83880 examples of worded in sentences

He began some carefully worded inquiries as to her experience in the mill and her opinion of the work.

There is also the drama of Otho the Great, written in co-operation with Armitage Brown; and in Keats's letters many admirable thoughts are admirably worded.

An editorial note was worded thus: 'Through the kindness of a friend, we have been favoured with the latest production of a gentleman of no ordinary genius, Mr. Bysshe Shelley.

Outside the entrance they found the audacious placard, worded just as Goldstein had reported, and they all agreed it was a mean trick to claim another firm's star as their own.

It was a simply worded invitation from her father, who wished to see her again after her long absence at court.

But his statement is substantially true, though obscurely worded.

"It is the absurd way in which this provision is worded that not only creates all the trouble but also makes the whole document so curiously significant in view of the testator's disappearance.

Nay, I think it would have been far better to have worded the mystery thus:The Father together with his Son and Spirit, is the one true God.

Incautiously worded at best.


Then several German connoisseurs follow in their peculiar script, with comments worded heavily with hard-mouthed consonants.

He had to sustain the honor of the Council, and pronounce the beautifully worded oration which had cost him two sleepless nights to compose; he had to place in the hands of the general the offering of Berlin gratitude.

Our definition of a poem may be thus worded.

Our description should be so worded as to show what the differences are.

This is no more than what we know as a matter of history, for the Articles were expressly worded to bring in Roman Catholics.

Towards the end of the year two incidents, besides some roughly-worded Episcopal charges, disturbed this quiet.

" She thought she had worded her letter well, worded it in a way that could not be bettered; all had been implied and nothing expressed.

" She thought she had worded her letter well, worded it in a way that could not be bettered; all had been implied and nothing expressed.

When she was well enough to leave her bed, her one thought was of George's mother, of his strangely worded wish that she should go to her and see what she could do for her.

The reason for the continuance of this fear is that the constitution is so worded that the powers of the general government are not precisely fixed.

" Some lawyers are worse than highway robbers; they make the laws as legislators to suit their own iniquitous, selfish purposes, so worded that they are susceptible of almost any interpretation, thus leading to endless litigations by which these cannibal devourers of reputations are robbing the public of their possessions.

She wrote instantly to St. Eval in Arthur's favour, but so guardedly and calmly worded her letter, that no suspicion of any kinder or more interested feeling than that of her peculiarly generous and warm-hearted nature could have been suspected, either by St. Eval or her sister.

" "I thought that 'twas in mockery," continued the boy, when he saw by the eye of the young captain that he had read the quotation; 'for 'twas very like, though more prettily worded, than that which I had said, myself!"

It was so simply and so comprehensively worded that she expressed herself thoroughly satisfied with it, whereupon M. le Marquis asked her to write to her shameful persecutor in order to fix the date and hour for the exchange of the money against the deed duly signed and witnessed.

A well-known proverbial expression, worded also, "C'est que gît le lièvre.

83880 examples of  worded  in sentences