Which preposition to use with announcements

of Occurrences 363%

It was this fancy of his that led, first, to his popularity, and afterwards to the unfortunate episode of his being sent down; soon after which he had married privately, chiefly in order to send his parents an announcement of his wedding in The Morning Post, as a surprise.

to Occurrences 52%

Regardless of the tears of the thousands of advertisers who carry their announcements to our office, we shall devote our entire space to the vilifying of BORIE, FISH, the Disreputable Times and False Reporting Tribune.

in Occurrences 33%

Hill was unaware that his master was returning, and the first he learned of the murder was the brief announcement in the evening papers on Thursday.

with Occurrences 15%

The whole population of the town and country, to which a signal miracle was promised, received the announcement with transports of joy.

by Occurrences 14%

Rome fully shared the enthusiasm which was awakened throughout Italy by the entrance of the Piedmontese troops into Lombardy, and by the announcement by Charles Albert that he had drawn the sword in the sacred cause of Italian independence.

from Occurrences 10%

By the third week of August, according to an announcement from Petrograd, Russian troops had checked an attempt by the Austrians to enter Poland from the Galician frontier and were preparing to invade Austria on a large scale.

on Occurrences 8%

From the cries of the news-boys and from the announcements on the newspaper bills which they displayed, it was assumed by those with a greedy appetite for sensations that a judge of the High Court had been murdered on the bench.

as Occurrences 5%

I scan it every day, hoping for some such announcement as this: "Second Lieutenant M to remain a Second Lieutenant.

at Occurrences 5%

This announcement at once aroused Professor Morse to renewed exertions to bring the new invention creditably before the public, and to consent to a public announcement of the existence of his invention.

about Occurrences 4%

The referee briefly made the usual announcement about it being a fight to the finish, with two-minute rounds and two minutes between rounds.

for Occurrences 4%

Usually there was no evening assembly; Morning Sing was the only time the whole camp came together in Mateka with the leaders, when all the announcements for the day were made.

into Occurrences 1%

On a day when sky and water were so identically blue that they met in perfect horizon, the S. S. Rowena, sleek-flanked, mounted fore and aft with a pair of black guns that lifted snouts slightly to the impeccable blue, slipped quietly, and without even a newspaper sailing-announcement into a frivolous midstream that kicked up little lace edged wavelets, undulating flounces of them.

than Occurrences 1%

No one was more elated by this announcement than our friend Kinch, who had, in fact, grown quite ashy in his complexion from confinement and grief, and was now thrown by this intelligence into the highest possible spirits.

through Occurrences 1%

So he made the announcement through a gentleman of his household the next morning, while he was already journeying toward the expectant Pope, to whom he carried bitter disappointment; and the heart of the cardinal himself had been scarcely less set upon those points of amelioration which he had not obtained.

among Occurrences 1%

He looked neither to the right nor the left, but bore his curious announcement among the crowds downtown, which smiled jestingly at him, or looked frightened at the message.

until Occurrences 1%

The fact that he did not contemplate such an announcement until after his arrival in Washington leads to the inference that it was prompted from high quarters.

beside Occurrences 1%

But there is no clause in the lease forbidding me from putting up my sale announcement beside the landlord's.

Which preposition to use with  announcements