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2475 examples of  witched  in sentences

2475 examples of witched in sentences

oh-oh!'" Then, sinking his voice, dancing slowly, and glancing anxiously under the table: "'Wen de ole black cat widdee yalla eyes Slink round like she atterah mouse, Den yo' bettah take keer yo'self en frien's, Kase deys sholy a witch en de house.'

Agen, that was out of a PlayHark ye, Witch of Endor, hold your prating Tongue, or I shall most well-favour'dly cudgel ye. Nur.

Since that evil day we met yon accursed witch of Hangstone, hast never been thyself.

'Tis the witch, lordO beware!"

a hurry of feet running swift and light, a rustle of flying garments, and there, flushed and panting, stood the witch the witch Mellent that was the lady Winfrida.

a hurry of feet running swift and light, a rustle of flying garments, and there, flushed and panting, stood the witch the witch Mellent that was the lady Winfrida.

" "And wherefore?" "Master," quoth Roger, glancing furtively about, "in my youth I did see a goodly man be-devilled by horrid spells by an ancient hag that was a noted witch, and he acted thusa poor wight that was thereafter damnably be-devilled into a small, black rabbit, see you" "Saw you all this indeed, Roger?" "All but the be-devilling, master, for being young and sore frighted I ran away and hid myself.

CHAPTER LIII OF JOLETTE, THAT WAS A WITCH "Lord," said Roger, shaking his head, as they halted upon the edge of the Hollow, "lord, 'twere better thou hadst let me strangle them; those dogs will bay of thee to Black Ivo ere this time to-morrow!"

Then Beltane saw that this was the witch Jolette.

How, dost grieve for a witch, lordfor poor Jolette?

" Now hereupon the witch Jolette raised herself, and set her two hands passionately on Beltane's shoulders, and looked upon him great-eyed and fearful.

" So Beltane stooped and kissed her, and, when he laid her down, Jolette the witch was dead.

our camp lieth scarce three miles westward, come, I pray thee" "Nay, first come ye, friend, and look upon a dead witch that was indeed a noble woman.

Now beholding her, Sir Benedict beckoned Roger and bid him stimmon certain of his company, forthwith; and when Roger hasted back with divers awestruck fellows at his heels, they stood staring, amazed to behold these two great knights humbly kneeling side by side to pray for the soul of her who, all her days, had been scorned of men as the witch Jolette.

What are you afraid of?" "D' witch man," he whispered, his eyes almost starting from his head, and his forehead suddenly beading with perspiration.

"The witch man?

Has a witch man come to Riverview?" He nodded.

"I'll tell yo', Mas' Tom," he stuttered, "but yo' mus' n' hurt d' witch man.

" "Who is this witch man?"

" "Polete's no witch man.

It was at this time that old Polete, crazed, perhaps, by working in the tobacco fields under the blazing sun, had suddenly developed into a witch man, and proclaimed that he could see the French army marching, and urged the negroes to strike a blow at once in order to merit their freedom when the French should come.

I have often heard their so-called witch men preach.

"I don't want to see you killed, but you'd better get away from here as fast as you can, and drop this witch man business for good and all.

Manfred, his witch drama, as the author called it, has had a special attraction for inquisitive biographers, because it has been supposed in some dark manner to reveal the secrets of his prison house.

To take, for instance, two poems not very different in length from AdonaisThe Witch of Atlas is more original, and Epipsychidion more abstract in ideal.

Include Julian and Maddalo, written in 1818, The Witch of Atlas, 1820, The Triumph of Life, 1822, and many other compositions and translations.

The best line, I think, is, "He belong'd, I believe, to the witch Melancholy."

Lloyd objects to "shutting up the womb of his purse" in my Curse (which for a Christian witch in a Christian country is not too mild, I hope): do you object?

I don't know that this last charge has been before brought against 'em, nor either the sour milk or the mandrake babe; but I affirm these be things a witch would do if she could.

It was the picture of the raising up of Samuel, which I used to call the Witch of Endor picture.

This foolish book of witch stories had no pictures in it, but I made up for them out of my own fancy, and out of the great picture of the raising up of Samuel in Stackhouse.

These stories of witches so terrified me, that my sleeps were broken, and in my dreams I always had a fancy of a witch being in the room with me.

Again, it was a witch,a creature hateful to God and man, reading backwards the good prayers; who would perhaps destroy me.

I soon learned to laugh at witch stories; and when I returned after three or four months absence to our own house, my good aunt appeared to me in the same light in which I had viewed her from my infancy, before that foolish fancy possessed me, or rather, I should say, more kind, more fond, more loving than before.

The rose has taken off her 'tire of red The mullein-stalk its yellow stars have lost, And the proud meadow-pink hangs down her head Against earth's chilly bosom, witched with frost.

Aught of good accrues to no one witched by thy Narcissus eye: Ne'er let braggarts vaunt their virtue, if thy drunken orbs are nigh.

She is like the witch in 'Hansel and Gretel.'

A man-hater, like your old witch, is certain to have cats!

It must be the witch!"

"Let me get some witch-hazel," said Sacharissa, rising.

I am an old witch, and I am never deceived in a woman.

he said to the witch when he met her on the high-road, as it came out in the trial.

I have heard one Hearne, a witch-doctor, who is on the border of Clare and Galway, say that in "every household" of faery "there is a queen and a fool," and that if you are "touched" by either you never recover, though you may from the touch of any other in faery.

A woman who is related to the witch-doctor on the border of Clare, and who can Cure people and cattle by spells, said, "There are some cures I can't do.

" With this advice, Miss Oman whisked to the right-about and vanished into the depths of the cavern like the Witch of Wokey, while I hurried on to the surgery to provide myself with the necessary instruments and materials, and thence proceeded to Nevill's Court.

He, however, made shift to scramble up its sides, working his toilsome way through thickets of birch, sassafras, and witch-hazel, and sometimes tripped up or entangled by the wild grapevines that twisted their coils or tendrils from tree to tree, and spread a kind of network in his path.

Joseph was the only objector, and he appealed to Heathcliff against 'yon flaysome graceless quean, that's witched our lad wi' her bold een and her forrad ways.'

He was nothing if not superlative: his diatribes, now culminating in a very extravaganza of hyperbolenow sailing with loose wing through the downy, witched, Dutch cloud-heaps of some quaintest tramontane Nephelococcugia of thoughtnow laying down law of the Medes for the actual world of to-dayhad oft-times the strange effect of bringing back to my mind the very singular old-epic epithet,

Immo nec ipsum amicae stercus foetet, though she be nasty, fulsome, as Sostratus' bitch, or Parmeno's sow; thou hadst as live have a snake in thy bosom, a toad in thy dish, and callest her witch, devil, hag, with all the filthy names thou canst invent; he admires her on the other side, she is his idol, lady, mistress, [5407]venerilla, queen, the quintessence of beauty, an angel, a star, a goddess.

The old woman I have described had long been its inhabitant, and was commonly supposed to be its only inhabitant; and her person well accorded with the rural ideas of a witch.

"Nothing," I replied: "begone, infernal witch!

In painted pinnace down the stream of life, Witched with the landscape, while the weary rowers Faint at the groaning oar: I'll be thy pupil.

In the following example, a character commonly esteemed feminine is represented as neuter, because the author would seem to doubt both the sex and the personality: "I don't know what a witch is, or what it was then.

He was born in Ayrshire, on the banks of "bonny Doon," in a clay biggin not far from "Alloway's auld haunted kirk," the scene of the witch dance in Tam O'Shanter.

The former of these is, in form, a romance in a variety of meters, and in substance, a tale of supernatural possession, by which a lovely and innocent maiden is brought under the control of a witch.

"It's witched, clean witched; as sure as I'm a born woman," said Betty.

"It's witched, clean witched; as sure as I'm a born woman," said Betty.

"Ye mun ken, Sir, that o' a' the leddies frae the Lammermuir, that hae been comin' and gaen, there was an auld rudas wife this fair, an' I'm certie she's witched the yill; and ye mun just look into ye'r buiks, an' tak off the withchin!"

These old women had points of resemblance: they were lean, sallow, and wonderfully wrinkled, and looked each malign and ugly enough for a witch.

The witch; a drama in four acts by John Masefield, from the Norwegian of H. Wiers-Jenssen.

TYRRELL, MABEL L. Witch's maiden.

The witch's hen.

Nathaniel's witch.

Witch house, by Evangeline Walton.

The Witch-woman, a trilogy about her.

The ninth witch and other poems.

The African witch.

The African witch.

Height, 8 ft. Hamamelis (Witch Hazel).An ornamental shrub which will grow in ordinary soil, but thrives best in a sandy one.

To be "supposed to have communication with the devil" and be alone "potent over cases of witchcraft and witch poisoning" (67) is, however, an honor which women elsewhere would hardly covet.

" "Aye, your veechy is a regular witch!

Pardie!Antoine, how the little witch has travelled in my watch!

But cowled with smoke and starred with lamps That strange land's light was still its own; The word that witched the woods and hills Spoke in the iron and the stone.

Not a single instance, he assures us with apparent satisfaction, can be produced of a witch who escaped the axe or the fire in this fashion.

At Grand Halleux they set up a pole called makral or "the witch," in the midst of the pile, and the fire is kindled by the man who was last married in the village.

[Bonfires on the first Sunday in Lent in Germany and Austria; burning the witch; burning discs thrown into the air; burning wheels rolled down hill; bonfires on the first Sunday in Lent in Switzerland.]

About Echternach in Luxemburg the same ceremony is called "burning the witch"; while it is going on, the older men ascend the heights and observe what wind is blowing, for that is the wind which will prevail the whole year.[290] At Voralberg in the Tyrol, on the first Sunday in Lent, a slender young fir-tree is surrounded with a pile of straw and firewood.

To the top of the tree is fastened a human figure called the "witch," made of old clothes and stuffed with gunpowder.

In Swabia on the first Sunday in Lent a figure called the "witch" or the "old wife" or "winter's grandmother" is made up of clothes and fastened to a pole.

While the "witch" is burning, the young people throw blazing discs into the air.

The charred embers of the burned "witch" and discs are taken home and planted in the flaxfields the same night, in the belief that they will keep vermin from the fields.

Boys went about from house to house begging for wood and straw, then piled the fuel on a conspicuous mountain or hill round about a pole, which bore a straw effigy called "the witch."

This was called "burning the witch."

Such fields and gardens are thought to thrive more than others; the corn and the plants that grow in them are not beaten down by hail, nor devoured by mice, vermin, and beetles; no witch harms them, and the ears of corn stand close and full.

In some places an effigy representing a witch used to be burnt in the bonfire.

Her face, colored like palest ivory with rose, was no doll's face, for all its symmetry and a forgotten patch to balance the dimple in her rounded chin; it was even noble in a sense, and, if too chaste for sensuous beauty, yet touched with a strange and pensive sweetness, like 'witched marble waking into flesh.

This night has witched me to wish for loveto desire it; and I sit here a-thinking, a-thinking....

That witch the law make necessare only for 15 das, and when you not pay me those rent in 19 das till the tense of Marh I will rekes you to move out.

That witch make me to be verry sorry.

adulterous witch, I know now why thou wouldst have poyson'd me, I was thy lust which thou wouldst have forgot: then wicked Mother of my sins, and me, show me the way to the inheritance I have by thee: which is a spacious world of impious acts, that I may soon possess it: plagues rot thee, as thou liv'st, and such diseases, as use to pay lust, recompence thy deed.

"I have," returned the blacksmith, "I have heard fools say, that neither witch nor warlock can cross a threshold that has a horse-shoe nailed over it.

" "Did not I tell you," said Shanty, sullenly, "that it must be a cast shoe that must keep off a witch; every fool allows that.

Believe me, young man, that if God is on your side, neither witch nor warlock, or worse than either, could ever hurt you.

The following delightful "skit" on one of these interviews suggested itself to my clever friend Miss Aimรฉe Lowther: WHAT CONSTITUTES CHARM AN ILLUSTRATED INTERVIEW WITH MISS ELLEN TERRY "Yes, I know that I am very charming," said Miss Ellen Terry, "a perfectly delightful creature, a Queen of Hearts, a regular witch!"

The people shudder at the Colchian witch With fearful whispers of her magic dark.

He shuddered at the Colchian witch!

Get thee gone, Old witch, whom I have hated from the first!

Before the Amphictyons' judgment-seat I'll go And speak for thee, defend thy righteous cause, And prove that it was she alone, Medea, Who did those horrid deeds wherewith thou'rt charged, Prove her the wanton, her the darksome witch.

She held him with her witch's stare (A sweet, child-lookit witched him well!)

Tom was a more ordinary youth, even more lazy and quiet in the house, though out of it he amazed Frank and Charlie by his dash, fire, and daring, and witched all the stable-world with noble horsemanship.