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211 examples of  workin'  in sentences

211 examples of workin' in sentences

" "I notice you liked my pep, all righty, when I was workin' in the feed-yard office.

Ef I wuz a poor, shifles' crittur, only workin' fer de praise o' men, folks would say,'he's no differen' frum de rest; you've got to keep yer eye on him ef yer want tings done properly.

I'm goin' to wear my workin' dress, and tell her I hadn't nary minute nor nary cent to do other.

yet I can speak well of her workin' qualifications,' He named 'em all out to Zack, and Zack had his say for each one. '

That child ain't fitten to be in no milllet alone workin' night turn.

I reckon workin' in the trenches won't be a healthy job from this time on.

"Ay, that they have, considerin' what I've done, an' how nearly I came to workin' the worst of harm to all hands here; but I can see by their eyes that they're always thinkin' I may play the same dirty game agin, though God knows I'd stand at the stake with never a whimper till the life was burned out of me rather than do one of them another wrong.

He should ha' been workin' on the moor today, but they've bin rain't off.

Fortune has turned her dark side to me this long time, now; and, bedad, iv it wasn't for contrivin', an' workin' hard to boot, I wouldn't be able to keep above the flood.

" "It was in perfect workin' order," declared the foreman.

"Born in Bristol, sir, but I wus workin' on the Carolineshe's a Colony schooner, in the fish trade.

"Workin' all by myself I've had tuh take the rocks out each time before I could push the old thing back again tuh the top, 'cause she's some heavy, believe me.

"I seen Cap'n Wegg livin' without workin', fer he never lifted a hand to do even a chore.

" "Ye kin take yer copy in cloth," said the little woman, compassionately, "sein' as ye're only workin' for yer board.

I bin workin' at these 'ere beds for months, and here they are spilt in a minit; but I tell ee

And a certain sense of humor, as Mr. Heatherbloom sat down to the oars, caused the colored man involuntarily to hum: I'se got a white man a-workin' for me.

"I'm workin'," Bubble's voice was not as confident as usual.

"You can't keep a han'kerchy very clean a-workin' in the breaker, it's so dusty here.

I was sick, an' he hired Widow Maloney to tend me while he was a-workin', and when I got well he got me this place a-pickin' slate in the breaker.

I know; but that's all he is; he ain't a Burnham, no more'n I be, if he was he wouldn't be a-workin' here in the dirt; it ain't reason'ble.

No use mopin' when you lose the game, No use sobbin' if you're free from shame, No use cryin' when the harm is done, Just keep on tryin' an' workin' on; Only thing for a man to do, Is take the loss an' begin anew.

Only he ain't a-workin' now.

I won't say that two resolute and strong arms might not cut a way through for one little craft like ourn, if they had summer fully afore 'em, and know'd they was a-workin' towards a fri'nd instead of towards an inimy.

Very hot today, is it not?" "Feeflee warm, sir; weather's goin' to break' workin' up for thunder.

Some are workin' their jiggers while others are yarnin', There's some standin' up

"You see," she said, "as I was a-settin' in the spring-house, this mornin', a-workin' my butter, I says to Dinah,'I'm goin' to carry a pot of this down to Miss Scudder for the Doctor,I got so much good out of his Sunday's sermon.

" "I wouldn't mind workin' for myself," said Jackson.

"Ain't we paid him his share ever since we started workin' these parts?" "He don't dare take the chance," said Purvis.

He don't like the game the chief has been workin' with her.

"When she got done workin' at herself you couldn't see not a ribbon nor a hem of her fine clothes; it was all black skirt and shawl, and she'd put up her sleeve, so that when her arm stuck out it was bare.

There's no workin' in a house with comfort when there's such a young one about.

" "I'm workin', ain't I?

I was ready to do that when the time come, but right now we was workin' in Sonny's interests, an' I intended to have it understood that way.

I can't say ez I exac'ly see how she's a workin' it to edjercate 'em that a-way.

"Fellers that got tired of workin' and took to ridin' for their livin'.

Neither of 'em had a chance workin' alone to get Joan way from her father's gang, but workin' together they might have a ghost of a show.

It wasn't no fight at first and half of 'em was down before they had their guns workin'.

here anyway an' was used to the place, an' the ways of the house, an' didn't want to go anywheres else an' wanted to stay here an' not to chance nothin' an' have the same people workin' as worked before, like Miss Drane, say, with her mother livin' here jes' the same, an' you keepin' house jes' as you is now, an' all goin' on without no upsottin', of course Seraphina, she wouldn't mind that.

"Then you are used to agricultural labor?" "I've been workin' on a farm all summer.

Ask the ould maids I'm workin' for.

Then it's them you're workin' for?"

Mother needs my wages, and I must keep on workin'.

Old Jones had nothin' agin me, for I was a stiddy, hard-workin' feller as there was round,an' Mary Ann was always as pleasant as could be, then;well, I oughtn't to say nothin' agin her now; she's had a hard life of it, 'longside o' me.

I an't used to workin' unless I gets whipped.'

" "He don' need to do no talkin', wid his eyes a-workin' like dat.

"I been workin' this mornin'.

A few months in the year ain't no workin'.

" Gunner Toady paused impressively and continued, "Now you'd 'ardly believe it, but before I joined the reg'ment in '09 I was a master-plasterer workin' in Fulham.

Now, I like a stiddy young man, but don't you think you run this thing of workin' into the ground?" "Wail, maybe so," said Golyer with a weary smile"leastways I've been a-running this spade into the ground all the morning, and" "You want buttermilkthat's your idee: ain't it, now?" "Well, Mizzes Barringer, I reckon you know my failin's.

"I don't understand itbut he says you've got a lot better chance to get your memory workin' clear again if things are recalled to you by the aid of 'stimuli' instead of having any one tell you.

My son made me quit workin'.

My estimony is dat de black servants today workin' for de whites learns things from dem white girls dat dey never knowed before, and den goes home and does things dey never done before.

"'Sure the fuse is out, but before it went out it set fire to something on the cellar bottom, an' the blaze is workin' its way up to the powder, or whatever it is.

"Next mornin' I plunged into a lawsuit an' was workin' night an' day, until the jury came in with a verdict an' court adjourned for the Christmas holidays.

I was workin' for my owners then.

They had no place to go and they been workin' the crop.

"My mother told me that Susan Murphy would suckle me when my mother was out workin' and then my mother would suckle her daughter.

I was workin' a good while 'fore surrender.

"Yes suh, I keeps workin' every day and likes to keep up my sewin'.

"I was good and grown when I married and I been workin' hard ever since.

He's allers willin' t' do more'n his share; an' he's lots happier when he's workin' hard than when he's just lyin' idle in the stable, or bein' trotted out by Matt fer a walk.

"That bein' happiest when you're workin' hard must be great; but I guess it's only dogs an' mebbe some men that's like that.

An' I guess Baldy'd be kinda neutral, 'cause he don't pay attention t' Eskimos or anything when he's workin'.

Leavin' yer auld man tae mak' his ain tea, and him workin' syne six o'clock o' the morn!'

Workin' for the family.

FALVEY Workin' when I wasn't idle and idle when I wasn't workin', but in trouble all the time.

We would be workin'.

I doan 'member my mammy, but pappy was workin' on de railroad afte' freedom an' got killed.

We can't make but fo' bits a day workin' out now, an' 'at doan buy nothin' at de sto'.

De oberseers was white men workin' fer wages.

"Den I go to work for Mr. Ed McAllum in DeKalbwhen I aint workin' for de Gullies.

He had a right smart plantation an' kep' all his Niggers, 'cept one house boy, out in the fiel' a-workin'.

Looks like dey don't care 'bout workin' at nothin'.

"I been a-workin' all my life, an' I'se seen good times an' bad times.

"I's workin' now for one o' my old folks.

Den I started to workin' in de fiel' wid de rest of de hands.

If a man was a tanner, and especially a foreign, hand-workin' tanner, what would his markin's be? "'I tried to remember everybody that I'd ever seen handlin' a hide, and all at once I recollected that the first thing a dago shoemaker done when he picked up a piece of leather was to smooth it out with his thumbs.

I'll make it up to 'ee, see if I don't; and I think you do owe I summat, anyhow, for workin' so hard as I always do.

Sunday mornin' an' all, an' the girls down an' workin' about, I'll engage.

"I'll learn your mother to lie to me about your workin'.

And before you go I just want to pass the word that young Adams is workin' for me.

You ought to hear him and Bondsman workin' out that 'Annie Laurie' duet.

It was Waco went down, workin' that machine gun against his own crowd.

When he goes into a fight it's like his day's work, and he don't waste no talk or elbow action when he's workin'.

Hadds was then workin' for the railroad company, but not happy.

"'Zeke,' says William, hangin' on to my neck, 'did I hear somethin', or is it that cussed green ink workin'?' "'I thought I observed a sound,' says I; 'and whatever it was lit yonder.

They're workin' their way from her left arm into her head, aunt says.

If I had only taken the papers, now, I should ha' read all about that affair, and might ha' guessed that the man who was s'posed to be murdered was the man I had seen workin' in that room for three years.

On Sunday after workin' hard all de week dey would lay down to sleep and be so tired; soon ez yo' git sleep, de overseer would come an' wake you up an' make you go to church.

" "He 'as aperiently been workin' hisself into a lather, y'r worship," said Butts.

Bimeby Massa oberseer com'd an' axed, "all bin a workin' libely?" I say "Yes, Massa."' Then said Mr. Parker, 'You were lying, Joe had been sleeping, not working.'

I got a boy workin' in his factory; that's how I come to know who the guy was.

Everything relating to the workin' of salt mines; oil wells; metals, photographs; maps, illustrating how these riches of the earth wuz deposited, and all the machinery for collecting and making them useful to man.

And to see 'em workin' away right before us at all the industrial trades, to see inteligence in the eyes that had held savagery, to hear the inteligent conversation in place of gutteral axents, I wuz highly tickled.

And workin' out by the day and eatin' codfish as she duz, makes her more morbid, kinder salts her blood I believe, and she lays it to you onjustly, for meat bein' so high that she can't buy any.

He's workin' hard, an' it's not for money.

"D'you s'pose I'd be workin' in the garden on Saturday morning if she wasn't?" An iron hoop bounded through the area railings of a suburban house and played havoc with the kitchen window.

I'm only workin' here.

"Stead of workin' fo' it that good-fo'-nothin' nigger done stole some bacon.

Don't yuh pay no attention to that lightthat's what the Old Boy plays for first, every time; workin' your curiosity up.