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294 examples of  wonderingly  in sentences

294 examples of wonderingly in sentences

Farmer Jean had a man with him, and between them they got the poor animal up, while Babette stood in the cold highway, her baby peeping wonderingly from the folds of her cloak.

Dexterously he swept the curry-comb over the shining coats and then drew it through the brush in his left hand with a curious vocal accompaniment, something between a long-drawn whistle and a sigh, and the horses laid their heads against his shoulder affectionately and looked wonderingly at the stranger out of their large, bright eyes.

" "But why doesn't he preach Jesus Christ?" asked Evadne wonderingly.

" "Why, how did you know me?" asked Evadne wonderingly.

If I can humble this prophet man, will you dissuade your nation from war and send them back to the sunset?" "Assuredly," he said wonderingly.

she asks, wonderingly.

Left alone, Billie and Chet looked at each other wonderingly.

"What made you say that?" asked Billie, rather wonderingly.

" "Sure enough, it has been made fresh," said Mrs. Gilligan, as she wonderingly turned down a somewhat dusty spread and disclosed snowy sheets beneath.

"Goodness, I wonder who could have done it?" mused Violet, as she dropped down on the edge of the bed and regarded the girls wonderingly.

The girls looked at each other wonderingly.

"We'll manufacture a brand new ghost if you say so, but it may take time" "Goodness, you needn't bother," said Violet, going over to the wrecked machine and regarding it wonderingly.

" "Why should the men wish to attack us, sir?" asked Patsy wonderingly.

He half turned, looked wonderingly at Hetty, and then folded her thin form in his arms and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"Could you come down to the house right away, sir?" "Why, yes," I said, wonderingly, "if it's important.

" "Three men!" repeated Grady, wonderingly.

Men bowed to him with honest good-will, and boys, who had been flogged at school for confounding Congo and Coromandel, and putting Borneo in the Bight of Benin, made an awkward obeisance and stared wonderingly, as they met the man who had actually sailed round the world, and had, in his own person, illustrated the experiment of walking with his head downwards among the antipodes.

For a few moments he wonderingly watched the dying throes of Kazan's prey.

" "Look at that, now!" said the Major, wonderingly. "Which turned out to be nothing at all," continued Patsy.

"Then this house is yours?" said Patsy, wonderingly.

'I shall be safe if only I can remember you,'" she whispered to herself, wonderingly.

" His eyes questioned sadly and wonderingly.

She watched King wonderingly as he hastened on; did the man have no sense of bodily discomfort?

He stared at her wonderingly.

" "Yes, sir?" inquired Eaton wonderingly.

"You'd take a chance with Hal Dunbar?" he repeated wonderingly.

" "My bill?" wonderingly.

" "But what can we do with duck eggs?" inquired Beth, wonderingly, while Patsy and Louise tried hard not to shriek with laughter.

Louise laid down her book and regarded the visitor wonderingly.

" asked Amy, wonderingly.

When he concluded, she said, very quietly: "Did you ever read that queer story by Edmond About called 'The Man with the Broken Ear'?" He answered, wonderingly, in the affirmative.

It was Jones himself who asked this, wonderingly.

Esther looked up wonderingly.

Her sweet face smiled upon him; but the smile was no longer, he thought, joyousbut pathetic, as of one who reproaches herself wonderingly for light-heartedness.

he added, wonderingly.

she murmured wonderingly.

" "Will you be willing," Stella asked calmly, "to pay the price when the time comes?" Virginia looked at her wonderingly.

She knew the corsage, she had admired it with him one day wonderingly, wishing for it only to place it on the shoulders of the Virgin at St. Saturnin, an antique Virgin adored by the faithful.

"God knows I'd grudge ye nothing on earth, Elspie," she said, in a voice so earnest that Elspie looked wonderingly at her.

"Thatthat box" "What about it?" asked Joe, wonderingly.

Their ship begins to sink, and they send up three cheers for queen and country, and then stand on deck with folded arms, and go down, down, down to the bottom of the sea, and never make a cry!' Nancy forgot her wet clothes in her eloquence, and Teddy stared wonderingly at her.

Molly sat a little way from the window by which Mr. Hammond was standing, and looked at him doubtfully, wonderingly, with not altogether a friendly eye, as he stood with his profile turned to her, and his eyes upon the landscape.

She looked at him wonderingly, compassionately.

Mary asked, wonderingly.

While they were wonderingly, tremblingly, rapturously growing within me, under the sweet warmth of your love, no wonder I changed day by day.

he said wonderingly.

He frowned a little as he stared at it wonderingly, then idly turned the card over.

The man of the island looked on wonderingly.

he began wonderingly, but Betty cut him short.

Eleseus and Sivert were fast asleep in the little chamber, undisturbed by all the noise outside; little Leopoldine was up, looking on wonderingly at her mother as she danced.

He looked down at her wonderingly at this show of affection, and then drew her nearer, and said, gently, "You are tired, aren't you?

The oscillation of sympathy, which had for a time been suspended, came round again to the thin pale girl, who sat there looking wistfully and wonderingly into the face of the witness, and the murmuring approbation that broke out, in spite of the shrill "silence" of the crier, expressed at once admiration of the mancriminal as he swore himself to beand pity for the accused.

Once the latter was awake, still half dreaming, and looked up wonderingly into his friend's eyes.

She said to him wonderingly, "You can't imagine how strange it islike magicnot to be believedto have money like that!" His face clouded.

Wonderingly she let her eyes follow his, and once more it was with difficulty that she suppressed an excited gasp.

" "What is it that you wish me to do?" asked Jane wonderingly.

" Wonderingly he complied, jotting down what she told him in his notebook, and turning to ask her what it meant, discovered that she had fainted.

I had some talk with a peasant who had been watching my movements wonderingly.

She drew a slow, deep breath between her parted lips, and turned wonderingly, for a moment forgetful.

" For a moment he pressed the trembling fingers in a reassuring clasp, then he watched her wonderingly, as, with a brave little smile, she turned and went back up the stairs.

He was looking about him wonderingly, noting the damp stone walls and high vaulted ceiling of a large windowless chamber.

" There was no doubt about the genuineness of this and M. Paul glanced wonderingly across the table.

She lifted her head and looked at him wonderingly.

When he gently told her at last, she looked at him wonderingly like a child, and was silent for some time.

His eyes opened, looking wonderingly into hers.

" Gingerly seating himself upon the narrow settee Mr. Hyde murmured, wonderingly: "Say!

Flower of the World,'" he repeated, wonderingly.

she asked him wonderingly.

She clapped her hands and cried out wonderingly: "I know!

" When the operator read Mr. Clark's telegram a few minutes later he said to himself wonderingly, "Emily Leonard sure is the popular lady!"

He merely looked at her, wonderingly, worshipfully, with the mute devotion of a dog for its master, as a devout Catholic gazes upon the image of the Virgin Mother.

"Adrienne," he says, tenderly and wonderingly, "you are crying!

"I must have been mad, I think," she said, wonderingly.

"I am going to love this room," she said slowly; and, for the first time, her voice was genuinely sincere, with a hint of wistfulness in its tone that made him regard her wonderingly.

Wonderingly they listened.

Wonderingly he followed the dimly marked track that led through the chaparral toward a thicket of cedars, from beyond which the music seemed to come.

he asked wonderingly.

As she opened her eyes, she looked at me wonderingly, then round the room,then a shudder came over her, as if with a sudden painful memory.

What a lot of people and animals!" They sat down, cross-legged, enjoying their pie, eyes wandering wonderingly over the magic landscape.

he said, "where is Mrs. Paige?" Celia had caught the girl's hands in hers, and was searching her thin white face with anxious eyes; and Letty shook her head and looked wonderingly at Berkley.

" She held out a white packet sealed securely, and he took it wonderingly.

he exclaimed, wonderingly.

she said, wonderingly.

"Yes, always," she repeated, wonderingly.

"Why, don't you know?" said he wonderingly.

And when the men present spoke of the newcomer as one unknown to them, the king wonderingly said, 'Possessed of great strength, thou art like unto a celestial, and young and of darkish hue, thou resemblest the leader of a herd of elephants.

I opened it and read it wonderingly.

I ejaculated, while Miss Sonnot looked at me wonderingly.

" I looked at her wonderingly, then I began to tremble.

They could see, however, that several of her passengers were clustered at her stern rail, gazing wonderingly down at them in great perplexity, no doubt, as to what manner of craft it was that they had so narrowly escaped sending to the bottom.

"We are free to go?" said I, wonderingly.

"Aye?" he remarked, a bit wonderingly.

As for Maisie, she only looked wonderingly at me; as for Mr. Lindsey, he gazed at me as scrutinizingly as my mother was doing.

" "And you let him go of your own free will?" asked Joe Cumberland, wonderingly.

He started and gazed at me wonderingly.

He stared about wonderingly.

"I have never seen this collection before," she said wonderingly.

No; for when it was told him that she must go away, he looked at her wonderingly, and then went out.

" "That was all," repeated Bernardine, looking at him wonderingly.

She was not expecting visitors; she had much to think of this morning, and she rose wonderingly and reluctantly as Pansy came forward: she did not know who it was, and she did not advance.