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71 example sentences with  wynds

71 example sentences with wynds

Meanwhile Joe Parkinson, a young man much enamored, who fought the world by ordinary like Hal o' the Wynd, "for his own hand," was seeing Patricia every day.

Meanwhile Joe Parkinson, a young man much enamored, who fought the world by ordinary, like Hal o' the Wynd "for his own hand," was seeing Patricia every day.

His assistant offered to go with us to one or two Irish families in a close wynd, hard by, called Wilkie's Court.

but there was none near, and many cried for it who might have got it from the well at Blackfriar's Wynd.

He was born in a house at the head of the College Wynd.

but there was none near, and many cried for it who might have got it from the well at Blackfriars Wynd.

I fynd, Whose fruitlesse worke is broken with least wynd.

Fayre is my Love, when her fayre golden haires With the loose wynd ye waving chance to marke; Fayre, when the rose in her red cheekes appeares, Or in her eyes the fyre of love does sparke; Fayre, when her brest, lyke a rich laden barke, With pretious merchandize she forth doth lay; Fayre, when that cloud of pryde, which oft doth dark Her goodly light, with smiles she drives away.

" The refrain of one love song is invigorating with the breath of the northern wind: "Blou, northerne wynd!

Blou norterne wynd!

Meanwhile, it was a comfort to one fresh from the cities of the Old World, and the short and stunted figures, the mesquin and scrofulous visages, which crowd our alleys and back wynds, to see everywhere health, strength, and goodly stature, especially among women.

street, place, terrace, parade, esplanade, alameda^, board walk, embankment, road, row, lane, alley, court, quadrangle, quad, wynd [Scot.], close [Scot.], yard, passage, rents, buildings, mews.

An ancient, picturesque, high-built looking city, with its wynds and closes, it had far more the characteristics of an old French ville de province than of a northern capital.

For then across the crowded roofs softly comes a strange sweetness, and deep down among the gloomy wynds of deserted warehouses, still as temples, sudden fairies of sunset dance and dazzle, and touch the grimy walls with soft hands.

Was ever knowne such a tempestuous night Of thunder, hayle, wynd, lightninge!

"But I tell you, Mellot," said Wynd, as brave and pure-minded a fellow as ever pulled in the University eight, "the Arabs, when they see such a creature, say, 'Praise Allah for beautiful women,' and quite right; they may remind some fellows of worse things, but they always remind me of heaven and the angels; and my hat goes off to her by instinct, just as it does when I go into a church."

Unfortunately, as will appear hereafter, Elsley's especial bรชtes noirs were this very Wynd and his inseparable companion, Naylor, who happened to be not only the best men of the set, but Mellot's especial friends.

Wynd was a Shropshire squire's son, a lissom fair-haired man, the handiest of boxers, rowers, riders, shots, fishermen, with a noisy superabundance of animal spirits, which maddened Elsley.

Yet Wynd had sentiment in his way, though he took good care never to show it Elsley; could repeat Tennyson from end to end; spouted the Mort d'Arthur up hill and down dale, and chaunted rapturously, "Come into the garden, Maud!" while he expressed his opinion of Maud's lover in terms more forcible than delicate.

If Wynd vaulted over a gate into his very face, with a "How de' do, Mr. Vavasour?

But worse bรชtes noirs than either Wynd or Naylor were on their way to fill up the cup of Elsley's discomfort.

"Show me a room, and bring me a pen and paper," said he; and then started in his turn, as all had started at him; for the two Englishmen looked round, and, behold, to his disgust, the singer was none other than Naylor; the actor of Punch was Wynd.

And what was worse, to hear Mrs. Owen say,"We have no room, sir, unless these gentlemen" "Of course," said Wynd, jumping up, a child under each arm.

"The party is taken ill with a poem," said Wynd.

Naylor whispers to Wynd, who sets the two little girls on the table, and hurries out with him.

"Run to the bridge, Wynd," whispers Naylor.

"Tally ho!" whispers Wynd in return, laying his hand on Naylor's arm, and pointing to the left of the road.

"There is but one thing, Wynd.

They are Wynd and Naylor, the two Cambridge boating-men, in bedrabbled flannel trousers, and shooting-jackets pocketful of water; who are both fully agreed, that hunting a mad poet over the mountains in a thunder-storm is, on the whole, "the jolliest lark they ever had in their lives."

"'Pon my honour, Wynd, we ought to be saying our prayers rather than joking in this way.

And diving down into a crack, Wynd drags out by the collar the unconscious Elsley.

Do you mean to use force?" "I do," said Wynd quietly, as he took him round arms and body, and set him down on the rock like a child.

He felt that there was no escape from them, but in darkness; and suddenly he dashed at the lanthorn, and tried to tear it out of Wynd's hands.

"Steady, sir!" said Wynd, springing back, and parrying his outstretched hand.

Wynd and Naylor, congratulating themselves on his better mind, lay down also beneath the other plaid, intending to watch him.

He went out and found Wynd and Naylor.

The spirit of romance had visited the small house in Toddrick's Wynd, where for fifteen years the domestic lares had sat quietly surveying the economy of poverty.

Nor shall we say he was altogether pleased when he found his inquiry, whatever it might be, interrupted by the entrance of Mrs. Margaret Hislop of Toddrick's Wynd; notwithstanding that to this personage he and Mrs. Dallas, and all the Dallases, were indebted for the whiteness of their linen.

"The deil's in me or no in me," said she; "but this I'm sure of, that Henrietta Hislopthat's our Henney, ye kenthe brawest and bonniest lass in Toddrick's Wynd (and that's no saying little), is the lawful heiress of Mr. John Napier of Eastleys, and was called Henrietta after her mother."

But there is a woman in Toddrick's Wynd wha lost her bairn yestreen: she is threatened wi' a milk-fever, and by my troth this little stranger will cure her; but, besides the nourice-fee, there is my trouble.'

And when she got to the bank she ran as for the little life was in her, until she came to the foot of Halkerstone's Wynd, where she crossed to the other side of the loch.

We are at best only left to a choice of expressions, and perhaps the strongest we could use are those which have already been used a thousand timesthe two were all the world to each other, the world outside nothing at all to them; so that they could have been as happy on the top of Mount Ararat, or on the island of Juan Fernandez, provided they should be always in each other's company, as they were in St. Mary's Wynd.

So off he went, putting up at inns by the way, as well supplied with food and fodder as Mr. Peter Ramsay's, in St. Mary's Wynd, and showing off his nags to the planters, who wondered at their bone and muscle, the more by reason they had never seen Scotch horses before.

Having called a coach, he told the driver to proceed up Leith Walk, and take him to Peter Ramsay's inn, in St. Mary's Wynd; but the man told him there was no inn there, nor had been in his memory.

"There was once a Mary Brown," said he, "who was once a housemaid in Mr. Peter Ramsay's inn in St. Mary's Wynd."

We must go back some twenty years before the date of the said sermon to find a certain merchant-burgess of the city of Edinburgh, David Grierson, occupying a portion of a front land situated in the Canongate, a little to the east of Leith Wynd.

Willie Christie tells them wha dinna ken, that he has a public house, first door down Libbertown Wynd, in the Lawn Market, whaur he keeps the best o' stuff; gude nappy

But the literary felicity, the scholarship, the various reading, the cultivated appreciation of books, men, and systems, while they make us admireas a good many bright volumes printed in Edinburgh have done beforethe mental power and refinement which that most picturesque of Northern cities nourishes, do still belong to the great commonwealth of letters, remind us not of wynds and closes, and run away from the littleness of time and place.

By Oswald Wynd.

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It was situated at the head of the College Wynd, at its entrance into North College-street.

My father, soon after my birth, removed to George's Square, and let the house in the College Wynd, first to Mr. Dundas, of Philipstoun, and afterwards to Mr. William Keith, father of Sir Alexander Keith.

In its ancient "wynds and closes," now tenanted by the veriest of the plebeian race, in former days resided men of the most distinguished rank and celebrity.

The river Cale, from which the town derives its name (Wynd-Caleton) flows at its foot.

We were delighted with our drive from Chepstow to Rossthe Wye scenery is exquisitely beautiful; we exhausted ourselves and our epithets in exclamations, and the day seemed made for the magnificent view from the Wynd Cliff, and then we came to Tintern Abbey!

Notwithstanding the high character borne for so many years by our countrymen as a people, and as specially attentive to all religious observances, still there can be no doubt that there has sprung up amongst the inhabitants of our crowded cities, wynds, and closes, a class of persons quite unknown in the old Scottish times.

"He knew how to win,'' said Crawford-Wynd, remembering a trip that she took with a 13-year-old Scott Pendlebury, his parents and grandparents, from Sale to Port Macquarie on the NSW coast for a national tournament.

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