Which preposition to use with address

to Occurrences 2508%

He agreed willingly to receive the package addressed to him, which proved to be a grand piano.

of Occurrences 608%

In short, of all those spectators who are present to witness the powers and address of the prize-fighters, not one in a hundred can tell who has gained the victory, until the judges have proclaimed it.

in Occurrences 303%

Please address in confidence,.

on Occurrences 166%

Either of the above sent free by mail to any address on | | receipt of the price.

as Occurrences 139%

"Why, no," stammered the man addressed as Thrackles.

at Occurrences 111%

It had been sent to her address at home and forwarded by Mrs. Bradley.

from Occurrences 86%

A glowing, bombastic address from 'The Free French to their Canadian Brothers' (who of course were 'slaves') was even read out at more than one church door.

by Occurrences 60%

'To have an M under (or by) the Girdle' was a proverbial expression = to have a courteous address by using the titles Mr., Mrs., Miss, &c. cf.

for Occurrences 50%

The Brahmin remarking an elderly man, who seemed very quiet in the midst of all this ferment, he thought him a proper person to address for information.

before Occurrences 44%

This conversion was probably due to the fact that he had in his own mind worked out, as one of the essential bases of peace, to which he was then giving much thought, a mutual guaranty of territorial integrity and political independence, which had been the chief article of a proposed Pan-American Treaty prepared early in 1915 and to which he referred in his address before the League to Enforce Peace.

with Occurrences 38%

But it is addressed with all propriety to his 'venerable uncle.'

without Occurrences 7%

The young man had not made his addresses without leave obtained from the parents; he had been acceptable to the daughter from the commencement of their acquaintance; and she had only asked time to reflect, ere she gave her answer, when he proposed, a day or two before the family left New York.

after Occurrences 4%

But results define causes; and from after events it is not improbable that Mr. Jinks made an eloquent and stirring oration, addressed after the manner of all great orators to the prejudices of the auditor, and indicative of Mr. Jinks' intention to overwhelm, with defeat and destruction, the anti-Germanic league and pageant, on St. Michael's day.

under Occurrences 4%

The instructions of Washington were then read to him; and Lee particularly cautioned him to exercise the utmost circumspection in delivering the letters, and to take care to withhold from the two individuals addressed under feigned names, knowledge of each other.

through Occurrences 3%

After questioning Norine at length, he guessed that Alexandre must have learnt her address through La Couteau, though he could not say precisely how this had come about.

against Occurrences 3%

And this pastime they do not as we with dogs, but with men, and the bull quite free, and, save for the needless killing of horses, I think this a very noble exercise, being a fair trial of human address against brute force.

out Occurrences 3%

'He's just gorn to try and bobo-borrow some money to go away with.' "She bust out sobbing, and it was all I could do to get the godfather's address out of 'er.

behind Occurrences 3%

They have scoured the whole district, and it is certain that Alexandre-Honore left no address behind him when he went off with those three hundred francs.

like Occurrences 2%

By addresses like this, my lords, have the rights of the nation been silently given up, and the invaders of liberty, and violators of our laws, preserved from prosecution; by such addresses have our monarchs been ruined at one time, and our country enslaved at another.

into Occurrences 2%

That last remark has been made many, many times, and yet it never fails of its effect, which is at once to invest the speaker with daintiness indescribable, and to thrust the man addressed into nether inferiority.

unto Occurrences 2%

He is a gamester who throws at all ladies that are set him, but is always out, and never wins but when he throws at the candlestick, that is, for nothing; a general lover, that addresses unto all but never gains any, as universals produce nothing.

than Occurrences 1%

She would just as soon have sent this to you if she had not seen him for weeks, and knew no more of his address than you.

off Occurrences 1%

I thought of several other papers, but on the whole concluded that the Bystander would suit for the purpose, and so, having got the address off the cover, I packed up my drawing round a roll of old paper, enclosed it in brown paper, and put it out to be posted at the next opportunity.

throughout Occurrences 1%

What the friendship with Coleridge meant to Wordsworth may best be seen in "The Prelude: or, Growth of a Poet's Mind," Wordsworth's greatest long poem, written some years afterwards and addressed throughout to Coleridge.

about Occurrences 1%

Accordingly Catulus received permission to speak, since all respected and honored him as one who at all times spoke and acted for their advantage, and delivered an address about as follows:

Which preposition to use with  address