155 examples of yanking in sentences

All of a sudden the Muskeeter I was hangin' to give a yank, and drew out his foot, left his bute in my hand.

I really don't know what to call it except my deplorable omission in failing to be born a ladyhas seemed to you to yank the very last rag off the gooseberry-bush?" He scoffed.

" "You're welcome," said Racey, hospitably yanking his trousers from the only chair the room possessed.

"You stop that cussin'," resumed Racey, seizing the bridle short and yanking the bouncing horse to a standstill with a swerve and a jerk that almost unseated its rider.

So the virtuous householder was rather more than unceremonious about yanking the princely housebreaker inside and lending him a foot to accelerate his return to the living-room; where Victor brought up, on all-fours again, in almost precisely the spot from which he had risen.

Yesterday he read me Leith's description of stone hamungas and things that are supposed to have been built before Julius Caesar invaded Britain, and he's pop-eyed with joy as he thinks how he'll yank Fame by the tail when he gets on the ground and snapshots the affairs.

Now the stream would stop as one line tried to break through the other, puzzled drivers would yank their horses back, then some determined section commander would come charging back, fling his horse into the tanglewagon tongues jammed into the canopy in front, protestations in German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, goodness knows what, until at last one line gave way and the other shot forward through the dust again.

The scouts were getting in their work, hooking their bent arms around the necks of their opponents and yanking them out of the line.

"Look at the Yank with the sword.

"Johnnie!" cried "Yank," "who is she, the one we've got?"

Yank Brown, miler; with illus.

Yank Brown, pitcher; with illus.

Yank Brown, pitcher; with illus.

Yank Brown, honor man; with illus.

Yank Brown, honor man.

Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc. (PWH); 11Feb70; R479931. MONTGOMERY, RUTHERFORD G. Hurricane Yank.

" This caution was uttered just in time, for Horace was in the very act of yanking the youthful commander by the foot when his father spoke.

Under other conditions I might accede to your request, but not nownot to give you over to a Yank.

"He's that damned Yank Billie's been so interested in," broke out the captain, "the same fellow who knocked me off my horse at Jonesboro.

I'll get the Yank, second or no second, if the fellow doesn't back out.

"When a Confederate officer takes the side of a Yank," was the instant angry response, "he can hardly claim much consideration.

But though he merely tied the prisoner's ankle after the usual manner, he knotted the small rope with a vicious yank, pulled it as tight as he could and passed the rope under the flinching belly of the buckskin to Davis, on the other side.

At last they brought their guns to the ground arms, parade rest, and the leader, an ex-Confederate officer, drawled out, "Wall, Yank, what do you want of we uns?" "Just as you please, gentlemen, peace or war?" "We are smoking the pipe, or cigar, of peace, Yank.

"Wall Yank," drawled this six feet of fighting man, "seein' ye don't know no better, I'll let ye off this time; but I don't keep no tarvern, and when me and my family come yure way, we'll all stop with yew, that'll even it up."

"Because," he replied, "you're the first Yank I ever saw trimmed up just to suit me.

155 examples of  yanking  in sentences