138 examples of yapping in sentences

He missed the daily strife of keeping his team-mates in trace, the yapping at his heels, the straight long pull over the open spaces and the barrens.

Pa yelled to the people on horseback to kill the elephant, and the crowd cheered, thinking it was the best performance they ever saw in a free street parade, and the animals in the cages behind were yapping as though they knew what was going on.

"It would not be natural for growing boys, alive to their fingertips, to sit yapping like lazy collie dogs, just thinking," said the young doctor heatedly.

But they did not begin to understand the matter till they caught glimpses of gray backs bounding hither and yon in the underbrush, while the two great wolves raced easily on either side, yapping sharply to increase the excitement, and guiding the startled, foolish deer as surely, as intelligently, as a pair of collies herd a flock of frightened sheep.

So the mother wolf drove the deer slowly, puzzling them more and more, as a collie distracts the herd by his yapping, out into the open where her cubs might join in the hunting.

Ordinarily the wolf hates both fox and dog, and kills them whenever they cross his path; but to-night the foxes were yapping an answer all around them, and sometimes a few adventurous dogs would scale the mountains silently to sit on the rocks and join in the wild wolf chorus, and not a wolf stirred to molest them.

"Take that yapping dog away and have him whipped!" A man stepped from the entrance gate to beckon the offending gladiator, who walked out with a look of hatred on his face.

Dreamily I watched the craft creep by upon the moving tide, noted the low freeboard, almost awash, the careful helmswoman, and the dog on the forecastle yapping at the distant shoreand thought of Ruth Bellingham.

Lady Maud opened a door, and he sprang out at her yapping, but was quiet as soon as he knew her.

Over dances the little terrier, yapping furiously, and expending his superfluous energy by snapping right and left at the par.

He had a little dog, poor Bob had, a little yapping thing, and I never took to the animal, 'twas always getting into mischief, and gnawing the nets, and stealing my fish, and I used often to say, 'Bob, my boy, I love you but not your dog.

Near midday they stopped in a narrow gorge between high peaks and listened to calls of the inhabitants of the forest, the faint howls of wolves, and once or twice the yapping of a fox.

From the timber beyond Buffalo Prairie came the yapping bark of a coyote.

With the Assembly in session we might do something: as it is, we can only yap at the heels of the ringsters, and our yapping won't help you in the railroad fight.

"More Yapping and Less Biting" should be our motto.

Frank was now a very old dog, having reached a stage of yapping senility, where he found his sole comfort in following the sun about the house and dozing in it, sometimes noisily dreaming of past adventures.

"All, all was pre-arranged save one thing," said Manuel, with a yapping laugh, and not even looking at the commencing terrors.

I went out to aid them, but did not like the psychology of this street, where death was teasing the footsteps of men, yapping at their heels.

Of anise and of cumin the Master gets His tithe" Maudelain broke off with a yapping laugh.

Yet for all that I am ill at ease; and as I walked to-day, far and fast in the sun-warmed lanes, my thoughts came yapping and growling round me like a pack of cursundignified, troublesome, vexatious thoughts; I chase them away for a moment, and next moment they are snapping at my heels.

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a dry and dusty volume of Blue-Bookish lore, While I nodded nearly napping, suddenly there came a yapping, As of some toy-terrier snapping, snapping at my study door.

"'Tis some peevish cur," I muttered, "yapping at my study door, Only that,but it's a bore.

I said; "mad mongrel, truly off your precious hide, I'll score; Like your cheek to come here yapping, just as I was gently napping; You deserve a strapping,yapping, snapping at my study door.

I said; "mad mongrel, truly off your precious hide, I'll score; Like your cheek to come here yapping, just as I was gently napping; You deserve a strapping,yapping, snapping at my study door.

Ah! wait a moment: I'll this mystery explore; It shall worry me no more!" Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a smirk and flutter, In there popped a perky Jackdaw, yapping, miauling as before (Queer mimetic noises made he), for no introduction stayed he,

138 examples of  yapping  in sentences