21 examples of wop in sentences

"Say, Mr. Drury, it makes me sick, and, if I feel that way just to be pretending I'm a 'Wop' for a week, how do you suppose the real aliens feel?

When I look at Phil it makes me boil to think of fellows like him being called 'Wop.'

"If you persist in picking on me, skipper, I'll ravish you of those magnificent eyebrows with a safety razor, some time when you're asleep, and leave you as dumb as a Wop peddler who's lost both arms.

Of course, I don't know who or what this old wop is that made this crack, but if he thinks we spend most of our time in sinful idleness he'd better copper his bet.

Yetwould you believe it?when that wop came to cash in he shook the mothballs out of a roll of bills that looked like nine miles' worth of hall carpet.

I met a wop in Chicago, one of these real romantic kind that only grow there.

In truth, the bottle was covered with specks, and the label had faded so you could hardly read it, but when the cork went 'wop!' three traveling men at the next table burst into tears.

Sure, ain't it worth money to those wops to have the pure love of a good, true girl?

This Chicago party got the hunch that I was trying to beat her to this Pittsburg wop

The more money the wop spends the bigger sport he thinks he is, but a fellow professional has honorable intentions, sometimes, and it is considered wise not to show what you are accustomed to until after he has bought the ring or written some letters.

Who's the wop? From Pittsburg?

I meets this wop

Some of these wops that go across never get it out of their systems.

I had a crowd of inside info, and what do I do but let a wop tout me out of it and play his horse.

"A guy who had enough gilt on to be a Major-General in the National Guard came floundering up and Wilbur gave him his real name and the wop said, 'This way, please, threw us into a young elevator and we went up a couple of stories and along a hall until we came to a door which the gee threw open and said, 'This is your stateroom.' "Honest, I never saw such a drum.

Foxy Wilbur sits there until 3 a.m., raking in their money, and incidentally corrals some that belongs to the wealthy wops.

foreign body, foreign substance, foreign element; alien, stranger, intruder, interloper, foreigner, novus homo [Lat.], newcomer, immigrant, emigrant; creole, Africander^; outsider; Dago [Slang], wop, mick, polak, greaser, slant, Easterner [U.S.], Dutchman, tenderfoot.

Anyhow, Uncle Sam lets up a squawk that she's only eighteen, goin' on nineteen, and a noble redskin to boot, and says his mining claims is reserved for Laps and Yaps and Japs and Wops, and such other furrin' slantheads of legal age as declare their intention to become American citizens if their claims turn out rich enough so's it pays 'em to do so.

They come in my place, Dagoes, Wops, Hunnyacks, Swedes, Jews, every breed, and what you thinkthey keep talkin' about what us Americans had ought to do to lick Germany.

" "Well, half a dozen o' you wops get out o' here, that's all.

Because he's da wop, da Ginney, da Dago and got-a no friends.

21 examples of  wop  in sentences