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5095 example sentences with  worries

5095 example sentences with worries

In the midst of it all, she was tender and compassionate as usual, remembering the troubles of others, her father and his worries.

What worries you?"

(How pleasant it would be to have a sort of spiritual whipping-boy to bear the nasty things in life for onethe disappointments, the worries, the times of illness and sorrow, the partings.)

"I declare," she said, "I wish I was back at home where I could get a decent cup of tea and be free of worries."

Nobody worries about Mr. Pike much; but Lord Doraine took him off to the billiard-room, after collecting Mr. Wertz, to play "Bridge"everybody plays "Bridge," I findand then Lady Doraine came and joined Lord Valmond and me on the big sofa.

And just as I'd been to all this botherfagging myself to death about all these things" her tragic gesture swept the disordered room"just as I thought I was going home to enjoy myself, and look nice, and see people again, and have a little pleasure after all our worries" She dropped back on the sofa with another burst of tears.

She still felt it to be her deepest grievance against her husband; and now that, after four years of petty household worries, another chance of escape had come, he already wanted to drag her back to bondage!

Little by little he slipped into a detailed recital of all his lesser worries, the most recent of which was his experience with the Lipscombs, who, after a two months' tenancy of the West End Avenue house, had decamped without paying their rent.

"As if this trouble about Reuben were not enough, there are worries in the city.

Grandma, stimulated by the success of her mixing and moulding, and elated by the profit she saw in it, was often too happy and bustling to remember how young we were, or that we got tired, or had worries of our own to bear.

Mothering means heart ache and worries, plus joy and pride and the joy and pride more than makes up for the rest.

It was so easy to convert her worries into anger at another that she was beginning to hate this brutal-minded Beau Brummel of the ranges.

She never allowed a trouble of any kind to touch me, and cared only that all worries should fall on her, all joys on me.

You can't imagine how he loves me and worries about meand how fearful he is of me" His mind seemed to leap and gather her words.

"Just a little note for your father," he explained, "to tell him where we are, in case he worries about you."

Sometimes this is done designedly: as by Mr. Snarling, who by long practice has attained the power of hinting and insinuating, in the course of a forenoon call, as many unpleasant things as may germinate into a crop of ill-tempers and worries which shall make the house at which he called uncomfortable all that day.

So Dave for a summer had brought him surcease from help worries.

He was a small, nervous, intent man whose daily worries showed plainly through the uplift of the moment, and Wilbur had wondered what he found to be so thrilled about.

I worries from one meal to de odder, I worries about whure I'ze gwine get some mo' clothes when dese wears out?'

I worries from one meal to de odder, I worries about whure I'ze gwine get some mo' clothes when dese wears out?'

A wild free life in the wilderness must be a happy exchange for all the petty worries and perplexities of this cursed existence."

It always worries me to see tiny animals like that flutter about ... and birds are dear, good little things.

He usually worries, and comes in asking, "Where is She?"

Sheriff Olson has his worries, By Mary Grace Chute.

I had no business worries, for I knew my salary was mounting up at Dawsons'.

Two or three months without salary meant debts piling up, clothes in ribbons, and no end of hectic worries.

Then Unc' Billy's worries were at an end, for Farmer Brown's boy no longer hunted with his dreadful gun through the Green forest or on the Green Meadows.

He never worries his beast, is sure to get from him all the work of which he is capable, is himself quite incapable of being fatigued in this way.

within the four corners of an Act of Parliament without giving the game away too grossly, worries them a little.

In the air one cannot mark time, and it worries Fritz to death.

A shallow mind ne'er worries for the morrow.

Yet when I speak to you and press your hand, He worries not.

In everyday talk, people may use "paranoid" to mean more normal worries.

Above all, however, she worries about ā€œthe decision-making at the topā€ of the U.S. government.

Between health concerns and performance worries, things remain greatly in flux for this group.

But itā€™s been another day dogged by coronavirus worries again, as companies count the cost of the ongoing disruption in China.

Costco has consistently been open to accommodate concerned (and frankly absolutely panicked) customers who are loading up on key household items during this time of widespread fear and scarcity worries.

Despite liberalsā€™ worries, the United States has not descended into fascism.

Even with worries over Trumpā€™s condition, ā€œthe fiscal program has been the loudest noise in the market,ā€ said Arnim Holzer, macro and correlation defense strategist at EAB Investment Group.

Everyone supported each other, sharing worries and concerns through a love of art.

He also worries about a shortage of supplies as demand soars around the world.

Henry also said she worries about how an order limiting gatherings any further would affect vulnerable populations.

Here's how to deal with their questions and worries.

'He worries about his own behaviour.

He worries more about being able to get people who think and act professionally.

He worries most for his sons, aged eight and 10.

He worries that Friday's message ā€” about a "glimmer of hope" that efforts are working to reduce the spread of the disease ā€” from Dr. Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix might be taken the wrong way by British Columbians.

If it helps erase lingering relegation worries on Tyneside, Frank Lampard saw Chelseaā€™s grip on a top-four place slacken.

In an interview this month, he admitted he's trying to starve the U.S. Postal Service of money in order to make it harder to process an expected surge of mail-in ballots, which he worries could cost him the election.

It features an electric start with no worries about your battery in the cold.

It's not a full Early Access launch, but it should be enough to sate the worries of Kickstarter backers who have already paid for the game.

Itā€™s OK to admit your worries and fears about the future, and it really helps to reach out and share your feelings with someone.

Itā€™s still way below the roughly $60 level where it started the year as worries pile up about the effects of a collapse in demand.

Johnsonā€™s ā€œfriendsā€ briefed the Times last week that he was not enjoying the job of prime minister, beset by money worries without the prop of his Ā£275,000 columnistā€™s salary and struggling to afford a nanny for baby Wilfred.

Lawrence Gostin, a public health expert at Georgetown University, said he worries Republican calls for wearing masks ā€œmight be too late.ā€

Marseille has watched traffic increase in the area over the years and now worries the development could only make things worse.

More than half of the firms who signed sounded worries that they would not survive beyond the middle of 2021, even before the curfew was imposed.

Andrea Flory Quest said she worries her 18-year-old will give up on his goals given all the cancellations.

Murray worries about the large gap and loss of educational knowledge with all these directors leaving, something some boards aren't ready to give up just yet.

My family still worries about his safety.

Note the absurdity here: Apple creates whole new products and industries, consumer benefits that didnā€™t exist before, and the federal government worries that itā€™s somehow going to ā€œlimitā€ competition in a field it brought to the market.

ā€œOne thing worries me ā€” will people believe me?ā€

Retailers face those same worries as they grapple with the all-important question for the fourth quarter: How to get people in a holiday spending mood?

Another near-lockdown may have disastrous effects on economic, physical and social well-being, she worries.

So far, 16 states, including New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Georgia and Illinois, have already approved measures granting immunity from lawsuits ā€” a development that worries longtime critics of the industry.

Talk to other people and express your feelings and worries to those you trust.

That sparked worries the tyre was slowly killing the beast.

That thought worries me greatly.

Asked directly whether he worries this bellicose denunciation of the Communist superpower will harm two-way trade, the Minister replies: 'There shouldn't be negative effects in that we both - Australia and China - recognise that we have different systems.

ā€œAs more or less a life-long insomniac, Iā€™m well acquainted with things that go bump in the night, all those thoughts and memories and worries that come to visit you at two in the morning.

There is, though, no question of further changes being made to the formats despite concerns about an increase in Covid-19 cases in and around Lisbon, and more recent worries in Germany about a rise in cases there.

As these and other worries continue to mount in the Facebook group, Saraiva and her husband have written a letter to voice the coalitionā€™s concerns.

The service aims to offer comfort in the face of concerns and worries related to the epidemic.

This is the kind of thing that worries me and probably worries a lot of other people.

This is the kind of thing that worries me and probably worries a lot of other people.

This new study shows that peopleā€™s attitudes or worries are likely to drive such findings and damage psychological well-being.

TOKYO (AP) ā€” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe went to a hospital on Monday for what Japanese media said was a regular health checkup, although the visit generated renewed worries about his health.

At the same time, the prisoners start coming out of their cell, but Val mostly worries about the girl he saw earlier.

ā€œWe realized that that creates a vast lake of data that an AI can consume and create a very smart voice enabled assistant that can help a pet owner 24/7, answer questions and concerns and worries about their pet.ā€

ā€œWhatā€™s going to happen when we cannot take care of these patients?ā€ said Dr. Pedro Salinas, a critical care specialist, who worries about how much longer the staff can endure.

ā€œWhen you step between the lines, you kind of leave all your worries behind,ā€ said Hurricane head coach Jeremy Taylor.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays just around the corner, Walker worries about what will happen when families host large gatherings and then send their children back to school alongside her children.

With the virus spreading in the community once again and some lockdown measures re-imposed, there are worries that the recovery may start to stall this winter.

ā€œYou know how much he worries about youā€¦?ā€

All of us worry, but worrying becomes a problem when the worries overcome healthy experiences and interfere with life.

Focusing on the emotional well-being and mental health of tweens, this essential guide covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up ā€” from peer pressure to puberty and all the worries in between.

Focusing on the emotional well-being and mental health of tweens, this essential guide covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up ā€” from peer pressure to puberty and all the worries in between.

God does not tell us anything about where did the foreign country where they came from women, but that's not surprising: many loaded with all kinds of worries it could easily forget.

If I spend a day ruminating on financial worries, my hurt feelings or situations beyond my control, I am exhausted both physically and emotionally with nothing to show for my fruitless expenditure of priceless energy at the end of that day.

If your ONE did not respond in faith, no worries.

ā€œIn the tomb of the soul, we carry secret yearnings, pains, frustrations, loneliness, fears, regret, worries.

It is his utter rage that worries me the most.

Karlis Eihenbaums has never forgotten Latvia under Soviet rule, but worries that others are losing that perspective.

Neither were my fault at all but it still worries me.

Officers could not be made to understand that half their own worries and a considerable proportion of the casualties suffered by their units were due to their own indiscreet use of the forward telephones.

On the LME market, worries about nearby supplies have been reinforced by one entity holding between 50 and 79 per cent of nickel warrants.

As an important first step, you can help yourself a lot by understanding that the tension and pressure you may be feeling is stress, AND, that all of your worries, fears and physical feelings have a name: Anxiety.

"The fact is, I have troubles and worries of my own," I said.

The researchers report that parents who wish to modify the behavior of their teenage children would be better advised to communicate with them on an equal level, explaining their worries and rationale to them.

When the coach was interviewed, he confidently said he had no worries for the future and he just did his job and will keep at it until someone tells him to leave.