178 examples of with friends in sentences

For about three years past I have had an increasing apprehension that it would be required of me to take up a temporary residence among those who profess with Friends on the other side of the water, particularly with the few in the neighborhood of Minden and Pyrmont, and probably at some time with those in the South of France.

By the way they had some religious intercourse with Protestant dissenters at a few places; but at St. Etienne, where they had expected to remain a fortnight, they found the door nearly closed to their entrance; a company of pious persons in this town were at that time so nearly united with Friends as to bear their name.

This last parting with friends so dear to us in a foreign land, was very touching; our hearts were humbled under a sense of the Heavenly Father's love.

Wives were there to take leave of their husbands, and husbands of their wives, children of their parents, brothers and sisters shaking hands perhaps for the last time, friends parting with friends, and the tenderest ties of humanity sundered at the single bid of the inhuman slave-broker before them.

I was staying with friends when I met him, at a church social.

"I myself was away from London from the 11th to the 18th of March, staying with friends in the country.

But we must stay with friends, or relatives, at night; she won't let me put up at a hotel.

A subsequent epistolary correspondence, in reference to it, with friends at Savannah, excited promptings, which were succeeded by a list of nearly two hundred subscribers for the volume in print;a list that included the names of the most respectable gentlemen of the city, among whom were those that held distinguished stations and filled important offices in public life.

But if you want to tear yourself away from the house and go somewhere with friends to play three-card monte, or have a game of handballdon't think of such a thing!

he is, you minime, that will be friend with friends and foe with foes; and you that will defie Hercules, and out-brave Mars and feares not the Devil; passe, bladder, ile make ye swell.

Gunnar and Bonnie were talking with friends.

" Leaving my sister with friends temporarily at Detroit, I pursued my way, without loss of time, to the Sault; where, among the correspondence accumulated, I found some subjects that may be noticed.

As time went on, our preparations were frequently interrupted by social obligations, farewell visits, dinners, and other merrymakings with friends and kindred far and near.

Not simply that the business advantages in the city are better, but that the city has more conveniences, more excitement, and more facility for contact with friends and neighbors: in a word, more life.

I knew as you must have stopped the night with friends in Hanbridge on account of the heavy rain, and perhaps that there silly cabman not turning up, and them tramcars all crowded; and, of course, you couldn't telegraph.'

The warm attachment which I have ever felt to the religious society with which I am connected, and the ready co-operation of its members with their Christian neighbors in promoting this cause in Great Britain, inclined me to embrace every suitable opportunity to communicate with Friends in this country.

Feeling a strong attraction for all that related to the East, through an accidental connection with friends who in conversation discoursed of its peculiarities and wonders, she was led to an extensive and thorough study of the numerous eminent scholars and travellers who have recorded their experience and researches in Syria and Damascus.

DAY, WILHELMINE, ESTATE OF. To share with friends the books we like.

But Mrs. Van Brounker-Courtfield says everyone is too restless to stay quietly at home in the evenings, and when they have pulled themselves together with a cocktail they have to dress and go out to dine at some restaurant or with friends, and then the theatre.

A moderate share of health is not the least; my class increases, my family is well; I am surrounded with friends; and above all, I enjoy peace of mind.

In conversation with friends I have found that the current belief that love must have been always and everywhere the same, because it is such a strong and elemental passion, is most easily shaken in this a priori position by pointing out that there are other strong feelings in our minds which were lacking among earlier and lower races.

In talking with friends I began to feel that I might realize my long-cherished plan.

She mentions this in a letter to her friend, Jane Smith, saying: "My present feelings lead me to labor with Friends on the manufacture and use of the products of slave-labor.

When we arrived we found Vera and Uncle Ivan and Semyonov waiting for us (Bohun was with friends).

How well adapted to the hours of social intercourse with friends!

178 examples of  with friends  in sentences