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7463 examples of  worshiped  in sentences

7463 examples of worshiped in sentences

Ah! the blessed, blessed light that flamed out from the merry pine-torch; he didn't wonder that half the Eastern world worshiped fire.

"But I saw you the queen of The Corner, worshiped by all men.

The logical result of such a mental attitude is that putting ourselves in the place of all that is worshiped as God which is spoken of in the second chapter of the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians and other parts of Scripture.

Every one loved him, and my mother worshiped his memory.

Her light, springing step, the lift of the throat and the fearlessness of the eye, the instinct in her for cleanliness of mind and body, carried him back forty years to the land of heather, to a memory of the laird's daughter whom he had worshiped with the hopeless adoration of a red-headed gillie.

He worshiped her and made no secret of it.

"Two parts of me are dead; the shadow that was satisfied with eels for supper and the immortal Paulus whom an empire worshiped.

And he began to sing: "From lofty peaks of Parnaswhere there ring In all the glory of light's brilliant rays The grand sweet songs which inspired muses sing To me, by turns, in rapture and praise I, worshiped godI fly, fly to thee, Eryfile!

Pagans worshiped largely in family temples which none but the rich could build.

Of the fifteen kings, from William of Normandy to Henry of Windsor, whose sculptured effigies appear upon the chancel screen in York Minster, there is scarcely one who has not worshiped in this cathedral....

Oh, she was tall and wondrous fair At the Junior Promenade, Her eyes were stars, and black was her hair, Her cheeks shone red in the bright light's glare: I worshiped her quite as I danced with her there, At the Junior Promenade.

Beloved and even idolized on all sides, as an object that could be worshiped without incurring the displeasure of Richelieu, who preferred his courtiers to amuse themselves with women and gallantries rather than meddle with state affairs, and being disposed both through inclination and training to accept the situation, Ninon felt the sentiments of the tender passion, but philosophically waited for a worthy object.

Those who have been hailed and worshiped as the saviors of mankind are manifestations of the Great impersonal Law, and being such, were free from passion and prejudice, and having no opinions, and no special letter of doctrine to preach and defend, they never sought to convert and to proselytize.

The savior of Dumaguete still lives in Dalugdug and is worshiped by the people.

If so, it would be natural for people who are devoted to ancestor worship to have here worshiped his memory.

And I almost worshiped her when she smiled, And turned from her Bible to bless her child.

The religious services to be performed according to the usage of the Episcopal Church, in which church the deceased most usually worshiped.

Another house used by General Washington for headquarters is to be found near the town, as well as St. Peter's Church, in which the Father of his Country worshiped.

I am sure that Satan has no temple in which he is so devoutly worshiped, or so highly honoured, as the ale-house,no priest is so devoted as its landlord,no followers are so zealous in his behalf as its frequenters.

Then all the springs of affection in my heart, stopped since my mother's death, burst out in fresh and terrible torrents, and I could have fallen at her feet and worshiped her.

They told him that the highest deity they worshiped was Izona, who had made men and all things.

They worshiped the Rainbow under the name Cuchaviva and personified it as a goddess, who took particular care of those sick with fevers and of women in childbirth.

In this ceremony, Itzamnรก was also worshiped as the leader of the Bacabs, and an important rite called "the extinction of the fire" was performed.

These four Chac or Bacabab were worshiped under the symbol of the cross, the four arms of which represented the four cardinal points.

This was worshiped as "the god of rain," or more correctly, as the symbol of the four rain gods, the Bacabs.

To bring Kukulcan into closer relations with other American hero-gods we must turn to the locality where he was especially worshiped, to the traditions of the ancient and opulent city of Chichen Itza, whose ruins still rank among the most imposing on the peninsula.

There was a divinity worshiped in Yucatan, called Cum-ahau, lord of the vase, whom the Diccionario de Motul, MS. terms, "Lucifer, principal de los demรณnios."

Previous to the destruction of Mayapan temples were built to him, and he was worshiped throughout the land, but after that event he was paid such honor only in the province of Mani (governed by the Xiu).

They all agreed that Viracocha was worshiped as creator, and as the ever-present active divinity; he alone answered prayers, and aided in time of need; he was the sole efficient god.

Another misapprehension is that these natives worshiped directly their ancestors.

Thus, Mr. Markham writes: "The Incas worshiped their ancestors, the Pacarina, or forefather of the Ayllu, or lineage, being idolized as the soul or essence of his descendants."

Viracocha was also worshiped under the title Con-ticci-Viracocha.

Whether the liquid was the blood of victims, the intoxicating beverage of the country, or pure water, all of which have been suggested, we do not positively know, but I am inclined to believe, with M. Wiener, that it was the last mentioned, and that it was as the beneficent deity of the rains that Con was worshiped at this sacred spot.

He was worshiped by the Tzendals as their principal deity and their beneficent patron.

The Inca even went so far as to banish all images of Viracocha from his temples, so that this, the greatest of gods, should be worshiped as an immaterial spirit only.

A quiet man was Carroll, and one whose deductive powers Eric Leverage fairly worshiped.

It seemed to me as if my poor girl just worshiped him.

The funeral services were held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, where the Myrovers had always worshiped.

2. That he ought to be worshiped.

To the rude Jewish people he revealed himself first as a national God, as the God of their fathers; they had to wait for the Persians to teach them that the God whom they had hitherto worshiped as the most powerful among other gods was the only one.

It is strange that so great a poet should have been so great a lover of wealth; mammon and the muses are not often conjointly worshiped.

Of the wild and picturesque Indian, who was ever a man most scrupulous of rites and ceremonies, it was hardly deemed worth inquiry whether he had a soul, or whether the deity of the elements, whom he worshiped under the name of the Great Spirit, was not, in the language of the Universalist Poet, "Jehovah, Jove, or Lord.

He had worshiped and adored and been made unutterably sad and lonely by her dazzling success, glad as he was that it had come to her.

In the box was a gorgeous, unset ruby, the gem of Alan's collection as Tony well knew having worshiped often at its shrine.

Seventeen of the rajputs (rashpootes, it is pronounced) represent the purest and bluest Hindu blood, for they are descended from Rama, the hero of the Ramayama, the great Hindu poem, who is generally worshiped as an incarnation of the god Bishnu; and their subjects are all their kinsmen, descended from the same ancestors, members of the same family, and are treated as such.

A temporary temple was set up on the dock in Bombay before sailing, and Rama, his divine ancestor, was worshiped continuously for two weeks by the maharaja's priests in order to secure his beneficent favor on the voyage.

He was a fanatic who worshiped the goddess Kali; the black wife of Siva, and believed that the removal of unbelievers from the earth was what we call a Christian duty.

No saint in the Hindu calendar is more generally worshiped or more profoundly revered unto the present day.

The plow is first worshiped and decorated.

Trades, professions, tribes and clans, and particularly those who worshiped the same god, naturally drifted together and were watchful of their mutual interests.

No river in all the world is so worshiped, and to die upon its sacred banks and to have one's body burned and his ashes borne away into oblivion upon its tawny current is the highest aspiration of hundreds of millions of people.

It is impossible to ascertain when the Ganges was first worshiped, or when people began to build temples upon its banks, or when Benares first became sacred.

Water was one of the first objects worshiped; the fertilizing and life giving influence of a stream was one of the first phenomena of nature recognized.

Benares is distinctly the city of Siva, but several thousand other gods are worshiped there, including his several wives.

Another of the most notable gods worshiped at Benares is Ganesa, the first born of Siva and one of his horrible wives.

There is a funny story that has been floating about for many years that most of the idols worshiped in heathen lands are made in Christian countries and shipped over by the car load.

" He looked toward the east, where the great red sun was shining, and worshiped silently.

The other party, called Arians, believed and taught that Christ was not divine; and that he was not to be honored and worshiped as God.

Pyne told me that Turner said he wished he could do without trees; Rousseau worshiped them.

And while I thought her belief in certain dogmas, such as transubstantiation, and in the fasting and ritual of her High Church observances, to be too trivial for such a really exalted intellect, so near the perception of the essential truth, she held them with such a childlike and tranquil faith that I would sooner have worshiped with her than have disturbed her tranquillity in it.

Mrs. Hammond, I lovedI worshiped her.

" "Touch him up a bit," said Howells, who had worshiped Hiram Ranger and in a measure understood what had been in his mind when he dedicated his son to a life of labor.

Johnson, Walker, &c. "Jacob worshiped his Creator, leaning on the top of his staff.

"Worship makes worshiped, worshiper, worshiping; gossip, gossiped, gossiper, gossiping; fillip, filliped, filliper, filliping.

"And he went into the house of a certain man named Justus, one that worshiped God."Acts cor.

If Dr. Webster is right in making worship a compound of worth and ship, he furnishes a reason against his own practice of using a single p in worshiper, worshiped, and worshiping.

God, alone, ordered that you should be born of parents who knew and worshiped Him, the glorious and eternal Jehovah; and not of parents who bowed before the Lama or the ox, an image of brass or the stock of a tree.

Mrs. Finnegan really worshiped Mrs. Robson to distraction, but she had a natural combative tendency that was at odds with even her loyalty.

And he is worshiped over all things as God, and showeth himself as he were God.

And this thing is done to you for the wickedness of your errors in unbelief; therefore be ye converted from the worst sin, as it is written, "When Moses was in the hill with God," the people made a calf and worshiped it as God.

This gave me the opportunity to make many pleasant acquaintances among the lawyers in Boston, and to meet, intimately, many of the noble men and women among reformers, whom I had long worshiped at a distance.

Inclosed within a high stone wall were beautiful gardens with fountains and shrines, where images of departed saints, in alcoves lighted with tapers were worshiped on certain days of the year.

Here, however, he learned little, the students being more interested in drinking bouts and platonic relations with barmaids and actresses; in spite of which the art of poetry was worshiped and Pushkin with others among his friends published a journal in manuscript that circulated their own contributions.

Once every year she went with her husband to Shiloh, where sacrifices were offered, and there publicly worshiped the Lord.

She had seen so much error among the popular religious denominations and had felt such bondage when meeting with them, that she worshiped with a few spiritual people in a little prayer-meeting.

She was happier than she had ever beenhappier even than when she had first worshiped the ancestral tablets with her lord and master, happier even than at the feast of the dead, when they laid their food offerings on the shaven grave-mounds.

Mommsen, comparing the Greek and the Roman, says that when the former worshiped he raised his eyes to heaven, for his prayer was contemplation, while the latter veiled his head, for his was reflection.

My relatives wanted to know about the people in this country, what religion they had and what gods they worshiped.

He worshiped her so and wished to feel her all his own.

Moses and Samuel were good men for their time, but the God whom they worshiped was a very different being from the God of Hosea or of the later Isaiah.

This authority was strengthened because it represented a consensus of the many gods recognized and worshiped by the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom.

I wondered at the new life, and worshiped it because of its beauty.

Charles Reade worshiped Laura Seymour, and she understood him and sympathized with his work and his whims.

My father, who worshiped Macready, put Irving above him because of Irving's originality.

She is just worshiped in America, and has an extraordinary effectan educational effect upon all American girlhood.

And the divinities worshiped, under the form of Zeus, Apollo, Aphroditewhat are they but idealized and glorified Greeks?

Liberty was then the national goddess, worshiped by all the people.

This identifies the two-horned beast with the false prophet of Rev. 19:20; for this false prophet is the power that works miracles before the beast, "with which," says John, "he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshiped his image," the identical work of the two-horned beast.

On beholding her, Antoine uttered a cry of joy and surpriseshe was so like the woman he had worshiped.

If Pรจre Antoine loved the tree before, he worshiped it now.

They were not self-seekers; they sought, they worshiped something better than themselves.

As a patriot, he worshiped Italy.

He worshiped Italy, and he devoted his whole life to what he conceived to be her good.

"The Greeks worshiped beautyI agree with them.

No, though she worshiped him, Enrica would never lend herself to tempt Nobili with the bait of her beautyno, even though she was his wife.

Mrs. Bevis had brought him the nice little property at Owlkirk, where, if he worshiped mammonand after his curate's sermon he was not at all sure he did nothe worshiped him in a very moderate and gentlemanly fashion.

Mrs. Bevis had brought him the nice little property at Owlkirk, where, if he worshiped mammonand after his curate's sermon he was not at all sure he did nothe worshiped him in a very moderate and gentlemanly fashion.

The whole mental condition was nothing worse than the blossom of the dream of his childhoodthe dream of being the benefactor of his race, of being loved and worshiped for his kindness.

He would himself have given any man time, would as soon have taken his child by the throat as his debtor, had worshiped God after a bettering fashion for forty years at least, and yet would not give God time to do His best for himthe best that perfect love, and power limited only by the lack of full consent in the man himself, could do.

But even this implied blasphemy against the habitation he worshiped did not prevent Mr. Nott from his usual misconstruction of the question.