Which preposition to use with agony

of Occurrences 975%

into her faceinto her soul; and she looked back at me, with such a commingling of joy and sadness, that I ran toward her, blindly; crying strangely to her, in a very agony of remembrance, of terror, and of hope, to come to me.

in Occurrences 69%

Has not the light of that Resurrection morning filled with glory the cross and the grave, yea the very agony in the Garden, and hell itself, which Christ harrowed for us?

for Occurrences 33%

" It was when the meteor-like popularity of little Betty was at its height that poor Suett fell ill, at what he termed his town residence (a second-floor in a low street), and the pigmy Roscius, having eaten too much fruit, kept all London in intense agony for his fate at the same moment.

to Occurrences 31%

The sound of this knocking against the door, and of the cries that accompanied it, and the rush towards the opening when any one was brought in, caused a hideous continuous noise and scuffle which was agony to my brain.

on Occurrences 25%

The seizures were sudden, and a large proportion of the sufferers perished after deplorable agonies on the seventh or on the ninth day.

from Occurrences 24%

Gray Stoddardthe thought brought with it an agony from which she flinched.

at Occurrences 19%

Her "ducklings" and other symptoms of maternal agony at beholding the feathered darlings tempting the dangers of a neighboring duck-pond, do not move their stony breasts.

with Occurrences 15%

"He may be suffering agonies with no one to help him.

as Occurrences 7%

He may make mistakes and suffer all sorts of agonies as a result.

by Occurrences 7%

Camden, however, imputes the narrowness of his condition to his love of dice and cockfights: and Graunt, forgetting himself, allows that Ascham was sometimes thrown into agonies by disappointed expectations.

over Occurrences 6%

For instance from Shakspere, see Constance in King Johnhow, in her agony over the loss of her son, both her fancy, playing with words, and her imagination, playing with forms, are busy.

through Occurrences 6%

I read the other day of a Buffalo coal dealer's horse that was in such an agony through flies, that he committed suicide.

without Occurrences 4%

And assuredly, although I have often been most violently constrained by divers accidents to follow certain courses, yet so much grace was conceded to me that, sustained by my own firmness, I passed through these agonies without revealing the pangs that tortured me.

during Occurrences 4%

Nations, which had fought valiantly and suffered agonies during the war, were treated with no more consideration than their enemies so far as knowledge of the exact terms of peace were concerned.

into Occurrences 4%

On these, for the most part, you can read only the bare conventional attributes of each little handful of dust, which has passed through its quivering agony into the still sleep of decay,its name and regiment, its civilian home, the place and date of its death.

than Occurrences 4%

It is doubtless the economy of nature to have the scavengers by to clean up the carrion, but a wolf at the throat would be a shorter agony than the long stalking and sometime perchings of these loathsome watchers.

within Occurrences 4%

Local tradition had it that the place held the ghosts of those who had died in agony within its noisome dungeons; but she had always been far too matter-of-fact to accept stories of the supernatural.

between Occurrences 2%

There were dismal moans among soldiers who were in their last agonies between the cannon wheels.

before Occurrences 1%

The hand of the idiot was on the chest of the seducer, and the picture was thrust in agony before his shuddering eyes.

out Occurrences 1%

"No you don't!" shouted Sahwah aloud, waking Agony out of a sound sleep.

asO Occurrences 1%

But who she was I knew not, until turning towards me I plainly saw Janet's face, pale and covered with tears, and with such a look of agony asO God!I can never forget.

about Occurrences 1%

" "Thoughtless boy," said his father, "your mother has been in an agony about you.

among Occurrences 1%

Thirst seemed to be a prevailing agony among the scholars, and it seized its victims as an epidemic doeswithout warning.

after Occurrences 1%

They were taken up to the top by a stair, and were then hurled from the summit, to die miserably, writhing in agony after their fall, upon the rocks below.

under Occurrences 1%

I listened till they were describing Texan steers kicking in agony under the torture that was practised, and then I gave a loud scream, and fainted dead away.

Which preposition to use with  agony