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Neither the Zoological Gardens, nor the Jardin des Plantes, had a rhinoceros!

the unicorn, the kraken, the sea-serpent, are all, perhaps, zoological facts.

In one of the parks in the city was a native fair and display of art industries, and at the zoological gardens the various societies of the Roman Catholic church in Calcutta held a bazaar and raffled off many valuable and worthless articles, sold barrels of tea and tons of cake, and sweetmeats to enormous crowds of natives, who attended in their holiday attire.

So Joe in a shaking voice unfolded his philosophy, and as he did so Marty became dazed and aghast, gazing at his boss as if Joe had turned into some unthinkable zoological oddity.

Another Juvenile Annual, to be called the Zoological Keepsake, is announced, with a host of cuts to enliven the "birds, beasts, and fishes" of the smaller growth.

Accordingly, a little system of rural philosophy has been founded upon the best of all bases, home-observation, and such books as have resulted from these labours, promise to make the study of Nature more popular than will all the Zoological, Botanical, and Geological Societies of Europe.

Among these works we include the cheap reprint of the Natural History of Selborne; Mr. Rennie's delightful observations which are scattered through the Zoological volumes of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge; but more especially the Journal of a Naturalist, published by Mr. Leonard Knapp, about three years since, and stated by the author to have originated in his admiration of Mr. White's Selborne.

Natural Zoological Garden.

Your description of the London Zoological Garden, reminds me that there is, what I suppose I must term, a most beautiful Zoological Hill, just one mile and a half from the spot

Your description of the London Zoological Garden, reminds me that there is, what I suppose I must term, a most beautiful Zoological Hill, just one mile and a half from the spot

Now, is not this a Zoological Garden on the grandest scale?

The great expense of the requisite embellishment of the ornithological portion, however, threatened a formidable obstacle to its completeness; but this was met by a liberal grant of one thousand pounds by the British Government, to be applied solely towards the expense of the engravingsthe present being the first zoological work ever published with the sterling assistance of His Majesty's Treasury.



The annexed Engraving will probably afford the reader a better idea of the Zoological Gardens, than did either of our previous Illustrations.

There are two Elephants in the Zoological Gardens.

A few points, however, are peculiarly interesting in connexion with the individuals from India, in the Zoological Gardens.

BOAK, ARTHUR E. R., ed. Karanis; the temples, coin hoards, botanical and zoological reports, seasons 1924-31.

Mr. Thompson finds this evidence strengthened by the facts and statements of a paper by Mr. Duncan, in the Zoological Journal for January, 1828; and infers that a bird of corresponding size and character did actually exist, of which the only remains are a bill and foot in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and a foot in the British Museum, all of which Mr. Thompson examined on his return from the Mauritius in 1816.

She has erected four handsome drinking fountains: one in Victoria Park, one at the entrance to the Zoological Gardens in Regent's Park, one near Columbia Market, and one in the city of Manchester.

# Andrews Scholarships £30 1 year Arts and Science Derby Zoological £60 2 years Ellen Watson Memorial £15 1 year Science.

This little spot smelled of bear so strongly that it reminded me of the bear pen in the Bronx Park Zoological Garden.

In the Zoological Museum at Cambridge there are some large fragments of Coral Reef which give one a good idea of the populous aspect that such a Reef would present, could we see it as it actually exists beneath the water.

In addition to the great gardens were the priory-gardens, with other inclosures for pheasants, aviaries, and menageries; for James was very fond of wild beasts, and had a collection of them worthy of a zoological garden.

As our intercourse with the shore was limited to the two brief visits formerly mentioned, I made no addition to the collection, with the exception of a solitary Helix, nor was anything of zoological interest brought off by the natives, except a string of heads of a species of hornbill (Buceros plicatus) and feathers of a cassowary, a scarlet lory, and a few other birds.

278 examples of  zoological  in sentences