129 examples of with dread in sentences

My heart with dread is dying!

Turned cold with dread, he saw it hit the timberline with a great crashing, and the dark forms of the trees were dashed up by the running mass of stones and then swallowed in the boiling front of the slide.

Perhaps, in his turn, he also had felt the passing of that icy breath from the unknown which one evening had made Constance shudder with dread whilst she clasped her swooning boy in her arms.

"You won't be long gone?" she called in a low, sweet voice, trembling with dread.

Her heart sickened with dread at the thought, and even though she should not see him, at every step she looked upon twenty of his likekinsmen, perhaps, brothers in blood and race.

now with dread alarm He sees the flitting forms wild whirling there, And awful wailings come of wild despair: But hark!

I expended much change in buying every edition of all the papers; I listened with dread to the distant cries of news-venders, fearing, as the words gradually became distinguishable, to hear that our secret was a secret no longer.

MARGARET Were we but only past the hill There sits my mother upon a stone My brain, alas, is cold with dread!

In the first place, Red Jim Perris, whom he hated with unutterable fervor because the younger man filled him with dread, would be turned, as Hervey expressed it, "into buzzard food."

Thank heaven you hear alone, for such sad sight would haunt Henceforth your young hopescrush your shuddering fancy down With dread of like fierce anguish.

5. What though the muse her Homer thrones High above all the immortal quire; Nor Pindar's raptures she disowns, Nor hides the plaintive Caean lyre; Alcaeus strikes the tyrant soul with dread, Nor yet is grave Stesichorus unread.

In hidden caves where monsters creep, When the sun is high, these spectres sleep: From the glance of noon, they shrink with dread, And hide 'mid the bones of the ghastly dead.

Who of us, seized with dread, would not demand of our Savior, as did the apostles, crying out, "Lord, is it I?"

M. de Vergennes, still possessing Louis XVI.'s confidence, regarded with dread the bold reforms proposed by M. de Calonne; he had yielded to the comptroller-general's representations, but he made all haste to secure for France some support in Europe; he concluded with England the treaty of commerce promised at the moment of signing the peace.

What would you think in England, if you were obliged to contemplate with dread the three branches of your legislature, and depend for the protection of your person and property on soldiers and constables?

Steele gave only two lines to it: With dread concern, the awful Senate came, Their grief, as all their passions, is the same.

what you say, kind Richard, fills me with dread," said Sue after a little pause.

Richard, whose heart was filled with dread, who had endured agonies of anxiety since the disappearance of his brother, had but one great desire, which was to spare to the kind soul a knowledge which would mean death or worse to her.

Ramon, burdened with dread and weariness, rode with his hands clasped round the saddle-horn.

The night's adventure, entered into with dread, with callous indifference, or with thoughtless mirth, ends in a quiet bedroom and a pillow wet with tears.

I think of it with dread.

he cried softly, his heart standing still with dread.

The girl glanced up at him and his heart filled with dread at the terror in her eyes.

The postman has passed midst the beating rain, And my heart is bowed with its weight of pain; This dark, dark day, I am tortured with dread That Sandy, my boy, may be ill or dead.

The shade of death had haunted him Through many a weary day; With dread disease his youthful frame Was wasting slow away.

129 examples of  with dread  in sentences