7463 examples of worshiped in sentences

Ah! the blessed, blessed light that flamed out from the merry pine-torch; he didn't wonder that half the Eastern world worshiped fire.

The logical result of such a mental attitude is that putting ourselves in the place of all that is worshiped as God which is spoken of in the second chapter of the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians and other parts of Scripture.

Oh, she was tall and wondrous fair At the Junior Promenade, Her eyes were stars, and black was her hair, Her cheeks shone red in the bright light's glare: I worshiped her quite as I danced with her there, At the Junior Promenade.

And I almost worshiped her when she smiled, And turned from her Bible to bless her child.

The religious services to be performed according to the usage of the Episcopal Church, in which church the deceased most usually worshiped.

Then all the springs of affection in my heart, stopped since my mother's death, burst out in fresh and terrible torrents, and I could have fallen at her feet and worshiped her.

2. That he ought to be worshiped.

He had worshiped and adored and been made unutterably sad and lonely by her dazzling success, glad as he was that it had come to her.

In the box was a gorgeous, unset ruby, the gem of Alan's collection as Tony well knew having worshiped often at its shrine.

Seventeen of the rajputs (rashpootes, it is pronounced) represent the purest and bluest Hindu blood, for they are descended from Rama, the hero of the Ramayama, the great Hindu poem, who is generally worshiped as an incarnation of the god Bishnu; and their subjects are all their kinsmen, descended from the same ancestors, members of the same family, and are treated as such.

He was a fanatic who worshiped the goddess Kali; the black wife of Siva, and believed that the removal of unbelievers from the earth was what we call a Christian duty.

No saint in the Hindu calendar is more generally worshiped or more profoundly revered unto the present day.

The other party, called Arians, believed and taught that Christ was not divine; and that he was not to be honored and worshiped as God.

" "Touch him up a bit," said Howells, who had worshiped Hiram Ranger and in a measure understood what had been in his mind when he dedicated his son to a life of labor.

"And he went into the house of a certain man named Justus, one that worshiped God."Acts cor.

And he is worshiped over all things as God, and showeth himself as he were God.

And this thing is done to you for the wickedness of your errors in unbelief; therefore be ye converted from the worst sin, as it is written, "When Moses was in the hill with God," the people made a calf and worshiped it as God.

Here, however, he learned little, the students being more interested in drinking bouts and platonic relations with barmaids and actresses; in spite of which the art of poetry was worshiped and Pushkin with others among his friends published a journal in manuscript that circulated their own contributions.

Moses and Samuel were good men for their time, but the God whom they worshiped was a very different being from the God of Hosea or of the later Isaiah.

Charles Reade worshiped Laura Seymour, and she understood him and sympathized with his work and his whims.

Liberty was then the national goddess, worshiped by all the people.

This identifies the two-horned beast with the false prophet of Rev. 19:20; for this false prophet is the power that works miracles before the beast, "with which," says John, "he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshiped his image," the identical work of the two-horned beast.

As a patriot, he worshiped Italy.

He worshiped Italy, and he devoted his whole life to what he conceived to be her good.

The whole mental condition was nothing worse than the blossom of the dream of his childhoodthe dream of being the benefactor of his race, of being loved and worshiped for his kindness.

7463 examples of  worshiped  in sentences