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417 examples of  with surprise  in sentences

417 examples of with surprise in sentences

Anxious to see their modes of proceeding in court, I pushed through the crowd, followed by the Brahmin, and on entering the building, found myself in a spacious amphitheatre, in the middle of which I beheld, with surprise, several men engaged, hand to hand, in single combat.

At the door he turned, to see with surprise and a certain satisfaction that Henshaw, although he had risen from his chair, seemed in no hurry to move.

It was possibly my own want of occupation which made me observe with surprise, after a while, how much occupied my father was.

Parks switched on the lights for us, and my companion glanced with surprise at the heavy shutters covering the windows.

Often did the wondering lady observe the countenance of her husband with surprise, as watching the endearing sportiveness of the boy, his countenance, at first brightened by the smile of paternal love, gradually darkened to deepest grief, till unable to suppress his tears, he would cover the child with caresses, and rush from the room.

The first traveller drew back hastily, and regarded his companion with surprise and suspicion.

To the very last hour of his life Esmond remembered the lady as she then spoke and looked: the rings on her fair hands, the very scent of her robe, the beam of her eyes lighting up with surprise and kindness, her lips blooming in a smile, the sun making a golden halo round her hair.

Antar was struck with surprise, and Ibla, as soon as she knew that he had seen her, fled and left him with his eyes fixed abstractedly on her disappearing form.

When I write to a great man at the court end, he opens with surprise upon a naked note, such as Whitechapel people interchange, with no sweet degrees of envelope.

What must strike every observer with surprise is, how nuts and shells, which we can hardly crack with our teeth, or even with a hammer, will divide of themselves, and make way for the little tender sprout which proceeds from the kernel.

These two weapons might at one discharge have annihilated a huge mob of insurgents threatening to storm the palace, were insurrections known in Mars, These men saluted us by dropping the points of their weapons and inclining the handle towards us; gazing upon me with surprise, and with something of soldierly admiration for physical superiority.

It struck me with surprise, even at that moment, that Eveena took it from my hand and carried it first to her own lips.

Mihrรกb received her with surprise.

A glow of youthful grace, Diffused its radiance o'er the stripling's face, And when he saw in renovated guise, The foe so lately mastered; with surprise, He cried"What!

" The children looked up at the noble face of the speaker with surprise.

For they got away from the cold dampness of England and Flanders into the summer seas of the South Atlantic, where the flying fish and rainbow nautilus filled them with surprise.

" The fisherman regarded his new acquaintance with surprise, and then turning to bestow an instant of habitual care on his boat, he cheerfully professed himself ready to proceed.

he muttered, with surprise and some suspicion.

The keen young eyes saw it instantly, dilating with surprise and excitement.

But Sally made such an uproar that the mother stopped with surprise.

Mrs. Burnham, her face pale with surprise and compassion, began to smooth back the hair from the lad's wet forehead.

He seemed dumb with surprise.

The fisherman, struck with surprise and ravished with joy, kissed the feet of the friend of Cador, and said, "Thou art surely an angel sent from Heaven to save me!"

His solicitude about my dress filled me with surprise, but this was soon forgotten in the shock which was awaiting me.

With surprise, His hand exposed a box of pills, And a loud laugh proclaimed his ills.

He told them that, with surprise and great grief, he found that there was more due from the public store than there were goods and articles in it to pay; but that he had given orders that all persons should be paid as far as these effects would go.

At the sight of the stranger in his imposing dress they hesitated with surprise.

Agony's eyes opened up very wide with surprise.

"How beautiful she is!" thought Somerville, with surprise.

The first one filled me with surprise.

The majority of his acquaintances, I imagine, have always thought of him as a man justly unpretending and as nobody's rival; but some of them have perhaps been struck with surprise at his reserve in praising the works of his contemporaries, and have now and then felt themselves in need of a key to his remarks on men of celebrity in various departments.

The suddenness of the event struck me with surprise, and I was, at first, rather stupified, than agitated with any passion of either fear or sorrow.

In writing of the Cape, Cook draws attention to the fact: "that a stranger is at once struck with surprise and disappointment, for no country we have seen this voyage affords so barren a prospect as this, and not only so in appearance but in reality.

The archers, who were dozing, woke up for a moment, and looked at him with surprise: they said nothing, but appeared to be somewhat astonished and frightened.

"What for?" he demanded, with surprise.

It struck him with surprise, and then he said, "I hope I've not hurt or displeased you by what I've said, Dinah; perhaps I was making too free.

" I started up with surprise.

Sigismund, who had witnessed this unusual scene with surprise, watched him to the last, and he saw, by the manner in which he dashed his hand across his eyes, that his fierce nature had been singularly shaken.

Scrutinizing him with surprise, Mayme was shocked to see a glistening drop, detached from his drooping countenance, fall to the pavement, followed by another.

Marcel, who had also put his head out of the coach-door, looked at her with surprise.

"The little sneak won't get to draw it if he has," said the tall man, in a tone so quiet that Angela was struck with surprise.

The mother became motionless with surprise.

The conductor looked at him with surprise when he punched his ticket.

" She looked at him with surprise.

Rough Cortรฉs saw with surprise the luxurious Aztec composing himself for the siesta in the middle of the day as invariably as his fellow Dons in Castile.

No more can we with steadfast eyes Protest, when tortured races moan With hands uplifted toward the skies; Their tyrants answer with surprise And new-born insolence of tone, "These are our lynchings; cure your own!"

" His glance narrowed again, and this time Lawlor, remembering his part, pretended to start with surprise.

When they are captured alive, one finds, with surprise, that their uncouth jabbering sounds like articulate language; they turn up a human face to gaze upon their captor; the females show instincts of modesty; and, in fine, these wretched beings are Men.

Thou conceal'st it not; For I abhorrence see, impressed upon thy brow, And noble anger, that contendeth with surprise.

" The girl started, and looked up at the beautiful face in a conflict of emotions, among which the tears that name awakened struggled for a moment with surprise, interest, admiration, and an indefinable sort of fear.

Neither one of them had ever shown the faintest liking for the dead girl, but now she noticed with surprise that they had both been crying.

All the company stared with surprise at such an unheard-of doctrine being broached on board of a man-of-war.

The train had not long started, when the conductor came through to inspect the tickets, and quite started with surprise at seeing Charlie stretched at full length upon the velvet cushion.

" Kitty gazed at her left-hand neighbour with surprise, but I could feel that maiden bashfulness induced her to press less closely to my side than she had done the minute before.

I looked at him with surprise, and inquired what country?

Mr. Madison said I was struck with surprise when I heard him express himself alarmed with respect to the emancipation of slaves.

I was struck with surprise when I heard him express himself alarmed with respect to the emancipation of slaves.

exclaimed Emily with surprise; "why should we stop?

Mr. Russell's Hound, who had never before heard the suggestion that dogs were intended for any purpose but ornament, looked on breathless with surprise.

" I could not help laughing with surprise when I heard this.

Leave the roomthis instant?" The child stood a moment almost transfixed with surprise; but as she saw my grandmother preparing to advance upon herher ample skirts and portly person somewhat resembling a ship under full sailshe made rather an abrupt retreat; discomposing the nerves of a small nursery-maid, whom she encountered in the passage, to such a degree that, as the girl expressed it, "she was took all of a sudden.

"Wot 'ave you got there?" Sam nearly fell off the bed with surprise and temper.

his voice rang with surprise.

They looked at this person with surprise and fear, for there was a black wind which had melted the snow, and covered the prairie with water, yet this person's leggings and moccasins were dry.

He read it with surprise and concern.

The effect of this note, strange to say, was to fill its recipient not with satisfaction, not even with surprise, but with sudden horror.

He flushed with surprise and vexation, and began to curse the telegraph officials "who never kept their engagements," and went off in a towering rage.

From the first her look had turned with surprise to Miss Rockett.

"Yes; Peter's twenty-one, and hes a mustatche and shaves," said the eldest girl, in a manner indicating that she expected me to be struck dumb with surprise.

When the song was over, Clive held up his head too, and looked round with surprise and pleasure in his eyes.

Miss Newcome ran up to the Colonel with both hands out, and with no eyes for anyone else, until Clive advancing, those bright eyes become brighter still with surprise and pleasure as she beholds him.

There was the Old School with its Fourth Form Room, of which one had heard so much that the actual sight of it made one half inclined to laugh and half to cry with surprise and disappointment.

He noted with surprise the sudden chill, the first touch of coming winter.

"AhI have a secret to tell youa confession that will open those beautiful eyes wide with surprise.

I praised her hair, I praised her lips, She looked up with surprise; I bowed to kiss her finger-tips,

" For a moment the Woman was quite speechless with surprise and dismay.

Struck dumb with surprise, I stood silent a-while; nor was he less in disorder, by which perceiving he wanted to give vent to his mind, I desired him to consider of it, and so withdrew.

It was evident to Robert that he had expected to find only a savage in an Indian, and the delicate manners and perfect English of the Onondaga filled him with surprise.

He says: "Sweet Minne-ha-ha like a child at play, Comes gaily dancing o'er her pebbly way, 'Till reaching with surprise the rocky ledge, With gleeful laugh bounds from its crested edge.

The St. Bartholomew had struck Europe with surprise and horror; not only amongst the princes and in the countries that were Protestant, in England, Scotland, and Northern Europe, but in Catholic Germany itself, there was a very strong feeling of reprobation; the Emperor Maximilian II.

I heard the splash and the exclamation of surprise and entered the butler's pantry just in time to see the heiress of the Smith estate standing like a statue, tin pan in hand, soup in her curls, her eyebrows and eyelashes,collar, cuffs, and morning dress saturated,and Belle, at a little distance, looking at her and the soup on the floor with surprise and disgust depicted on every feature.

With surprise and emotion, he recognized in the supposititious English lady the Duchess of St. Leu, who was believed by all the world to be on the way to Malta, and for whom her friends (who feared the fatigue of so long a journey would be too much for Hortense in her weak state of health) had already taken steps to obtain for her permission to pass through France on her way to England.

" The "Wooden Staff" looked with surprise at Gabriel; his strange seriousness alarmed him and the prolonged silence in which he appeared to be arranging his thoughts without knowing where to begin.

" "You honor me too much, Sir Max," said Yolanda, looking up with surprise and bowing low before him.

The old man raised his candle, surveying them with surprise and curiosity.

As soon as he had recovered sufficient breath, and shaken off some of the soot from his hair and face, he looked solemnly about him, and was confronted by two pairs of eyes round with astonishment and two mouths agape with surprise and with fear.

Then, the movements of my body, but a moment before so discordant in my eyes, had acquired, under the influence of this gesture inspired from above, an ease and a grace that filled me with surprise.

I then questioned my cousin and the other students present in regard to the symptomatics of death, and I saw with surprise that, not only had the expression of this phenomenon escaped them hitherto, but that they had no exact and precise knowledge concerning this grave and important question.

" Mr. Thompson, his eyes wide open with surprise, jerked Mr. Boxer in the ribs, but Mr. Boxer, whose figure was a sore point with him, made no response.

Milan's face flushed with surprise and anger at the words.

Stillman looked at Ashton-Kirk, with surprise upon his face.

I exclaimed, with surprise.

Both were so bewildered with surprise and terror as to be in a kind of animal condition of spirit, knowing just enough to submit at once to the impulse of an imperious voice.

West tore it open rather eagerly, and read the contents with surprise.

Sylvia saw with surprise the young man yield without demur, and suffer himself to be put into the chair where with an ashen face he lay for a space as if afraid to move.

" The man stared with surprise and alarm; but knowing refusal or resistance to be hopeless, sullenly assented to the arrangement, and withdrew to the room appointed for him, vigilantly guarded.

Nothing occurred for about a fortnight after Caleb's return to disquiet him, and he had begun to feel tolerably sure that his discovery of the notes would remain unsuspected, when, one afternoon, the sudden and impetuous entrance of Mr. Sowerby into his stall caused him to jump up from his seat with surprise and alarm.

" "Let your own eyes convince you to the contrary," she rejoined, extending the paper to him and revealing to his astounded gaze and to that of his partner, who looked petrified with surprise, the name plainly written as she had described it.

I retreated immediately from the horrid scene, breathless with surprise and dismay, and stood for some time in my own room, with my heart and temples throbbing to such a degree that I could hardly support myself.

She started with surprise.