Which preposition to use with amplify

in Occurrences 8%

He might not too fancifully be called the "Father of American Constitutionalism," for he caused a constitutionpossibly the first time that that word was ever applied to a comprehensive scheme of governmentto be drafted for the little colony of Virginia in 1609 and amplified in 1612.

at Occurrences 4%

He even sought that of Yacub and Mahomet, on condition that his own states should be spared, or perhaps amplified at the expense of his neighbors.

with Occurrences 3%

Amplified with new additions, as it was acted before the Kings Maiestie at White-hall on Shroue-Sunday night.

into Occurrences 2%

And she asked him many more questions regarding himself, to which she received brief replies, the substance of which was afterward amplified into certain facts concerning the past of the orphan boy, which it is well to note here and now.

to Occurrences 2%

The dreamer lived for centuries in one night, and space "swelled, and was amplified to an extent of unutterable infinity.

for Occurrences 1%

My task I have felt to be that of a judicious reporter, who cuts short what is of temporary interest, condenses what is too amplified for his limits and for written style, severely prunes down the repetitions which are inevitable where numerous

on Occurrences 1%

I have sometimes been forced to amplify on others; but here, where the subject is so fruitful that the harvest overcomes the reaper, I am shortened by my chain, and can only see what is forbidden me to reach, since it is not permitted me to commend you, according to the extent of my wishes, and much less is it in my power to make my commendations equal to your merits.

from Occurrences 1%

"Theyentered into a curse and into an oath, to walk in God's law," &c. This consideration, that covenanting work is weighty in its own nature, was further illustrated and amplified from the difficulty both of the things to be engaged against, and of the things to be engaged unto.

beyond Occurrences 1%

To amplify beyond the truth, is here impossible.

Which preposition to use with  amplify