2801 examples of wiping in sentences

"I found the house," he said, wiping his glasses.

" So Buddy and Brighteyes, thinking no harm, went in and, after making their very best double-jointed bows, and wiping their feet until there was no more mud on them than on a postage stamp, they sat down to the tables and tucked in their napkins around their necks.

I was believed; and, after wiping away a tear or two that forced themselves into her eyes, our hostess answered me as frankly as I had offered my aid.

'Colonel,' said he, wiping the tears from his eyes, 'you have really given both yourself and us a great deal of unnecessary trouble.

He witnessed a battle in Germany from the top of a convent (on which battle he has written a noble ode); and he saw the French cavalry enter a town, wiping their bloody swords on the horses' manes.

"Queer, Jennie should marry at her age," Miss Sterling resumed after a brief pause, wiping her eyes dry.

declared Polly, wiping her eyes.

After he had finished, wiping the sweat from his brow with a colored kerchief, the himene began.

The monument of Lord Holles is remarkable for a comic cherub who is engaged in wiping his tears away with a wisp of garment; the naivete of the idea is amusing in more ways than one.

In the church wall is a curious tablet representing Mary Magdalene wiping our Lord's feet.

"What then was my surprise, when after breakfast I saw the old lady sit down as usual, and after carefully wiping her spectacles, take up a book she had been perusing, just as if the greatest event of my life were not about to occur that very day?

"Don't you think this napkin much better," said the emperor, wiping his hand again on the black boy's head, "which is worth seventy or eighty crowns.

"But they tried to make a clean record for themselves by wiping us off the face of the earth and so showed themselves to us.

Harkness did precisely that, then he turned, wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

exclaimed Swearword the Saxon, wiping his mailed brow with his iron hand, "a fair morn withal!

"That's it, gentlemen," said the Negro President, in a voice of some emotion, wiping the sleeve of his faded uniform across his eyes.

"No, oh, no, no, no, no!" sighed Mr. Meier, wiping his eyes.

He rose and bowed to Cake with the queerest respect, still wiping his eyes with the back of his thick, hairy hands.

She doesn't know what to make of it that folks make so much of her, and has to keep wiping her spectacles.

But this signifies but these two things: First, That we shall be condemned for the evils that we have done and shall then remember, God by His power wiping away the dust from the tables of our memory, and taking off the consideration and the voluntary neglect and rude shufflings of our cases of conscience.

Still, I merely observed" "Oh, but believe me, I am not arguing with you, my dear father, for I know that you are much wiser than I," says Alianora, bravely wiping away big tears from her lovely eyes.

The servants all came out into the hall and shook hands with their young master; and the cook, wiping her eyes with her apron, declared that she would have dinner ready for him on the following day.

" As he sat down, perspiring, excited, wiping his congested face energetically, his bench companions gathered around him congratulating him, shaking his hands.

" The gentleman whom Mr. Whitelaw honoured with his friendship had stood a little way apart all this time, wiping his forehead with a big orange coloured silk handkerchief.

" DRISCOLL (wiping a pint measure) With pleasure.

2801 examples of  wiping  in sentences