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1241 example sentences with  woodlands

1241 example sentences with woodlands

When, after storms that woodlands rue, To valleys comes atoning dawn, The robins blithe their orchard-sports renew; And meadow-larks, no more withdrawn, Caroling fly in the languid blue; The while, from many a hid recess, Alert to partake the blessedness, The pouring mites their airy dance pursue.

By worn-out fields they cantered on Drear fields amid the woodlands wide; By cross-roads of some olden time, In which grew groves; by gate-stones down Grassed ruins of secluded pride: A strange lone land, long past the prime, Fit land for Mosby or for crime.

You can see its low, marshy shores fringed by beauteous woodlands, but without a single dwelling."

But our woodlands and pastures, our hedge-parted corn-fields and meadows, our bits of high common where we used to plant the windmills, our quiet little rivers here and there fit to turn a mill-wheel, our villages along the old coach-roads, are all easily alterable lineaments that seem to make the face of our Motherland sympathetic with the laborious lives of her children.

Here and there were thin woodlands, looking exactly like scrubby clothesbrushes.

These little buildings on the flakes are conspicuous features, and look as fresh and wild as if they had just wandered away from the woodlands.

The River Erdrรฉ runs northward of the city, and forms a beautiful feature, winding for many miles among cultivated fields and woodlands, through a country agreeably diversified with villas, to which the wealthier inhabitants retire during the summer months.

Occasionally the nature and interest of the prospect were agreeably diversified by the spire of a convent or the turrets of a chateau, rising above gardens or groves, or rich woodlands.

For, Lady, thou dost know I ne'er did tire Of thy sweet sacraments and ritual; In morning meadows I have knelt to thee, In noontide woodlands hearkened hushedly

They flew mostly over forests and woodlands, but there were churches and parishes and little cabins in the outskirts of the forest.

He made no further business about it; he could go on working as he had done hitherto, clearing and cultivating, fetching loads of timber from the untended woodlands.

They were hunted in big woodlands to drive game to the gun, and perhaps the ordinary Beagle of from 12 inches to 14 inches was not big enough for the requirements of the times.

Musical examines, throws her nose into the air, and answers by the rich bell-like note of the true otter hound; and all the woodlands ring as the pack dashes down the shingle to her call.

The higher peaks of Snowdon sink down behind the lower spurs in front; the plain narrows; closes in, walled round with woodlands clinging to the steep hill-sides; and, at last, they enter the narrow gorge of Pont-Aberglaslyn,pretty enough no doubt, but much over-praised; for there are in Devon alone a dozen passes far grander, both for form and size.

Amidst rich groves and cool, pellucid streams, And woodlands broad and fair to roam at will; But these by moats and battlements enclosed Were made impassable that the eyes impure Of man might not upon their beauty gaze,

"You're welcome to the woodlands, Master Sheriff," said Robin Hood, advancing now with extended hand.

* * * * * Far in the East, like low-hung clouds The waving woodlands lie; Far in the West, the glowing plain Melts warmly in the sky; No accent wounds the reverent air, No foot-print dints the sod, Lone in the light the prairie lies, Rapt in a dream of God.

Here are no tall fences to hide them from your sight and to tempt a fox to run the hedgerows, no boggy woodlands where your horse flounders up to his girths in yellow clay, no ridge and furrow, and no deep ploughed fields.

In every direction they spring up in hundreds, painting the woodlands with a wondrously rich purple glow.

He told how, after running from scent to view, they came down into the woodlands of the valley of the Coln, and awoke the echoes with their "gallant chiding."

But there are several large woodlands, with deep clay rides, in which one is not unlikely to spend a part of Thursday; and these woods, owing in part to the shooting being let to Londoners, are none too plentifully provided with foxes.

But if one be above such trifles as mosses, and with Young American loftiness aspire to full-grown trees, there is still plenty to do in the most ordinary woodlands.

Yet within its limits there are brooks and marshes and copses and woodlands,rocks over which the wild columbine hangs its fuchsia-like pendants, and dells where nestle the earliest and sweetest of the wood-flowerets.

Seated high Among his people, on the lofty dais, Dispensing judgment,making woodlands ring Behind a flying hart with hound and horn, Talking with workmen on the tawny sands, 'Mid skeletons of ships, how best the prow May slice the big wave and shake off the foam, Edwin preserved a spirit calm, composed, Still as a river at the full of tide;

The flow'rs, the brooks, and trees, Again are made our own, The woodlands rife with bees, And the curfew's pensive tone.

It delights in rich woodlands where there is limestone.

This was just the beginning of the forest; clear into the shadow of the Arctic Circle, where the woodlands gave way to the Weary wastes of barrens, there was no break, no tilled fields or fisher's villages, only an occasional Indian encampment which not even a wolf, running through the night, might find.

Certainly it is nearly the centre of the district and is within convenient distance of some of the most beautiful woodlands, but nothing could be a greater contrast to the surroundings than this new-looking brick excrescence.

The straight high road, that runs south from Lyndhurst through the thick woodlands of Irons Hill Walk and the giant oaks of Whitley Wood, reaches Brockenhurst in four miles.

St. Boniface asked for the help of the Wimborne sisterhood to carry on his missionary labours among the benighted tribes of Germany, and several establishments in the marshes and woodlands along the shore of the Baltic Sea were the daughter houses of this mid-Wessex abbey.

The swelling hills of that delectable land fill the vista as we descend between Soberton and Wickham, where the valley divides the main portion of the ancient Forest of Bere from the scattered woodlands of Waltham Chase and, at the last-named village, widens into the lowlands that stretch between Tichfield and Fareham and the busy activities of Portsmouth.

"Come, ram, with thy blunt-muzzled kids and sleek wives at thy side, Where winds the brook by woodlands myriad-deep: There is her haunt.

Else might these moonlit prairies show at dawn, The dew-swept circle of the elfin dance These woodlands teem with sportive fay and faun These grottoes glimmer with sweet Echo's glance.

These three counties are entirely woodlands, with the exception of a few small prairies which lay eastward of my course.

The roads from the lake to this city, with few exceptions, passed through woodlands, and the country is but thinly settled.

We passed many fine farmsthrough open woodlands, which have much the appearance of domainsand across large tracts of sumach, the leaves of which at this season are no longer green, but have assumed a rich crimson hue.

The section through which it passes, before its junction with the Missouri, is represented as being elegantly diversified with woodlands, prairies, and rich bottoms, and the banks are lined with a luxuriant growth of plants and flowers.

These pariahs, "Southwark Boys," strays from the slime-sodden east, FEGAN takes forth in gay troops to the meadows, in freshness of nature to frolic and feast, Climb in the woodlands and plunge in the waters, ramble and scramble through tangle-hedged lanes, Fish in the pools with youth's primitive tackle, breathe quickening vigour through bosoms and brains.

He used to walk through the woodlands on the slopes of the fells above Mardykes, muttering to himself, picking up the rotten sticks with which the ground was strewn, breaking them in his hands, and hurling them from him, and stamping on the earth as he paced up and down.

SEE Gustafson, A. F. GUISE, CEDRIC H. The management of farm woodlands.

SEE Gustafson, A. F. GUISE, CEDRIC H. The management of farm woodlands.

The Management of farm woodlands.

Faint perfume from Long Island woodlands, wandering puffs of wind from salt meadows freshened the city streets; St. Felix Street boasted a lilac bush in leaf; Oxford Street was gay with hyacinths and a winter-battered butterfly; and in Fort Greene Place the grassy door-yards were exquisite with crocus bloom.

Dangerous and treacherous allies, upon whom no real dependence could ever placed, the Indians were nevertheless the most redoubtable of all foes when the war was waged in their own gloomy woodlands.

The landscape presented to my view, was an almost uninterrupted level; open woodlands, with here and there a few grassy spots, were its prevailing features.

As we proceeded, we noticed since our last visit, several bare patches in the woodlands, where the axe and the brand of the enterprising colonists had prepared the way for that cultivation under the influence of which the landscape wore in places an almost English aspect.

Alec says 'Woodlands,' and Bob votes for 'Farview'though there's no far view at all till you get up to the hill by the timber lot.

Yet though with pathetic persistence she haunted the park and the woodlands around the Court, she never even once caught sight of the broad-brimmed hat and drooping plume of her romantic prince.

The air was soft with a subtle fragrance; the fragrance of sun-warmed pine that the night had stolen from the slumbering woodlands.

We climbed a tall oak, and soon, as far as the eye could reach, all the hills and woodlands seemed wrapped in flames.

He passed along by Dr. Lyman's, Jonah Johnson's, and so on, past houses, and clearings, and woodlands, looking almost wistfully, as if he expected pleasant greetings; but the few he saw merely nodded to him, or called out: "Are you back again?"

It was, perhaps, a natural thought that the approach of winter should drive the poor shivering hungry ghosts from the bare fields and the leafless woodlands to the shelter of the cottage with its familiar fireside.

I do not know how long our silence lasted; the faintest hint of silver touched the sky above the eastern forest; a bird awoke, sleepily twittering; another piped out fresh and clear, another, another; and, as the pallid tint spread in the east, all the woodlands burst out ringing into song.

BRANDENBURG (2,542), in the great northern plain of Germany, is a central Prussian province, and the nucleus of the Prussian kingdom; most of it a sandy plain, with fertile districts and woodlands here and there.

His lyrics are the purest echoes of folk-song and folk-lore, and the simplicity and genuineness of his art give an undying charm to his songs of idyllic meadows and woodlands, post-chaises, carefree wanderers, and lovely maidens in picturesque settings; all suffused with gentle yearning and melting into soft melody.

The long-pent-up affection of Mrs. Fitzhugh for her once idolized sister burst forth at this announcement of her death with uncontrollable violence; and, as some atonement for her past sinful obduracy, she immediately invited the husband and son of her long-lost Mary to Woodlands Manor-House, to be henceforth, she said, she hoped their home.

Youth, beauty, innocence, and grace, united in the person of Lucy Carringtonthe only child of Mr. Stephen Carrington, a respectable retired merchant of moderate means, residing within a few miles of Woodlands Manor-Housecrossed his path; and spite of his shield of many quarterings, he was vanquished in an instant, and almost without resistance.

Woodlands Manor-House, Yorkshire;" and upon close examination, a small quantity of white powder, which proved to be acetate of morphine, was found in the flask.

As the bottle was to be sent by coach, Edwards purchased a tin flask, as affording a better security against breakage; and having obtained the powder, packed it nicely up, and told his niece, who was staying with him at the time, to direct it, as he was in a hurry to go out, to Squire Everett, Woodlands Manor-House, Yorkshire, and then take it to the booking-office.

Edwards had returned to Yorkshire only two days since, to get his annuity settled, and fortunately was present in court at the trial of Frederick Mordaunt, alias Everett, and at once recognized the tin flask as the one he had purchased and forwarded to Woodlands, where it must in due course have arrived on the day stated by the butler.

Edwards was despatched to London in the friendly custody of an intelligent officer, to secure the person of the foreign-looking vender of subtle poisons; and Mr. Sharpe, with two constables, set off in a postchaise for Woodlands Manor-House.

I'll make a song of that sweet word, and sing It oft, to cheer me in my lonely hours, Till list'ning hills, and dells, and woodlands ring, And echo answers, Friend!

Thy laya sweet sung bridal hymn, Wedding the Old year to the New, 'Mid starry buds, and silver dew, And brooks, and birds in woodlands dim That touched the hidden veins of thought With the electric force of strife, Thrilled the dumb marble of my life Unto a perfect beauty wrought.

Its location among the unsettled woodlands of the Wabash River valley also made it a key center of trade for fur trappers.

Like them, it lives on the grassy plains and woodlands.

The British also pushed many of the Eastern Woodlands tribes onto the Great Plains.

The station was built in 1995, along with the five other stations of the North South Line Woodlands Extension.

Yishun station used to be the terminus of the line between 1988 and 1996, until the Woodlands Extension was completed and opened on 10 February 1996.

By the mid-17th century, enforcement of this law died out, but many English woodlands still bear the title Royal Forest.

Eckdahl added, "We have 15 miles of primitive trails that run through prairies, woodlands, and wetlands.

Green golf communities encourage the local wildlife to thrive by maximizing the natural areas โ€” such as woodlands, wetlands and streams โ€” surrounding their courses and homes.

Hamidahโ€™s car was then searched at Woodlands Checkpoint and drugs were discovered in the luggage.

Here in Lochaber, we are fortunate to have access to plenty of woodland spaces including the ancient oak woodlands on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

His hospital room at Memorial Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands was full of fire gear, handmade 'Get Well' signs and patches from fire departments near and far.

I was at a pub in Woodlands 4 years with that guy Mvunga, umu guyz uyu is weak when drunk.

I was conducting a Gospel Crusade in Woodlands stadium when I was summoned to State House.

Prime has previously said in a statement seen by the local democracy reporting service they would work with nearby medical practices the Chislehurst Medical Centre and The Woodlands Practice to revamp the historic building.

The deferral with interest is available to Tree Farm Licence, Replaceable Forest Licence and First Nationsโ€™ Woodlands Licence holders who are in good financial standing with the Province.

The Renville County parks offer quiet, rustic camping in the river valley woodlands.

The trees will be planted over the next year by Scottish Woodlands Ltd, and estate director Hugh MacLeod said it was the first phase of his rewilding strategy for the property.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- For somebody in The Woodlands, the day just got a whole lot better.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- For somebody in The Woodlands, the day just got a whole lot better.

When forests and woodlands donโ€™t provide a respite from the heat, these primates find cooling centers in their arid landscape.

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we switched to producing hand sanitizer and gave millions to the city of Houston, The Woodlands, Austin and other areas.

Woodlands is already assured of its spot in the final.

Diploma thesis "Spatial genetic structure and clonal diversity of in late successional deciduous woodlands of Central Europe" ("Rรคumlich-genetische Struktur der klonalen Art Anemone nemorosa") under the guidance of Profs.

Examine the development of the Kingston landscape from woodlands to agricultural to urban land uses.

Garlic mustard: This biennial plant is rapidly spreading across Canada, into forests and woodlands.

In St. Matthewโ€™s church, Woodlands, of which William Croil was an elder, there are today two precious mementos of his stewardship in that church.

It was opened and dedicated for Woodlands (having already been consecrated in Rosser) on 20 June 1948.

Another are of concern is the Townโ€™s current negotiations with Woodlands County.

Native American Interactions: Multiscalar Analyses and Interpretations in the Eastern Woodlands.

Native Studies Hall, Mural in progress, Medicine Wheel tribute to Norval Morreseau, working with Woodlands centre to effectively not appropriate culture but reflect Indigenous Culture and beliefs.

Neighbourhood plans for the West End, Marpole, and Grandview Woodlands, ostensibly produced to allow for the creation of more affordable housing, have done the opposite of what they intended.

Our tight-knit community is located in the heart of Albertaโ€™s rolling woodlands.

Over half of Waterton's 60 native species of songbirds have been recorded in the park's forests, especially the Montane woodlands.

Securement of the woodlands in City ownership is consistent with the City's Official Plan, the Environmental Strategy, and the Greenspace Master Plan.

They are Little People who live in Ontario (Canada) woodlands, and have an environmental consciousness based on their ancient understanding that all life is connected.

They prefer thick, dry woodlands and are usually very difficult to spot among the trees and branches.

This represents those individuals who are in institutions like Woodlands and Glendale.