129 examples of with dread in sentences

Then all the satisfaction she had derived from what she had heard Madame Bourdieu say departed, and she went off furious and ashamed, as if soiled and threatened by all the vague abominations which she had for some time felt around her, without knowing, however, whence came the little chill which made her shudder as with dread.

" Before such great wealth, all under the power of that man who talked so unaffectedly, the spectators felt a kind of awe mingled with dread.

Mr. Wilks, shivering with dread, sprang to his feet and stood irresolute.

Let all your notes of joy, my birds, be stilled; Your mother's heart with dread despair is filled: "Come back, my flowerets, with your fragrant dews; Come, all my beauties, with your brightest hues; Come back, my plants and buds and youngling shoots!

He shuddered with dread at this terrible cryingit was as though all her life was leaving her in sobs, as though she were bleeding to death in tears.

I expended much change in buying every edition of all the papers; I listened with dread to the distant cries of news-venders, fearing, as the words gradually became distinguishable, to hear that our secret was a secret no longer.

" Michelangelo means that, at the time when he wrote the letter in question, it was still in doubt whether Sangallo's design should be carried out or his own adopted; and, as usual, he looked forward with dread to undertaking a colossal architectural task.

It seemed to end a little ahead of him, and the fear that he had come the wrong way after all filled him with dread.

And then there came before my eyes, I pray thee 'list, O list,' You fill my heart with dread surprise What was it?

For all the regularity of his rather handsome features, his was never an attractive face to her, even in first, susceptible girlhood; and in the moonlight it suddenly filled her with dread.

I was honest with myself, and though the frenzied and ghastly exhortations harried my soul with dread, and I longed for the coming of the ecstasy which was the recognizable sign of the grace of God, I could not rise to the participation in it which the most material and hysterical of the congregation enjoyed, and day after day I went home saddened by the conviction that I was still one of the unregenerate.

They were wild, worthless fellows, and the people of Athens looked forward with dread to the day when the city should be in their power.

Then were we all stricken with dread for the issue of the trial: not that we had great fear of the torments inflicted, but because, prophesying the result according to the degree of courage of the accused, we feared much falling away.

And never more shall leaves come forth On a bough that bears the ban; I am burned with dread, I am dried and dead, From the curse of a guiltless man.

Meantime, Ka-te-qua's strong arms grew feeble, her arrow became less fatal in its aim, and her strange fits of moodiness filled Rudolph and Kitty with dread.

What would you think in England, if you were obliged to contemplate with dread the three branches of your legislature, and depend for the protection of your person and property on soldiers and constables?

Steele gave only two lines to it: With dread concern, the awful Senate came, Their grief, as all their passions, is the same.

Richard, whose heart was filled with dread, who had endured agonies of anxiety since the disappearance of his brother, had but one great desire, which was to spare to the kind soul a knowledge which would mean death or worse to her.

He was thankful to find himself in his own room again, and thought with dread of having to go backfor the end.

The night's adventure, entered into with dread, with callous indifference, or with thoughtless mirth, ends in a quiet bedroom and a pillow wet with tears.

I think of it with dread.

She turned from the sight with dread unspeakable.

The postman has passed midst the beating rain, And my heart is bowed with its weight of pain; This dark, dark day, I am tortured with dread That Sandy, my boy, may be ill or dead.

The shade of death had haunted him Through many a weary day; With dread disease his youthful frame Was wasting slow away.

And there were strange yearnings that Charles should renew the proposal, mixed with dread of herself and of her own resolution in case of his doing so.

129 examples of  with dread  in sentences