86 examples of wolfish in sentences

Seraphine had begun to laugh, showing her white wolfish teeth between her blood-red lips, when she noticed the horrified expression which had appeared on Mathieu's face since Gaude had been spoken of.

" It was perhaps because his eyes were set at not quite the right angles and because they were so small and wolfish that Barney usually aroused distrust.

With the Indians came their dogs, wolfish creatures, prick-eared and sharp-muzzled, with straight, bristling hair.

The wolfish dogs of the village were trying out the mettle of the four strangers.

These animals came charging toward the travelers as usual, lean, bristling, wolfish creatures that never had been half-tamed.

For a fraction of a second West's wolfish eyes glared at him before they took on again the stare of blindness.

" The look of wolfish hunger in her eyes frightened me, and I strode in and found Lorna fainting for want of food.

I had often heard of this wolfish habit, but thought our cousins were caricatured.

Through the dimness she made out a big, wolfish creature with a splendid, clean, gray coat, his pointed nose, short, pointed ears, deep, wild eyes, and scarlet tongue, set in a circular ruff of black.

He looked as though he were trotting relentlessly toward some wolfish goal of satisfied hunger.

Sometimes,to-night, for instance,the curtain is accidentally drawn back, and I see a bare arm stretched out imploringly in the darkness, and an eager, wolfish face watching mine: a wan, woful face, through which the spirit of the dead korl-cutter looks out, with its thwarted life, its mighty hunger, its unfinished work.

The wolf will be always wolfish; the fox will be always foxy.

Suppose, for a moment, that you turn the wolf into a wolfish baron, or the fox into a foxy diplomatist.

You may hang grapes on a thorn-bush, that will not make it a vine; you may put a sheep's fleece on a wolf's back, but that will not change its wolfish heart.

I can see his open mouth now, with its row of white wolfish teeth.

On hearing of the first, Captain Ross-Ellison showed his teeth in a wolfish and ugly manner, and, on hearing of the second, propounded a scheme of vengeance that made Colonel Dearman grin and then burst into a roar of laughter.

Some were of distinctly wolfish appearance.

He held a dead fox by the brush, which he was cutting off; two hounds, lank and wolfish, were scaling his huge body in frantic attempts to get at the carrion.

Scarcely less sombre reading is the account of how they were hunted down, and of the wolfish eagerness the borderers showed to massacre the women and children as well as the men.

The horrible treachery and brutality of the assault wherein his kinsfolk were slain made him mad for revenge; every wolfish instinct in him came to the surface.

In wolfish hunger howls and whines; The traveller's pony scents him, snorting The heedful wanderer breathless takes His way in haste beyond the mountains!

His cheeks were hollow and wolfish.

They may even be said to have made dogs for themselves in the first place, since the present Siberian animal is nothing more than a half-domesticated arctic wolf, and still retains all his wolfish instincts and peculiarities.

The drivers endeavoured in vain to check the speed of the excited dogs; their wolfish instincts were aroused, and all discipline was forgotten as the fresh scent came down upon the wind from the herd of reindeer beyond.

The dogs, true to their wolfish instincts, started with fierce, excited howls in pursuit.

86 examples of  wolfish  in sentences