2040 examples of worms in sentences

31 If Nelly Lebrun had consigned him mentally to the worms, that thought made not the slightest impression upon Donnegan.

> Sentences: "I am fled From this world, with worms to dwell."

Some say worms win resurrection, With white wings beating flitter-flutter, But wings or a sound sleep, why should I care?

Henry summoned a synod at Worms in January, 1076, which decreed the deposition of the Pope.

In some animals, such as some worms, there is a bisexuality of the individual.

The cowdung and hay will allow the worms to multiply.

Have our fleets encountered any thing but winds and worms?

It is at this age, too, that all infectious and eruptive fevers are most prevalent; worms often begin to form, and diarrhoea, thrush, rickets, cutaneous eruptions, etc. manifest themselves, and the foundation of strumous disease is originated or developed.

SALT.This is necessary for the health of a child; it acts as a stimulant to the digestive organs, and if not allowed in sufficient quantity with the food, worms will result.[FN#14]

This observation, moreover, it behoves a mother carefully to regard, since the symptoms, popularly supposed to indicate the existence of worms, are so deceptive, (and none more so than that which is usually so much depended uponthe picking of the nose,) that it may be positively asserted to be impossible for an unprofessional person to form a correct and sound opinion in any of these cases.

This notion is now entirely exploded; for if worms be present under such circumstances, it is a mere accidental complication; the fever referred to being generally of a remitting character, and neither caused by or causing the generation of worms.

This is not surprising, since they so closely resemble those which characterise the presence of worms, that an unprofessional person is almost sure to be misled by them.

Worms most frequently occur, however, during childhood; much more so at this epoch than in adult age.

HOW PRODUCED, AND HOW BEST PREVENTED.The causes of worms it is not very easy to explain; at the same time it is very certain that some known circumstances favour their production.

This observation is strikingly illustrated by an occurrence which formerly took place in Holland, where an ancient law existed forbidding salt in the bread of certain criminals; they were in consequence horribly infested with worms, and quickly died.

Sugar, too, whilst a necessary condiment for the food of children, if given in the form of sweetmeats, and their indulgence, long persisted in, may so enfeeble the organs of digestion as to cause worms.

These, then, are so many causes which may occasion worms in the child, and of course the best and most effectual method to prevent their production is their avoidance.

What about preserves, recalling old memories, and making one think of bees and butterflies and apples on the trees and pumpkins in the cornrows, and robins and angle-worms and brown-armed men in the hay-fields?

Each killed noxious worms and insects for food, and each, in the very exuberance of the flush year, and of living, gave forth at times such music that all men, women, and children who listened, though they might be dull and ignorant, somehow felt better, and were better as well as happier human beings.

The male oriole, who had been learning where the insects and worms are, where whatever is good for little birds is, all through the time while the female bird is sitting on the nest, must necessarily know much more than his wife as to where things to eat for the children may be found nearest and most easily and swiftly.

Caw, caw!why the wretches want feeding again, They've a "diet of worms" nearly every hour.

One is their ability to light their bodies up at night brighter than a hundred glow worms.

(He falls down and writhes as though eaten by worms.

In vain do they conceal their thoughts in the most secret folds of their hearts; his eye follows them, disentangles and unrolls them like worms, and guesses twenty years beforehand their deeds and their intentions.

Searching under the stones he soon found some worms, and, tossing one into the middle of the pool, he saw a hungry fish rise to it.

2040 examples of  worms  in sentences