeant and party, wiping their mustaches and visibly refreshed, at the exact spot where he had left them; and the hunt for billets began.

Jonesy was panting and wiping the perspiration from his red face, for he had run like a deer to reach the switch in time.

" "Ah," said the Doctor, taking off his spectacles and wiping them leisurely; then raising his voice, said, "Miss Cassandra Morgeson and Miss Helen Perkins, Mr. Ben Somers, of Belem, requests me to present him to you.

Pinching my cheeks and wiping my lips to force the color back, I returned to the parlor.

"Where did you get that ring?" wiping his face with his handkerchief.

Men raised their caps and waved them, smiled upon one another as though they had suddenly heard wonderful news, shouted and shouted and shouted... and in the midst of it all the little rotund Belgian Consul stood bowing and wiping his eyes.

" As the men came, talking, smiling, wiping their eyes, they were caught by Grogoff's voice.

At the door of the little parlour, while Phoebe was at his shoulder, wiping away the child's tears and cooing to it, Fenwick suddenly turned his head and kissed his wife's cheek, or rather her pretty ear, which presented itself.

"Good gracious!" exclaimed the young naturalist, wiping his forehead with his coat-sleeve, (for the exciting scene through which he had just passed had brought the cold sweat from every pore in his body); "it is a lucky circumstance for you and me, Brave, that the varmint did not stand and show fight.

Good-by, 'coon!" "Yes," said Frank, leaning on the muzzle of his gun, and wiping the perspiration from his forehead, "we're minus that 'coon, easily enough, unless we wait until morning, and cut the tree down.

After making Joe promise that he would not attempt to follow her, she bade him farewell and walked to the nearest street crossing, and while Joe was busy wiping his eyes with one of his hands, he waved her farewell with the other until she mounted a street car and was whirled beyond his vision.

In these you may dip the tips of your fingers, wiping them afterwards on your table-napkin.

In these you may dip the tips of your fingers, wiping them afterwards on your table-napkin.

But the Swedish people, wiping away their tears, resolved stoutly to carry on Gustav Adolf's work.