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358 example sentences with  wisps

358 example sentences with wisps

The highest point." Dull, gray wisps of murk, the afterguard of the gaseous cloud, were twisting and spiraling in a witch-dance across the landscape, and, seen by snatches and glimpses through it, something flapped darkly in the breeze.

The hylas make a delightfully pure and tranquil music after sunset; and coyotes, the little, despised dogs of the wilderness, brave, hardy fellows, looking like withered wisps of hay, bark in chorus for hours.

Meantime I padded lightly through the village, at first calling on the dogs by English names, but later using such wisps as I had of French.

The sick man began to talk deliriously, and lifted up a terrible old face with fever-bright eyes glaring through wisps of straight gray hair.

The weather helped us, for the skies hung grey and low, with wisps of vapour curling among the trees.

Now glancing upward at the rugged face of the keep, Beltane beheld thin wisps of smoke that curled from every arrow-slit, slow-wreathing spirals growing ever denser ere they vanished in the clammy mists of dawn, while from within a muffled clamour roselow and inarticulate yet full of terror.

His saddle, too, like his clothes, was old and full of rents, with wisps of hair and straw-stuffing sticking out in various places, and his feet were thrust into a pair of big stirrups made of pieces of wood and rusty iron tied together with string and wire.

Beth went out to find Louise, and discovered her standing near the stables, where a boy was rubbing down the sides of a sorrel mare with wisps of straw.

Put the corks in the bottles, and place them in a copper of cold water up to their necks, with small hay-wisps round them, to prevent the bottles from knocking together.

He stamped out the few embers of their fire, and, not entirely satisfied, though there was but little danger of forest fires here in green young June, nevertheless went to the creek for water and doused the one or two black charred sticks which still emitted thin wisps of smoke.

"Now we can go on with the entertainment," said Lillian Desmond, as she sat on the arm of Patty's chair, curling wisps of the presidential hair over her fingers.

She was a tall, thin child, with a pale face, large black eyes, and straight black hair, which hung in wisps about her ears.

With Fancy's hundred wisps what wonder that I've strayed, When Adam in his prudence was by a grain bewrayed? Excuse the wrangling sects, which number seventy-two: They knock at Fable's portal, for Truth eludes their view.

More seldom still did any dwelling betray evidence of inhabitation beyond faint wisps of smoke, like ghosts of famine, drifting from the chimneypots, orperhapssome unabashed exhibit of red flannel hung out to dry with wrist or ankle-bands nipped between a window-sash and sill.

On one edge of the big, vacant lot were wisps of smoke from the fires in the stove wagons, and from these same wagons came appetizing odors.

'I wish you would not wear those wisps of pink about your head, Josephine,' said he, pettishly.

"Where Will-o'-the-wisps and glow-worms shine, In bulrush and in brake; Where waving mosses shroud the pine, And the cedar grows, and the poisonous vine Is spotted like the snake.

Rely upon your own judgment; be true to your own conscience; follow the Light that is within you; all outward lights are so many will-o'-the-wisps.

The rooks had been pitch-falling all the morning, so we knew that bad weather was due; and when we came out from the schooling that Mr. Glennie gave us in the hall of the old almshouses, there were wisps of thatch, and even stray tiles, flying from the roofs, and the children sang: Blow wind, rise storm, Ship ashore before morn.

So Percival and his mother twisted sundry cloths and wisps of hay and made a sort of a saddle thereof.

You remember in The Will-o'-the Wisps are in Town, when the man had listened to the Moorwife's tale he said, "I might write a book about that, a novel in twelve volumes, or better, a popular play.

The wood-smoke hangs in wisps on the hot air, and the song of the boys bringing home the cattle comes to me distinctly in the stillness.

Back of them allridge, mountain, cavernous valleytowered old Harney, sun-browned, rock-diademed, a few wisps of cloud streaming down the wind from his brow, locks heavy with the age of the great Manitou whom he was supposed to represent.

For when a youth who is as homely as young Phil Stacey and in that particular style of homeliness, and a girl who is as far from homely as Barbran begin, at first sight, to explore each other's opinions, they are venturing into a dim and haunted region, lighted by will-o'-the-wisps and beset with perils and pitfalls.

It was shut, and except for the lazy wisps of smoke issuing from the chimney, there was no sign of life about the place.

When he threw the helmet back it exposed a wrinkled brow and a baldish head, except for a few wisps of hair at the temples.

For weeks white bread has had to contain a certain amount of rye flour and rye bread a certain amount of potatothe so-called war breadand, except in the better hotels, one was served, unless one ordered specially, with only two or three little wisps of this "Kriegsbrod."

Now the little girl in the niche was carved with wisps of hay in her hands, but the child who had fed the oxen knew nothing of this, and as she grew up she forgot her childish service, so that when she had grown to womanhood and chanced to see this statue over the portal she did not know it was her own self in stone.

the mocking diablery in strings, wisps of untidy hair, queer trimmings, and limp hats.

The crew stretched themselves, tightened their wisps of cotton, and slowly stood up too.

WILL-O'-THE-WISPS From marshy bogs we sprang to light,

Always the dust of battle rose in shining wisps against the sun and Marianne approached with a sinking heart, for as she crossed the track and climbed through the fence she heard the snort and squeal of an angry, fear-tormented horse.

The promise of that start, however, was by no means borne out by the pace into which they immediately fell, which was a dog-trot executed with trailing hoofs that raised little wisps of dust at every stride.

It is true that on certain holy days the great image of Juggernaut, or Jagernath, whichever way you choose to spell it, and it weighs many tons, is placed upon a car and the car is drawn through the crowded streets by thousands of pilgrims, who cast flowers, rice, wheat, palm leaves, bamboo wisps, sweetmeats and other offerings in its way.

In the evening so anxious are they to fire the stack, that lanterns may be seen glimmering in all parts of the field like so many will-o'-the-wisps; then follow the tar barrels, and after this boisterous amusement the scene closes, save the noise throughout the night, and for some nights after of the drunken people, who very often repent their folly by losing their situations.

The two armored cars, containing guns, were hidden away amongst the shattered ruins of a little hamlet; their armor-plated bodies, already rendered as inconspicuous as possible by erratic daubs of bright colors laid on after the most approved Futurist style, were further hidden by untidy wisps of straw, a few casual beams, and any other of the broken rubbish which had once been a village.

This time bigger fragments of stone, a shower of broken tiles and slates rattled down into the square; a thick cloud of dirty black smoke, gray and red tinged with mortar and brick-dust, appeared up above the roofs on the other side of the square, spread slowly and thickly, and hung long, dissolving very gradually and thinning off in trailing wisps.

Elinor came in presently, wearing a neglected black gown; her face pale; her eyes surrounded by dark circles; her black hair straggling in wisps over her forehead.

We lay hands on only a few wisps of it!

Gradually as the light increased the mist shredded off into little ragged wisps, which thinned and drifted away, until at last, as the sun pushed its glowing edge over the eastern forests, it gleamed upon the reds and oranges and purples of the fading leaves, and upon the broad blue river which curled away to the northward.

The fat, dumpy figure of this woman, therefore, and her round, flat, moonlike face, her mouse-coloured wisps of hair cut squarely off at the back of her neck, were points of a merit that was in its whole effect nothing less than distinguished.

Not the customary conservative but monotonous upholstered affair of jet and lace, but a handful of pink roses in a tulle nest, held on by wisps of tulle instead of ribbons.

His high riding boots were gone, having long since been abandoned in the tenacious ooze in which they had stuck; his ringlets fell in wisps on his shoulder.

The bowl was steaming with the mixture and wisps rose lazily from the ladle as it made several trips from serving bowl to Joe's plate.

"Light was breaking fast, but there were wisps and shreds of fog blowing about which made observation exceedingly difficult.

Almost had I written "B," seeing the perfect filmy blue all around the horizon; but a seaman's scrutiny showed me faint fluffy wisps o'erhead, luminous and marged with palest gold; and ever must a sailor be suspicious of the treacherous weather-god.

I raised my eyes from the scanty baked wisps of grass at my feet, placed my hand on Hal's arm, and tiptoeing so as to bring my five-foot stature more on a level with his, said: "Yes, Hal, I know what you want to say.

He crouched in a corner and had been piling wisps of straw upon his reverend head.

Then we ventured to look over, and amid wisps of smoke the bombers were rushing a traverse.

their fingers catch at scanty wisps of hair, the lamps are burning, the long pens are poised, and idea after idea is hurled out of existence.

He danced as he walked, cracked his fingers in the air, and his eyes blazed like two will-o'-the-wisps.


Their shells were making puff-balls of smoke over neighbouring farms, and for miles round I could see the clouds stretching out into long, thin wisps.

She wore a German helmet above the wild hair which blew in wisps about her death-white face, and it seemed like a vision of hell as she passed shrieking with the laughter of insanity.

The immense bowl of the gulf was reflecting their sparkles like thousands of will o' the wisps.

They mounted guard out on the high sea beyond the rocky and desert islands that closed the bay of Marseilles, accosting the incoming ships in order to recognize their nationality or running at full speed, with their wisps of horizontal smoke toward the point where they expected to surprise the periscope of the enemy hidden between two waters.

Before these supreme problems all other interests paled, for they were no will-o'-the-wisps of theoretical politics.

It lay swollen and featureless, and two busy hags lifted it up and packed it tight with wisps of hay, and mechanically uttered shrieks and moans.

A month's cutting maybe to go to ashes within three minutes, and into wisps of smoke.

The hot water that cooled the tuyรจres came into it, some fifty yards upa tumultuous, almost boiling affluent, and the steam rose up from the water in silent white wisps and streaks, wrapping damply about them, an incessant succession of ghosts coming up from the black and red eddies, a white uprising that made the head swim.

It was a world with a different quality, a warmer, more penetrating and mellower light, with a faint clear gladness in its air, and wisps of sun-touched cloud in the blueness of its sky.

We passed a dismal day, as, wrapped in our warmest clothes, we sat upon our beds watching the rain turn to snow, then to hail and sleet, and finally back to rain again; while the ever-changing wisps of grey mist gathered thick in the glens, or "put forth an arm and crept from pine to pine."

So far so good, but the grass that bordered the path was not the sweet green turf of an English lawn, and the way was edged by big earthen pots, into which were hastily stuck wisps of iris blooms and Persian lilac.

Trees rose promiscuously out of the calm and sunlit water, wisps of maize and wreckage clinging to their lower boughs.

The poor garden, with its slime-daubed shrubs, broken palings and torn creepers, trailing wisps of draggled foliage in the oozy brown pools, was a sad and pitiful sight, especially when mentally contrasted with the glowing glory of asters and zinneas which it should have been.

Masons and most skilful carvers in stone were busily engaged in the restoration of parts that had fallen into dangerous decayan extremely flimsy-looking scaffolding, made apparently of light bamboos, tied together in wisps, and forming a fragile-looking ramp, wound spirally up the outside of the tower.

They examined his meadows, and saw wisps of hay lying about, evidence of neglect; the fields had not been properly raked.

Larry and Tom want to see the will-o'-the-wisps, and we maybe able to catch some fish early to-morrow morning.

Old age, old age; I was an old, bearded, heavy-going, wrinkled tramp, leaning on a stout stick; my grey hairs blew about my old red ears in wisps.

Grass springs in the green path, His flowers are lean and dry, His thatch hangs in wisps against The evening sky.

The chains of duty to family, state, and ancestry that bound Max's feet so firmly would be but wisps of straw about Yolanda's slender ankles.

He pushed both hands through the long wisps of his drab-colored hair, and threw his head back until his wide nostrils resembled a double door to his brain.

The five pink candles had been lighted, burning pointedly and with slender little smoke wisps.

Large wisps of hay are filled with this thick substance, and fashioned with the hands into what are technically called "clay cats," and these are filled in among the frame-work of the chimney until not a chink is left.

Presently out from the doors by which our conductors had entered there came tumbling a crowd of men and women, some carrying straw bolsters and wisps of hay, others bearing cooking utensils, and all in various dishabille.

Here we enjoyed to the full the breezes which swept with morning freshness across the scrubby undergrowths of oak and broom, and above all the sight of misty wisps of cloud scudding and whisking about the distant peaks-behind which lay the city of Plassenburg.

In answer to this question which he had asked himself throughout the year, he saw mediocrity crowned; his soul of light and fire was forced to bow before will-o'-the-wisps, most of whom were soon extinguished in merited oblivion.

lbow, and little wisps of smoke curled slowly upward from the bowl of his churchwarden pipe.

Swift-flying wisps of cloud turned pink, and low along the western horizon of the forest the light seemed golden and blue.

Seen from afar, the multitude of moving lights, twinkling in the darkness, appear like will-o'-the-wisps chasing each other across the plains, along the hillsides, and down the valleys.

In others the boys light torches and wisps of straw at the bonfires and rush about brandishing them in their hands.

The closing of the town gates put an end to the spectacle, and the lights might be seen dispersing in all directions like wandering will-o'-the-wisps.

An author who described Ireland in the first quarter of the eighteenth century says: "On the vigil of St. John the Baptist's Nativity, they make bonfires, and run along the streets and fields with wisps of straw blazing on long poles to purify the air, which they think infectious, by believing all the devils, spirits, ghosts, and hobgoblins fly abroad this night to hurt mankind."

Cloud-wisps began to blur the glass; the stars began to burn more whitely in a blacker sky.

Hissing with hardly audible sighs, the weapons fired their stange pellets, and once again as over the woods on the Englewood Palisadesreally less than twenty-four hours ago, though it seemed a monththe little greenish vapor-wisps floated down, down, sinking gently on the Sahara air.

Fine wisps of cirrus-clouds are first seen, which surround the center to a distance of 200 miles; the air is calm and sultry, but this is gradually supplanted by a gentle breeze, and later the wind increases to a gale, the clouds become matted, the sea rough, rain falls, and the winds are gusty and dangerous as the vortex comes on.

their fingers catch at scanty wisps of hair, the lamps are burning, the long pens are poised, and idea after idea is hurled out of existence.

Everything was so quiet, so dead and cold; one could not have helped thinking of will o' the wisps in cemeteries.

Wheels rimmed with brass wisps hum steadily, as they frost the plates with sparkling gold.

Light wisps of fog begin to gather around the top of Mount Tamalpais, and we hasten our steps, for to be caught in a fog at this altitude may mean a forced camp, with all its attending discomforts.

There are many old and new stories about will o' the wisps around the world.

By placing a blue light in the lantern, the image gives off the magical allure of Scottish wisps.

However, there are definitely wisps of smoke or steam coming off the manโ€™s eyes on the poster, which could still give merit to the Bizarro rumors since people could argue its like steam coming off ice.

In Wilsonโ€™s painting, there are wisps of hair.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is currently available for and PC.

Over the nose and through wisps of smoke, I spotted the Huisden Bridge over the Waal River.

If both are perhaps a little robust and mature to play the elegant wisps Wilde imagined, their control of pace and diction makes us forget that as soon as they speak.

Listen to the sounds of nature as your team wisps you through the picturesque forests of Lanark Highlands, only 30 minutes west of Ottawa, Canada's National Capital.

Thatโ€™s when you see the wisps and swirls of smoke, and thatโ€™s turbulence.

Wisps of clear cuts are placed in 24% lead crystal to create this exclusive piece for BIC Graphic.