211 examples of wroth in sentences


But in the meantime Robin Hood and his band lived quietly in Sherwood Forest, without showing their faces abroad, for Robin knew that it would not be wise for him to be seen in the neighborhood of Nottingham, those in authority being very wroth with him.

Then Sir Hugh, seeing how wroth the King was, said never a word, but went straightway to do his bidding; so he came to where Robin Hood and the other stood, and told them what the King had said.

But now begins; for from this happy day, The old dragon, under ground In straiter limits bound, Not half so far casts his usurped sway; And, wroth to see his kingdom fail, Swinges[120] the scaly horror of his folded tail.

Presently the two youths began to chide and jangle, and were passing wroth the one with the other.

I can hold no longer; I shall rise in wroth against him.

my wroth shall eate him up.

Now it happened one day that Sir Bertrand was found dead and murdered at a certain pass in the King's forest, and when the news thereof was brought to Sir Blamor, he was very wroth that his knight-companion should have been thus treacherously slain.

AN ACCADIAN PENITENTIAL PSALM OBVERSE OF TABLET 1 The heart of my Lord was wroth: to his place may he return.

14 How long O my goddess, who knewest (though) I knew not, shall thy heart (be wroth?).

" "You will find me a man now, sir, at all events," said Creed, justly wroth at what was, after all, a sophism; for if a man is not a man at twenty, he never will be one.

To which question she answered that she was not certain; for that Janet, when in her usual state of mind, was still wroth against him for the attempt to take away her life; but she added that she had no objection, seeing he was penitent, to give him an opportunity to plead for himself.

When the old grocer heard of what had taken place, he was exceedingly wroth; and although, as has been said, William stood high in his favour, he thus addressed him "Ay, ay, sir!fine doings!

The monk he vanished where he stood; King William sterte up wroth and wood; Quod he, 'Fools' wits will jump together; The Hampshire ale and the thunder weather Have turned the brains for us both, I think;

they had been friends in youth; But whispering tongues can poison truth; And constancy lives in realms above; 410 And life is thorny; and youth is vain; And to be wroth with one we love Doth work like madness in the brain.

But he was held by his son, who said in a tone of entreaty: "Father, hasten not from us, and be thou not wroth with the maiden.

If He say that He is wroth with thee, say, Lord, I lift up the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between Thy wrath and me.

1:12-17] Then the angel of Jehovah answered and said, O Jehovah of hosts, how long hast thou no pity on Jerusalem and the cities of Judah with which thou hast been wroth these seventy years?

But with great wrath am I wroth with the arrogant nations; for I was only a little angry

SEE Wroth, Lawrence C. Willi's wishful thinking.

SEE Wroth, Lawrence C. Willi's wishful thinking.

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With a historical study by Lawrence C. Wroth and a note on the Stephen Daye Press by Melbert B. Cary, Jr.

Another Englishman, whose name is not given by Commynes, waxed wroth at hearing some one say, "Six hundred pipes of wine and a pension given you by the king soon sent you back to England."

Loath to disturb them, I stood smiling, silent; and presently Dorothy, without raising her eyes, called on Samuel to read his morning lesson, and he began, breathing heavily: "I know that God is wroth at me

211 examples of  wroth  in sentences