1329 examples of wreath in sentences

" He sat looking at a wreath of roses in the light carpet, lips compressed, beating with fist into palm.

She washed her, wrapped her in a shroud, put her into the casket, laid a wreath of flowers on her head and arranged her curls.

And soon from behind the trees came a line of beautiful girls, walking two by two, all very slowly; and at the head of the line, first of all, came the loveliest princess in the world, dressed softly in pure white, with a wreath of lilies on her long golden hair, which fell almost to the hem of her white gown.

Every book is a deedbad or good, but at any rate accomplishedand a series of them, written with a special aim, is an accomplished purpose of life; it is a feast during which the workers have the right to receive a wreath, and to sing: "We bring the crop, the crop!"

I passed the Williams's house, where there was a cheerful smoke in the chimney and in the window a green wreath with a lively red bow.

" She is reported to have been much offended, and yet to-day there was a wreath of white roses in Doctor North's room sent from the city by that woman.

The plate which Captain Renfrew had set before his guest was a delicate dawn pink ringed with a wreath of holly.

Southey, pardonably anxious to magnify an office belittled by some of its occupants, does not scruple to rank Spenser, Daniel, and Drayton among the Laurelled: "That wreath, which, in Eliza's golden days, My master dear, divinest Spenser, wore, That which rewarded Drayton's learned lays, Which thoughtful Ben and gentle Daniel bore," etc.

And in excess of admiration at one of the Laureate's most successful pageants, Herrick breaks forth, "Thou hadst the wreath before, now take the tree, That henceforth none be laurel-crowned but thee."

We know only that Davenant, surviving it, continued to prosper in his theatrical business, writing most of the pieces produced on his stage until the Restoration, when he drew forth from its hiding-place his wreath of laurel-evergreen, and resumed it with honor.

Thomas Shadwell was the Poet-Laureate after Dryden, assuming the wreath in 1689.

The commentators upon "MacFlecknoe" have not made due use of one of Shadwell's habits, in illustration of the reason why a wreath of poppies was selected for the crown of its hero.

When the Scottish Muse proudly placed on his brow the holly wreath, she happily emphasized two of his conspicuous qualities,his love and mirth, when she said: "I saw thee eye the gen'ral mirth With boundless love.

On our right were the islands; on our left the shoreless gulf; and ahead, the great mountain of the mainland, with a wreath of white fleece near its summit, and the shadows of clouds moving in dark patches up its sides.

Now the officer in question was not clad in gorgeous uniform, with a brilliant wreath upon his collar, and a multitude of gilt lines upon the sleeves, resembling the famous labyrinth of Crete, but he was clad in a simple suit of gray, distinguished from the garb of a civilian only by the three stars which every Confederate colonel in the service, by the regulations, is entitled to wear.

Forasmuch as thou art wise it is nothing hidden to thee that I sing, while I do honour to the Isthmian victory won by speed of horses, which to Xenokrates did Poseidon give, and sent to him a wreath of Dorian parsley to bind about his hair, a man of goodly chariot, a light of the people of Akragas.

Wherefore let some one of the young men his fellows twine for Kleandros a wreath of tender myrtle for his pankratiast victory.

And when the victor, Death, shall come to deal the welcome blow, He will not find one rose to swell the wreath that decks his brow: For oh!

Then comes the Covenanters, a Scottish traditionary tale of fixing interest; the Publican's Dream, by Mr. Banim, told also in the Winter's Wreath, and Gem: Thrice the brindled cat hath mewed; and Zalim Khan, a beautiful Peruvian tale of thirty pages, by Mr. Fraser.

As nuptial love makes, this perfects mankind, and is to be preferred (if you will stand to the judgment of Cornelius Nepos) before affinity or consanguinity; plus in amiciticia valet similitudo morum, quam affinitas, &c., the cords of love bind faster than any other wreath whatsoever.

" Paredes blew a wreath of smoke.

A bit of shabby crape was tied round her hat, and she carried a sad little wreath.

She is crowned with a beautiful wreath of flowers and presides for the rest of the day over the amusements of her subjects.

She wore large jessamine blossoms in her ears, and a wreath of flowers in her hair, while in her hand she carried a fine pocket handkerchief beautifully embroidered, and ornamented with broad lace.

SEE The bridal wreath.

1329 examples of  wreath  in sentences