102 examples of wives' in sentences

St Louis, unlike an Englishman, decided not with a view to peace as though justice were nothing and right an old wives' tale, but according to law and his conscience, honestly and cleanly before God like an intelligent being.

Think what you would have been now, if, instead of being fed with tales and old wives' fables in childhood, you had been crammed with geography and natural history!"

My dear young lady, fancy all the rest, but depend on it, punch will be sweeter than ever taken from this bowl, and 'sweethearts and wives' will never be so honoured again.

That Dale, Galloway, Norton, and a few other gentlemen of the neighbourhood were under their wives' thumbs to such a degree that they did not dare to gamble openly was a matter of common knowledge.

If I do meditate, it is on her; If dream of her, or if discourse of her, I think her ghost doth haunt me, as in times Of former darkness old wives' tales report.

One of the best of these novels, The Old Wives' Tale (1908), is a painstaking record of the different temperaments and experiences of two sisters, from their happy childhood to a pathetic, disillusioned old age.

The intimate, homely revelations and the literal fidelity to life in The Old Wives' Tale give it a high rank among twentieth-century English novels.

Kennin' what folk say aboot the owerhearin' o' them bein' fatal, I lauched at 'im an' told 'im no' to tak' ony tent o' auld wives' gossip.

Don't listen to old wives' tales.

I am not one of those who anatomise their own married happiness for the edification of the whole public, and make fame, if not money, out of their own wives' hearts.

He had followed the lead of modern philosophers and scientists, and had arrived at a mystical agnosticism,the first step of which was to banish the dogmas of the church as old wives' tales.

Are the combined product of human experience, and the concurrent records of human character, to be set down as 'old wives' fables?'

Are the combined product of human experience, and the concurrent records of human character, to be set down as 'old wives' fables?'

She was repeating, 'they cry on their wives' shoulders,' or, he might have said, 'on the shoulders of their trained nurses.'

The old belief in Elysium and Tartarus had died away; as Cicero himself boldly puts it in another place, such things were no longer even old wives' fables.

"St. Paul admonishes Timothy to refuse old wives' fables."See 1 Tim., iv, 7.

Englishman can't stay long without killing things, can they, Mamma, and they never think about their wives' pleasure, as the Americans do.

Of course, some women put their husband's salaries on their backs instead of his ribs; but there are a heap more men who burn up their wives' new sealskin sacques in two-bit cigars.

He tells fairy and folk tales well, and is a past master of the dialect and idiom that combine to give his old-wives' yarns an honest smack of the soil.

The debts Milton owed to the Somnium of Puteanus, to Peele's Old Wives' Tale and to Fletcher's Faithful Shepherdess, are now all more or less recognized.

No lawmaker in New Mexico ever introduced a bill into the legislature making men liable for their wives' torts or petty misdemeanors.

" "Glad to get rid of their wives' clack, I guess.

'Not that we should dismiss them as old wives' fablesan all too common methodor even doubt the narrator's good faith.'

I venture the guess that less than a hundred would take into account the utter difference in their wives' duties from their mothers', as they remember them; and yet the house, even the flat, is built more or less along the old lines.

Nay, Anne, if you come back stuffed with old wives' tales, I shall not allow you to go home with Lucy Archfield.

102 examples of  wives'  in sentences