959 examples of woodlands in sentences

"Come, ram, with thy blunt-muzzled kids and sleek wives at thy side, Where winds the brook by woodlands myriad-deep: There is her haunt.

Of this danger I was well informed, and, beside, I was more or less a child of the woodlands, and had no apprehension of it, having, moreover, an implicit faith in what I considered a kind of spiritual guidance in all I did,a delusion which at least served to keep me in absolute self-control under all circumstances.

These woodlands teem with sportive fay and faun These grottoes glimmer with sweet Echo's glance.

The larger of these woodlands, the Tongass National Forest, is estimated to contain 70,000,000,000 board feet of timber ripe for marketing.

Since the bulk of woodlands are privately owned, and there are no effective laws limiting the cutting of timber with a view to conserving the supply, the only means of bringing about regulated cutting on private lands is through coöperation with the owners.

The woodlands offer splendid opportunities for camping, hunting, fishing and outdoor life.

It is necessary that suitable measures be adopted to induce private owners to preserve and protect their woodlands.

They see the need for saving and increasing young growth and for protecting the woodlands against fire.

They also neglected to provide for the future production of the woodlands after the virgin timber was removed.

Notwithstanding the comparatively sure and easy incomes which result from the farm woodlands that are well managed, farmers as a class neglect their timber.

In other cases, they do not care for their woodlands properly.

In the North, the farm woodlands compose two-fifths of all the forests.

Farmers find that it is profitable to harrow the ground in the cut-over woodlands to aid natural reproduction, or to turn hogs into the timber tract to rustle a living as these animals aid in scattering the seed under favorable circumstances.

Most states have state foresters who examine woodlands and advise the owner just what to do.

To protect the watersheds of navigable streams the Government should buy 1,000,000 acres of woodlands in New England and 5,000,000 acres in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Expert foresters report that private owners are each year increasing their plantings on denuded woodlands.

The section through which it passes, before its junction with the Missouri, is represented as being elegantly diversified with woodlands, prairies, and rich bottoms, and the banks are lined with a luxuriant growth of plants and flowers.

He used to walk through the woodlands on the slopes of the fells above Mardykes, muttering to himself, picking up the rotten sticks with which the ground was strewn, breaking them in his hands, and hurling them from him, and stamping on the earth as he paced up and down.

SEE Gustafson, A. F. GUISE, CEDRIC H. The management of farm woodlands.

SEE Gustafson, A. F. GUISE, CEDRIC H. The management of farm woodlands.

The Management of farm woodlands.

Faint perfume from Long Island woodlands, wandering puffs of wind from salt meadows freshened the city streets; St. Felix Street boasted a lilac bush in leaf; Oxford Street was gay with hyacinths and a winter-battered butterfly; and in Fort Greene Place the grassy door-yards were exquisite with crocus bloom.

Dangerous and treacherous allies, upon whom no real dependence could ever placed, the Indians were nevertheless the most redoubtable of all foes when the war was waged in their own gloomy woodlands.

BRANDENBURG (2,542), in the great northern plain of Germany, is a central Prussian province, and the nucleus of the Prussian kingdom; most of it a sandy plain, with fertile districts and woodlands here and there.

Thy laya sweet sung bridal hymn, Wedding the Old year to the New, 'Mid starry buds, and silver dew, And brooks, and birds in woodlands dim That touched the hidden veins of thought With the electric force of strife, Thrilled the dumb marble of my life Unto a perfect beauty wrought.

959 examples of  woodlands  in sentences