360 examples of with hope in sentences

The two womenOlympia and Merryunder the escort of young Bevan, had gone through the prisons, the dreadful Castle Winder, and through the hospitals, with hope dying at every new disappointment.

With Hope Reflexion blends her social rays 1793.]

3. Even private persons in due season, with discretion and temper, may reprove others, whom they observe to commit sin, or follow bad courses, out of charitable design, and with hope to reclaim them.

And if a Cursewhy, then, Who set it there? I must abjure the Balm of Life, I must, Scared by some After-reckoning ta'en on trust, Or lured with Hope of some Diviner Drink, To fill the Cupwhen crumbled into Dust!

His heart overflowed to her in unaccustomed endearments, so rarely did she express any emotion, and to-day the rebound from the morning's repression filled him with hope and gladness.

Yet were they joyful; for still flying news And lying I perceive them now to be Came of King Richard's glorious victories, His conquest of the Soldan, and such tales As blew them up with hope, when he return'd, He would have scatter'd gold about the streets.

Even then, with my heart high-strung with hope and courage, had I known the truth, I should have abandoned my friends, the voyage, and Europe, and returned in the pilot's boat, to find something more precious than all the continents and countries of the globe, in the love of that heart which I was carelessly flinging away.

A sentiment of confidence in his supreme power filled their minds with consolation under the past, with fortitude for the present, and with hope for the future.

This is precisely why the protectorate of Mesopotamia and its future must be in English hands, why no other country can undertake it with hope of success.

She confided every thing to him, but she watched all the proceedings with the most eager interest, elated with hope in respect to the result, and proud of the champion who had thus volunteered to defend her.

At one moment he may be buoyed up with hope, however faintat another weighed down by despair and fear, with all their mental terrors.

Her fingers quivered with hope as she untied the ribbon.

When through thine eyes the light of Heav'n doth shine Upon my being, and thy whisper brings, As the soft rustling of an angel's wings, Joy to my soul and peace and grace divine; When thus thy body and thy soul combine To weave the mystic web thy beauty flings Around my heart, whose thrilling silence rings With Hope's unuttered songs that make thee mine, Ah, then, O Love!

The form fits itself very well to the double mood which commonly inspires a poet using the sonnet form; the second section as it were both echoing and answering the first, following doubt with hope, or sadness with resignation, or resolving a problem set itself by the heart.

We approached the lake with hope and caution; but found to our mortification that the Red Indians had deserted it for some years past.

He had waited patiently through Hermia's short and sportive attachment for "Reggie" Armistead, and when their "trial" engagement reached its tempestuous conclusion, had stepped softly into the breach, rosy with hope and a definite sense that his time had come.

The letters of GEORGE WYNDHAM are a charming collection, shining with hope and idealism yet never losing their touch of the firm earth.

At length the trial came, and a profound silence, one in which nervousness and anxiety were blended with hope, reigned in the vessel.

EURIPID. 'The wise with hope support the pains of life.' 472.

For men plant with hope of the harvest.

Rod's heart throbbed now with hope, now with doubt, now with actual fear.

He had received certain promises, so he assured me, and for a long time he had buoyed himself up with hope, but after that, feeling himself very much injured, and knowing that he had been deceived, he had determined to go away.

Who knows but the great finance king may dedicate it as the 'Judge Lee Sands Home' and carve over the entrance a bas-relief of her father, mother, and sister with Hope, Faith, and Charity coming from the mouths of their hanging severed heads?" Bob Brownley laughed a horrible ringing laugh as he uttered these awful words.

We would introduce electricity into our sombre lives, and look forward with hope into the great unknown.

She had left an enormous doll with Hope for repairs, and the child had given her no peace for the last week.

360 examples of  with hope  in sentences