Which preposition to use with abstracts

of Occurrences 179%

[Footnote 4: See the abstract of a Lecture "On the Persistent Types of Animal Life," in the Notices of the Meetings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.June 3, 1859, vol. iii.

from Occurrences 103%

If, abstracted from all religious considerations, we regard him only as a citizen who devoted himself to the service of his country, the brightest records of Antiquity afford us no parallel to his merit.

in Occurrences 12%

To take, for instance, two poems not very different in length from AdonaisThe Witch of Atlas is more original, and Epipsychidion more abstract in ideal.

as Occurrences 9%

In dealing with "Real-politik" (which is the German translation of Machiavellianism), with "expansion," with "survival of the fittest," and all the other shibboleths of world-policy, their outlook remained as absolute and abstract as before, as contemptuous of temperament and measure, as blind to those compromises and qualifications, those decencies, so to speak, of nature, by which reality is constituted.

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This proved too abstract for the people; and the Brahmans, in the true spirit of modern Jesuitism, wishing to accommodate their religion to the people,who were in bondage to their tyranny, and who have ever been inclined to sensuous worship,multiplied their sacrifices and sacerdotal rites, and even permitted a complicated polytheism.

than Occurrences 5%

The ensuing term 'monument' applies rather to fame in the abstract than to any image of fame as an arc.

to Occurrences 5%

"Have a lawyer examine the abstract to the property, and if it is all right come back to me.

on Occurrences 3%

After observing that he had carefully read their letters, and made an abstract on half a sheet of paper of the "positions and conclusions found therein," he continues: "This abstract I have been steadily looking at with great marvelling, "1st.

by Occurrences 3%

Although the Poetics was not included in the Aldine Aristotle (1495-8), the Latin abstract by Hermannus was printed with Alfarabi's commentary on the Rhetoric for the first time at Venice (1481).

during Occurrences 2%

So lawyer and client walked out of court together, happy and triumphant, to Colonel Conwell's office, where the pick-pocket paid Colonel Conwell his fee out of the lawyer's own pocketbook which he had deftly abstracted during the course of the trial.

at Occurrences 2%

The most considerable, most important rights were abstracted at the outset from the domain of democratic deliberations; insuperable bounds were set to the sovereignty of numbers; the right of minorities, that of the individual, the right of remaining alone against all others, the right of being of one's own opinion, was reserved.

through Occurrences 1%

I take it that there are three stages in this evolution; the first, that of immediate experience, is subsumed by the phrase 'Time is'; the second is a passing from the concrete to the abstract through the fact that 'Time was'; and the glory of the last is visioned only when we can say 'Time is past.'

without Occurrences 1%

It is impossible to describe such a character in the abstract without recollecting Millamant and Lady G.

with Occurrences 1%

And now it was virtually necessary that he should do so, or else, perhaps, his wealth would, by some occult process, be seized upon by the crowna power which he had been accustomed to regard in the abstract with an antagonistic feeling, as being the root of queen's taxes.

Which preposition to use with  abstracts