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123 example sentences with  wives'

123 example sentences with wives'

"What," she would say, "has young blood to do with this bickering of kirks and old wives' lamentations?

"Old wives' folly," he cried, with an oath.

Some men go through life playing a sort of insane tag, in which, first their mothers' petticoats, and then their wives', are hunk, and they never leave hunk.

sweet to him, and of the freedom he loved; and boasted the right of man to seek what was pleasant and what was sweet, and flouted him as a coward whose aim was to save himself, and scorned him as a believer in old wives' tales and superstitions that men had outgrown.

Sentimental Tommie Bennett, Arnold: The Old Wives' Tale Blackmore, R. D.: Lorna Doone Bunyan, John: Pilgrim's Progress Cable, G. W.:

Josephus, in the third book of Jewish antiquities says, the Israelites had the use of them after passing the Red Sea, because Moses at his return from Mount Sinai, found that they had forged the golden calf from their wives' rings, enriched with precious stones.

St Louis, unlike an Englishman, decided not with a view to peace as though justice were nothing and right an old wives' tale, but according to law and his conscience, honestly and cleanly before God like an intelligent being.

Think what you would have been now, if instead of being fed with tales and old wives' fables in childhood, you had been crammed with geography and natural history!

Think what you would have been now, if, instead of being fed with tales and old wives' fables in childhood, you had been crammed with geography and natural history!"

This, however, is probably a mere old wives' fable.

My dear young lady, fancy all the rest, but depend on it, punch will be sweeter than ever taken from this bowl, and 'sweethearts and wives' will never be so honoured again.

Wee Miller niest the guard relieves, An' orthodoxy raibles, Tho' in his heart he weel believes An'thinks it auld wives' fables; But faith!

"Sure it would; once I said 'man and wife' nary man could set that aside.

"Tell me, Miss Dalstan," he went on, leaning slightly towards her, and with a note of curiosity in his tone, "I want to know your candid opinion of the last act of the play I saw you in'Henderson's Second Wife'?

When Joseph was born, Jacob said to Laban his wives' father: Give me leave to depart that I may go in to my country and my land; give to me my wives and children for whom I have served thee that I may go hence.

That Dale, Galloway, Norton, and a few other gentlemen of the neighbourhood were under their wives' thumbs to such a degree that they did not dare to gamble openly was a matter of common knowledge.

But if we love Their credits or their quiets, we must go, And reconcile them to their former love; Where there is strife betwixt a man and wife 'tis hell, And mutual love may be compared to heaven, For then their souls and spirits are at peace.

If dream of her, or if discourse of her, I think her ghost doth haunt me, as in times Of former darkness old wives' tales report.

Thus: when we are friends, then must I come and be dandled upon his palsy-quaking knees, and he'll tell me a long story of his acquaintance with King Priamus and his familiarity with Nestor, and how he played at blowpoint with Jupiter, when he was in his sidecoats, and how he went to look bird-nests with Athous, and where he was at Deucalion's flood, and twenty such old wives' tales.

While The Arraignment of Paris and his two other plays, David and Bathsabe and The Old Wives' Tale, are not good specimens of dramatic construction, the beauty of some of Peele's verse could hardly have failed to impress both Marlowe and Shakespeare with the poetic possibilities of the drama.

One of the best of these novels, The Old Wives' Tale (1908), is a painstaking record of the different temperaments and experiences of two sisters, from their happy childhood to a pathetic, disillusioned old age.

The intimate, homely revelations and the literal fidelity to life in The Old Wives' Tale give it a high rank among twentieth-century English novels.

You have served Spain and the King, and when in their name you have asked for justice, you were banished without trial, torn from your wives' arms and your children's caresses!

Kennin' what folk say aboot the owerhearin' o' them bein' fatal, I lauched at 'im an' told 'im no' to tak' ony tent o' auld wives' gossip.

"Fancy your taking notice of such old wives' fables!

Don't listen to old wives' tales.

You and your wife 'ud swear anything."

We have many such fondlings that are their wives' packhorses and slaves, (nam grave malum uxor superans virum suum, as the comical poet hath it, there's no greater misery to a man than to let his wife domineer) to carry her muff, dog, and fan, let her wear the breeches, lay out, spend, and do what she will, go and come whither, when she will, they give consent.

[6082]Jeremiah, after their neighbours' wives,ut visa pullus adhinnit equa: and if they be in company with other women, though in their own wives' presence, they must be courting and dallying with them.

Or that they care little for their own ladies, and fear no laws, they dare freely keep whores at their wives' noses.

"Dreams, toys, and old wives' tales."

I am not one of those who anatomise their own married happiness for the edification of the whole public, and make fame, if not money, out of their own wives' hearts."

He had followed the lead of modern philosophers and scientists, and had arrived at a mystical agnosticism,the first step of which was to banish the dogmas of the church as old wives' tales.

"Old wives' crack!

"Yes, ready to fight at the drop of the hat, seh, or to sit still on our doorsteps with our tongues in our cheeks and doing the wives' mending, as you say!" declared Bob Worther.

The near approach of these kist (rent) days is of course a period of great anxiety to landlords; some of whom are forced to borrow the necessary amount on the security of their wives' ornaments.

I 'd come roun' an' ax you ef you 'd ever heerd of a merlatter man by de name er Sam Taylor 'quirin' roun' in de chu'ches ermongs' de people fer his wife 'Liza Jane?" Mr. Ryder seemed to think for a moment.

To some pompous pretenders he might seem to narrate fabellas aniles (old wives' fables)but not to those who study human nature, and wish to know the materials of which it is composed.

Sam found a couple o' shillings that his wife 'ad hidden in her Sunday bonnet, and Peter Gubbins opened 'is boy's money-box to see 'ow much there was in it.

Joe went off 'ome to fetch the boy, and arter his mother 'ad washed his face, and wiped his nose, an' put a clean pinneyfore on 'im, he took 'im to 'is uncle's and clouted his 'ead for 'im. Arter that Joe and 'is wife 'ad words all night long, and next morning old Clark, coming in from the garden, was just in time to see 'im kick the cat right acrost the kitchen.

Do you know that the prudence of the wives' wisdom consists in hiding their love from their husbands in the inmost recess of their bosoms, or in the midst of their hearts?"

Are the combined product of human experience, and the concurrent records of human character, to be set down as 'old wives' fables?'

Are the combined product of human experience, and the concurrent records of human character, to be set down as 'old wives' fables?'

Leaders of men are the ones who always cry on their wives' shoulders, and the martinets at home are imposed on by every one else."

She was repeating, 'they cry on their wives' shoulders,' or, he might have said, 'on the shoulders of their trained nurses.'

And the strange and terrible emphasis he put on the word 'wife' proved to me in the fraction of a second that in his heart I was not his wife.

The old belief in Elysium and Tartarus had died away; as Cicero himself boldly puts it in another place, such things were no longer even old wives' fables.

Believe not then, says Cicero, those old wives' tales, those poetic legends, the terrors of a material hell, of the joys of a sensual paradise.

While the "Old Wives' Tale" is discursive, "Clayhanger" is exhaustive; he gives us both types of the new movement in perfection.

The tales of ghosts which old wives' ears drink up, The drunkard reeling home from tavern cup, Nor prowling robber, your firm soul appal; Arm'd with thy faithful staff thou slight'st them all.

To Mr Southerne, on his Comedy called "The Wives' Excuse" IX.


I have always wondered whether drowning people always come up three timesor if it's only an old wives' tale."

"St. Paul admonishes Timothy to refuse old wives' fables.

His intimacy with the former, though oddly commenced, seems soon to have ripened into such sincere friendship, that the aged poet selected Southerne to finish "Cleomenes," and addressed to him an epistle of condolence on the failure of "The Wives' Excuse," which, as he delicately expresses it, "was with a kind civility dismissed" from the scene.

Gerard contemptuously rejects all these and other tales as "old wives' dreams."

But now, in such an emergency as this, when a question has risen as to his power of making you his wife' 'I will not hear of that.

'But if it be the case that they are in truth man and wife' 'In the sight of God they are not so,' she said.

MARTIN'S WIFE 'Tis he has done it!

and to Parsis, 'I suppose you High Caste gentlemen have to bathe every day?' shoving their awful ignorance under the noses of everybody, and inquiring after the healths of the 'chief wives'.

The Old wives' tale.

The Old wives' tale.

Some of the elder men over forty are really attractive and intensely clever, but as everyone is married, one would always have the bore of the wives' frowns if one played with them.

They are getting on splendidly, and Octavia is so pleased, as she was afraid Tom might grow bored and give up the trip and go straight on to Mexico: Englishman can't stay long without killing things, can they, Mamma, and they never think about their wives' pleasure, as the Americans do.

It was a copy of the attestation of birth 'of Julia, daughter of Anthony Soane, of Estcombe, England, and Julie his wife'; the date, August, 1747; the place, Dunquerque.

Of course, some women put their husband's salaries on their backs instead of his ribs; but there are a heap more men who burn up their wives' new sealskin sacques in two-bit cigars.

He tells fairy and folk tales well, and is a past master of the dialect and idiom that combine to give his old-wives' yarns an honest smack of the soil.

Now, 'good wife' might be synonymous with 'faithful slave.'

Several people had moved in; but others had gone back east to live with their own or their wives' folks.

The debts Milton owed to the Somnium of Puteanus, to Peele's Old Wives' Tale and to Fletcher's Faithful Shepherdess, are now all more or less recognized.

The Old Wives' Tale, printed as 'by G. P.,' and of which there is no reason to question Peele's authorship, connects itself with pastoral chiefly through the already mentioned parallel which it affords to Comus.

No lawmaker in New Mexico ever introduced a bill into the legislature making men liable for their wives' torts or petty misdemeanors.

Finally, it should be remembered that throughout the United States men are universally liable for their wives' debts, short of some quasi-legal separation; on the other hand, wives are never liable for the debts of their husbands.

"'The gardener Adam and his wife' (Tennyson).

Wife 'n' dahter gone into th' oyster-openin' business.

"Glad to get rid of their wives' clack, I guess.

No doubt the British Association would reject a paper on clairvoyance as a vain dream based on old wives' fables, or on hysterical imposture.

Not that we should dismiss them as old wives' fablesan all too common methodor even doubt the narrator's good faith.'

I venture the guess that less than a hundred would take into account the utter difference in their wives' duties from their mothers', as they remember them; and yet the house, even the flat, is built more or less along the old lines.

They do not know what a confession their whole bearing is, that, but for their wives' money, they would be but the merest, poorest nobodies.

She gave us the astonishing news that you were a married manthat your wife' Fenwick rushed forward and gripped the speaker's arm.

Nay, Anne, if you come back stuffed with old wives' tales, I shall not allow you to go home with Lucy Archfield."

"I know there have been old wives' tales about you, my poor boy, but surely you do not believe them yourself.

I cannot give the boy the woman's tending by which you have already wrought so much," and Mrs. Woodford remembered to have heard that his wife had died at Rotterdam, "but I can treat him like a human being, I hope indeed as a son; and, at any rate, there will be no one to remind him of these old wives' tales."

"Nay, Peregrine, at years of discretion you should have outgrown old wives' tales."

When eunuchs ran a harem, a monarch could be sure he was the one who fathered his wives' children since real eunuchs were always infertile.

Billions: Who Will Good Wife Star Julianna Margulies Play in Season 5?

But his neighbour Ray Cooney, the playwright who wrote the hit West End play Run for your Wife, said: 'He and his wife are very nice people and every summer they come to my home for a party.

He claimed his then-wife 'went berserk' when he asked her to sign a 'postnup' agreement, hurling a Vodka bottle at him which shattered on a marble counter-top and ripped off the tip of his finger.

Prince Harry's criticism of the Commonwealth shows he has 'lost the plot' and 'should stop listening to his wife', a royal photographer has claimed.

Anthony Joshua's team deny heavyweight boxer knows Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez's wife 'following allegations the pair were seen on a night out together'

The name means Husband & Wife in Bengali.

As the debate ended and analysts attempted to retrieve their socks which had been blown off by the 90-minute quarrel between septuagenarians, armchair experts began to analyse the candidates' wives' body language.

The students watched the four model grooms lift the veils from their wives faces, a tradition known as the bedeken.

According to recent data, wives' earnings represent only 32% of the income of dual-earner families.

He is perturbed to find the 'wives' there and has to break it to them that since the real king was married in infancy, one of the brothers is an unintentional bigamist.

I'm currently reading 'The Time Traveller's Wife' - really good book.

In 1959, the group became known as the Vancouver Dentists' Wives' Association.

The Greek comedian Menander lamented how married men were constantly being reduced to poverty by their wives' insistence that they offer expensive sacrifices on every festival.

The Monday Night Film Series will present 'The Wife' on Monday, Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m. in Tilley Hall, 102.