552 examples of yeoman in sentences

Knowest thou not that thou and thy name are jests upon the lips of every brave yeoman?

When the Bishop saw Robin and those with him come into the open he made as though he would have run toward the yeoman, but the fellow that guarded the Bishop and the three friars thrust his quarterstaff in front, so that his lordship was fain to stand back, though with frowning brow and angry speech.

Lay by thy mantle of melancholy, and strive to lead a joyous yeoman life for three stout days.

Now there had been great doings that morning, for a certain yeoman named Egbert, who came from Stoke over in Staffordshire, had thrown with ease all those that came against him; but a man of Denby, well known through all the countryside as William of the Scar, had been biding his time with the Stoke man; so, when Egbert had thrown everyone else, stout William leaped into the ring.

The house was at that time in the occupation of a substantial yeoman, who had married my grandmother's sister.

Besides, it was freehold, and a yeoman farmer without a mortgage was a warmish man before the great fall in wheat came.

And so he repeated and repeated his oath that this first lesson should be his last, and that from that time forward he would be a sober, hard-working yeoman as his father had been before him.

That he was versed in hermetic philosophy (which prevailed much at that time), appears by his Tale of the Chanons Yeoman: His knowledge in divinity is evident from his Parson's Tale, and his philosophy from the Testament of Love."

As its title implies, the romance is suggested by the life and adventures of Hereward, a Saxon yeoman who flourished about 1070.

Perhaps its wonders were once the goal of our wishesto receive a long bill from the jolly yeoman at the door, to see the living wonders of the upper story, and be treated with a pocket knife or whistle-whip from the counters of the lower apartments, have probably at one period or other been grand treats.

This is the essential England for which the yeoman of England, whose memorials will be seen in almost every Wessex hamlet, have given their lives.

However, they continue to render yeoman's service, for the breeze has set in steadily.

An old rural Arab of respectable appearance was standing at the Consul's door, holding in his hand the crooked stick which an Arab keeps to recover the halter of his camel if he happens to lose it while mounted, and presenting altogether a parallel to a substantial yeoman with his riding-whip, come to town to do a little justice business with the Mayor.

The presence of a knight, a squire, a yeoman archer, and especially of so many kinds of ecclesiastics, a nun, a friar, a monk, a pardoner, and a sompnour or apparitor, reminds us that the England of that day must have been less like Protestant England, as we know it, than like the Italy of some fifty years ago.

SEE Yeoman, R. S. The lively little rabbit.

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By Whitman Publishing Company, employer for hire of R. S. Yeoman.

Every one was anxious to bring to his recollection any little circumstance in which he had been concerned,among others, a beautiful boat was brought to him as a present, in the building of which he himself had done "yeoman service."

She knew all about Mrs. Frizzel's last letter from her daughter Susan, and could give the precise details of young Barnes' encounter with the stalwart yeoman who had supplanted him in the affections of his sweetheart.

She claimed and carried off the departed yeoman's Savings Bank book, and was much aggrieved on finding that the authorities would not at once permit her to avail herself of the little vested fund; inquiries must be made, they said, and in any case some time must elapse before she could be permitted to draw the money out.

"It be, Samuel; 'e-es I d' 'low it be," returned Mrs. Pitcher, with a deprecating glance at the yeoman who was now rolling up the rug.

" Encumbered as he was with newly-regained possessions, the yeoman had made but abortive attempts to detach the timepiece; and Sam, with a dawning grin on his countenance, now mounted on a chair, officiously held by one of the guests, and speedily handed it down.

The old Corycian yeoman passed his days; Thus his wise life Abdolonymus spent; Th' ambassadors, which the great emperor sent To offer him a crown, with wonder found The reverend gardener, hoeing of his ground; Unwillingly and slow and discontent From his loved cottage to a throne he went; And oft he stopped, on his triumphant way: And oft looked back: and oft was heard to say Not without sighs, Alas!

That sturdy English yeoman, William Cobbett, was almost as proud of his beds of flowers as of the pages of his Political Register.

552 examples of  yeoman  in sentences