Which preposition to use with  air

Which preposition to use with air

One could imagine things lurking among the tangled bushes; while, in the very air of the place, there seemed something uncanny.

Not much choice between air in the cave and vapours from the volcano.

The pieces of lunarium were fastened in like manner to screws, which passed through the top of the machine; so that by turning them in one direction, those metallic pieces would fly into the air with the velocity of a rocket.

"'Very well I mighty well!' was the reply, 'for you, to talk, you black-skinned, ogre-eyed, growling and sputtering robber, to come upon this roof, sticking up your back and taking airs on yourself.

It was like none of these; but if you could imagine them all combined, and concentrated into a single sound, and ushered together upon the air from a single throat, shaped like the long neck of some gigantic ichthiosaurus of the times of old, you would have some faint idea of the strange sounds that came roaring up from that hollow way.

Some "city folks" did hold villas on the outskirts, but they used them only for short seasons in the late summer, when the air at the lake began to grow too sharp for outdoor pleasures.

At last when time was ripe for his advent, when the earth was fitted for his residence, and the air for his breathing, MAN, the last and most perfect in his structure, the most delicate and finished in his organization of all living things, made his appearance.

It is a hard lot to be cooped up in the city, vegitating, as it were, in the shade, where there is no grass for their little feet to press, no fences to climb, or fields to ramble over, or brooks to wade, or running water on which to float chips, and wherein to watch the little chubs and shiners dancing and playing about, or fresh pure air to breathe, or birds to listen to.

He cleaves the air like a bullet, and so swift is his career that the eye can scarcely trace his flight.

When he drives his pile, he stands with his neck and long bill pointed straight up, and pumping the air into his throat, sends it oat with the strange sound you have heard.

There began to steal into the air about her, the soft dawn as of a summer morning, the lovely blueness of the first opening of daylight before the sun.

The rumour seemed so highly plausible that it must be feared that sufficient pains were not taken to verify itcannot have been, in fact; for, as I said, here he comes, having been brought, as he affirms, through the air by an angel.

Straight flew the arrow, and so true that it smote a gray goose feather from off Gilbert's shaft, which fell fluttering through the sunlit air as the stranger's arrow lodged close beside his of the Red Cap, and in the very center.

Roughly speaking, the average temperature of the air over it is 75° Fahr.

In structure, however, the Peronospora is as much a mould as the common Penicillium; and just as the Penicillium multiplies by the breaking up of its hyphoe into separate rounded bodies, the spores; so, in the Peronospora, certain of the hyphoe grow out into the air through the interstices of the superficial cells of the potato plant, and develop spores.

In general the south sides are convex and irregular, while the north sides are concave both in their vertical and horizontal sections; the wind in ascending these curves converges toward the summits, carrying the snow in concentrating currents with it, shooting it almost straight up into the air above the peaks, from which it is then carried away in a horizontal direction.

I was layin' off to go over to the Deep Spring neighbourhood when I could git a lift in that directionthe folks over yon is mighty accommodative," she concluded, "but I was took sooner than I expected, and hyer we air without a stitch, I've done sont Bud an' Honey to Mandy Ann Foncher's mebby they'll bring in somethin'."

A column of steam and smoke rose into the frosty air between the two men.

Organ, Jubilee, Public Garden, Big Drum, Commonall, all of these will then have to subside and fade away into thin air before the stately presence of the Prince of Erie and his valiant command.

Yet, when they strolled together in the open air during the brief recreation period following the meal, Dalzell suddenly asked: "Dave when do you fight with Treadwell?" "To-night, I hope," replied Darrin.

The clerk at the offis put on rather more airs than a Revenoo offiser.

The ground he stood on, the grey old stones covered with silvery-white and yellow lichen and pretty flowery, creeping plants, so beautiful to look at in the bright sunlight a few moments ago, now were covered with a dull mist which appeared to be rising from them, making the air around them dark and strange.

'Had you no better occupation,' she said gently, 'than nature, the first day of returning to the open air after so frightful and dangerous an accident?

There was a large window in each room, which was opened at night, and might have served for healthy ventilation, except that there was an accumulation of disgusting filth within a few feet of the building, on that side, sending forth offensive and noisome effluvia, and rendering it doubtful which was the most disagreeable and dangerous, the foul air within or the foul atmosphere without.

The atmosphere of Paris, too, is preeminently soft and balmy, and the temperature so even that ladies may sit in the most brilliant attire all evening in the open air under the trees of this pleasure-garden without the least danger of contracting a cold.

The act of forcing air out of the lungs.

" The air inside the house was rather stifling from a mixture of odors, and soon the grocery began to fill with loud-talking men and boys; but not the least of Dotty's troubles was the black and tan dog, who seemed to have just such a temper as Mrs. Rosenberg, and would certainly have scolded if he had had the gift of speech.

"The poison is held in place by what we in French call attraction capillaireI do not know the English; but I drive it out by introducing the air behind itah, you see!"

So went they, following a narrow track that wound betwixt slow-stirring sedge, past trees huddled and distorted that seemed to writhe and shiver in the clammy air until, beyond the swamp, they came to a place of rocks where ragged crags loomed high and vague before them.

Leaning there to get the freshness of the night air against his hot face, he had looked up, and saw the white face of the moon going up the sky; and a sudden sense of the blackness and loathing against the city had come upon Donnegan, and the murky color of his own life; and when he turned away from the window he was sober.

A few weeks' stay, however, in the bracing air near the Giant's Causeway restored her to her wonted health.

The archers adopted this scheme and shot up into the air toward the English; and the arrows, in falling, struck their heads and faces and put out the eyes of many; and all feared to open their eyes or leave their faces unguarded.

It was a pukka road, a Grand Trunk Road suspended in the air across a river well-nigh great as Father Nile himself.

They remind one of the East Indian country houses that are built on posts, so as to allow a free circulation of air beneath the foundation.

A corporal turned with a threatening air towards us, and shook his sword.

(2) Increased volume of air per stroke, due to filling of clearance spaces with water and to a cold air cylinder. (3) Low temperature of air immediately after compression, thus condensing moisture in the air receiver.

But I am returned (I have now been come home near three weeks; I was a month out), and you cannot conceive the degradation I felt at first, from being accustomed to wander free as air among mountains, and bathe in rivers without being controlled by any one, to come home and work.

A skull with bones was floating in the air outside the window and when we went out, cautiously, to see who was there we found no one.

Once they were so near that he heard a tomahawk as it came fluttering through the air past his head.

But in this place I found it impossible to stay; there was no free circulation of air throughout the room, and it had all the benefit of the smell from the stable and other abominations.

Miss Garland walked along with averted face; Mr. Sharp, his pulses bounding, trod on air beside her.

" "To see the pleasant fields, the crystal fountains, And take the gentle air amongst the mountains.

The company, CEO Richard Rowe and plant manager Leslie Comardelle are accused of recklessly releasing chemicals into the air due to the fire.

The fresh rush of air up the stairs has fanned the flames.

We drive out in the fresh morning air along the trunk road, which extends southwards of the holy city like a grey ribbon streaked by two parallel lines of lighter colour where the wheels of the bullock-carts have ground the hard metal into dust; and hard by the fifth milestone we come face to face with three stark hills, standing solitary out of the plain.

Upon this model, I shall begin my task tomorrow, and in a year, expect to tower into the air beyond the malice and pursuit of man.

She considered it great presumption on Avery's part to be upset by such a matter, and her attitude said as much as she walked with a stately air down the church and commenced her own self-appointed task of decorating the pulpit.

The spray continued to fly, and, much of the time, the air below his elevated seat was filled with vapour.

How good were these long breaths of air off the sea marshes, enlivened by the speed of the craft!

I turned on the compressed air againfor the suit was a bit thick and mackintoshery after all, in spite of the rumand stood recovering myself.