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110 examples of  wooer  in sentences

110 examples of wooer in sentences

"I scorn and defy the suspicions of that enemy of the persecuted South, and high-handed wooer of exclusively Northern women!"

I shall shun people who love me," and with that she struck the horse a lively tap and soon was far ahead of her tongue-tied wooer.

Perhaps Jack's death?and then they would be divided as by fireor, if the conflict resulted victoriously for the South, as he knew it must, he foresaw that the soldier of the conquering army would not be received as a wooer in the family of the defeated.

But that night, sitting in state within her great hall of Mortain, the Duchess Helen sighed deep and oft, scarce heeding the courtesies addressed to her and little the whispered homage of her guest Duke Ivo, he, the proudest and most potent of all her many wooers; yet to-night her cheek burned beneath his close regard and her woman's flesh rebelled at his contact as had never been aforetime.

She her elderly wooer a look of defiance; then her eyes softened and with amusement.

"Well! sweet wooers of the bread and butter brigade," said I, "speakin after the manner of men, you've got ontop the rong hencoop this time.

" Again, in Bohemia, on Christmas Eve, there is a pretty practice for young people to fix coloured wax-lights in the shells of the first nuts they have opened that day, and to float them in water, after silently assigning to each the name of some fancied wooer.


LAST MAY A BRAW WOOER Last May a braw wooer cam down the lang glen, And sair wi' his love he did deave me: I said there was naething I hated like men; The deuce gae wi'm to believe me, believe me, The deuce gae wi'm to believe me!

LAST MAY A BRAW WOOER Last May a braw wooer cam down the lang glen, And sair wi' his love he did deave me: I said there was naething I hated like men; The deuce gae wi'm to believe me, believe me, The deuce gae wi'm to believe me!

But owre my left shouther I gae him a blink, Lest neebours might say I was saucy: My wooer he capered as he'd been in drink, And vowed I was his dear lassie, dear lassie, And vowed I was his dear lassie! I spiered for my cousin fu' couthy and sweet, Gin she had recovered her hearin, And how her new shoon fit her auld shachled feet

I tell, thee, Francis, had it been my case, And I had been a wooer in thy place, I would have laid my head unto the ground, And scented out my wench's way, like a hound; I would have crept upon my knees all night, And have made the flintstones links to give me light; Nay, man, I would. FRAN.

Come, Lady Fauconbridge; it's time to come; Robin can hold out no longer, I see: Hot wooers will be tempters presently.

IV., is that Lamb was never a very serious wooer, and that Alice Wn was more an abstraction around which now and then to group tender imaginings of what might have been than any tangible figure.

Yer young, an' yer han'some; an' there's three gals waitin' ready to be won by a bold wooer.

" In his zeal, the ungentlemanly wooer seized her hand, and his vicious little eyes glared at her with such ferocity, that she gave utterance to a shriek of fear.

A flower to be grasped only by a bold wooer, like the prince!

He thinks you only a detective, not an ardent, though secret wooer yourself.

A Wondrous Wooer Without Words!

How is it to be?" The prima donna continued to gaze intently on this strange wooer for a full minute.

Thou art no longer a boy, and Venice looks to us to help thee choose a fitting bride; for there is none other of this generation of thy name, and thou,I will not hide it from thee since thou needest heartening,thou wilt be a fortunate wooer with these maidens, oror elsewhere.

She wrote such a widow-like refusal when she went from me, as might not exclude hope in any other wooer; whatever it may do in Mr. Tony Harlowe.

Leicester, speak: Thou art the simplest wooer in the world.

See, what a pleasing humour wooers bring.

wipe your eyes, For here comes another wooer.

Now, by the Mary matins, Peg, thou hast got the merriest wooer in all womanshire.

I am thinking of him in his capacity of wooer.

Mr. Jinks starts with joy, and shakes his fistfrom the protecting shadowtriumphantly at the poor defeated wooer.

The wooer, in turn, grows cold and defiant; he upbraids the lady; he charges her with entertaining a passion for the rascal and coward Jinks.

Mr. Jinks is happy, radiant, triumphant, and as he watches the retreating wooer, his frame shakes with sombre merriment.

There is even a confused story of a wooer (how people try to account for every old maid!)a long time agowho came and went away again.

Penelope, for her Ulisses sake, Deviz'd a web her wooers to deceave; In which the worke that she all day did make, The same at night she did againe unreave.

From this adventure it plainly appears, that the observation of a Dutchman's not being capable to love is false; for both Albert, and the Nestorian wooer, seem to have been warm enough in their addresses.

Who, though her lord had been ten years absent from her, and various accounts had been given of his death, yet, notwithstanding this, and the addresses of many royal suitors, she preserved her heart for her Ulysses, who at last triumphed over his enemies, and rescued his faithful queen from the persecution of her wooers.

At one of these calls the landlady had proved more than ordinarily frail or the poet more than ordinarily seductive,who can wonder at even virtue stooping to folly when the wooer was the Swan of Avon, beside whom the bird that captivated Leda was as a featherless gosling?and the consequence had been Will Davenant, born in the year of our Lord 1605, Shakspeare standing as godfather at the baptism.

'Poor harmless wretch!' said she; 'he is but practising with me; he would fain perfect himself in the airs and graces of a thriving wooer, before laying siege in earnest to some fair lady, with the heavy purse, that I lack, at her girdle.'

The worthy Grand Prior was an impetuous wooer, and he saw with great sorrow that Ninon preferred the Counts de Miossens and de Palluan to his clerical attractions.

She confided to them all her love affairs, gave them the names of her suitors, in fact, every wooer was turned over to this critical, select society, as a committee of investigation into quality and merit both of mind and body.

Although the Chevalier was an impetuous wooer, he was dismayed by the loss of his inamorata, and begged for the privilege of seeing her, promising solemnly never to repeat his declaration of love.

attractiveness; popularity; favorite &c 899. lover, suitor, follower, admirer, adorer, wooer, amoret^, beau, sweetheart, inamorato

A WOOER Stands candidate for cuckold, and if he miss of it, it is none of his fault, for his merit is sufficiently known.

But if he be a wooer of fortune, that designs to raise himself by it, he makes wooing his vocation, deals with all matchmakers, that are his setters, is very painful in his calling, and if his business succeed, steals her away and commits matrimony with a felonious intent.

Full of intelligence and wit, he won the hearts of all whom he wished to gain, especially of the men who were ablest and most refined, such as Flamininus and Scipio; he was a pleasant boon companion and, not by virtue of his rank alone, a dangerous wooer.

[Footnote 5: Thetis, resisting her wooer Peleus, changed herself into fire and wild beasts.

And as Evelyn Van Wyck fled through the sombre forest aisles before the too arduous advances of her slant-browed, skin-clad wooer, the door of the cabin opened, without the courtesy of a knock, and a skin-clad woman, savage and primitive, came in.

This was not her ideal of a wooer.

Little Bel, who, although she was twenty years old, and had by no means been without her admirers, had never yet kissed any man but her father and brothers, put up her rosy lips, as confidingly as a little child, to be kissed by this strange wooer, who wooed only for leave to woo.

Even to her wooer's generosity it might seem a daring request,the thing she craved.

m., gallant, lover, suitor, wooer. galante, gallant; of (or pertaining to) lovers.

In fact, she had not refused him; and the experienced moon had seen the hopes of many a wooer thrive, chameleon-like, on answers far less encouraging than that which Margaret had given Felix Kennaston.

To expose her rival she pretends to yield to the persuasions of her wooer, the Baron D'Espernay, but as a result of a very intricate intrigue both Alovisa and the Baron perish accidentally on the swords of D'Elmont and his brother.

It was evident that she despised herself for that one touch of womanly softness which had made her as ready to fall in love with her first wooer as any peasant girl in Grasmere Vale.

The next stage in her career must be to be wooed and won by a worthy wooer.

What would he be like, that worthiest among the wooers, that King Arthur among her knights? First and foremost, he would be of rank higher than her owna duke, a marquis, or one of the first and oldest among earls.

The poor creatures know that their chances will be few, and therefore gratefully welcome the first wooer.

But she could not face poverty; or, if you like, I will say that she could not face an obscure existencesacrifice her ambition, a justifiable ambition in one so lovely, at the bidding of her first wooer.

"She can't," I thought to myself, "be much in love with her wooer," and I began to study her with a certain curiosity.

" "By the Lord Harry!" exclaimed Junius, "you are the rarest wooer I ever heard of.

She believes you to be perfect; and you seem content to sit and let her tell you so, when you ought to be a manly wooer.

BOLDWOOD (Farmer), one of the wooers of Bathsheba Everdene.

Not unfrequently Streph'on is the wooer when Celia is the wooed.

When however, he proposed marriage, Katharine deferred her answer for twelve months and a day, hoping by that time "his face would be more bearded," for, she said, "I'll mark no words that smoothfaced wooers say.

The wooer was a Mr. Child, son of a brewer at Abingdon, to whom the lady sent a challenge.

'Twas thus our Giant lived a life of ease, Old Polyphemus, when, the down scarce seen On lip and chin, he wooed his ocean nymph: No curlypated rose-and-apple wooer, But a fell madman, blind to all but love.

" So the king, frowning and grumbling and laughing, went back alone, and told the princess that the happy wooer was most grateful, and would come, after his business was transacted, that afternoon.

" "A gentle wooer, indeed!

Nicely dressed and well-spoken and good-looking women above the class of domestic servants he worshipped from afar, and only in vivacious moments pictured himself as the wooer of such a superior being.

Words ending with any double letter, preserve it double before any additional termination, not beginning with the same letter; as in the following derivatives: wooer, seeing, blissful, oddly, gruffly, equally, shelly, hilly, stiffness, illness, stillness, shrillness, fellness, smallness, drollness, freeness, grassless, passless, carelessness, recklessness, embarrassment, enfeoffment, agreement, agreeable.

No trace of Rose was ever after found, nor was anything certain respecting her mysterious wooer discovered or even suspectedno clue whereby to trace the intricacies of the labyrinth and to arrive at its solution, presented itself.

Oh, ye are precious wooers, all of ye. I marvel how ye ever ope your lips Unto, or look upon that fearful thing, A lovely woman.

Katharine, in Chartres orchard there met a man and a maid we know of; now in Troyes they meet again,not as princess and king, but as man and maid, the wooer and the wooed.

He was very handsome, very bronzed, very eager and determined as a wooer; and she did not understand just how it happened, but suddenly the world's misery and her own loneliness overwhelmed her, and she broke down for the first time.

Even when the man desires a woman, he hardly appears as a wooer.

In later chapters instances will be given of such wooers killing coveted girls with their own spears as soon as they find that the rival is the winner.

What a worldwide difference between this languid Kaffir wooer, hardly caring whether he gets this girl or another, and the modern lover who thinks life not worth living, unless he can gain the love of his chosen one.

With the Navajos "courtship is simple and brief; the wooer pays for his bride and takes her home."

She was at this time an attractive, cultivated young person, of a placid disposition, who seems to have married more because marriage offered her a comfortable settlement and assured position in life, than from any passionate affection for her wooer, which, it is just to her to say, she did not profess.

Why must a woman never evince a preference for the man she loves?" "Woman should be wooednever be wooer," said Lord Arleigh.

What to us is this lachrymose, fantastic female Germania, which has been betrothed to so many lords and wooers, that she can remain faithful and true to none?

The Story of her Web being very Famous, and yet not sufficiently known in its several Circumstances, I shall give it to my Reader, as Homer makes one of her Wooers relate it.

In consequence of a poetical genius, and an engaging sprightliness peculiar to her, she had many wooers, some of whom seriously addressed her, while others meant no more than the common gallantries of young people.

[Footnote 123: It will be recalled that when Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, was making his way to his house in company with the faithful swineherd Eumaeus, they met the goatherd Melanthius "leading his goats to feast the wooers, the best goats that were in all the herds.

Travel with the multitude: Never heed them; I aver 35 That they all are wanton wooers; But the thrifty cottager, Who stirs little out of doors, Joys to spy thee near her home; Spring is coming, Thou art come!

When the seven specimens of maidenhood, from among whom he was expected to make his choice, were at length seated in various constrained attitudes about the room, a dead silence fell, broken only by an occasional nervous remark from Mrs. McNally, and a monosyllabic response from the wooer.

He was both proud and fearful as to the thing to be done,proud that he, the Squire of Buston, should be called on to take so important a step; proud by anticipation of his feelings as he would return home a jolly thriving wooer,and yet a little fearful lest he might not succeed.

The same great Law of Sympathy is given To Evil as to Good, and if we swell The dark account that life incurs with Heaven, 'Tis that our Vices are thy Wooers, Hell!

He was accustomed to be wooed, and to be watched, but he had been trying for some time to bring his mind to like the present wooer.

Henceforth I must have done with all girlish speculations, as to the manner of man who is to drop from the clouds to be my wooer.

Such, then, was the repulsive lover who found favour in the eyes of the Regent's daughter, and for whom she was ready to discard all her legion of more attractive wooers.

She was, in fact, the "ugly duckling" of a good-looking family, removed by a whole world from her beautiful eldest sister Charlotte, who counted among her many admirers no less exalted a wooer than Prince Frederick William, the King's nephew and heir to his throne.

The first among her admirers to capture her fancy was Sergius Soltykoff, her chamberlain, high-born, "beautiful as the day," polished courtier, supple-tongued wooer, to whom the Grand Duchess gave the heart her husband spurned.

Strange stories are told of her girlish love affairs, which seem to have been indiscreet if nothing worse, while her beauty drew to her many a high-placed wooer, including the Prince of Orange and Prince George of Darmstadt, to all of whom she seems to have turned a cold shoulder.

" That she had wooers in plenty, even before she was so far advanced in the teens, was inevitable; but her personal preferences counted for little in face of the Cardinal's determination to find for her, as for all his nieces, a splendid alliance which should shed lustre on himself.

PORTIA, the rich heiress in the "Merchant of Venice," whose destiny in marriage depended, as ordained by her father, on the discretion of the wooer to choose the one of the three caskets that contained her portrait.

Farther let no mortal fare Who would be a wooer, Than unwithered he may bear Blushing roses to her, Or than nightingale may fly For her nesting grasses, Or than with the west wind's sigh Her soft warbling passes.

Conceive that Zeus, or Baiame, was originally, not a Father and guardian, but a lewd and tricky ghost of a medicine-man, a dancer of indecent dances, a wooer of other men's wives, a shape-shifter, a burlesque droll, a more jocular bugbear, like Twanyirika.

Besides this "braw wooer," we have another intruder upon our privacy.

" "Your claim cannot be resisted, Sir Francis," rejoined the other; "and if you had followed my counsel, you would not have condescended to play the abject wooer, but have adopted the manlier course, and demanded her hand as your right.

When such an ardent wooer lays siege to my lady, using such exquisite music to further his suit, she must have a heart of stone that would not quickly capitulate to his amour.

"Then all aloud fair Brunhild bespake her courtier band, Seeing in the ring at distance unharm'd her wooer stand: 'Hither, my men and kinsmen, low to my better bow.