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3561 examples of  wretched  in sentences

3561 examples of wretched in sentences

This was the finishing stroke, the return of that wretched cast-off son, that big suspicious-looking fellow who accused her and complained of starving.

The wretched woman had not been lucky enough to die.

The 5th of the ensuing month, a Saturday, was one of the gloomiest, most rainy days of that wretched, mournful winter.

And all at once Mathieu also pictured that wretched blind man, on the evening when he vainly awaited the return of his wife, in order that she might feed him and put him to bed, old child that he was, now motherless, forsaken, forever alone in his dark night, in which he could only see the bloody spectre of his murdered helpmate.

That we ought to marry off those wretched children?

Moreover, although the old accountant, who was now white as snow, with a long, streaming beard, remained scrupulously clean of person, he wore a most wretched threadbare coat, which he must have spent his evenings in repairing.

Among her vague plans, reared upon hate, was that of employing the wretched Alexandre as a destructive weapon, whose ravages would bring her some relief.

Our people replaced the wretched native trails with good roads, bordered by hedges of thorny acacia which, in season, were covered with downy little yellow blossoms that smelled sweeter than honey when the sun was on them.

She has got to stay at home all day, however wretched her surroundings.

The remnant of these wretched fugitives settled along the coast; and it is to their industry and intelligence that we owe the increase, or the foundation of many of the maritime cities.

It is a slight and spare-formed animal, mostly in wretched condition, with ugly thick legs, and devoid of beauty as a horse.

The place contains a thousand souls, mostly in a wretched condition.

The houses, built of clay, are low and of a wretched appearance; the streets are winding, and covered with flints.

Thirdly, that we have no reason to think that the future world, (which, as he is pleased to inform us, will be adapted to our merely improved nature,) will be materially different from this; which, if believed, would sink wretched mortals into despair, as they could no longer hope for the 'rest that remaineth for the people of GOD'

The old English hundred courts, where the peasants' petty crimes had once been judged by the freemen of the district, had now in most cases become part of the fief of the lord, whose newly-built castle towered over the wretched hovels of his tenants, and the peasants came for justice to the baron's court, and paid their fees to the baron's treasury.

You make me do it all, you wretched shirk.

that if thou sawest my wretched estate, thou couldst not but lament it, nay certainly I know, thou wouldst.

More than once a full house had been laid down to his wretched pair.

120 Ah, wretched world!

the den of wickednesse, Deformd with filth and fowle iniquitie; Ah, wretched world!

the house of heavinesse, Fild with the wreaks of mortall miserie; Ah, wretched world, and all that is therein!

Most miserable creature under sky Man without understanding doth appeare; For all this worlds affliction he thereby, And fortunes freakes, is wisely taught to beare: 130 Of wretched life the onely ioy shee is.

150 My part it is and my professed skill The stage with tragick buskin to adorne, And fill the scene with plaint and outcries shrill Of wretched persons, to misfortune borne:

Then gan she wofully to waile, and wring Her wretched hands in lamentable wise; 170 And all her sisters, thereto answering, Threw forth lowd shrieks and drerie dolefull cries.

310 Sith Ignorance our kingdome did confound, Bee now become most wretched wightes on ground.

What wrath of gods, or wicked influence Of starres conspiring wretched men t'afflict, Hath powrd on earth this noyous pestilence, That mortall mindes doth inwardly infect With love of blindnesse and of ignorance, 485 To dwell in darkenesse without sovenance?

"So livest thou; but my poore wretched ghost Is forst to ferrie over Lethes river, And spoyld of Charon too and fro am tost.

"And there is mournfull Tityus, mindefull yet Of thy displeasure, O Latona faire; Displeasure too implacable was it, That made him meat for wild foules of the ayre: 380 Much do I feare among such fiends to sit; Much do I feare back to them to repayre, To the black shadowes of the Stygian shore, Where wretched ghosts sit wailing evermore.

"There also those two Pandionian maides, Calling on Itis, Itis evermore, Whom, wretched boy, they slew with guiltie blades; For whome the Thracian king lamenting sore, Turn'd to a lapwing, fowlie them upbraydes, 405 And flattering round about them still does sore; There now they all eternally complaine Of others wrong, and suffer endles paine.

" "Foolish Foxe!" said the Mule, "thy wretched need Praiseth the thing that doth thy sorrow breed.

The genius of Petrarch was scarcely of the first order; and his poems in the ancient language, though much praised by those who have never read them, are wretched compositions.

The Duke wrote to me from Buxton on Aug. 23rd (his letter, such was the wretched arrangement of postage, reaching Bakewell and Edensor on the 25th) and on the 26th I drove before breakfast to Buxton and had an interview with him.

When is a horse wretched?

When is a dog wretched?

But when a man's own child or wife is dead, forthwith he calls out, Woe to me, how wretched I am!

You'd be but a fierce young hound indeed if at your time of life you could help to hunt a wretched varmint, hunted as near death and dunghill as this poor wretched varmint is.

You'd be but a fierce young hound indeed if at your time of life you could help to hunt a wretched varmint, hunted as near death and dunghill as this poor wretched varmint is.

Let it not be deemed impertinent if I venture to urge upon those who care for the wretched wherever their lot may be cast, the immense good that might be accomplished among these tribes by schools, which should open the minds of the young to the light of reason and Christianity.

The wretched babe was shrivelled and already looking old from hunger.

"Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride, And even his failings leaned to virtue's side; But in his duty prompt at every call He watched and wept; he prayed and felt for all.

And now again my wretched body failed, and my head dropped forward, where I sat, upon the kayak-deck.

However, on winding one fuse, I found that the mechanism would not go, choked with scoriae; and I had to resign myself to the task of opening and dusting every one: a wretched labour in which I spent that day, like a workman.

But for a Sister who stood by the convent gate like a statue of Eternal Silence, and a man who was killing a wretched calf in the middle of the road, I might have asked myself if this fantastic Bozouls was not some spectral village, reproducing the past in all except the living beings who had gone down into their graves.

"For a year after that I was alone: then Esther Hooper came, and I was not wretched.

Humboldt states, that "between the little harbour of Higuerote and the mouth of the Rio-Unare, the wretched inhabitants are accustomed to stretch themselves on the ground, and pass the night buried in the sand three or four inches deep, exposing only the head, which they cover with a handkerchief.

The castle was thronged with noble guestssick at heart the wretched Isabel wandered abstractedly amid the gay assemblyher large floating eyes seemed straying vacantly around, until they met the bridegroom's look of joy.

His vocation was certainly not patriotism; but the worldly wisdom which kept well with men of all political colours, and eschewed the wretched intrigues and bloody feuds of Rome, stands out in no unfavourable contrast with the conduct of many of her soi-disant patriots.

Yesa Roman citizen was cut to pieces with rods in the open forum at Messana, gentlemen; and as the punishment went on, no word, no groan of the wretched man, in all his anguish, was heard amid the sound of the lashes, but this cry,'I am a Roman citizen!'

" They gave the wretched man but scant consideration, and in less than three minutes had visited every pocket, examined every secret receptacle, and practically turned him inside out.

I cannot go to church; I cannot pray; I cannot think a good thought; I see sights of horror ever before me, which fill me with unutterable fear, and I know not what is rest; my one only thought is how soon the devil will come to claim his wretched victim and carry me to the place of torment."

For who knows that Almira, but for these keys, which throb away her wild impulses in harmless discords, would not have been floating, dead, in the brown stream which runs through the meadows by her father's door,or living, with that other current which runs beneath the gas-lights over the slimy pavement, choking with wretched weeds that were once in spotless flower? Poor Elsie!

240 More than his guards, his sorrows made him known, And pious tears, which down his cheeks did shower; The wretched in his grief forgot their own; So much the pity of a king has power.

No common coxcomb must be mentioned here: Not the dull train of dancing sparks appear; 50 Nor fluttering officers who never fight; Of such a wretched rabble who would write? Much less half wits: that's more against our rules; For they are fops, the other are but fools.

Sometimes he has some humour, never wit, And if it rarely, very rarely, hit, 'Tis under so much nasty rubbish laid, To find it out's the cinderwoman's trade; Who for the wretched remnants of a fire, 260 Must toil all day in ashes and in mire.

So lewdly dull his idle works appear, The wretched texts deserve no comments here; Where one poor thought sometimes, left all alone, For a whole page of dulness must atone.

In Israel's courts ne'er sat an Abethdin With more discerning eyes, or hands more clean, Unbribed, unsought, the wretched to redress; 190 Swift of despatch, and easy of access.

Who could relentless see such youth and charms Expire with wretched fate in impious arms?

Vain, wretched creature, how art thou misled, To think thy wit these God-like notions bred!

Nothing can be more wretched than the condition of this people.

And yet the poor Negro slaves are constrained, like the beasts, by beating, to work hard without hire or recompence, and receive nothing from the hand of their unmerciful masters, but such a wretched provision as will scarce support them under their fatigues.

And now, you are a happy and honored minister of the gospel, while I am a wretched outcast.

As he looked on the model beggar, he was touched by his wretched appearance, and as he passed him, he slipped a louis d'ora French gold coin, worth about five dollars of our moneyinto his hand.

He performed all of his own domestic work in the wretched little cabin that replaced his old home.

The wild man is happy in one spot, and there he remains; the civilised man is wretched in every place he happens to be in, and then congratulates himself on being accommodated with a machine that will whirl him to another, where he will be just as miserable as ever.

One unguarded look confirmed Alfred's suspicions; he could not bear to go on exposing his father, and wandered out, sore perplexed and nobly wretched, into the night.

That night the mob broke into the Tolbooth, the prison, commonly called the Heart of Midlothian, dragged the wretched Porteous from the chimney in which he had concealed himself, and carried him off to the Grassmarket, where, as the leader of the rioters, a tall man dressed in woman's clothes said he had spilled the blood of so many innocents.

Only compare the topographical works of Mr. Britton with those of his predecessorshis highly-finished line engravings, excellent antiquarian pieces on wood, and erudite descriptions, with the wretched prints and the quaintnesses of old topographersor even with the lumber of some of our county histories.

The holy prince was represented dying in the fore-ground, but over head were a couple of angels flying away with his soul, (under the figure of a wretched infant, skinny and naked, save the glory that covered his head,) in a kind of sheet, or rather sack.

We go into the desert, where no humans are but the wretched red Lamanites; no beasts but the wild ones of four feet to hunger for our flesh; no verdure, no nourishment to sustain us save the manna from on high,a region of unknown perils and unnamed deserts.

Those faithful wretched ones are waiting over there for me to guide them on toward a spot that will probably be still more desolate.

He watched them dumbly, from a maze of incredulity, feeling that some wretched pretense was being acted before him.

They went in military style with due precautions against surprise by the Lamanitesthe wretched red remnant of Abraham's seedthat swarmed on every side.

"It's a rare opportunity, Brother Brigham, to bring light to these wretched Lamanites.

It was the wretched paradox of a dream.

Orders were issued to save his soul; but before his tabernacle could be seized by those who would have saved him, the wretched man had taken his one wife and fled to the mountains.

And the thought of what a pitiful errand he was going on, and what a pitiful king he served, must have made him all the more miserable; for, instead of turning and repenting, and going back to the true God, which was the plain and the only way of escaping out of that misery, that wretched King Ahab seems to have cared for nothing but his horses.

We do not read that he tried to save one of his wretched people alive.

And what hope could he have for his wretched country?

Even so, from the depths of griefworn, wretched, seared, and dyingthe blessed apparitions and tokens of heaven make themselves visible to our eyes.

That it was the ghost of him who had been murdered by the inmate of the cell, no one could doubt: and the sooner therefore the body of the wretched prisoner could be carried out, the sooner would this spirit cease to haunt the tower of Tarifa.

'He could not; business wretched; poor enough himself,' and all the well known line of excuses.

The mother and two daughters, both under fifteen, were out all day at work, trying to keep even such a wretched shelter, and a little coarse food, as daily supplies.

You are, therefore, a strange unconscionable thief, that art not content to steal from others, but do'st rob thy poor wretched self too.

Without noticing the short prefaces to Walsh's "Essay upon Woman," a meagre and stiff composition, and to Sir Henry Shere's wretched translation of Polybius, published in 1691 and 1692, we hasten to the elegy on the Countess of Abingdon, entitled Eleonora.

And I have sworn For her sake and for all, that I will have Some justice, all so late, for wretched men, Out of these same smug towns that drive us forth After the show!Or scheme to cage us up Out of the sunlight; like a squirrel's heart Torn out and drying in the market-place.

At any time that he fingered the horrible ridged cicatrice, he could see the boundless ocean and the boundless blue sky from a wretched cranky canoe-shaped boat, in which certain Arab, Somali, Negro, and other gentlemen were proceeding all the way from near Berbera to near Aden with large trustfulness in Allah and with certain less creditable goods.

The wretched Moussa Isa's carcase was now superfluousnay dangerous, and must be disposed of at once, for Europeans are most kittle cattle.

He is morose and wretched, crusht beneath a burden of we, which weighs the eyelids down with weariness and the heart with care, and which constrains him to curse the hour of his birth.

That wretched story is always cropping up again.

You have been very kind to me of late, and gentle, and you have spared me those little sallies of ridicule, which, owing to my miserable and wretched touchiness of character, used formerly to make me wince, as if I had been touched with hot iron.

Some of the boats forming it had been destroyed, and many of the wretched inhabitants crowding to the bridge, in hopes of escaping from the enemy's sword were urged on by the affrighted multitude into the rapid stream, and thus perished.

"You," he continued, "are spared all participation in the agony your wretched son is suffering.

Wretched is he who thinks of doing ill.

Presently, in stammering, halting phrases, but in words that showed no lack of education, the wretched creature attempted to apologize for his unseemly eagerness, and endeavored to thank his benefactor.

He gave the wretched, starving creature food.

But the time passed, and there was no change; only the long dreary days, the wretched sleepless nights.

In restoring you to the now wretched Eliduc, I shall promote, by the only means in my power, that happiness to which I have hitherto been the unintentional obstacle."

The effect was horrible; these wretched criminals are said to have been devoured by worms engendered in their own stomachs."

But when I considered my father's advice and prophecy, I could not forbear weeping; for he told me, That if I did persist in my folly, I should not only be deprived of God's blessing, but have time enough to reflect upon my despising his instructions, and this, in a wretched time, when none could help me.

He may have gone then to see his mother, but I know sister used to think he went to see the relations of that wretched woman, his first wife.