74428 examples of young in sentences

"Marriage is an expensive thing," she told him again, with a sigh; "and young girls expect to see a man dressed ever so smart on his wedding-day.

She had a faint consciousness of some ceremony in the vestry, where it had taken Stephen a long time to sign his name in the register, and where the clergyman had congratulated him upon his good fortune in having won for himself such a pretty young wife; but it was all more or less like a dreadful oppressive dream.

She went about the work of the farm-house with a resolute active air that puzzled Mrs. Tadman, who had fully expected the young wife would play the fine lady, and leave all the drudgery of the household to her.

Nor on market-day had she expressed any wish to go with him to Malsham to spend money on drapery; and he had an idea, sedulously cultivated by Mrs. Tadman, that young women were perpetually wanting to spend money at drapers' shops.

It was opened by a young person with her hair dressed in the prevailing fashion, and an air of some gentility, which clashed a little with a certain slatternliness that pervaded her attire.

And if the woman he won for his wife in these latter days was not quite the fresh young beauty he had wooed under the walnut-trees in Captain Sedgewick's garden, she was still infinitely more beautiful than all other women in his eyes; she was still the dearest and best and brightest and purest of all earthly creatures for him.

The young Americans in "The Camel's Back" support a critical thesis made for their author that he is evolving an idiom.

It is the idiom of young America.

She felt uncomfortably young; a little bit smiled at in the most kindly of hidden ways.

" She found herself brushing past the latest trim parlour-maid, and out once more in the keen, sweet, young dampness.

Why?" "Because," said Carron, "he impresses me as being rather young and flighty, and some day your uncle is going to die suddenly.

"II'm so glad I love you, and we're young.

Perhaps for the very young, the strongbut for me, things are too busy, too hurried.

How could she have forgotten, even for a minute, those eyes dancing like blue fire in the brown young face, the swift, disarming charm of his smile, and, above all, his voicehow, in the name of absurdity could any one who had once heard it ever forget Jeremy Langdon's voice?

Well, no fear, young JanieI'll find some way if I'm put to itsome nice, safe, pretty way that wouldn't scare a neurasthenic baby, let alone the dauntless Miss Abbott.

The residences of Young and Kimball are situated on almost the highest ground within the city-limits, and the land slopes gradually down from them to the south, east, and west.

Young's buildings and gardens occupy an entire square, ten acres in extent, as do also Kimball's.

In that of Brigham Young, each woman has a room assigned her, for the neatness of which she is herself responsible;Young's own chamber is in the rear of the office of the President of the Church, upon the ground floor.

Kimball's wives, resident in Salt Lake City, are quite as numerous as Young's, and his children even more so.

There is even a sect of Mormons, called Gladdenites, after their founder, one Gladden Bishop, who deny the right of Young to supreme authority over the Church, and discountenance polygamy.

For several years they were engaged in constant hostilities with the people of the young and feeble settlements,their own method and implements of warfare improving steadily all the while.

Brigham Young, being vested with the superintendence of Indian affairs, during his entire term of service as Governor, abused the functions of that office.

SEE Ward, Charles A. Young Winston Churchill.

There was an English play acted in the same place before the Queen and young Prince, with all the Ladies and Gallants attending the Court.

You know the young spruce Merchant in Bruges? 2 B. Who?

74428 examples of  young  in sentences
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