155 examples of yanked in sentences

" The infatuated youth then tried his level best to jerk away, while his capturer yanked and cuffed him, ontil the boy sot up a cryin'.

"Wait till some other time, II don't want to" But her remonstrance came too late; Mandy had yanked her forward and was performing the introduction she so euphoniously described.

Didn't I induce you to quit fishing with that murderous gang-hook last summer; and when you did finally get a bass didn't you feel prouder than if you just 'yanked' him in, perhaps caught on the outside of his gills with some of that deadly jewelry?" demanded Jerry, whose one hobby was the "square deal" in all that he undertook.

It wasn't a fish at all that yanked me overboard.

He was literally "yanked" toward that sunken keyhole.

But they distrusted it, being brought up according to a much more effective systemone which when it wanted to punish anybody simply reached out, grabbed him by the pigtail, yanked him to his knees and sliced off his head.

" So saying Mr. Pooley laid violent hands on McFluke, yanked him out of the bunk, and flung him sprawling on the floor.

"I, being a girl of some spirit and pride, just naturally yanked Mr. Ring off and threw it at him.

" "Well," answered Toddles, "it did stick a bit, but I just yanked it over and it worked.

He yanked a prisoner away from the sheriff one day, and the next day he's took for murder.

" I made a dash down the long platform, yanked open a door, and was about to ask if I might get in, when I saw that the coach was full of wounded soldiers in khaki, lying about on the floor as well as the seats.

I yanked at the flap at the back of the cart, got it open a bit, looked out to find them standing in the middle of the road, staring after us in amazement.

Several hands caught hold of him, yanked him up, and thrust him down again.

Now to reach up and get the turnip you must step on the piece of wood, and as soon as you do so that tree branch, to which the wire is fast, will spring up, the wire will slip around your neck, you will be yanked up into the air, and that will be the last of you.

Suddenly he threw out the clutch, shut down his throttle control with one hand, and yanked with the other at the cord which loosed the Waterbug's shrill whistle.

Every minute or two he pulled the chain and yanked the furnace door open to throw in the coal, shutting the door again after each shovelful, to keep the fire hot.

He came out red in the face, jumped on his engine, and yanked the Flyer down the yards forty miles an hour.

I just naturally yanked him 'long with me up stairs into the kitchen, an' flung him down against the wall.

I never got eyes on him in daylight, an' when I yanked him out

And with a motion so swift that the marshal had no time to help himself, Bud Shoop seized the other's goatee and yanked him from the cracker barrel.

Charming Billy yanked his pack-pony awake and into a shuffling trot over the trail, resettled his hat on his head, sagged his shoulders again and went back to crooning his ditty.

Charming Billy relaxed a bit, yanked the horse into a stall and tied him fast.

When the poor lad was yanked off the horse the hose stretched so his feet touched the ground: he gave a jump, went up high enough to loose the strain, swallowed a mouthful of air, and so forth.

As we were gliding along quite swiftly, I set my pole on the bottom and gave the boat a sudden push to avoid a boulder, when the pole stuck in the crevice between two rocks, and instead of losing the pole by the sudden jerk I gave, I was the one who was very suddenly yanked from the boat by the spring of the pole, and landed in the middle of the river.

He rolled the tattered tires out into the sunlight, let out the air and yanked them from their rims.

155 examples of  yanked  in sentences