417 examples of with surprise in sentences

At the door he turned, to see with surprise and a certain satisfaction that Henshaw, although he had risen from his chair, seemed in no hurry to move.

It was possibly my own want of occupation which made me observe with surprise, after a while, how much occupied my father was.

What must strike every observer with surprise is, how nuts and shells, which we can hardly crack with our teeth, or even with a hammer, will divide of themselves, and make way for the little tender sprout which proceeds from the kernel.

It struck me with surprise, even at that moment, that Eveena took it from my hand and carried it first to her own lips.

" The children looked up at the noble face of the speaker with surprise.

he muttered, with surprise and some suspicion.

With surprise, His hand exposed a box of pills, And a loud laugh proclaimed his ills.

At the sight of the stranger in his imposing dress they hesitated with surprise.

Agony's eyes opened up very wide with surprise.

The suddenness of the event struck me with surprise, and I was, at first, rather stupified, than agitated with any passion of either fear or sorrow.

"What for?" he demanded, with surprise.

It struck him with surprise, and then he said, "I hope I've not hurt or displeased you by what I've said, Dinah; perhaps I was making too free.

Rough Cortés saw with surprise the luxurious Aztec composing himself for the siesta in the middle of the day as invariably as his fellow Dons in Castile.

No more can we with steadfast eyes Protest, when tortured races moan With hands uplifted toward the skies; Their tyrants answer with surprise And new-born insolence of tone, "These are our lynchings; cure your own!"

exclaimed Emily with surprise; "why should we stop?

Mr. Russell's Hound, who had never before heard the suggestion that dogs were intended for any purpose but ornament, looked on breathless with surprise.

" I could not help laughing with surprise when I heard this.

He flushed with surprise and vexation, and began to curse the telegraph officials "who never kept their engagements," and went off in a towering rage.

"Yes; Peter's twenty-one, and hes a mustatche and shaves," said the eldest girl, in a manner indicating that she expected me to be struck dumb with surprise.

When the song was over, Clive held up his head too, and looked round with surprise and pleasure in his eyes.

As soon as he had recovered sufficient breath, and shaken off some of the soot from his hair and face, he looked solemnly about him, and was confronted by two pairs of eyes round with astonishment and two mouths agape with surprise and with fear.

Then, the movements of my body, but a moment before so discordant in my eyes, had acquired, under the influence of this gesture inspired from above, an ease and a grace that filled me with surprise.

West tore it open rather eagerly, and read the contents with surprise.

I retreated immediately from the horrid scene, breathless with surprise and dismay, and stood for some time in my own room, with my heart and temples throbbing to such a degree that I could hardly support myself.

She started with surprise.

417 examples of  with surprise  in sentences