Which preposition to use with abide

by Occurrences 728%

"You were wrong to expect perfection, and must abide by your bargain now.

in Occurrences 229%

What is the Self that abides in each man?

with Occurrences 92%

And when life is o'er, and each must depart In quaking and silence,abide with each heart; The songs of Thy saints then caught up to the skies, As waves of great waters shall thunderous rise!

for Occurrences 17%

If this is fully understood by a teacher and she is content to take nature's way, and abide for nature's time to see results, then her methods will be appropriately applied: she will see that she is not training a race of box-makers, but that she is guiding children to discover things that they need to know in a natural way, and ensuring that as these facts are discovered they shall be used.

within Occurrences 16%

Day by day within that church, as one grows to manhood and womanhood, one enters into race-experiences, and feels, however vaguely, that the Holy Spirit abides within them all.

at Occurrences 15%

Nevertheless, a journey to Ancaster may not be ill for thee; so go thou, as I bid, and thou hadst best go this very evening, for since thou hast abided at the Sheriff's many know thy face, and if thou goest in broad daylight, thou mayst get thyself into a coil with some of his worship's men-at-arms.

under Occurrences 11%

Britain is rebuilding what the Turks destroyed, and there will soon arise on Nebi Samwil a new mosque to show Mahomedans that tolerance and freedom abide under our flag.

on Occurrences 6%

Young as he was, Ludovico had learnt to love his Redeemer, and to feel that to 'depart, and be with Christ, was far better than to abide on earth; and the 'valley of the shadow or death,' which the Lord so mercifully made easy to his flesh, had no terrors for his young spirit.

as Occurrences 5%

"Madam," said Cerimon, "if you purpose as you speak, the temple of Diana is not far distant from hence, there you may abide as a vestal.

above Occurrences 4%

But what can long abide above this ground In state of blis, or stedfast happinesse?

without Occurrences 3%

Keep my commandments, and I will not pray for you, and ye shall abide without a Comforter.

among Occurrences 3%

By these means, the friars have baptized great multitudes; but they mostly return soon again to their idols, on which account, the friars have continually to abide among them, to exhort and instruct them in the faith.

to Occurrences 3%

And this is certaine; vnto him that could The place where she abides to me vnfold

near Occurrences 2%

For all the livelong day they abided near this highway.

between Occurrences 2%

"If my lord would hold me worthy," low she spake, "then grant me leave To abide between the stranger and my lord, this Christmas eve.

from Occurrences 2%

Use you the same, as there may grow Your bliss and mine, mine earl, and that the same Free may abide from danger of defame.

over Occurrences 1%

After dumbly gazing on the place, he again cursed it with a solemn curse, and wished that never grass might grow within it again, nor seed of any kind, neither within it, nor on any of its mountains around with their proud shoulders; but the anger of Heaven abide over it for ever, as on a pit made by hell upon earth.

past Occurrences 1%

There is so much to know, and all must be got by heart, for all is a part of us and of that mighty fruitful and abiding past out of which we are come, which alone we may really love, and which holds for ever safe for us our origins.

than Occurrences 1%

Women, far more law abiding than men, insist that a system which evolved out of feudal conditions, and has for its very basis the assumption of the weakness, ignorance, and dependence of women, has no place in twentieth century civilization.

during Occurrences 1%

Mahomet's camel stopped at the house of Omm Kolthum, and there he elected to abide during his stay in Coba, for he possessed throughout his life a reverence for the instinct in animals that characterises the Eastern races of all time.

before Occurrences 1%

But my sister Rachel abides before the mirror, flowerless; contented with her beautiful eyes.

until Occurrences 1%

The doctors declared that dropsy would supervene; but the Heavenly Physician fulfilled those promises which will abide until the end of the world; and by prayer, and the laying on of Dorothea's hand, the knee was cured in twenty-four hours, and the swelling vanished.

unto Occurrences 1%

The concluding sentences of the inscription were: "God grant that, for the protection and augmentation of the faith, it may abide unto the end of time!Arise, O Lord, judge thy cause!Catch ye the foxes!"

beside Occurrences 1%

A people of Gallic race, the Helvetians, who inhabited present Switzerland, where the old name still abides beside the modern, found themselves incessantly threatened, ravaged, and invaded by the German tribes which pressed upon their frontiers.

behind Occurrences 1%

Some thinkers have proclaimed change to be the deepest manifestation of reality, while others have insisted upon something abiding behind a world of flux.

Which preposition to use with  abide