Which preposition to use with alliance

with Occurrences 707%

By the organization of the National Association of Base Ball clubs the minor leagues, for the first time in their history, placed themselves in a position where they could demand proper enforcement of regulations for the government of the sport, and by their alliance with the major league clubs, under the articles of the National Agreement, a general working basis was effected whereby compliance with rules could be insisted upon.

of Occurrences 177%

" "The strongest argument for declaring the Confederacy an empire is the one that weighed with Napoleon I. We should at one stroke secure the alliance of all the monarchies.

between Occurrences 142%

This alliance between my rivals and the Free Companions was the last straw to my burden.

against Occurrences 36%

"They were invited to assemble to 'eat the flesh and drink the blood of a Bostonian'in other words, to feast on the occasion of a proposed treaty of alliance against the patriots, whom the savages denominated 'Bostonians' for the reason that Boston was the focus of the rebellion.

in Occurrences 28%

Those of us who know the facts, know what Italy has done and suffered for the Alliance in this war.

for Occurrences 27%

But Noaks had never forgotten the double humiliation he had suffered at Chatfordfirst in being sent off the football field, and again in the disastrous ending to the attempted raid on the Birchites' fireworks; nor had he forgiven the Triple Alliance for the part which they had played, especially on the latter occasion, in bringing shame and confusion on the heads of the Philistines.

to Occurrences 19%

At one time having pledged his alliance to the English king, Henry VII, against France, he preserved his knightly word by going alone and serving as a volunteer in Henry's army, whither his people would not follow him.

on Occurrences 15%

" There was a burst of laughter, but that answer went a long way towards setting the Alliance on a good footing with their class-mates.

by Occurrences 12%

"Tawdry articles, such as scarlet cloths, beads, and trinkets, were then displayed and presented to the Indians, which pleased them greatly, and they concluded an alliance by binding themselves to take up the hatchet against the patriots, and to continue their warfare until the latter were subdued.

from Occurrences 7%

But I am exceedingly mistaken, if he entered into the present alliance from views of authority and power.

as Occurrences 7%

England was drifting from her old attitude of 'splendid isolation'; but she had as yet no desire to involve herself, even for defensive purposes, in such a formal and permanent alliance as that which had been contracted by Germany, Austria, and Italy.

at Occurrences 6%

So far the prophet himself had not taken the field; now, however, in the summer and autumn of 623, in spite of signs that all was not well with the Jewish alliance at home, Mahomet took the field in person and conducted three larger but still unsuccessful expeditions; the last attacking levy of October 623 consisted of 200 men, but even then Mahomet was able to effect nothing against the Kureischite escort.

than Occurrences 5%

Indeed never was there a more curious alliance than this or one with stranger effects upon both of the parties.

without Occurrences 4%

Spain had discovered herself our enemy, and our enemy in the highest degree, before the French provoked her by that insult; and, therefore, how much soever she might be enraged against France, there was no prospect that she would favour us, nor could we have courted her alliance without the lowest degree of meanness and dishonour.

among Occurrences 4%

And in actual fact there was but one way by which the three great Empires, which in population and extension of territory dominated the greater part of Europe, could avoid war, and that was to join in alliance among themselves or at least not to enter other alliances.

into Occurrences 3%

This conviction might eventually lead to an enlargement of the Triple Alliance into a Central European Federation.

under Occurrences 3%

It accomplished their purpose of breaking up this Balkan alliance under the protection of Russia.

about Occurrences 3%

She began to feel somehow that she was drifting from all her moorings, that in accepting this invitation to Rood Hall she was allowing herself to be ensnared into an alliance about which she was still doubtful.

amongst Occurrences 2%

Then he reproached the duke with his inertness against the English, with the capture of Pontoise, and with his alliances amongst the promoters of civil war.

avec Occurrences 2%

"Tableau, l'Amour fait alliance avec la Tombe; union redoubtable de la mort et de la vie." MADAME DE STAEL.

after Occurrences 1%

She turned her back on one great alliance after another, preferring her freedom to a wedding-ring that brought no love with it; and she found her pleasure alike among the gentlemen of the Court and among her own servants.

before Occurrences 1%

Those who had either not revolted or had returned to the alliance before the capture of Syracuse, were received and honoured as faithful allies.

Which preposition to use with  alliance