443 examples of with wonder in sentences

" Dick listened during this solemn comedy of immature doctrinal induction, his eyes dilating with wonder and admiration.

It was from Barney Moore, bristling with wonder and turgid with woful lamentation at Jack's coldness in not writing him.

She must know, also, that her reputation would be compromised; yet never once had she winced, and Donnegan was filled with wonder as he went down the hill toward the camp which was spread beneath him; for their tents were a little detached from the main body of the town.

It led the deftly working fingers of their scribes and painters to illuminate their manuscripts so gorgeously as to strike us with wonder at the assemblage of hues and the boldness of designs.

The cubs were filled with wonder.

I didn't know anything about the accident," he concluded, his eyes big with wonder as he looked at the smashed carriage.

'Look,' he said eagerly, 'this is her legacythis is my little girl's legacy.' Lord Hartfield bent down and looked at the old man's treasure, by the wavering light of the candle; Mary looking over his shoulder, breathless with wonder.

I hear it said, our Foreign Office lends its aid to the delay of peaceful measures in Turin; and I hear it with wonder, considering what has passed within the last two years.

For all his short sight the dragon-fly had noticed a great many interesting things in nature, about which Tom knew nothing, and of which he heard with wonder.

We need not fear to exhaust the topic; for do not the vast waters encompass the globe; and can we contemplate these great works of our Creator, without having our hearts filled with wonder and admiration?

Nor long I felt the blinding pain; For soon upon a mountain plain I gaz'd with wonder new.

He tried to appear innocent and filled with wonder and curiosity, but his unpopularity was apparent from the fact that nobody paid enough attention to him to answer his question.

They observed the quantity of iron on board of the ship, and they were filled with wonder and delight.

Posterity will do justice to his fame, when slavery shall exist only in the records of the past, and when it shall be related with wonder, that this venerable man, standing almost alone in his defence of the right of petition, received daily anonymous letters threatening him with assassination.

" Rob paused for breath, and Roy's eyes were wide open with wonder and astonishment.

I have often witnessed, with wonder and sorrow, an English gentleman stoop to the basest tyranny over his servants, without even the poor excuse of anger, and frequently from no other reason than because he could not understand their language.

And struck with wonder, O king, she asked Damayanti, saying, "Afflicted though thou art with such distress, thou ownest a beautiful form.

But I do not, upon reflection, think that it is wholly true, because the modern spirit is greatly in love with classification and with detail, while the Greek spirit rather aimed at beauty, and investigated the causes of things with wonder and delight, in what may be called the romantic, the poetical spirit.

These built their nests where the blue eyes of the first white children born in the land could peer in upon the speckled eggs with wonder and delight.

" "I am terrified when I think of the future that awaits Breslau; it fills me with wonder and sadness.

And all the warriors that were assembled there were filled with wonder at sight of all this.

Portions of legs and rails, turned as if by a modern lathe, mortice holes and tenons, fill us with wonder as we look upon work which, at the most modern computation, must be 3,000 years old, and may be of a date still more remote.

The old Corycian yeoman passed his days; Thus his wise life Abdolonymus spent; Th' ambassadors, which the great emperor sent To offer him a crown, with wonder found The reverend gardener, hoeing of his ground; Unwillingly and slow and discontent From his loved cottage to a throne he went; And oft he stopped, on his triumphant way: And oft looked back: and oft was heard to say Not without sighs, Alas!

And as I looked lost memory of the frost, Transfixed with wonder, overborne with joy.

The poised blade dropped into the water with a splash; she brought the canoe a trifle nearer to the wharf with an almost imperceptible stroke, and turned toward me with wonder and dismay in her eyes.

443 examples of  with wonder  in sentences
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