211 examples of workin' in sentences

"Workin' all by myself I've had tuh take the rocks out each time before I could push the old thing back again tuh the top, 'cause she's some heavy, believe me.

" "Ye kin take yer copy in cloth," said the little woman, compassionately, "sein' as ye're only workin' for yer board.

I was sick, an' he hired Widow Maloney to tend me while he was a-workin', and when I got well he got me this place a-pickin' slate in the breaker.

He don't like the game the chief has been workin' with her.

here anyway an' was used to the place, an' the ways of the house, an' didn't want to go anywheres else an' wanted to stay here an' not to chance nothin' an' have the same people workin' as worked before, like Miss Drane, say, with her mother livin' here jes' the same, an' you keepin' house jes' as you is now, an' all goin' on without no upsottin', of course Seraphina, she wouldn't mind that.

Then it's them you're workin' for?"

Mother needs my wages, and I must keep on workin'.

A few months in the year ain't no workin'.

Now, I like a stiddy young man, but don't you think you run this thing of workin' into the ground?" "Wail, maybe so," said Golyer with a weary smile"leastways I've been a-running this spade into the ground all the morning, and" "You want buttermilkthat's your idee: ain't it, now?" "Well, Mizzes Barringer, I reckon you know my failin's.

My estimony is dat de black servants today workin' for de whites learns things from dem white girls dat dey never knowed before, and den goes home and does things dey never done before.

"'Sure the fuse is out, but before it went out it set fire to something on the cellar bottom, an' the blaze is workin' its way up to the powder, or whatever it is.

They had no place to go and they been workin' the crop.

He's allers willin' t' do more'n his share; an' he's lots happier when he's workin' hard than when he's just lyin' idle in the stable, or bein' trotted out by Matt fer a walk.

Workin' for the family.

Sunday mornin' an' all, an' the girls down an' workin' about, I'll engage.

"I'll learn your mother to lie to me about your workin'.

And before you go I just want to pass the word that young Adams is workin' for me.

It was Waco went down, workin' that machine gun against his own crowd.

"'Zeke,' says William, hangin' on to my neck, 'did I hear somethin', or is it that cussed green ink workin'?' "'I thought I observed a sound,' says I; 'and whatever it was lit yonder.

If I had only taken the papers, now, I should ha' read all about that affair, and might ha' guessed that the man who was s'posed to be murdered was the man I had seen workin' in that room for three years.

On Sunday after workin' hard all de week dey would lay down to sleep and be so tired; soon ez yo' git sleep, de overseer would come an' wake you up an' make you go to church.

" "He 'as aperiently been workin' hisself into a lather, y'r worship," said Butts.

Bimeby Massa oberseer com'd an' axed, "all bin a workin' libely?" I say "Yes, Massa."' Then said Mr. Parker, 'You were lying, Joe had been sleeping, not working.'

Everything relating to the workin' of salt mines; oil wells; metals, photographs; maps, illustrating how these riches of the earth wuz deposited, and all the machinery for collecting and making them useful to man.

And to see 'em workin' away right before us at all the industrial trades, to see inteligence in the eyes that had held savagery, to hear the inteligent conversation in place of gutteral axents, I wuz highly tickled.

211 examples of  workin'  in sentences