Which preposition to use with aint

in Occurrences 2391%

There is in him something of the Stoic god, as I can see now: he has neither heart nor head.

of Occurrences 476%

There were of course all sorts of meetings and conversations at our house, with Leon Say, Jules Ferry, Casimir Perier, and others.

at Occurrences 409%

Probably there was at the back of his attentions to Mrs Ottley a vague idea that he wanted to get her on his sidethat she might be a useful ally; but he was always charming to elderly women, and inclined to be brusque with younger ones, excepting Edith; he remembered his own mother with so great a cult of devotion, and his late wife with such a depressed indifference.

to Occurrences 297%

That's all there is to it."

with Occurrences 224%

and yet there was with me, all the way, and all the time, one who can talk, reason, philosophise, understand things as well as you or I; and one, to all appearance, as much and distinctly human as you or I." "Impossible!"

for Occurrences 221%

If it be for His glory and the advantage of His cause there to let another join in it, I will be grateful.

on Occurrences 184%

Or, if you be on a holiday, you strain yourself on the sights of the city, against being caught in an omission.

about Occurrences 155%

The sun went down with one swift, clear plunge, and there was about me, for a few seconds, the darker growing grey of the gloaming.

between Occurrences 130%

There was quite as much difference between the quiet moderate men of the Left Centre and the extreme Left as there was between the Legitimists and any faction of the Republican party.

among Occurrences 121%

To the east of these hills the dress of the common people is of coarse materials, as in our country of Ts'in, but here also there were among them the differences of fine woollen cloth and of serge or haircloth.

from Occurrences 68%

" "There is from Sprotsfield.

by Occurrences 47%

The number of books in the mosque is unknown, unless it be by God.

within Occurrences 35%

Russia has always had a latent force of development; there is within her a vis inertiae equivalent to a mysterious energy of expansion.

as Occurrences 33%

"But just think, Aunt Linnyif Ophelia, instead of going mad so prettily, and dying in a way to break everybody's heart, had soberly set herself to consider that there were as fine fish yet in the sea as ever were caught, and that it was best, therefore, to cheer up and wait for better times!

before Occurrences 25%

What a people they might be, and what a future there is before them, if they would but be true to God!

over Occurrences 24%

There were over sixty aboard, all in one room about ten by fourteen.

like Occurrences 22%

The prince looked at the child till he loved him, and he reflected how many children there were like this that would be murdered, or starved to death, and he could not give up the little singing boy to the sword.

above Occurrences 21%

If he has a curiosity to know what there is above these Little Falls, let him try his angle-worms in the brook just over the ridge, and he will find out.

amongst Occurrences 20%

There were amongst usan inevitable circumstance in the stormy confusion of the first momentsa good many men whom we did not know.

against Occurrences 19%

They that be against it are more than they that be for it.

under Occurrences 17%

"What talk be this?" grunted Black Roger, threatening of mien, "my lord and I be under a vow and must begone, and want no runaway serf crawling at our heels!"

behind Occurrences 16%

He could not help wondering what thoughts there were behind her silence.

near Occurrences 15%

'Twas kindly urg'd, prithee be near me still, And tell me of the faults that look unmanly.

without Occurrences 15%

SKINNER consulted all the leaders of his party, and they unanimously agreed that it would be better to let every court in Europe be without an American representative than risk the loss of that district.

unto Occurrences 9%

How my soul overflows with gratitude to my Heavenly Father that he has united me to such a partner, who takes more than a full share in all my sorrows; and, thanks be unto our God, we have often to rejoice also together in Him!

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