690 examples of would have given in sentences

The whistle would have sounded, the doors would have all been locked, the guard would have given his warning signal, when in would come at hurricane speed Smith's cart bearing its load of "Thunderers".

Ford would have given half the hooks and lines in his box, if he could have caught from Dick or Dab the mysterious "knack" they seemed to have of coaxing the biggest of the finny folk to their bait, and then over the side of the boat.

At twenty-two, Margaret Donne would have coloured, and would have given him a piece of her young mind very plainly; Margarita da Cordova, aged twenty-four, turned a trifle paler, shut her lips, and was frigidly angry, as if some ignorant music-hall reporter had attacked her singing in print.

I endeavoured to convince him how favourably he has been dealt with, his allowance being much more than, had I been his father, I would have given in the same case.

His visitor seemed to be confident, and he would have given a great deal to prevent his son's marriage and a great deal to repay some portion of his debt to the ingenious Mr. Smith.

I would have given you love as true and as deep as ever man gave to woman.

The next minute she would have given her hand not to have said it; for, with a very terrible word, Elsley springs to his feet and dashes out of the room.

This thing, of course, would have given them the freedom of the seas as long as we were unable to explode their submarines as they were able to explode ours.

No difficulty was anticipated on the part of Her Majesty's Government in understanding the grounds upon which such a proposal was expected to be entertained by it, since the precedent proposition of Mr. Bankhead, just adverted to, although professedly based on the principle of an equal division between the parties, could not be justified by it, as it would have given nearly two-thirds of the disputed territory to Her Majesty's Government.

He would have given me the cap of invisibility, the purse of Fortunatus, and a pair of seven-league boots.

You never NEVER would have given way to your feelings before you'd got your divorce.

But for Mr. Douglas's untimely deatha real loss to literaturehe would doubtless have shown in future fictions that the pendulum had ceased to swing, and would have given us more artistic, because completer, pictures of human life.

Few women would have given up for any man what she gave up for him.

No doubt but Napoleon and the officials of the Second Empire sympathized with the government of the Confederate States, and would have given them substantial aid if they had dared; but the Russian Czar sent a fleet to New York as a warning,and the French had had enough of Russians on their track.

He would have given us the marriage ceremony itself, before he would have gone out of the prayer-book for any united worship whatever.

At first he had constructed, at his own expense, a fort in the little isle of Xéclamisma, the capture of which would have given great facilities to the enemies to attack by sea Missolonghi or Anatoliko.

Frank would have given his only valuable, (his mother's diamond-guard, which he wore constantly,) as a pledge for some advance of money; but the kind Welsh people would not have it.

It was the same kind of attention she would have given a piece of machinery whose oiling and running had been entrusted to her care.

If he had come to her honestly and asked her aid, she would have given it; but this underhand pretence at love!

He wept out of fear and vexation, and offered me the choice of his wives, or any two of them, shewing me a great number of them, many of whom he recommended for their great beauty and fatness; and I believe he would have given me any number if I would have gone away satisfied.

Last week I would have given half the world for a new book; yesterday and today have overflooded me.

" "If I had been you," said Ginger, "I would have given those boys a good kick, and that would have given them a lesson.

Two or three heavy shot would have given her a stronger dose than she could bear.

Stupid boor that he was, he could not have explained the terrifying effect which this wild music and those tense, uplifting faces had upon him, but he would have given anything to be back in his mother's kitchen, with the lamp lit and the dark, unfamiliar night shut out.

RINALDO, one of Charlemagne's paladins, of a violent, headstrong, and unscrupulous character, who fell into disgrace, but after adventures in the Holy Land was reconciled to the Emperor; Angelica, an infidel princess, fell violently in love with him, but he turned a deaf ear to her addresses, while others would have given kingdoms for her hand.

690 examples of  would have given  in sentences