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360 examples of  with hope  in sentences

360 examples of with hope in sentences

His adversary, however, evidently belonged to that class, and, when flushed with hope, reminded me of the feather-hunter.

Tis what I've reason to believe, Alcander, And you can give me none for loving me: I'm much unlike Lucinda whom you sigh'd for, I'm not so coy, nor so reserv'd as she; Nor so designing as Florana your next Saint, Who starv'd you up with hope, till you grew weary;

The two womenOlympia and Merryunder the escort of young Bevan, had gone through the prisons, the dreadful Castle Winder, and through the hospitals, with hope dying at every new disappointment.

Now trembling with alarm they stand, and now with hope they glow.

I have said that we were eight days closely confined in this one lodge, and then came the night when we were lifted from out the mire of despair into which we had fallen, so suddenly as to make us literally dizzy with hope.

So from day to day she lingers them on with hope, which they are content to bear the deferring of, while they have entertainment at free cost in our palace.

A light spread over Leonore's face, as if her heart had been suddenly flooded with hope.

But the heart of the nation beat high with hope, until the appalling intelligence was flashed across the wires that they were defeated.

The new steamer was lodged with Hope Engine company, and an engineer and fireman appointed at a salary of $1,600 per year for the two.

"God bless you, love," he said"'tis a fearful change for your sex, and yet you all enter into it radiant with hope, and noble in your confidence.

The hopes of the crusaders were roused; with hope came a return of vigorous energy; and Peter Barthelemy, chaplain to Raymond of Toulouse, seized the opportunity for recounting a vision which was to be something more than a dream.

[-11-] The latter, however, had no way to overthrow them, being far inferior to them not only in troops, but in good-will on the part of the population; for he caused many distress, whereas they filled every one with hope.

With Hope Reflexion blends her social rays 1793.]

Escape, under present circumstances, he felt to be impossible; and he endeavored to reconcile himself to his fate, and to look forward with hope to a dim and uncertain future.

She made a sign to him; and he likewise was struck with the evident change in Edith's countenance, and filled with hope that her reason had perfectly returned.

3. Even private persons in due season, with discretion and temper, may reprove others, whom they observe to commit sin, or follow bad courses, out of charitable design, and with hope to reclaim them.

And if a Cursewhy, then, Who set it there? I must abjure the Balm of Life, I must, Scared by some After-reckoning ta'en on trust, Or lured with Hope of some Diviner Drink, To fill the Cupwhen crumbled into Dust!

And as Mathieu quietly smiled with hope and confidence, he added, striving to poison his joy: "Ah! when you know the earth you'll find what a hussy she is.

Rain and snow beat on the patient little figure going to and fro, each morning with hope and courage faintly shining, each evening with the shadow of despair gathering darker round her.

At my brother's words his pendulous nether lip had stiffened, and now his pale blue eyes were quickening with hope and vitality.

His dejection in the past months had been that of a strong man who yields to necessity; his present mood was not inspired with hope.

In all the coming years there was not one bright spot to which he could look, this day, with hope.

His heart overflowed to her in unaccustomed endearments, so rarely did she express any emotion, and to-day the rebound from the morning's repression filled him with hope and gladness.

For a moment, in spite of all that had gone before, the young Senator was betrayed into a forgetfulness of his tender moodit was so strange, this request of a Lady of the Giustiniani, to choose Rome rather than Venice at a time of contest; but her face and manner and speech were luminous with hope; she was radiant again, as she had not been for many months; yet the words escaped from him unintentionally and sternly: "To Rome!"

Yet were they joyful; for still flying news And lying I perceive them now to be Came of King Richard's glorious victories, His conquest of the Soldan, and such tales As blew them up with hope, when he return'd, He would have scatter'd gold about the streets.

Chรขteaubriand, the only French writer of her day with whom she stood in proud equality, also visited Italy, but sang another song; she, bright and radiant, with hope and cheerfulness, an admirer of the people and the country as they were; he, mournful and desponding, yet not less poetic, with visions of departed glory which the vast debris of the ancient magnificence suggested to his pensive soul, O Italy, Italy!

Even then, with my heart high-strung with hope and courage, had I known the truth, I should have abandoned my friends, the voyage, and Europe, and returned in the pilot's boat, to find something more precious than all the continents and countries of the globe, in the love of that heart which I was carelessly flinging away.

And her heart turned from the old life towards the new with hope and a vague brightening expectation of happiness.

And all the Peoples were silent, save for an underbreath of wonder and talk; for all were utter stirred with hope and fear, perceiving that the Youths had some chance given unto them to return.

And we only to be able to make our best speed, and to be weary with hope that we rush not blind into death; and alway to be chilled in the back with the belief that the thing that made chase did be very close in that utter dark, and to gain upon us.

And behold, even as I did be so bitter, there went afar upward in the everlasting night, where did shine the Last Light, the sharp flashings of the Set Speech; and I did warm in my heart a little with hope; for the Master Monstruwacan did see that I was now all discovered, and there to be no more use for silence, and did speak straight and helpful unto me.

It is because we do not know the future, that we retain our energy of duty, So on will I go in my work, with the full energy of my humble abilities, without despair, but with hope.

When he receives a good report of him whom he emulates, he saith, "Fame is partial, and is wont to blanche mischiefs;" and pleaseth himself with hope to find it worse; and if ill-will have dispersed any more spiteful narration, he lays hold on that, against all witnesses, and broacheth that rumour for truest because worst; and when he sees him perfectly miserable, he can at once pity him, and rejoice.

And now may not all the rest be naturally accounted for?His delayshis teasing ways his bringing you to bear with his lodging in the same househis making you pass to the people of >>> it as his wife, though restrictively so, yet with hope, no doubt, (vilest of villains as he is!)

A sentiment of confidence in his supreme power filled their minds with consolation under the past, with fortitude for the present, and with hope for the future.

This is precisely why the protectorate of Mesopotamia and its future must be in English hands, why no other country can undertake it with hope of success.

Theresa clasps you to her breast with hope and joy.

My thoughts, like hounds which late did flatter me With hope of great succeeding benefits, Now gin to teare my care-tormented heart With feare of death and tortring punishment.

These circumstances were by no means calculated to inspire him with hope or comfort.

, That, with hope of bloody banquet, Lured the ravens from the hill, But a dirge both low and solemn, Fit for ears of dying men, Marshalled for their latest battle, Never more to fight again.

My eyes were those of an exile turned backwards upon the receding shore, and not forwards with hope upon the ocean.

She confided every thing to him, but she watched all the proceedings with the most eager interest, elated with hope in respect to the result, and proud of the champion who had thus volunteered to defend her.

In Emilia it is a Principle founded in Reason and enlivened with Hope; it does not break forth into irregular Fits and Sallies of Devotion, but is an uniform and consistent Tenour of Action; It is strict without Severity, compassionate without Weakness; it is the Perfection of that good Humour which proceeds from the Understanding, not the Effect of an easy Constitution.

He could not recall one word that bore an unusually favourable meaning, one look that might not have been directed to a brother or an intimate friend, and still he felt buoyed up with hope, restored to happiness.

Desire or longing looks with hope or fear to the future.

Has sickness laid its withering hand upon you, or disappointment blasted your fairest earthly prospects, still, the outgushings of an affectionate heart are not denied you, and you may look forward with hope to a bright future.

though night winds drift the fleecy drapery of the sky, Between thy lamp and thee, I lift, yea, lift with hope my sleepless eye.

At one moment he may be buoyed up with hope, however faintat another weighed down by despair and fear, with all their mental terrors.

Indeed, once that morning, with little less than four-score horse, they came charging with hope to pass a picket of ten men; but saddles being emptied, they recoiled, and their leader being slain, whilst attempting to rally them, they fled contemptibly,seven or eight from one.

Her fingers quivered with hope as she untied the ribbon.

When through thine eyes the light of Heav'n doth shine Upon my being, and thy whisper brings, As the soft rustling of an angel's wings, Joy to my soul and peace and grace divine; When thus thy body and thy soul combine To weave the mystic web thy beauty flings Around my heart, whose thrilling silence rings With Hope's unuttered songs that make thee mine, Ah, then, O Love!

In the excess of his benevolence, as a political propagandist, he has kindled a fire for the oppressed of the old world to gaze at with hope, and for crowned heads and dynasties to tremble at; but a due regard to the safety of his "peculiar institution," compels him to put out the eyes of his own people, lest they too should see it.

In the excess of his benevolence, as a political propagandist, he has kindled a fire for the oppressed of the old world to gaze at with hope, and for crowned heads and dynasties to tremble at; but a due regard to the safety of his "peculiar institution," compels him to put out the eyes of his own people, lest they too should see it.

But weeks went by, and Maggie's heart grew sick with hope deferred, for there came to her no message from the distant Cuban shore, which in another chapter we shall visit.

The form fits itself very well to the double mood which commonly inspires a poet using the sonnet form; the second section as it were both echoing and answering the first, following doubt with hope, or sadness with resignation, or resolving a problem set itself by the heart.

I tell you of my love because now you can listen to me without uneasiness, knowing that it is no longer associated with hope, or desire, or anything but regret.

Also I most humbly beseche your Highnes to pardon this my boldnes, wiche innocency procures me to do, togither with hope of your natural kindnes; wiche I trust wyl not se me cast away without desert: wiche what it is, I wold desier no more of God, but that you truly knewe.

And when he had done with his making and mending, With hope and a peaceful breast, Resigning his awl, as his thread was ending, He slid from his bench, to the grave descending, As high as a king to rest!

It must be confessed that the present position of their descendants presents an unpleasing contrast; yet I trust, that from all I have written, the conclusion will be drawn, that I look forward to the future with hope; though it is a hope chastened with fear.

We approached the lake with hope and caution; but found to our mortification that the Red Indians had deserted it for some years past.

To this settlement early in November came the last train from Nauvoo, its members wearied and wasted by the long march, but staunch in their faith and with hope undimmed.

He had waited patiently through Hermia's short and sportive attachment for "Reggie" Armistead, and when their "trial" engagement reached its tempestuous conclusion, had stepped softly into the breach, rosy with hope and a definite sense that his time had come.

Buoyant with hope and expectation, he was preparing to enter the gospel ministry, having consecrated himself to God and his service.

He told how the idea had first come to him, how he had brooded upon it, how he had worked at elementary lesson-books, very secretlythen how the sight of Starkey's advertisement had inspired him with hope.

The letters of GEORGE WYNDHAM are a charming collection, shining with hope and idealism yet never losing their touch of the firm earth.

Their faces are wonder-struck with hope and awe.

Even this crumb of encouragementthat he would so far disobey his masterfilled the girl's heart with hope.

The revival of this centre of national life was momentous; through its agency the Serbian monasteries were restored, ecclesiastical books printed, and priests educated, and more fortunate than the Bulgarian national Church, which remained under Greek management, it was able to focus the national enthusiasms and aspirations and keep alive with hope the flame of nationality amongst those Serbs who had not emigrated.

Oh, he must never again disturb her mind with hope!

At length the trial came, and a profound silence, one in which nervousness and anxiety were blended with hope, reigned in the vessel.

His Thoughts and Passions are the most busied at such Hours when those of other Men are the most unactive: He no sooner steps out of the World but his Heart burns with Devotion, swells with Hope, and triumphs in the Consciousness of that Presence which every where surrounds him; or, on the contrary, pours out its Fears, its Sorrows, its Apprehensions, to the great Supporter of its Existence.

EURIPID. 'The wise with hope support the pains of life.' 472.

The appearance and retirement of actors are the great events of the theatrical world; and their first performances fill the pit with conjecture and prognostication, as the first actions of a new monarch agitate nations with hope or fear.

Already his heart was beating with hope; he was only a few steps from the desired end, when the overseer, as if he had suddenly penetrated his intention, rushed on him.

p.133, 16.) 8. Dio in 5th Book: "The lords filling them with hope on certain points."

He was full of life and spirits, brave, bright, impetuous, tingling with hope, in the flush and flower of boyhood.

Rapt in these thoughts I negligently rov'd, Imagin'd transports all my soul employ, When the delightful voice of her I lov'd Sent thro' the Shades a sound of real joy. Confus'd it came, with giggling laughter mixt, And echo from the banks reply'd betwixt. Inspir'd with hope, upborn with light desire, To the dear place my ready footsteps tend.

So had the seรฑorita sent him dizzy with desire (and with hope to brighten it) in the two weeks and more that he had been the honored guest.

At least his last moments were lighted with hope.

For men plant with hope of the harvest.

I'm weary of this flesh which holds us here, And dastards manly souls with hope and fear; These heats and colds still in our breast make war, Agues and fevers all our passions are.

Rod's heart throbbed now with hope, now with doubt, now with actual fear.

The future as foreshadowed in these papers seems to us bright with hope.

"Yes," he replied; "we cannot see or tell how badly she is damaged; but of one thing we may feel sure, that is, that if she could have fought longer with hope of victory, she would not have retired; her retreat means that she has renounced her best hope.

Life to him, for many weeks past, had been so laden with pain as to make him look forward to a release from it with hope.

He was aflame with hope, for had she not called him "Cedric"?

The Commander-in-chief informed him that his presence was indispensable here for a year more, and he has remainedcherishing his love with hope.

" Keith looked at the book more hopefully, and with hope came courage.

He had received certain promises, so he assured me, and for a long time he had buoyed himself up with hope, but after that, feeling himself very much injured, and knowing that he had been deceived, he had determined to go away.

Who knows but the great finance king may dedicate it as the 'Judge Lee Sands Home' and carve over the entrance a bas-relief of her father, mother, and sister with Hope, Faith, and Charity coming from the mouths of their hanging severed heads?" Bob Brownley laughed a horrible ringing laugh as he uttered these awful words.

His heart grew buoyant with hope; the lightness of his heart gave elasticity to his step and sent the blood rejoicingly through his veins.

"I am satisfied," exclaimed Iola, fixing her eyes, beaming with hope and confidence, on Robert.

Young women like you always fill my heart with hope for the future of our race.

His heart leaped with hope as a sharp voice from the rear commanded a halt.

"Often, in the middle of a visit I was paying, or in the night, or when I came home after a walk, the length of the convent wall, I shuddered with hope because of this passion.

We would introduce electricity into our sombre lives, and look forward with hope into the great unknown.

A spy might as well make his peace with Heaven, if he were caught those days, and be done with hope.

" Some days, however, elapsed before Dr. Woodford could do this, and in the meantime the good lady did her best to infuse into her poor young guest the sense that he had a human soul, responsible for his actions, and with hope set before him, and that he was not a mere frolicsome and malicious sprite, the creature of unreasoning impulse.

" His face, if she had looked up and seen it, had first all lightened with hope and love; but as she went on coldly, the warmth died out of it, and a greater pain than ever filled his heart.

She had left an enormous doll with Hope for repairs, and the child had given her no peace for the last week.