2732 examples of worries in sentences

Oh, really, a thing like that worries him as much as the loss of a fortune, or a death in the family, would upset anyone else.

But clothes were the least part of his worries.

Ye see, Bud, in a new country 'tisn't only the real bad eggs that worries us.

"The man is half-dead for the want of sleep, worn out with all his worries," thought Andy.

added Small Porges, "an' then Auntie Anthea worries, an' I worry too.

In spite of all the cares, and worries, life is very sweet!"

She has such a kind heart that she worries about everybody.

"I declare," she said, "I wish I was back at home where I could get a decent cup of tea and be free of worries.

The latter worries them, because they have to keep up its dignity.

Finding relaxation from his cares and worries in the problems of his farm, he devoted every spare moment to the life out-of-doors, and drank in new strength and inspiration with every breath of the pure country air.

That's one of the things that worries me.

"It worries me to see a $150 vase used for a purpose that a fifty-cent calico bag would serve quite as well.

So Dave for a summer had brought him surcease from help worries.

His worries exasperated her, and the slightest attempt to control her proceedings resulted in a charge of "grumbling."

The shop of Mohamed Jan is well worth a visit, for three good reasonsfirst, because his Oriental carpets from Penjdeh and Khiva are of the best; second, because his house is one of the first specimens of a high-class native dwelling existing; and third, because he never worries his customers nor touts for ordersbut, then, he is a Persian, and not a Kashmiri!

Two or three months without salary meant debts piling up, clothes in ribbons, and no end of hectic worries.

"It is your business worries that torment you" "It is desire to be near you.

It ought to, for though, in point of power to thrill, it did not quite confirm the promise of its sinister name and theme it was never for a moment dull, and its faults were the kind of stage-faults about which, while they give the critic a chance of being unkind, a British audience never worries too much.

The fact added to their worries, but luckily Tayoga, with his amazing powers of hearing, joined them, establishing at once what was in effect a listening post, although it was not called then by that name.

Once you do that, once you convince them you are near enough to their lives to understand their needs and to try and gratify their natural longings, all your worries will take wing and fly away; for your children will cease to hide and cloak their actions and natures, and they will no longer wish to deceive or attempt to defy you.

" "I should think it would tire him," said Mrs. Schallibaum; "and it worries me to hear him asking to lie down when we can't let him.

He would consult us about his own private worries with entire frankness, and this more than anything made us ready to confide in him.

Morse seems to have had a really patriotic motive, as well as a desire for immediate return and the freedom from further worries, in his offer to the Government.

so it goes; old time strides on, Nor cares for years, and worries, But knocks us here; and hits us there, As past us quick he hurries; We still are friends, and have our fun, In spite of years, and trouble; We've planted, reaped, and had our day.

The uncertainty worries me some.

2732 examples of  worries  in sentences