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83880 examples of  worded  in sentences

83880 examples of worded in sentences

It was true, probably the precise truth, but it seemed to have been volunteered in a rather remarkable way and worded with careful purpose.

The text of the document granting the privilege is obscurely worded.

He began some carefully worded inquiries as to her experience in the mill and her opinion of the work.

There is also the drama of Otho the Great, written in co-operation with Armitage Brown; and in Keats's letters many admirable thoughts are admirably worded.

An editorial note was worded thus: 'Through the kindness of a friend, we have been favoured with the latest production of a gentleman of no ordinary genius, Mr. Bysshe Shelley.

The conclusion of the stanza, worded with great beauty and delicacy, amounts substantially to saying'Take your last look of the dead Adonais while he may still seem to the eye to be rather sleeping than dead.' 1. 7.

" The Pocket Book to me she gave; After reproof and counsel sage, She bade me write in the first page This naughty action all in rhyme; No food to have until the time, In writing fair and neatly worded, The unfeeling fact I had recorded.

And as she looked inquisitively round the room she noticed on the mantelshelf a letter addressed to hera prettily worded letter in which the young fellow begged her to forgive him for causing her grief, and asked her to excuse him with his father, for it was necessary that he should leave them for a time.

These cleverly worded little tracts came showering down out of the sky, and at first they were eagerly picked up.

The Christ's Hospital graces in Lamb's day were worded thus: GRACE BEFORE MEAT Give us thankful hearts, O Lord God, for the Table which thou hast spread for us.

The badly-spelt and feebly-worded address to the Pope, to which he has affixed his signature, that hangs in a frame near the door, we did not consider much of an attraction, though to the members of the little congregation it would doubtless be a very holy relic.

Outside the entrance they found the audacious placard, worded just as Goldstein had reported, and they all agreed it was a mean trick to claim another firm's star as their own.

The doctor, this new doctor, took it, let it drop and said, "Good evening, Miss Esther," then turned to Jane with a politely worded message from Ann and Bubble.

Once more, God bless you, and may God bless her too, dear mother.' To describe Lucy's feelings while she read this simply-worded epistle would be impossible.

She enquired how Louise had accepted the situation forced upon her, and was shocked and rendered uncomfortable by the too plainly worded protest of the old Frenchwoman.

It was a simply worded invitation from her father, who wished to see her again after her long absence at court.

But his statement is substantially true, though obscurely worded.

"It is the absurd way in which this provision is worded that not only creates all the trouble but also makes the whole document so curiously significant in view of the testator's disappearance.

" We went out and left him with his prisonerpassive enough, indeed, according to his ambiguously worded promise.

He refused to give Lady Arthur any capital, which, in spite of the most carefully worded settlements, would inevitably, sooner or later, have found its way into the pockets of Lord Arthur's racing friends.

With keen-worded opposition, playful, merciless precision, Mocking the romance of Youth, Standing on the sphere of Truth, He on worldly wisdom's plane Rolled it to and fro amain.

There is certainly much force and truth in this curtly-worded opinion as applied to the contents of certain Paris journals.

A remonstrance might be so worded as to do no harm to Turkey or to Europe, and to do good to us.

They were so strangely worded that, not knowing their true import, she failed to understand them.

These strangely worded reports in French always puzzled the Baronet's daughter.

Why should he cause her to write and despatch with her own hand such curiously worded telegrams, addressed always to the registered address: "METEFOROS, PARIS"?

The style was perfectly courteous; the long phrases rolled on, measured and carefully worded, like diplomatic phrases, whose only aim is to convince.

It was worded with the special view of including the negroes.

In both there are three self-subsistent and only one self-originated:which is the substance of the idea of the Trinity, as faithfully worded as is compatible with the necessary inadequacy of words to the expression of ideas, that is, spiritual truths that can only be spiritually discerned.

The other 320 and more were really orthodox men, induced by artifices to subscribe a Creed which they understood in a good sense, but which, being worded in general terms, was capable of being perverted to a bad one.

Nay, I think it would have been far better to have worded the mystery thus:The Father together with his Son and Spirit, is the one true God.

Incautiously worded at best.

A colloquial expression worded in various ways, as, for example, en nombrando al ruรญn de Roma, luego asoma.

He is said to have been the first who canvassed for the crown, and to have made a speech expressly worded with the object of gaining the affections of the people: saying that he did not aim at anything unprecedented, for that he was not the first foreigner (a thing at which any one might feel indignation or surprise), but the third who aspired to the sovereignty of Rome.

I was aware of this interesting fact by reason of the curt and quaintly worded postcard which I was rereading, and by which I was requested to present myself at his house not later than seven o'clock on that evening.

Unfortunately, this was so worded that when Burke found it the same night, it gave him the impression that the depot party were all, with one exception, fairly well; and that, with fresh animals just off a long rest they would travel long stages on their homeward march.

It must be some miserable jester who has worded, printed, and placarded this unconscionable decree.

It is a frequent critical complaint that in such-and-such a character there is "no development": that it remains the same throughout a play; or (so the reproach is sometimes worded) that it is not a character but an invariable attitude.

The girl wrote in the highest spirits; and although her letters were most affectionately worded, they were all about self.

This he evidently intended to publish, as he had written the title-page which is worded as follows: "Agathodemon, a philosophical romance translated from the German of Wieland by W.E. Frye, member of the Academy degli Arcadi in Rome, and of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquarians of Copenhagen, ex-major of infantry in His British Majesty's service.

This he had adapted from the prospectus of a correspondence school, which had come to him through the mail, very genteelly worded.

The invitation which he sent was worded in quite a different form from that of the invitation which I received on the occasion of the Delhi Durbar.

Ralph telephoned once or twice to Moffatt, receiving genially-worded assurances that everything was "going their way"; but he felt a certain embarrassment in returning again to the office, and let himself drift through the days in a state of hungry apprehension.

His letters were better worded than Lord Pinkerton's, because he was better at the English language.

* * MARY RUSSELL MITFORD Our Village Mary Russell Mitford was known first as a dramatist, with tragedy as her forte, and in later years as a novelist, but by posterity she will be remembered as a portrayer of country life, in simply worded sketches, with a quiet colouring of humour.

I've noticed that these advertisements, all peculiarly worded, have been running for some time.

So we will let the explanation thus worded, which you have written to my uncles and stated verbally to Mrs. Keller, stand; also, that the undue haste was caused by your pressing need of me during your accident.

In 1611 James I addressed a strongly worded letter to the Mayor and Corporation and the Vicar requiring them to reform the practice of receiving the Holy Sacrament standing or sitting instead of kneeling, "As we our Self in our person do carefully perform it.

Since Wieck had withdrawn his evidence, the verdict was strongly worded in favour of the lovers.

THIRDLY, If the command of Christ to teach all nations extend only to the apostles, then, doubtless, the promise of the divine presence in this work must be so limited; but this is worded in such a manner as expressly precludes such an idea.

His resolutions, worded with ingenious obscurity, skilfully evaded the important aspect of the controversy, and two of them, the second and third, gave equal consolation to the Liberals and the Conservatives.

"The declarations on the subject in the Book of Mormon are so worded that we cannot fail to read them as denouncing and forbidding the practise of the Old Testament patriarchs in this matter of the family life.

There followed some lover's phrases, scantily worded, and frigid in an assumed passion.

Hollingsworth Chase read the carefully worded, diplomatic letter from the native lawyer, his listeners paying the strictest attention.

It was very oddly worded.

"I wish you could remember exactly how the advertisement was worded?" said Varick.

These were worded in the most flattering terms; and he was guaranteed against all inquiry or annoyance upon either subject from the day in which he resigned his tenure of office.

Under an act thus dubiously worded, and in a country which makes Bancroft a collector of the customs and Hawthorne a weigher and gauger, the works of an Alison and a Tupper would be put beyond the reach of all but the immensely rich.

"It is said, that more persons than one receive handsome salaries, to see that acts of parliament are properly worded.

We were too overdone to make more than one-worded utterances, so waited silently in the blazing sun, closing our eyes against the dust.

Your question isn't worded with all the tact in the world.

Nor would he believe that the framers of the Constitution had consciously worded that document with a view to enslaving the common people.


Indeed, the same argument, variously worded, has been used by oppressors in all ages.

" "Yes, but how beautiful these replies are worded!

Sir John, as he occupied his mind with the matter on the Thursday morning, did wake himself up to some generous energy on his client's behalf,so that in sending the written statements of the case to the Home Secretary, he himself wrote a short but strongly-worded note. '

When the report from the committee of the whole was taken up in the House, a few days later, Benson of New York proposed that the disputed clause should be omitted and the language of the bill should be worded so as to imply that the power of removal was in the President.

The enthusiastic shout of satisfaction rolled through the long column reaching twenty miles back, as the news passed from brigade to brigade that the army was not to be withdrawn but was, as Grant's report to Lincoln was worded, "to fight it out on this line if it took all summer."

He would speak his part with a great flourish of the hands and much high-sounding emphasis, and when he had finished she would reply with a carefully worded retort, setting forth the claims and rewards of virtue.

" ON OBSERVING A SIGN IN SHEFFIELD WORDED, "BRIDE CAKES AND FUNERAL BISCUITS." Ah! is the bridal-day, When festive pleasures meet, The presage, but of swift decay, Within the winding sheet?

It was a correctly worded receipt for twenty pounds.

A strangely ill-worded and ungrammatical petition to have the assembly dissolved was presented to the governor by the Lower Cove people, but Governor Carleton refused to interfere, and the Upper Cove candidates kept their seats.

The common news of the day is worded as cautiously as though it were to be the subject of judicial disquisition; and the real tendency of an article is sometimes so much at variance with its comment, that the whole, to a cursory peruser, may seem destitute of any meaning at all.

Then several German connoisseurs follow in their peculiar script, with comments worded heavily with hard-mouthed consonants.

He had to sustain the honor of the Council, and pronounce the beautifully worded oration which had cost him two sleepless nights to compose; he had to place in the hands of the general the offering of Berlin gratitude.

Our definition of a poem may be thus worded.

Our description should be so worded as to show what the differences are.

The title should be brief and should be worded so as to arouse a desire to hear the theme.

This is no more than what we know as a matter of history, for the Articles were expressly worded to bring in Roman Catholics.

Towards the end of the year two incidents, besides some roughly-worded Episcopal charges, disturbed this quiet.

" She thought she had worded her letter well, worded it in a way that could not be bettered; all had been implied and nothing expressed.

" She thought she had worded her letter well, worded it in a way that could not be bettered; all had been implied and nothing expressed.

When she was well enough to leave her bed, her one thought was of George's mother, of his strangely worded wish that she should go to her and see what she could do for her.

The reason for the continuance of this fear is that the constitution is so worded that the powers of the general government are not precisely fixed.

This was not the first time I had worded the inner thoughts of a company who dared not speak out themselves, but, as catspaws are invariably burned, I cannot lay to my soul the flattering unction that I have escaped their common lot.

So perfect was his system of gathering beefand he gathered only the best, so as to catch the top pricethat when Dill's message came, short and hurried but punctiliously worded and perfectly punctuated, that beef had raised to four-thirty and "Please rush shipment as per agreement," Billy had his trainload of beef in Tower, ready to load just three days after receiving notice.

" Some lawyers are worse than highway robbers; they make the laws as legislators to suit their own iniquitous, selfish purposes, so worded that they are susceptible of almost any interpretation, thus leading to endless litigations by which these cannibal devourers of reputations are robbing the public of their possessions.

" Some days after this the stately Miss Crampton departed for her Christmas holidays, a letter following her, containing a dismissal (worded with studied politeness) and a cheque for such an amount of money as went far to console her.

Still the men who filled the Old South to overflowing did not omit the duty of stern-worded protest against the aggressions of Parliament; and in an elaborate and admirable paper, marked with Joseph Warren's energy of soul, they alleged the unconstitutional imposition of taxes as the groundwork of the recent troubles.

This, from a Loyalist source, is a singularly worded paragraph, and is richly Delphic.

Thanks to his foresight, Mr. Campbell was able to take out of his pocket several long and carefully worded telegrams giving a rรฉsumรฉ of the situation.

Miss Grahame accordingly wrote in a truly heroic and highly-phrased style, regretting, sympathising, and encouraging; but the answer, though guardedly worded, told her too plainly all her influence was over.

She wrote instantly to St. Eval in Arthur's favour, but so guardedly and calmly worded her letter, that no suspicion of any kinder or more interested feeling than that of her peculiarly generous and warm-hearted nature could have been suspected, either by St. Eval or her sister.

Had he been able to pass his resolution so worded as to "direct" the Secretary of State to throw open the entire files of the Department's foreign correspondence for the Senate's inspection, instead of merely "requesting" the President to furnish such information as the Senate desired "if not, in his opinion, incompatible with the public interest," the result would have been practically the same.

" "I thought that 'twas in mockery," continued the boy, when he saw by the eye of the young captain that he had read the quotation; 'for 'twas very like, though more prettily worded, than that which I had said, myself!"

It was so simply and so comprehensively worded that she expressed herself thoroughly satisfied with it, whereupon M. le Marquis asked her to write to her shameful persecutor in order to fix the date and hour for the exchange of the money against the deed duly signed and witnessed.

It was a clumsily worded, ill-written, ill-spelt demand for five thousand francs, failing which sum the thing which Madame had lost would forthwith be destroyed.

The letter was thus worded: "COLONEL CLIFFORD,A penitent man begs humbly to approach you, and offer what compensation is in his power.

It is stupidly worded, but the meaning is obvious.

A well-known proverbial expression, worded also, "C'est lร  que gรฎt le liรจvre.