360 examples of with hope in sentences

The new steamer was lodged with Hope Engine company, and an engineer and fireman appointed at a salary of $1,600 per year for the two.

"God bless you, love," he said"'tis a fearful change for your sex, and yet you all enter into it radiant with hope, and noble in your confidence.

Rain and snow beat on the patient little figure going to and fro, each morning with hope and courage faintly shining, each evening with the shadow of despair gathering darker round her.

He must be extraordinarily tough, quite hardened to the toil and diseases of the country, knowing many native tongues, largely immune from the fever that lays a white man low many marches from civilisation and hospitals, of an endurance splendid, with hope to dare the risk, and courage to endure the toil.

In his former campaigns the earl had been sensible of the mighty changes of death, and had ever kept in view the preparations necessary to meet it with hope and joy; but the world clung around him now, in the best affections of his nature, and it was only as he could picture the happy reunion with his Emily in a future life, that he could look on a separation in this without despair.

In all the coming years there was not one bright spot to which he could look, this day, with hope.

Châteaubriand, the only French writer of her day with whom she stood in proud equality, also visited Italy, but sang another song; she, bright and radiant, with hope and cheerfulness, an admirer of the people and the country as they were; he, mournful and desponding, yet not less poetic, with visions of departed glory which the vast debris of the ancient magnificence suggested to his pensive soul, O Italy, Italy!

Which done, hee with his attendants returned home, to the no small admiration of all Christians, that heard of it, especially of the French and Venetian ambassadors, who neuer in the like case against the second person of the Turkish Empire durst haue attempted so bold an enterprise with hope of so friendly audience, and with so speedie redresse.

I came with confidence, I came with hope to the United Stateswith the confidence of a man who trusts to the certainty of principles, knowing that where freedom is sown, there generosity growswith the hope of a man who knows that there is life in his cause, and that where there is life there must be a future yet.

A sentiment of confidence in his supreme power filled their minds with consolation under the past, with fortitude for the present, and with hope for the future.

Through incredible hardships they passed, but, unlike the other pilgrimages we have briefly traced, they moved not towards death, but towards safety and life, and their dark steps were lightened with Hope.

It was hard to speak the words which would banish the sorrow from her eyes and make them brilliant with hope and shut him away from her thoughts with a barrier higher than mountains, and broader than seas.

My wife, though loath indeed to part with him, Yet for his good, she will forgoe her joy, With hope in time to have more firme delights, Which she expects from young Pertillos life.

These circumstances were by no means calculated to inspire him with hope or comfort.

He could not recall one word that bore an unusually favourable meaning, one look that might not have been directed to a brother or an intimate friend, and still he felt buoyed up with hope, restored to happiness.

though night winds drift the fleecy drapery of the sky, Between thy lamp and thee, I lift, yea, lift with hope my sleepless eye.

Also I most humbly beseche your Highnes to pardon this my boldnes, wiche innocency procures me to do, togither with hope of your natural kindnes; wiche I trust wyl not se me cast away without desert: wiche what it is, I wold desier no more of God, but that you truly knewe.

She is at once deprived of all that gave her eminence or power; of all that elated her pride, or animated her activity; all that filled her days with pleasure, and her nights with hope; all that gave gladness to the present hour, or brightened her prospects of futurity.

Why might they not also be pictured as angels, with countenances of a sublime and mysterious beautyone all radiant with hope and promise of glory, and one with the token of a better future mingled with the sadness with which it severs the links of life?

The very day after the deputation had left, bearing the news to London of the king's readiness to treat, and inspiring all there with hope of peace, Prince Rupert, taking advantage of a very thick mist, marched his cavalry to within half a mile of the town of Brentford before his advance was discovered, designing to surprise the train of artillery at Hammersmith and to push on and seize the Commons and the city.

Buoyant with hope and expectation, he was preparing to enter the gospel ministry, having consecrated himself to God and his service.

Their faces are wonder-struck with hope and awe.

At the same time I feel also as if it were absolutely impossible for me ever to produce anything again; I shall not be at rest till I once more have my thoughts turned to some definite subject, with hope and inclination in view.

Accordingly, he was fully able to bring low the towering head, to exalt humility, and to inspire all whom he pleased, in the shortest period, one with hesitation, another with boldness, with hope also and despair regarding most important matters.

He was full of life and spirits, brave, bright, impetuous, tingling with hope, in the flush and flower of boyhood.

360 examples of  with hope  in sentences