294 examples of wonderingly in sentences

For a few moments he wonderingly watched the dying throes of Kazan's prey.

It bent its head and sniffed wonderingly at that which had once been its master.

"I never dreamed you could be like this," he said, wonderingly.

'I shall be safe if only I can remember you,'" she whispered to herself, wonderingly.

She watched King wonderingly as he hastened on; did the man have no sense of bodily discomfort?

He stared at her wonderingly.

"Why?" asked Marjorie, wonderingly.

she asked wonderingly.

And then the mother went slowly and wonderingly up the stairs, muttering "Well!

While they were wonderingly, tremblingly, rapturously growing within me, under the sweet warmth of your love, no wonder I changed day by day.

He sniffed at it suspiciously and wonderingly.

George shook his head wonderingly.

" "Know you again!" cried the boy, hanging back, and looking at his father wonderingly.

she said wonderingly.

When he saw himself pursued by a half-dozen of his friends he reined up, and calmly but wonderingly awaited their arrival, which took place within the next few seconds.

" Hankinson, also keeping his pipe between his lips, turned his head and looked wonderingly at his friend.

" And to settle the dispute he struck his horse into a gallop, and before the surprise was over rode up to the group, who were gazing wonderingly off in the gloom, whence came the sound of voices.

In the brisk morning air the frightened Jennie Whitney hastened to the door and gazed wonderingly upon the party.

" She held out a white packet sealed securely, and he took it wonderingly.

Slowly, wonderingly, Lady Arleigh took the Duchess of Hazlewood's letter from her husband's hands and opened it.

" "Did she really tell you that?" asked Lord Arleigh wonderingly.

he exclaimed, wonderingly.

she said, wonderingly.

"Yes, always," she repeated, wonderingly.

And so the days go by, and as they do, as the first smart of my despair softens itself into a slow and reverent acquiescence in the Maker's will, my thoughts stray carefully, and heedfully back over my past life: they overleap the gulf of Barbara's death and linger long and wonderingly among the previous months.

294 examples of  wonderingly  in sentences