61 examples of yeeld in sentences

Beside it is a staine unto thy Deitie To yeeld thine owne desires the soveraigntie: Then shew some grace vnto a wofull Dame, And in these groves our tongues shall sound thy fame.

Did not my present fortunes and my vowes, Register'd in the Records of Heaven, Tye me too strictly from such thoughts as these, I feare me I should softly yeeld to what My yet condition has beene stranger to.

O reverent man, come neare me; worke this wonder, Aske gold, honours, any, any thing The sublunary treasures of this world Can yeeld, and they are thine.

Thou woest, I yeeld, and in that yeelding love thee, And for that love Ile be the Christians guide: I am their Captaine, come, both Goth and Vandall; Nay, come the King, I am the Christians Generall.

The King, who (rap'd with fury) banish'd thee, Shall give thee favours, yeeld but to destroy What him distempers.

Vpon thy life Double our Guard this day, let every man Beare a charg'd Pistoll hid; and at a watch-word Given by a Musket, when our selfe sees Time, Rush in; and if Medina's Faction wrastle Against your forces, kill; but if yeeld, save.

Nor anie one doth care to call us in, Or once vouchsafeth us to entertaine, Unlesse some one perhaps of gentle kin, 345 For pitties sake, compassion our paine, And yeeld us some reliefe in this distresse; Yet to be so reliev'd is wretchednesse.

450 Or who would ever care to doo brave deed, Or strive in vertue others to excell, If none should yeeld him his deserved meed, Due praise, that is the spur of doing well?

460 The same was able, with like lovely lay, The Queene of Hell to move as easily To yeeld Eurydice unto her fere, Backe to be borne, though it unlawfull were.

"For Ida selfe, in ayde of that fierce fight, 505 Out of her mountaines ministred supplies; And like a kindly nourse did yeeld, for spight, Store of firebronds out of her nourseries Unto her foster children, that they might Inflame the navie of their enemies, 510 And all the Rhetaean shore to ashes turne, Where lay the ships which they did seeke to burne.

he was in sight That, if he er'd not, should them entertaine, 235 And yeeld them timely profite for their paine.

Better a short tale than a bad long shriving: Needes anie more to learne to get a living?" "Now sure, and by my hallidome," quoth he 545 "Yea great master are in your degree: Great thankes I yeeld you for your discipline, And doo not doubt but duly to encline

190 There dwells sweet Love, and constant Chastity, Unspotted Fayth, and comely Womanhood, Regard of Honour, and mild Modesty; There Vertue raynes as quecne in royal throne, And giveth lawes alone, 195 The which the base affections doe obay, And yeeld theyr services unto her will; Be thought of tilings uncomely ever may Thereto approch to tempt her mind to ill.

The smooth tongu'd Perigot and Amoret: A paire whom doubtlesse had the others seene, They from their owne loves had Apostates beene; Thus Fletcher did the fam'd laureat exceed, Both when his Trumpet sounded and his reed; Now if the Ancients yeeld that heretofore, None worthyer then those ere Laurell wore; The least our age can say now thou art gon, Is that there never will be such a one:

My Lord, I know your noble love to me And do so highly your deserts esteeme That I will never yeeld to such a match.

If thou beest dead, thou mirrour of all men, I vow to dye with thee: this field, this grove, Shall be my receptacle till my last; My pillow shall be made a banke of mosse, And what I drinke the silver brooke shall yeeld.

A] The world can yeeld, are light as aire.

Will you sell that The earthe affourds you gratis, and sett pryse Of what a foe would yeeld an enemy? Godfr.

Showe mee the caskett: if before you ope it I do not name you every parcell in't Lett it no more bee myne, mak't your own pryse; But such small trifles as I justly chalenge And cannot yeeld you the least benefitt, Of them let mee bee mystresse, synce they are The somme and crowne of all my future hopes,

Howsoever, As one repentant for my rashnes past, And loathe to Imbrewe mee in more Innocent blood, I fyrst confesse my servant's guilt and myne, Acquitt the Fryar, and yeeld our persons upp To the full satisfaction of the lawe.

Because I would not yeeld unto his suite, Which he in rapefull manner oft hath sought, Hee set this Gentleman to doe me shame Intending by exclaimes to raise the Court, But that repentance in my waiting Maide And of his sorrowfull selfe reveal'd the plot.

Thou shouldst get gold, twill yeeld thee ten in the hundred On bare exchange, and raise the price with us; Make us for want coyn brasse and passe it currant

Our friends to warre and, for my part, Ere lust beare sway, Ile gladly yeeld my heart.

Were I his jaylor, And so affected unto Fredericks life, The fearfull'st tyrant nor the cruell'st plagues That ever lighted on tormented soules, Should make me yeeld my prisoner to their hands.

Bac. That would be a shew indeed worth seeing: sirra be wise and take money for this motion, travell with it, and where the name of Bessus has been knowne, or a good Coward stirring, twill yeeld more then a tilting.

61 examples of  yeeld  in sentences