Which preposition to use with advantaged

of Occurrences 4110%

Here is the advantage of a thinking mindthat at any moment one may enter into eternal subjects of thought, and have converse with those who of all times have been the most profound.

in Occurrences 518%

The navigation of the inlet was so difficult, that Maynard's sloops were repeatedly grounded in their approach, and the pirate, with his experience of the soundings, possessed considerable advantage in manoeuvring, which enabled him for some time to maintain a running fight.

to Occurrences 499%

He had never been in public life until after the war when he was named deputy and joined the Assemblee Nationale at Bordeauxwhich was an immense advantage to him.

over Occurrences 312%

Jean Dubuc of Detroit was another find of rare value and still another was Buck O'Brien of Boston, but these had the advantage over Baumgardner of getting better support both in the field and at bat.

from Occurrences 175%

I think it very desirable that every Physician should possess a Medal of HOWARD, not only to shew his veneration for the great Philanthropist, but to derive personal advantage from such a mental Amulet, if I may hazard the expression.

for Occurrences 140%

The principal characters in which the history of the ancient glaciers is preserved are displayed here in marvelous freshness and simplicity, furnishing the student with extraordinary advantages for the acquisition of knowledge of this sort.

by Occurrences 88%

Wooster made an effort to use his new artillery to advantage by converging the fire of three batteries, one close in on the Heights of Abraham, another from across the mouth of the St Charles, and the third from Levis.

on Occurrences 58%

The fruit can be arranged and shown to better advantage on these tall high dishes than on the short flat ones.

than Occurrences 51%

"But the pursuits of Howard, though they had all that sublime energy which so often distinguished the projects of Superstition, were so far from being influenced by any superstitious propensity, that perhaps they cannot appear to more advantage than by being brought into comparison, or contrast, not with the sluggish piety of sequestered Monks, but with the bold and splendid feats of the most active and enterprising Fanaticism.

with Occurrences 43%

If your judgment skimmed upon the surface, you would even have found the advantage with the south.

as Occurrences 40%

Since the influx of the new-made rich, under the stimulus of the war and Acredale's advantages as a resort, there were a good many who disputed the Sprague leadershiptacitly conceded rather than asserted.

at Occurrences 25%

Between John Effingham and Mr. Howel, there were constant amicable skirmishes in the way of discussion; for, while the latter was so dependent, limited in knowledge by unavoidable circumstances, and disposed to an innocent credulity, the first was original in his views, accustomed to see and think for himself, and, moreover, a little apt to estimate his own advantages at their full value.

against Occurrences 20%

As the trader to whom I passed the note had no hard bread, Sayres and myself went in the steamer to Alexandria to purchase a barrel,a circumstance of which it was afterwards attempted to take advantage against us.

above Occurrences 15%

While such were the different situations of France and England, and the latter enjoyed so many advantages above the former, the accession of Henry II., a prince of great abilities, possessed of so many rich provinces on the continent, might appear an event dangerous, if not fatal, to the French monarchy, and sufficient to break entirely the balance between the states.

into Occurrences 8%

Ivan was surrounded by two hundred thousand soldiers; reënforcements were thronging constantly to his side; the enemy was cut off from all assistance from his ally of Lithuania; and one word of encouragement would have set all these advantages into action.

without Occurrences 6%

It is possible that, as it is gifted with more practical common sense, it might have laid down less impossible conditions in order to gain a secure advantage without ruining the conquered countries.

among Occurrences 6%

The breeze was stiff, and it enabled me to show the Wallingford off to advantage among the dull, flat-bottomed craft of that day.

through Occurrences 4%

You may find that you can handle him to best advantage through a sagacious use of the influence of his wife.

beyond Occurrences 4%

The success of the negotiation might bring advantages beyond the immediate pecuniary profit; and that, at the present juncture, was important enough in itself.

between Occurrences 4%

"We are, let me say again, the sincere friends of the German people, and shall desire nothing so much as the early reëstablishment of intimate relations of mutual advantage between us, however hard it may be for them, for the time being, to believe that this is spoken from our hearts.

during Occurrences 4%

It may be put off with advantage during the night, and cotton maybe substituted during the summer, the flannel being resumed early in the autumn.

about Occurrences 3%

One advantage about the subject of this chapter is this: it is never necessary to put a head on it, as it is generally furnished with that appendage by nature.

out Occurrences 3%

" "I agree with you, but where you have a railway you might as well get all the advantage out of it that you can.

after Occurrences 3%

But this account is quite incredible, unless we suppose that Richard made a thorough dilapidation of the demesnes of the crown, which it is not likely he could do with any advantage after his former resumption of all grants.

within Occurrences 3%

He then entered France at the head of his army, to assist the duke of Brittany; but at the moment when nothing seemed to oppose the most extensive views of his ambition he lost by his hot-brained caprice every advantage within his easy reach: he chose to sit down before Beauvais; and thus made of this town, which lay in his road, a complete stumbling-block on his path of conquest.

Which preposition to use with  advantaged