14253 examples of youth in sentences

On that stretch of the Long Trail the elder had grown old, and the younger had forever lost his youth.

Sometimes as she went about the house she would sing a little, in a high thready voice, bits from songs that were popular in her youth.

The girl upon the steps was herself a vision of springthe embodiment of youth and beautiful life.

The one thing that I have in mind is that, at any rate, I am not a pretty girl for nothing; I shall have something by which to remember my youth.

Youth shall not do your pleasure, Beauty no healing bear.

There was energy, youth, intelligence, beauty, a pair of lovers on the eve of betrothaljust in that misty, golden twilight that precedes the full sunrise of avowed and accepted loveand yet behind it all was walking with stealthy step the shadow of a coming sorrow.

[4104]"Whosoever takes much physic in his youth, shall soon bewail it in his old age:" purgative physic especially, which doth much debilitate nature.

"To form any Idea of what she was, one must imagine all that can be conceived of Perfectionthe most blooming Youth, the most delicate Complection, Eyes that had in them all the Fire of Wit, and Tenderness of Love, a Shape easy, and fine proportion'd Limbs; and to all this, a thousand unutterable Graces accompanying every Air and little Motion.

By an odd coincidence, the night which had seen Henry and Esther confront their father, had seen, in another household in which the young people counted another member of their secret society of youth, a similar but even less seemly clash between the generations.

Did not Galatea symbolise all the sleeping beauty of the world that was to awaken, warm and fragrant, at the kiss of their youth?

In a vision they saw life like the treasure cave of the Arabian thief; and they said to their beating hearts that they had the secret of the magic word, that the "open Sesame" was youth.

Only youth can be so radiantly ridiculous.

Oh, why shake off youth's fragile blossoms with the very speed of your own impatience!

Who ever thought the ruddiest lapful of apples a fair exchange for a cloud of sunlit blossom? Whose maturity, however laden with prosperity or gilded with honour, ever kept the fairy promise of his youth?

For so brief a space youth glitters like a dewdrop on the tree of life, glitters and is gone.

the art of enjoying youth with a wise economy is only learnt when youth is over.

the art of enjoying youth with a wise economy is only learnt when youth is over.

It is perhaps too paradoxical an accomplishment to be learnt before; for a youth that economised itself would be already middle age.

" However, these are intrusive, autumnal thoughts in this book of simple youth, and our young people knew them not.

As for the youth in the box, he remained quietly erect before this brute rage.

" The slender youth finished rolling up his left sleeve and smiled down at the other.

The darkness increased, and the wind swept through the chasms with alternate moan and whistle, but the red youth held on his course for a full two miles, and his comrades followed without a word.

Still he did not stir, and then the youth brought his hand down heavily.

"On the off chance, and because a bad habit of youth sticks to me, and I can't help being on time.

" "I am finding it absurd to have acquired habits in youth; they are all being upset," I said.

14253 examples of  youth  in sentences